Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.


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    Have you ever wondered why I left ROBUST? This video will tell you why JELLY SLOGO and I are no longer recording! I hope you all can understand my point of view. :)
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    1. Tiger

      Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger. Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️ Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎

      1. Logan Booth

        I need help please I want something I want to KGup oh well life house to happen XOXO Logan

      2. Nigelicious

        i wish that come true🥺🥺


        Yeah awesome!!

      4. Raven Mattheus Lasala

        Br invite you to my Facebook page and I hope you can read this email as soon as possible and please tell me what you think

      5. Runa De

        @Assad Wink congratulations you have received 106 subs in two weeks

    2. TheGameBoi

      You guys were my childhood but I guess we need to move on. Sorry for the depression but it was nice how it got better. Not only for you, but you did it for us.

    3. TheGameBoi

      those people who disliked this are dummy's and don't unstand

    4. Hammy The hamster_XD

      Jordi every time when I get sad I just watch u and I get happy and I subbed to u for making me happy and stuff.

    5. Xenocrius

      he is somewhat similar to anthony padillda.

    6. Jackson Jahns

      i used to watch u when u cussed and do u still?

    7. Ekam YaBoi

      my childhood :' (

    8. xxxtentacion 40

      Nooooo please please go tell them Let's be friends again please

    9. Mira Milosavljevic


    10. Cristy Santos

      I mean in

    11. Cristy Santos

      Kebwelkop go ni san vicente

    12. Music Kids31

      same jordi same as me

    13. archiel magallanes

      jordi would make a great dad

    14. Dead feelings

      Bruh it’s so different without you three recording 😭😭😭

    15. Khadija Griguer

      I Hate you

    16. Luke Bethel

      All of ur channels are dog literally the best example for child exploitation channels

    17. keiko lewis

      I lost me dad to when the year I was born BTW I’m 7

    18. Jeffrey Muya Lee

      wow this encouraged me a lot

    19. seabastian pozos

      jordi had a big fat juicy glow up

    20. Rival Revival

      My Channel is Officer 1K81, and I want to have a huge KGup family, but can't seem to find the path

    21. Dalton Jennings

      Can you play to get her more plaese

    22. Chance Richards

      Pls 🙏 record with them again

    23. Swag Gaming

      I’m gonna miss Green, Orange and Red😢😔

    24. COLD _clan

      MY CHILDHOOD gone😔

    25. the unknown gamer

      I wish they could just make videos as a 4

    26. Bryiana Fips

      “Well sometimes i don’t” i felt that

    27. Paanda16


    28. Potato Man

      Now is for ssundee to do his

    29. Potato Man

      Ayy found u again

    30. Louie City boy

      You’re rubbish

    31. Kanedgy456

      Notice that he only replies to ytuber comments

    32. Wiseplays Roblox

      I really need your help :)

    33. Jj Jj

      The fact that he hid his feelings like we didnt even tell in his older vids

    34. Fxshy

      You three fit perfectly together :(

    35. Tiana Albee

      I have one question you have not films A video with crainr

    36. Namreh TV

      im miss you playing them together😔

    37. Mikhael Joaquin Deen


    38. Zakia Qasemi

      This is so sad

      1. Zakia Qasemi


    39. Eyad 123E123

      Well then why don't you start again

    40. tersir -

      As soon as I soor this vid I subscribed back to you

    41. Marløn Ibarra Cabral

      Damn I’m gone for about 2 years and come back to this

    42. PrinceAlvin Alejandro

      I wish you well Jordi

    43. Me Bro

      Pls join them again Tiger if he wants

    44. Gipson BMX

      I miss you

    45. Naruto uchiha

      I watched you then my brother watched you then I had another brother and now he watch’s you. Thx for everything jordi

    46. Benjamin Bentley

      I am sorry about your dad

    47. Nonstop Incubus

      You guys were literally my childhood

    48. John Lovejoy

      allso do u have any tips to cure dipresions

    49. Shawn Gudat

      Jordi could you help me get a camera I wanna be a gamer like you I try and try to ask my mom for a pc or ps4 and i know she'll get me one soon but all i need is a camera will you help me please i want to be just like you

    50. Gaming Panther hd

      So is kwebbelkop has depression as an mental illness or hes just going through a situational depression for a long time??

