What TIME does the CROWN TUNDRA RELEASE?! Breakdown


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    What time does the Crown Tundra actually come out? Ive got the facts!
    Breaking it all down so you know when to expect the Crown Tundra release!
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    In this video we break down the time for the Crown Tundra release! GET HYPED!
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    1. Uzu70

      I wish I took a screenshot, but I literally JUST got a notification for this video lmfao

    2. bilishu aliss

      I’m so excited for this!

    3. eDnA LuA

      anyone here watching this after the crown tundra released?

    4. Lord Pegasus

      Wait is this Pokemon I haven't played the game in 10 year

    5. My Therapy Garden

      Wanna be friends

    6. 5,289 Subscribers In 69 Days?

      It’s my birthday today, can someone say happy birthday please? Please.. it’d be nice 🥺🎂

    7. Latriece Williams

      The end yoshe

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    9. Brayden

      Woah he got on trending

    10. STILL

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    13. davernrush

      Oh, it's pokemon. Weirdly disappointed.

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    15. Neondraon

      His eyes looks dead

    16. Merk Millions

      Check out Shaolin Merk Millions on youtube. Peace

    17. Mudsey XL

      Who else just can’t go to the crown tundra for no reason

    18. Angela Hirbe

      the horses are real

    19. Liam Guite

      Hey adrive first time played this and when I finished a dynamax adventure with 3 random people for fighting suicine it turned out to be shiny

    20. uranium gamer

      lol got it at 9 yesterday

    21. Akumla Bakshi

      Crown tundra is out!!!!!!

    22. Kaede Oya 20

      50 on trending

    23. flowertale official


    24. Flying Parkinglot

      I heard you can meet Cynthia??? Bruh that’d be hype if true!

    25. RyuuTenshi1

      It's out in the US right now but not EU... So not completely simultaneous :/ (Edit: it's 7 am right now in my location)

    26. Otoha FullBloodOtaku

      Ehhh we dont have it yet in Germany and you already live stream it

    27. toasted chilly

      ... legendary pokemon can only be shiny...AFTER you catch them...

    28. Roky Plays

      Guys IS OUT

    29. Lady Hexagon

      We are live! Good luck to everyone in their icy journey :)

    30. Ranting Ratite

      My internet is out so I'm not sure if I'm getting it at all today

    31. Andrew Hawkinson

      Well folks, I'm on the west coast and the 8 pm release time for this area isn't released. Yes, I've already bought the crown tundra expansion months ago.

    32. Alex

      “It’s going to be available for everyone at the exact same time”. People are playing the DLC right now but mine says there’s no update 😩

    33. Dylan Plant

      Dang, you got a video on trending!

    34. LeAdventure 67

      WALKING ANIMATIONS PLEASE(do suicune I just got it and it’s super fast)

    35. Abby65100

      My games updating check your games!!

    36. Jody Porter

      I just started a grasslocke and found a shiny chewtle but I can't use it

    37. Braydon Parnell

      Live in Indiana

    38. P3Productions


    39. Marl Nataniel Caluña

      Adrive it was now release

    40. Cummins24v 01

      It’s downloading for me

    41. Andrew Hawkinson

      i'd get up in the early am to play crown tundra :D

    42. Geno sans

      It's out now I'm playing it

    43. mmdd1996

      Its out

    44. Melissa Conti

      I am in CT and it just came out

    45. Vaishali Phadke

      I am in India. Asia. Please tell time for release. 🤯😳😰 this is so confusing.

    46. Enigma

      Is it still possible to get a refund for a dlc if you accidentally purchased the wrong one?? Please HELP!

    47. Nightmare's Realm


    48. Jevil Joker

      It's already available.

    49. Vaishali Phadke

      This is so confusing. 😓

    50. Johnnykyu

      Crown tundra is out now download your game

    51. Jonathan Berry

      It’s out now

    52. savagegamer yeet

      Time to get my gfuel and pull a all nighter playing crown tundra

    53. The Royster90s

      Go to your home screen, click the option button and download the update

    54. Kerns_ Deathwish

      Just got mine at around 6pm

    55. Bully_eC

      For anyone that cares it's 9:38pm est and ITS RELEASED!!! CHECK FOR SOFTWARE UPDATE FAMILY!!!

    56. Javier Bonifacio

      its out guys!!

