Why I'm Leaving California

Graham Stephan

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    It's official - here is why I'm leaving California, where I'm moving to, and what's going to happen next - Thanks for watching! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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    2. Daniel


    3. Francis Schuessler

      The military took me away from California this February. I didn’t even realize how much greener the other side was haha. Figuratively and literally because I’m on the east coast now. I’m never coming back

    4. Eric In SF

      So your sad about homelessness so your solution is to hide from it? Have fun in Vegas. Its a shithole. Lots of weird poor people trying to win slots and no ocean. You just want to be a bigger fish in a little pond.

    5. Safirlady

      lol, I have a move in the works...Before the end of summer... it was great while it lasted, le sigh, ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽, 😢, ❤️💕💕💕💕

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    8. Brian Kelly

      Nothing to see in Missouri,.move along

    9. Michael Hidalgo

      As a student, that introduction sounded extremely similar to John Green from Crash Course.

    10. Fr Louie Goad

      You are talking Democratic Socialism!

    11. Fr Louie Goad

      YOU! Should be FORCED to move back to California! You Voted CHINA JOE!

    12. Fr Louie Goad


    13. ROBERT S

      Lol Vegas also has its slum areas...you are delusional to think Vegas is a nice place to raise a family...gambling, crime,sex trafficking etc...🤦‍♂️

    14. Stars Star

      I am fine . i am happy my house is not haunted.

    15. Stars Star

      They all move out. I am sure they will miss California.

    16. Stars Star

      They all move out. I am sure they will miss California.

    17. akouek3

      California is a communist scam Taxes go to the politicians and taxmen not the needy. Just remember vote conservative California, or at least don't bring commifefonia to other states.

    18. AndoSneez

      This video aged poorly

    19. Brandon's Basic Investing

      Yea not much of the problems are political, but most of them are made worse by political policy

    20. Meredith Jacy

      Dry and hot in Vegas, just as bad as Arizona 🥵

      1. Graham Stephan

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      2. Graham Stephan

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      3. Graham Stephan

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    21. Marianne VC

      My reasons aren't political...then mentions homelessness, drugs and taxes (all of which is political) 🙃

      1. Graham Stephan

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      2. Graham Stephan

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    22. Aldo Velasquez

      That is what happens when the governor is a democrat.

      1. Graham Stephan

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    23. Groban Josh

      This is really good to be true I never expected my Ethereum withdrawal from Austin today..

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    24. Bonnie Wilson

      Stay out of Austin ..democrate city

    25. Richard Spencer

      Just say it. Progressives ruined California and now moving to a functional conservative state. Its easy to say.

    26. Aaron S.

      For someone so smart, you have a massive blind spot. It is the taxpayers who are the victims. They pay and pay and have had the politicians sell them out.

    27. w0mbles

      Australian here... 15 years ago we visited CA. We couldn't believe just how bad LA was for a supposedly modern, thriving city. SF was pretty cool, though that was really only in the Bay Area. Everywhere else is just tracts of homes, freeways and strip malls. And homeless people everywhere. (That was 15 years ago, mind you.) LA itself was something of a toilet. Couldn't help feel it was a symbol of America's decline.

    28. massivecubes

      I don't know what your politics are and honestly, it doesn't matter. I admire how you are able to honestly address the homeless issue in LA while still being compassionate about them

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    30. ZenviZi 2018

      Well this is depressing.

    31. Unsung Heroes

      Hello Texas, California here ;)


      Don't take it in the wrong way. I am a fan and I always respected you and you have every right to move out of California but I don't agree with your stance on wealth tax. Why are you complaining so much about wealth tax and at the same time about homelessness, mental health, and drug crisis? As far as I know wealth tax for people who make more than 400,000 is going to address those issues. You have made millions, why the idea of giving it back to the community is haunting you so much that you decided to flee the state? In a pandemic where you were able to grow your net worth twice by staying in the comfort of your luxury homes, many people lost their job and that's the reason the street looks like that.

    33. Skylor Williams

      I blame organizations like the ACLU. Sorry to say, liberals run states like California and they advocate that “people have the right to be homeless,” and the rest of us have to support that. That is a garbage viewpoint. And they’ve done the same thing to destroy places like Austin, Texas. Vagrancy is a crime. Homeless people need mental help and/or resources to get them off the street, but the extreme left is getting in the way. Of course there’s enough money; the problem is lack of political will.

    34. Efi Brilovski

      That's because your state leaders believe that LA should be the home of the rich and famous, and the hell with the rest of humans. that's why your state insane real estate prices, which affects the entire cost of living. the thing that they forget though is that the more trash and garbage you pile up the bigger the stench becomes and at the end it consumes you

    35. Shawn Weaver

      Get the hard cord drugs off the street and you fix most of the homeless issue.

    36. Jackie J

      I think I'll just go to Alaska the weather alone will keep who moves there to a very small minimum.


      I'm sorry, but you can't complain about Cali while having a "nuanced view" of single unit zoning. 78% of L.A. is zoned for single unit housing which creates massive artificial scarcity in the housing the market. It's the root cause of the housing crisis.

