Why I'm Leaving California

Graham Stephan

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    It's official - here is why I'm leaving California, where I'm moving to, and what's going to happen next - Thanks for watching! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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    1. Rmjr Junior.

      Thank the democrats for that. If a republican was in charge in that state it would b a lot different.

    2. Tom Pike

      I already live in one of the no income tax states (New Hampshire). Since the pandemic hit, the cost of homes in my area has risen almost 20% since people are moving here from MA and NY realizing that they can still work for firms in those states remotely while enjoying a smaller state with a lower cost of living.

    3. nkjh97

      Because of the reasons outlined in leaving Cali, wouldn't it make sense to divest holdings in Los Angeles and recreate investments in Las Vegas?

    4. Yun s

      The glorious prospect of having Harris as our new president.

    5. Yun s

      California is on the way to be the New China State.

    6. Ryan Hauser

      Yeah no wonder why everyone is leaving cali because democrats ruined it . But these people are so stupid they will still vote blue

    7. Sheldon Anderson

      I'm in California, I bought a vehicle, but in my shopping I had 12 hard inquiries done in a one month period, I have heard (and I can't remember where) that in Ca. if you BUY a vehicle within 30 days of the first inquiry that any inquiries within that 30 day period would be combined into ONE inquiry. But this has not been changed on my reports which is giving me headache along side collections, charge offs & tax liens but few weeks ago I read about Golden Survey from an article created from 2015 by a UK blogger. They didn't only delete all negative items that's giving me headache, they also raise by score by 265pts in under 3 weeks using them Goldensurvey .Org

    8. Sheldon Anderson

      I'm in California, I bought a vehicle, but in my shopping I had 12 hard inquiries done in a one month period, I have heard (and I can't remember where) that in Ca. if you BUY a vehicle within 30 days of the first inquiry that any inquiries within that 30 day period would be combined into ONE inquiry. But this has not been changed on my reports which is giving me headache along side collections, charge offs & tax liens but few weeks ago I read about Golden Survey from an article created from 2015 by a UK blogger. They didn't only delete all negative items that's giving me headache, they also raise by score by 265pts in under 3 weeks using them Goldensurvey .Org

    9. Jason Williams

      This is what happens when Californians voted in the leftists in the office and that is known fact

    10. Chong Webb

      California sux!

    11. TruthSeeker717

      Well to be honest, i think all that mental illness will soon hit Texas and Nevada. There is a reason why those homeless people are homeless. but wow some of the issues you mention are just as bad as new york, if not worse.

    12. Jaime L.

      Don't turn my beautiful Red state to sh*tty blue when you move here. Vote for the right parties when you come.

    13. dmchao88

      Oh Graham, it’s not money that will fix California, it’s California official’s political perspective that turn it into law. So make sure you go else where and vote the right people into office. Otherwise you will take California all over this great country.

    14. Jerm

      Just don't bring lots of democrats with you ok? We don't need that virus spreading. First they destroy their own state by voting in criminals and terrible policies. Then they decide they don't like it so they move to another state and do the same thing all over again. Maybe that sounds funny to some people but that's exactly what's happening. People are fleeing CA in droves. They're infecting TX, AZ, NV etc.

    15. Julio Cintron

      California has a democrat problem. If your democrat and want to leave don't. You made the problem fix it. Show conservatives you can handle living in a democrat political area and change your politicians. Get smarter not dumber.

      1. Jerm

        That's funny i said basically the same thing before i read your comment. I see other people below echoing the same sentiment. Is Graham a democrat? You know another trend i've noticed many of the up and comers started out as democrats until a switch goes off in their brain and they wake up. Then they change parties. People with a brain that aren't crooked realize what's going on. Those that are crooked remain loyal to the corruption.

    16. Cody D

      isn't California charging an exit taxes for those leaving? Pretty sure I read that over the last several weeks.

    17. Scott Carl

      you should learn how to pronounce the name of your new state.

    18. A H

      I remember when Graham had free time to like all of comments. Great content sir.

    19. Brazo Brazo

      You seem like a nice guy. However I can tell you that states like mine, TX are sick of CA & NY moving here & voting the same way they did to create the same problem. Either stay & FIX YOUR PROBLEM or come & vote differently.