    57. Gregory Fulton

      Its on right now

    58. Phillip Tokarczyk

      It’s out now

    59. Johnny Knoll

      Crown tundra is out now

    60. Jenny and Bubby Char

      I think when releases ima make ash Ketchum team

    61. Dark genesis

      Crown tundra is out now

    62. Dragon Slayer

      So. just so y'all know, the DLC is out now at 6:16 Pacific and 9:16 Eastern

    63. Blacklab216 _

      Almost... Have... MY... ABSOL!!!

    64. Vanish Gavin

      Crown tundra is out now

    65. Liam Moss

      ITS OUT

    66. Warren Carns

      Yo u can download it now hyyyyyyyyppppppppppe!!!!

    67. private private


    68. Taire

      LOOK AT HOW THEY'VE UNMASSACRED MY BOI! I'm gonna shiny hunt Absol the moment I get the chance. Edit: ITS OUT BABY!

    69. Gupples

      It's out as of 7:05 pm Mountain Daylight Time on the 22nd. My game is updating ^_^

    70. Jacob Clower

      Update game now crown tundra is HERRREEEEEEEEE

      1. Jacob Clower


    71. Foxboy 019

      All the legendary Pokémon in my Pokémon home are soon to be in my clutches

    72. Loomian Gamer


    73. XPS_Darkness

      The Pokemon Home update is happening right now

    74. Jason Lee

      I'm guessing Game Freaks is doing some final checks so the dlc is good to go

    75. Joseph Hunter

      Are the birds and the other legendaries shiny locked?

    76. Blob

      been waiting for like 4 months since first dlc and now I cant even wait a day for this second one

    77. Onion


    78. Volts

      I'm sorry my east coast fellow weebs if ur reading this

    79. Clayton Meinke

      You thought it was coming out today, but in reality, it’s technically releasing tomorrow (midnight or later EST) lol

    80. bf main is nunu

      Another example of how poorly ran gamefreak and the Pokémon franchise is... just give us a set time for all country’s.

    81. Mr.SunShine

      Game Freak, Handled this so poorly. Home should have been updated on the 21st with the patch released today the 22nd.

    82. geekynerd9 435

      God! Me and my friend’s were so excited thankfully I have nothing to do tomorrow

    83. Dominick Brown

      Dan is so great when addressing an audience, man is legit so good at speaking. All the info I’ll ever need gets to me with utmost clarity like what more could I ask for?

    84. Mental Mug Productions

      The internet is going CRAZY NOW

    85. netweed09

      Wow, this is crazy lol. Who says this game wasn't interesting? Just waiting for it to drop is an event, hah!!

    86. Tony Evans


    87. Daniel-Michelle Atkins

      Thanks man!

    88. The Gaming Corner

      I'm excited I'm watching all night no sleep

    89. Connor Almeyda

      *Groans in est*

    90. Joshua Gonzalez

      How can you shiny hunt legendary pokemon or do we not know yet

    91. Big Bär

      Sitting here. fighting my own sleepiness...i dont wanna wait anymore. I think I just play at the weekend...

    92. James Styles

      Its the 23rd 10:30am in Australia and still nothing. I hate this, i wish someone would actually tell us the time

    93. Katrine_ Gaming879

      Ive been waiting with my shiny ninetales in the isle of armor...

    94. Rouge 79

      I’m getting up at 3:00am est

    95. xDolsa

      y’all he doesn’t even know, i hope you checked the comments before you watched the video cause he doesn’t know, it’s just clickbait like the majority of his videos

      1. xDolsa

        @SkykidRJ bruh almost every single one of his videos is clickbait, like the one where he said megas would return i don’t see any megas in crown tundra, he always has these fake ass “leaks” that im sure he just makes up himself, or the time he said there’s gonna be aliens like wtf who in their right mind would believe that

      2. SkykidRJ

        @xDolsa Chill the dude just trying to make a living

    96. Larren Digital

      7 o’clock and I live in ease

    97. Troxzay

      SUbbed, Mate your a LEGEND.

    98. toasted chilly

      Sorry guys crown tundra was a hoax...game freak lied to us.

    99. RazorShell

      Wait so it's the 23rd for me in Australia, am I waiting for tonight?

    100. Meevochu

      dont mind me, im just gonna keep my switch next to me the whole day