TMG feat. Quinn XCII - Daddy (Official Video)

Tiny Meat Gang

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    1. melissa stone

      something about that ahoy

    2. Saminator

      why do I feel like Quinn is legit their dad? they act the same in the vid lol. Just wait for Quinn to bust out the haha

    3. drew

      I truly thought Cody was wearing a romp-him at first, missed opportunity my man

    4. amber

      Yall when Noel said get on your knees

    5. rochelle g

      Damnnn this good

    6. Zahra Sidd

      "After Johnny's Little League hit the local Applebee's clean my plate and tell the waitress that I hated it" WHY IS THIS LYRIC MAKING ME CRY IT'S SO FUNNY TF

    7. Eris Mason

      *AHOY* 🏴‍☠️🦜

    8. Bobbi Z

      OMFG 🤣

    9. Neurotic GoDz

      I was packing a bowl of ceral ;) and had the elaborate thought that what if this was cody or noels way of a gender reveal somehow 😂 im cooked like them burgers after 18 holes

    10. Derek Daniel

      this is Dad propaganda

    11. Cobber

      Home Depot

    12. Chloe Jayde

      Quinn, a father Cody, a proper dad NOEL A FUCKING DADDY

    13. MimicWalls

      I fucken love these guys!

    14. Just a normal dude

      I love how Cody doesn't look that different xD

    15. maya ramírez

      sooooo what ur saying is that they’re dilfs

    16. Emily Napper

      Noel's voice makes me go back into the closet😵🤤

    17. Melissa Green

      Idk... I’ve never wanted to call you “daddy” more.

    18. hello, its me alex

      I feel like this is one of those songs you say "This was when times were simpler"... but it didn't'

    19. Jena

      Yo when Noel said “I love to play poker” 😏 ykyk

    20. DANK DERP420

      They didn't even have to age up Cody

    21. CargerF1

      why does this go so hard

    22. عواهر

      I can't stop listening to this

    23. Kaganol235 678


    24. Samantha St John

      Cody's legs are HAMS And man did this man find his voice this song is fucking fire Also Noel telling me to get on my knees and calling himself daddy 😃

    25. Ian Martin

      genius u better get tf on this i cant wait to hear the story behind this song

    26. SW/J

      1:41 when you pass your phone to your dad to show him something

    27. soyaiguess

      Very glad they finally are showing us how they look without dye and concealer.

    28. Rohan Ti

      What is this!

    29. anniandro

      Noel, they did you dirty with that makeup shade

    30. KinderBueno Guy

      Surprised they didn’t say anything about hunting 🤣

    31. Nolwenn Quiquemelle

      Your song just aired on a French radio... you made it to Europe guys!!!!

    32. ITS Plumbing Scotland

      BARS! absolute tune!

    33. Mirah

      I thought i was exaggerating how desitating they looked on my cell in the thumb nail but damn that elderly filter dont play....cuz Cody be looking more like your dad’s Nirvana/Bill&Ted’s excellent adventure phase. We can’t even snipe Noel’s ethinicity no way we can figure out how he’ll look in the future....hell since people are supposed to start lookin more ambiguous we might just think he’s an OG carbon copy or it will be like where is Waldo. And my condolences to our third wheel quinc... but I bet you will have a great personality at that age!!

      1. Mirah

        Maybe elderly looking was the goal but if they meant middle age, they about to go through some tough shit to look like that.....I’d suggest Shea butter but it might be toooooo late lol

    34. Harshita


    35. Max Reznik

      *whisper* "I check the stock market" HAHA

    36. Choo Choo

      We packin diamond pistols

    37. Elianna Sinkule

      i’m sorry but cody lookin DUSTY

    38. hannah

      sexuality: [ ] gay [ ] straight [ ] bi [✔️] Cody's 🅰🅷🅾🆈!

    39. WALS PROD

      Cody looks more like a mom than a daddy🧐

    40. ᄋᄉᄋBee

      Noel took me tf out I was not ready for dilf Noel wow great job

    41. ed

      can you guys not horse around on the diving board? one at a time, guys

    42. mariska miller

      Not Cody finally acting his age

    43. imon imon

      I think you should put lyric to this. Cause i put some hard work to english song.