    20. Edwin Hernandez

      Do you know Las Vegas will face water supply problems in the future. Why not Colorado?

    21. Mary Landeros

      I wouldn't live in California if they gave me a free house,its to infested with DEMONRATS...

    22. Ben Khuc

      Grew up in the Bay Area, went to high school in Orange County, went to college at UCSD, went to grad school back in the Bay Area. Now I currently reside in Kansas. California is not the same state that I grew up in.

      1. Red hood

        I hear you man, born and raised in California and moved. It’s not the same anymore and so many problems with the state, high taxes, unaffordable housing, homelessness, laws that favor criminals over law abiding citizens.

    23. Hashirama Senju

      Get out of commieville. Just don’t bring those bad policies with you. Just saying. Many liberals don’t realize what they are fleeing they helped created in the people they vote for.

    24. Bradley Bogue

      Welcome to becoming an adult. You are growing up. Your eyes are opening, your beginning to see how CA has not benefitted you and does not like you. PLEASE DO NOT CALIFORNICATE NEVADA!!!

    25. J H

      All these leaving California videos on KGup. I wonder who is left over there

    26. Phillip Hartman

      Kind of hit the nail of the head with housing prices. It's zoning laws that creates expensive housing. If a parking space, green space, and minimum living space are part of any development, you've set the bar for housing above what many people can afford and then act shocked when they are on the street. And in the pipeline right now are requirements that homes be natural gas free and have electric car charging. Guess how much affordable housing will get then.

    27. Merry Marthlamb

      Take a long hard look at how CA got to having the highest taxes, the greatest population of homelessness, high crime, filth on the roads from border to border and people leaving in droves. They are the largest and best example in the US of the failed social experiment. Progressive policy will ultimately cause a collapse because eventually the people bearing the burden of wealth redistribution to fund "from those according to their ability; to those according to their need" shrug off the burden. They either move or become one of the needy. Eventually there comes a tipping point where there is no one left with the ability to support those with the need and the system collapses. CA could have been a great state still but for the masses believing that it is ok to steal the wealth of those who create it, and excuse it away with "they are rich, they can afford it," thought processes. So, if you want NV to end up like CA, keep voting in those progressives.

    28. MIchelle Aguilar

      i hate los angeles the smog and the drug addicts make the city unbearable. that’s why i love the valley

    29. Mylin Sharpe

      I left LA in 2018 for all the same reasons. LA in 2020 is a complete eye opening heartbreaking situation. The homelessness issue alone is enough to make you pack up

    30. laura vogel

      Unfortunately, CO is becoming the same way. Homelessness, tent cities, trash, drug addicts, crime, unaffordable housing, terrible traffic, etc. It is so sad that there aren't better resources for people when the state is making so much money on taxes and homes cost so much. I grew up here as well, it is home, and sometimes I wonder if I'm going to have to flee from here as well. So, to all the people fleeing CA, it's not any better. We need to find ways to fix the places we're at, start rehab and mental health programs, etc.

    31. André Rothweiler

      I live in Zurich (Switzerland) and our homes are like super expensive es well, for half million you can buy 1 bedroom apartment or so

    32. mehrshadvr4

      Pretty funny though. California make people rich and then rich people runaway from paying back to the system that made them rich. And the homeless problem is because of federal government getting rid of mental health hospital and Gutting HUD.

    33. primeror

      Good don't return !

    34. Anthony Lemkendorf

      Californians have destroyed Arizona, Colorado and Nevada . Please stay home ...

    35. suazuki

      California got the best weather in the world. People like to live there. However, arrogance and ignorance cause so many issues. There are many bias and they do not think they are bias. Government agencies are not efficient that causes higher costs. Sales tax is about 10%. What can help CA improve the cost of living? People who do not have many attachments can make their life happier.

    36. Rudy Becerra

      I really hope you and your friends don’t move out of Cali and continue to vote Democrat

      1. Red hood

        Unfortunately that’s what’s happening sadly, they don’t learn smh.

    37. S

      Long story short: I want to reap the benefits of living near California without living in California. There’s all these problems with California, but I don’t wanna pay taxes 😂😂

      1. Chris Allen

        Because the taxes never end up going where they should 🤔 they are taxed the most and have the shittiest state.