    51. Few DarilplayZ

      No need to fear Your fans will be holding you But I still miss you in the team

    52. BLΛDΞ 20641

      This was so wholesome, but I gotta say I'm going to miss the three of you guys!!

    53. Javon Moore

      But this ruined my childhood I love yall but it’s hard watching yall not doing stuff together y’all should link and start making vids together

    54. Javon Moore

      I love kwebble coo

    55. ZahraVonX


    56. Gary Mcelfresh

      I loved your videos when they were together kwebllkop

    57. Nicholas Aguilar

      U all were the best I wish I can see one more video with all 3 of u all

    58. Sevilla Ibarra Dario Yazid

      so you are going back with them after covid?

    59. Sevilla Ibarra Dario Yazid

      then play with them

    60. R O S E

      I’m just happy your happy jordie ❤️

    61. xsRaider

      Wait a minute u have a secret company man can ya help me in my videos I've never spoken to a yt btw or done a duo vid

    62. XxJakewithdafreshNIKESxX

      Why did you lave them😩

    63. Baydat

      I litterly searched short odd looking guy and got this

    64. xxxtentacion xxxtentacion

      play with them on GTA5

    65. Kingz Zee

      U don't love to see it

    66. ThePineapple

      This video made me cry

    67. Alternate

      Because your time is over

    68. 3CHO CHAZ

      Why don’t you join back and play as a 4

    69. René Vos

      Would love to see a video where you all 3 talk about it.

    70. TJTXNY _

      Love them guys

    71. James Holliman


    72. michael guinez

      Hey what if 1 of us need help in youtube or what if 1 of us wanna be a youtuber when we grow up what do u think u should recommend us doing

    73. John Joseph Tanteo

      Boo you're rong kwebelppcop

    74. Rigel

      What happed with kodi

    75. Cassius Guidry

      it's ok man

    76. Princess Royalty Show

      Is this true?

    77. b3ar

      You three made my childhood better you were my inspiration

    78. Xv-CapoExposesHQ-vX

      Yooo best thing you can do is smoke a blunt promise you’ll be straight for life 💯

    79. do it for the booyyzzz

      This ruined my childhood

    80. Colin Main

      Yay fourteen million subscribers 😉

    81. balls in 3d

      next video idea: why youtube user balls in 3d couldnt give a shit

    82. Not FBI

      You stopped recording with them because of the money

      1. 19B109 A.S.Pradeep Raj

        Good... Someone talking the truth... Now explain...

    83. Hibs is here

      Be who you want to be jordi

    84. galaxy games

      I miss when they did trail makers

    85. galaxy games


    86. jimmy brown

      Yos cod Koppe’s

    87. Yariel Delgado

      I remember the kid from make a wish and he loved to play with mordí that day and I realized he loved to play with him and it probably makes him upset to hear Jordi like this

    88. Yariel Delgado

      The dislikes are from people who haven’t gotten over there past

    89. Lil Mic Drop VEVO

      Okay, this makes so much sense now Jordi we are your family, you can tell us anything and we will support you, this really-sorry to say it but.. This didn’t have to be put off for so long, but now we finally know and we respect it ❤️

    90. Kath

      thankyou I'am under depression for like 5 to 6 years thankyou you're one of my favorite youtuber and youre one reson for me not to die 11 years old thankyou very very much

      1. Kath

        6 kinda

      2. Soul Blaster

        So you had depression when you were 5? Lmao

    91. Aleena Fareed

      And i remember when u played with marshmallow too

    92. Thud Bleee

      When are you gonna make a video with them

    93. OTAKU-kun :]

      Bruh i've need this for forever

    94. Central Gaming

      Stop this is making me kind of sad

    95. jeremiah hendricks

      I hate that he curces

    96. Simonas Biliotavicius

      Can you please help me

    97. Sultan Alkaabi

      Finally the group Is back

    98. littlconner15

      Sorry for your loss

    99. Cameron Miller Jr.

      I watch u guys when I was 4

    100. gold rush653123

      Probably because you live somewhere else now