    38. Peggi Potter

      The goodies, nice weather, and tolerance of the problem of homelessness has caused the explosion in homelessness. You get more of what is encouraged .

    39. cmoney

      Democrats ruining California 😥 and then they move out of California and vote Democrat and ruin other states 😥

    40. SharonP64

      Sorry but you are making a gross generalizations about the whole state. I live in SD and where I live there is VERY LITTLE crime, homeless etc. so tired of the CA bashing. Seriously

    41. orlando mendes

      California became a "socialist country", everything is getting worse. Sad.

    42. Nishith Reen

      drummsssss looking good

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    44. Sean Peavy

      Thank you for putting a non-political perspective into this. I definitely agree that the state isn’t doing anything about the real issues that need to be dealt with regarding the homelessness in both San Francisco and LA. I’m changing careers into acting and have been too scared to consider moving to LA due to cost, but thankfully other states are picking up Hollywood’s thunder, like Atlanta where I’m from.

    45. Cameron Taylor

      No one ever talks about his pet dinosaur skull in the comment section...

    46. The Investing Money Man

      It's a great call to move out of California. You do make a lot of good points. I think many people will also leave in the next few years as taxes rise and quality of life decrease.

    47. joekosmowski

      It’s disgusting to see how much taxes are in California and to see that most of that is just pocketed into the politicians. Seeing how most of California looks like a local dump is more disgusting to see how real estate is there. Politicians have created the dumpster fire of California with all their b.s taxes and regulations. It’s gonna be interesting to see what the states GDP will be in a couple years as many companies are following suit leaving the state to a more prosperous environment including companies like Tesla and even Disney is considering moving their headquarters.

    48. Alex Oyarzabal

      I was in California in the 90s and I did not see any of this. It is sad

    49. POLYBIUS

      Hey rich boy try vote red

    50. KK2891

      You are what you vote for

    51. jpmarie9

      Wherever you Californians move, PLEASE, DO NOT VOTE THE SAME!

    52. Chelsea p.

      Las Vegas local here. Please learn how to say Nevada correctly or we will kick you out. Welcome, by the way.

    53. Jesse

      Sounds like California taxes there citizen's to death. Sound like another place I have been hearing about north of the border.

    54. karee Ong

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    55. ADA FTW

      Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya 🍑

    56. jjgreek1

      yeah let’s move to Texas...it gets chilly and 20 million without power, 15 million without water. Or an inch of rain falls and the entire Houston metropolitan area floods. No thanks

    57. Bruce Jamieson

      Sure, more people are moving to Texas and states neigboring California than are coming into California. But many states have MORE PEOPLE moving to California. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? They are more educated, skilled, younger people without children. So take our poorly educated, unskilled laborers, and California will take your young, highly educated, upwardly mobile, professionals.

    58. MyUniversalGrowth

      Respect. Tough move

    59. Jessica Canal -Travel

      Hope they don’t vote in Las Vegas as same as in California 🙏 Love Vegas by the way!

    60. Audie

      Moving to TX and freezing 🥶

    61. Manuel Zamora

      Yes! Zoning has been killing LA since the 50's! The same thing is happening all over the country.

      1. stephanie hernandez

        Yes, single-family homes and car dependency are ruining our country. Funny that the people moving out are the ones who own single-family homes and cars.

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    63. Ian Miles Chungus

      How is the blizzard and rolling blackouts

      1. capucha roja

        How are the wild fires, constant black outs and paying half a million for a crappy one story home in a dangerous city going?

    64. Hamlet137475

      Lot of people blame Californians like as if Californians people are different than others. It's really that the Californians who leave are all high income folks. IT, computer engineering, software, etc. It's the high income earners who leave and drive up prices in other states. And high income earners in other states like NY, NJ also drive up prices. High income earners from NY have been driving up NJ prices. High income earners want to keep more of their $$, so they're moving to cheaper states.

    65. sweetie pie

      I feel nauseas nobody’s talking about this but prostitution is rising as well

    66. Andrew Small

      Vote democrat, cause the problem and then frick off elsewhere. Vote democrat, cause the problem and then frick off elsewhere.... rinse and repeat. Yet the 60,000 homeless are never helped. Actually its same over here in Europe.

    67. William Levine

      Sad to hear how bad it’s gotten. I live in Manhattan, and while things have gotten worse during the pandemic, I still love living here and wouldn’t live anywhere else for the foreseeable future. I’m actually jealous of the LA people because I hate winter

    68. Mallory Graf

      It all makes sense...every word you said except that my husband and I need to live near the ocean...it's in our blood...so land-locked states are not an option for us. Like you we are native CA's (San Francisco)but we are keeping our fingers crossed that the more people move out of state, that the more breathing room there will be for those of us who stayed ( because frankly, CA was getting too, too crowded so secretly glad people are moving out) and that the politicians will notice all those people who are leaving because you know they will! Good luck to you!

    69. Mitchell Landau

      bro, maybe you should have looked at Santa Clarita Ca. technically still Los Angeles?? I feel like you moved to keep more of your money, and that's ok we still love you.