    38. Richard Boddington

      Vegas is also a crap hole, homeless everywhere, quite shocking.

      1. Scott Weaver

        @Richard Boddington I’m just a hard core freedom and constitution supporter

      2. Scott Weaver

        @Richard Boddington Vegas is transplanted Californians

      3. Scott Weaver

        @Richard Boddington all democratic run cities are crap holes.

      4. Richard Boddington

        Doesn't change the fact that LA and Vegas are total crap holes.

      5. Richard Boddington

        @Scott Weaver No hard core Trump supporter.

    39. Richard Boddington

      I visit LA frequently, it can only be described with one word: Shithole.

    40. Maui T

      If everyone leave we’ll be good.... go destroy other states snowflakes

    41. Linda Price

      If you are not selling your property in CA aren’t you still stuck with a lot of taxes?

    42. lil gandhicloutvertmachinebroke

      California is gunna start taxing people who wanna leave 😂

    43. Dildo Bwando

      That’s just wrong. In denmark or any nordic state taxes are simmilar, even higher but the streets are clean and people are very satisfied. Californian gov have taked a lot but gave nothing. Us politics are mess

    44. J M

      and yet they will keep voting blue...

    45. El Waky

      1 Bath 2 Bedroom 2,400 Rent

    46. Dairy Product

      I live in Las Vegas and used to live in Summerlin I’d love to meet you!!!!!!

    47. C m

      My husband and I are in the upper tax bracket and decided to leave now too. We're outtttta here😍

    48. Bastian Palafox

      BYE !!!!!! LMAO

    49. Steve Mace

      The nation needs a law passed Californians cannot move to any republican state

    50. Nallely Baldenebro

      Not political? This is all political. Guess who’s passing all these senseless laws in California that is making you and hundreds of others move out? Please don’t vote Democrat when you come to our states. Don’t ruin it again for yourself and others. Don’t let the Democrats run down your new state of residence.

    51. Delicious Vegans

      LOL, you're going to save money on taxes, that's it. "muh homeless" ok

    52. Kevin Shank

      You should stay in California put up with the crapy voted in

    53. Caleb Chase

      Please don’t continue to vote for failed policies like those seen in California!

    54. DarkGlacies

      Where I live income tax is 20% but we also have free healthcare, schools, transportation etc. so...

    55. Gaby G

      It’s funny that people blame Democrats for California’s ills like if red states are some paradise. Also, great successful states like Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, etc. are also run by Democrats and run well. California is expensive because of the high demand of people who want to live there, it is the most populous state.

    56. Jesus Alejandro Cazares

      Byeee ✌🏼

    57. luisroy chavarria

      L.A is fucking crowed and homeless everywhere worst than San Francisco,

    58. Dani Alex

      Damn you KGup and all these stupid advertisements in my videos!!! 😡😡😡😡

    59. John Adams

      what caused the downfall of commiefornia? leftism. For those that leave, remember what, and why, you are leaving, and the toxic worldview you need to abandon to prevent the decay from spreading.

    60. 12 skits

      It’s been my life long dream to move out of CA....

    61. Bawie

      Here we go. Leaving to fck up other states.

    62. Alva Shoemaker

      I WISH there was a "neutral" position of opinion (those hands); THIS post is THAT...! Good luck to you & your move... 👣😷

    63. paul Donald

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      2. Rozay Nelly

        @Anthony Joshua Thanks for pointing this out. I usually skip past those since everyone can tell a spam. I want to reach her her. How quickly does she respond? I will be patient though. Also, have you made any significant profit so far?

      3. Elena Gomez

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      4. Anthony Joshua

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      5. Rozay Nelly

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    64. Iam Sam

      Cuts every 10 sec is very distracting.

    65. Nick Pol

      What is sad that people from places like California and NY are moving for better places for life and alone they bringing those F lefties agendas, the very same agenda which helped created such unacceptable conditions for life and business in California and NY and many other blue states My question is when you screw up your new place of living where you going to move next ???

    66. jacob moxam

      California has the highest income tax rate of 13 % for 1 million and up. Canada has a base tax rate of 18% after 26,000. Can go up to high 30's after 100,000. Not to mention all provinces sales taxes are around 13-15%... This is why it's easier to get rich in America than almost anywhere else in the world. You keep most of your money. In Canada the effective tax is between 30-55% if not higher. The problem here in Canada, is that no one even seems to notice that it's basically the Mafia taking "protection"money.