    44. JUMPBUG

      Tmg x Oliver tree would be to good

    45. emily

      Another hit, been listening to this since it came out 💗

    46. Rachael

      Is this what the psychic was referring to when she said noel and Cody had a bunch of kids in the future or whatever

    47. Sydney Owens

      Sometimes I forget I like men but then Noel comes along to remind me. He's fine as hell.

    48. Justin

      Noel lookin daddy af tho

    49. Michael Tang

      The heady limit universally like because friend chemically squeak given a well-off jumper. abundant, separate seal

    50. Sarah Feng


    51. ren car

      Cody's rap is on point

    52. Constance

      No joke Noel looks good in this. Like good good

    53. Aura Wolf

      That’s a beat

    54. RetroJ3000

      Laid pipe in some loafers... As daddy as you can get

    55. James Murray

      Is it a joke song or are we supposed to take yall seriously as rappers wtf is this shit

    56. James Murray

      I can’t get down with this unsure-of-itself

    57. Do It Like Will

      Seeing Noel carrying the bucket kills me every time.

    58. Lily Ta

      I know they tried to dress up as middle-aged men but Cody just looks the same

    59. MyMumSaidICantGo

      I was waiting for one of them to announce that Kelsey or Aleena was pregnant.

    60. Alistair Hackshall


    61. Mikoto Kuriyama

      Why am I so attracted to them?

    62. Sungjun Cho

      First time we see Codys graceful diver legs

    63. Sean Samples

      Need TMG and Lil Dicky on a track as soon as possible

    64. Vinayak Nagyan

      They didn’t do makeup on Cody why ?

    65. Kali Korey

      My dream to be even a strand of hair on Cody’s head becomes more prevalent every passing day

    66. selina Toliyat

      How they have changed so much since broke bitch until now?😻😻

    67. Moli

      Why does noel actually look like my dad

      1. delilah sheehan

        tell your dad i said hi 😏

    68. Alli Salazar

      idek why but the part where cody says “yeah, let’s get the show on the road” is hot?

    69. Lemuel Untalan

      happy 1m subs tmg

    70. fitzzgerald kennedy

      Why does Cody look exactly like Mod Sun?

    71. J Man

      Why does this slap so hard? Idk but it does

    72. AtlasPB

      This is relateable

    73. Jelli Belli

      I just showed this to my dad and at the end he started talking about all the times he accidentally set the grill on fire.

    74. Denzil Frost

      Nobody: Cody: AHOY

    75. Isaiah

      Why am I just hearing this now 😂😂😂🔥🔥

    76. Kata C

      cody better stop with that “i built a deck around the house” line bc i’m ab to flood my basement

    77. V1RU5420

      didnt see the video until the bts reminded me it was already out damn this reminder feature

    78. Allie Boy

      They remind me of “the lonely island “

    79. anglit

      Daddy 🥰

    80. Sally Couch

      can't get over Noel trippin' when he carries the water

    81. jordana moon


    82. Weird Doggo

      D A D D Y

    83. Tanner Nipper

      This song was written for me

    84. corn griffin

      how much for the noel candle

    85. lilly beth

      now why is noel such a dilf

    86. liamCA

      I think this is the first time Cody had a better verse than Noel and I love it.

    87. Yung BooMar

      As a 22 year old father with friends in 30s and 40s who are also dads it’s sad how true this life is.

    88. Casey Christensen

      noel was meant to rap I swear he's so good at it

    89. Daniel Flores

      Cody looks so young! Its great

    90. Merry Crimps

      daddy 🥺

    91. Merry Crimps

      This made my quarantine 10 thousand times better

    92. Merry Crimps


    93. Tag ­Screamer

      Noel's flow is just too fucked up

    94. 2022 Calvin Kahlich

      These gender reveals are getting out of hand

    95. Elizabeth Valdé

      noel is a DILF idc

    96. Carlos

      "go to applebees, clean the plate, and tell the waitress that i hated it" is one of the most used dad jokes on the planet. lmfao

    97. rylee wojtala


    98. Amanda

      Why does Noel look like a grandpa?

    99. b boat

      Yo Cody’s verse? BARS

    100. kendall hildreth