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    71. Micah Chaney

      Dawg...This broke my heart :-( You are 100% right, but I'm still in denial living in the State I was born and raised. You've got a like and a subscribe

    72. John R

      Best video ever

    73. No Commentary Gameplay

      I left 2 years ago and not looking back. My bank account seems to have more money too.

    74. Hayley Lewis

      me me me, blah blah blah, me me me more bullshit and that ladies and gentleman is a giant narcissist!!!

    75. Johnny Whitfield

      Those building codes (and the taxes) are why LA is rapidly becoming the town of the very rich and very poor - and all love terrible gov policies.

    76. Nicholas Ridder

      LLook at this guy! I didnt think you would pull it off! Try Chicago IOWA Arkansas Ohio...

    77. A Mick In Florida

      You leftists created these problems, now you flee from it. Hypocrite.

      1. avant hard

        This! 1000 times. Hope you don t ruin the states you are entering.

    78. Andrew Ryan

      If you wanna start a family Vegas ain't the place. The reason why I left Vegas.

      1. Andrew Ryan

        @capucha roja I'm originally from Colorado actually moved back and there are a few things I miss about Vegas. No state tax, most places are open 24 hours, it's a small city so it's easy to get around, and no matter where you live there's a shopping center in every direction close by. But I like Denver more lol

      2. capucha roja

        @Andrew Ryan oh most def, I love Vegas I moved there from Cali last year and haven’t looked back. Biggest mistake I made was not doing it sooner.

      3. Andrew Ryan

        @capucha roja nah Vegas is pretty cheap even on the nice side of town summerlin

      4. capucha roja

        Same thing regarding California, everything is expensive and anything affordable are in unsafe places.


      More educated, humane intelligent people moving to a state with lower levels of education, culture and ignorant beliefs like gun advocacy, conspiracy theorists, religious fanatics and racism. There will be a clash and I'm eagerly waiting to watch it explode xD

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    81. matt knauf

      dont vote like a Californian when you move.

    82. pick yogum

      Be sure you proselytized the people to vote Dems when you settle in one of the Red states. These red states are mostly in destitution and need leadership that made Calif the 5th largest economy in the world. It won't be easy as most Red state denizens are poorly educated and is a permanent drag on the state economy. They spent all their time on meaningless issues and depends on foreign companies to provide them with jobs. , Fuyao Glass created 2,300 jobs in Dayton Ohio for example. If you have talent, by all means go and help the Red states out. These poor people are so confused that only a good dose of Dems policies will save them.

    83. Danis Fickewirth

      Quick crash course. It's not “Las V-EY-gas Nev-AH-da" ..... it's actually "Las Vegas, Nev-AD-a". Welcome home.

    84. John Murphy

      Don’t bring your liberal ways/politics with you, if not you will pollute the area you go to and it ends up like CA. Politicians have a lot to answer for, it’s official CA is now a shithole

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      2. Shiloh Ryan

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    86. Aubrey Aragon

      I understand. We have tons of people from both San Francisco, and LA living out here in Phoenix Arizona. Along with Scottsdale, and Tempe. For affordable housing, and job career opportunities.

    87. Andrew B

      Good job graham I think you hid your political opinions enough to not get canceled.

    88. Sky Is the limit

      on one of your millennial money videos you asked people to keep global warming to a minimum do you know that animal agriculture accounts for more than 60% of green house effect? 70 billion land animals bred into existence so they can end up on your plate. Practice what you preach Graham.

    89. SilentProductionsInc

      Once all the youtubers, the podcasters and the "influencers" leave California then all those homeless people will be able to afford to live in California again

    90. Nick L

      Time to go to Nevada!!

      1. Graham Stephan


    91. E C

      I understand parking but common area??? You live in Cali it not Minnesota!!! This is one reason the Mall of America is successful... There is nothing to do in the cold unless you Ski, ice fish or snowmobile 😂🤣👍

    92. ThinkMartian

      I left California before leaving California was cool.

    93. KingEgyptian

      I just can't stand all the liberals in CA.

    94. Gary Hale

      Nothing to do with politics? REALLY?? That’s what is so scary! All these California people mass exiting to conservative states that are ran well thinking that their liberal views were not the cause of their failure. Stupidity is jumping a sinking ship while caring with you the same ideas that sunk the last one!

    95. Robin

      All the leaves are brown... All the leaves are.... ............ nevermind not this song

    96. marcelo cb

      Democrats ruin a State and then people flee.

    97. ARK ARK

      Man, y'all really hate Californians like they are terrorists...

    98. Shishir Vasanth

      Graham, why not Phoenix, AZ? I heard Las Vegas although is great is questionable to raise family? Casinos everywhere and more of a tourism and hospitality place. Anyway, this is a much better place than l.a. to live. Good luck!

    99. Spartan Swerve

      Why should it take 4 years to get a permit to build a fucking garage in CA when you can spend literally an hour in your local Texas annex and get a stamp to do what you want with your property (within reason)? CA is the most corrupt state in history.

    100. Trey

      My dad calls Californians roaches that infest other states