    67. Karl Gruner

      Yeah, who could have predicted that California's relentless move towards socialism would have such consequences... LOL... Used to be a California resident (and I am a UC Berkeley grad), but now live in central Florida, and it is so much better (except for the lack of mountains, but hey, small price to pay). Excellent video.

    68. Alex Lashman

      Woah. You think 13.3% income tax on over $1m is high??? In the UK you pay 40% income tax on any earnings over £50k ($66k).

      1. Alex Lashman

        @Gary oh, we have more. We have 20% sales tax too.

      2. Gary

        That is just the California income tax. The federal income tax is higher. add the two together and it gets pretty high. I am not even talking about other taxes such as sales taxes.

    69. Brian Kelly

      There's a commercial quote that goes like this " what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", the same is not true for Commiefornia. You can run but you can not hide from CA. What happens here WILL happen where ever you go and you know it! The CA Cancer knows no border. I wish you & all who run with luck in your new endeavors......

    70. George Paoli

      States Ca when he really means the city of La. There are many great areas all over southern Ca with little crime. Central Ca is even better. Many leave now days at the point real estate is on a high and simply buy a house in another state for cash. Why is real estate so high? Demand.

    71. West Seattle

      Pray they don't vote democratic and ruin their new state

    72. Jennifer George

      Yeah it's exclusively political

    73. Kevin Corso

      used to live in LA myself and i've often said it feels like an extreme place; you have the best and worst of everything because you have eeeverything there. i definitely miss it though, and might find my way back someday. would love to hear more about what into this decision--was there consideration given to outside LA but still in CA? Like maybe Santa Barbara or San Diego? Or did you look at Phoenix/ AZ at all? My gut tells me you'll do a lot more flying than driving even from Vegas since it's pretty cheap and quick, so maybe further cities were an option as well.

    74. Wolfman0093

      Change every state to California.

      1. KGB KGB

        lmao hell no phuck communism

    75. mark faranda

      And as Californians move to Las Vegas I will be moving out of Las Vegas lol

    76. Mark Ippolito

      Who cares - the rest of america hates California... looks like Californians are starting to wake up.

    77. Shaip Dushica

      Well said, however, everyone leaving from their hometowns is not the solution because soon we’ll run out of places to go to. We must stay fight and make it better for everyone.

    78. Michael Reyes

      You forgot they don’t believe in the 2nd amendment. Terrible state

    79. The Rossetti Group LLC

      Dont vote for the Democrat cartel, given the opportunity to leave these democrate liberal sis pools don't bring the stench from which you left.

    80. toshi無法, ブライアン ,

      my dad moved out of CA 10 years ago and I plan on moving out of CA in the next 5 years or so going to be going up where my mom grew up as a kid in organ near Eugen. CA is my home but over the last 20 years, It just has gotten worse and worse, and even now with this election people have voted to have higher taxes witch is in saine for me as we already pay the highest taxes in the USA. and they are still asking for more where is all the money going.

      1. Gary

        You are going from one liberal State to another. Socialists never have enough money.

    81. Frank Todd

      Many new this day would come and started preparing for it on time, always good to be prepared for anything. God help us all

      1. John Curt

        True!!! Investing in bitcoin right now is very lucrative and in months time you will be ecstatic of the decision you made today

      2. Mario Ruben

        Leaving California doesn't solve the problem but not voting for bad government and investing in your future should be the way out

    82. Emily Williams

      Henderson is a really great area

    83. Erik Thomas

      Voter Fraud in NV and AZ turned those states "blue".

      1. Quaxckz 67


    84. Travis Hutchings

      California did not arrive to its situation over night. What happened was the republicans like Pete Wilson were fairly corrupt and the people of California got tired of the Republican corruption. So they started voting in Democrats. 20 or 30 years later the Democrats are far more corrupt then any Republican ever was. The issue is you cannot vote long term the same party or ticket. It just allows corruption to stagnate and grow. The idea of get the bums out is exactly that. Now in these times things have changed the corruption in the Democrat party is at a record highs so don't do it. The idea of don't California my new place is common thread. Don't vote in the same type of idiots that created the environment you are leaving. Colorado is already there. Arizona is working on it along with Nevada. New Mexico was always fucking stupid to begin with anyways.

      1. Gary

        Agree with much you say except for Pete Wilson. He helped revitalize downtown San Diego when he was Mayor. He was not corrupt. He was against giving illegal immigrants benefits from taxpayers. The Hispanics went against him and have voted heavily Democratic since.

    85. Dylan Holmes

      Defiantly a good choice for you since your income doesn't rely heavily on location. Idk about the majority of others though, it's pretty easy to get a good paying job in California. The population in poverty is actually lower here. It evens out, if someone cant afford a nice hose here they probably wont find a job in Vegas to afford one there. I would not live in LA though I live in the Carmel area under the bay area. If I could make my money anywhere to I would defiantly move some place cheaper with less tax.

    86. rsombrero97

      I meeaaannn.. California is run by Democrats for decades so it doesn’t surprise me

    87. Lisa L

      My day is coming too :( Spent all my life here in CA, but I don’t think I can take much more. :(

      1. Ana T.

        @MR. OBJECTS I dont mind the rain as it creates all the beautiful greenery, though I'm not fond of snow and chose a minimal snow area 20 miles from Seattle. there are 2 bedroom apartments here for less than the price of a California studio.. the move was perfect for me and my family though I understand people who prefer more sunshine!

      2. MR. OBJECTS

        @Ana T. washington is just as expensive as northern California...cheaper than LA, but not the rest of Cali, unless you go to east washington like yakima. also it rains constantly and that gets old real fast, its gloomy as hell to live there. The reason people like california is the weather. i cant stand constant rain,, but i also hate california right now

      3. Ana T.

        same! I left 3 weeks ago and it was the best decision I ever made. high rent, air quality, and devastating views of homelessness/mental illness were the motivating factors--I could rarely walk down the street without being approached by a beggar and it was heartbreaking. now in Washington state with 40% lowered rent and a calmer, greener environment. LA was definitely overrated for me.

    88. rolback

      Democrats destroying America state by state.

    89. Chris Allen

      Hopefully people don’t bring their socialist ideologies and bad politics with them.

      1. melmo man


    90. Dani

      Please, please, please don’t come to Texas and vote the same way. We’ve got a great state

      1. Aaron

        It smells like trash in Houston

    91. Pre Med

      Who’s here after his video reacting to Biden’s tax plan. Face palm yourself dude

    92. James Schuhs

      The state experiencing a mass exodus because its residents can't stand it has a big influence on our Presidential elections....great.

    93. Jonathan de Ruiter

      Who wants to ride the Cali real estate roller coaster?!!?! :D lolol

    94. Fabio Pallini

      For all californians here! - don't CA my TX, Okay? Sure.

    95. Grishnak22

      Why would you go there...........

    96. Oil Field Scrapper

      Blame the dumbocrats!

    97. Nick Young

      Californians turned Nevada and Arizona blue and are slowly changing Texas. Haven’t learned a thing. So sad

      1. Gary

        Part of the problem is there are many who live in California and have a second home in Nevada or Arizona and vote in their new State. There is voter fraud, but to what extent.

      2. Nick Young

        @Erik Thomas Come on buddy voter fraud would be in the hundreds of votes, not thousands. As much as I wanted Trump over Biden, it ain’t gonna happen. I doubt this litigation will amount to anything. I just hope the remaining senate runs go in favor of red

      3. Erik Thomas

        Voter Fraud in NV and AZ turned those states "blue".

    98. High Brass

      I’ll be the bad guy and mention the total democrat control and demographic change.

    99. Bethanymaxwell


    100. Jorgio Castro

      The change in not being able to deduct state income taxes against federal income taxes came last year from Trump and Republicans. So you can thank them for that. I agree with your comments about severe mental illness generally. The school system in Las Vegas is one of the worse in the country because of the lack of money via tax revenues. Also, it sounds like you are going to pick up a residential place in Las Vegas while hanging onto one in LA. Sounds like you are contributing to the housing shortage through your actions. Have you considered that?

      1. Gary

        The taxes under Trump were greatly reduced, and that was one of the trade-offs. I now live in a Red State, and my overall taxes have gone down. Thank You Trump.