Scott Martin

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    I let Macoy (New Camera Guy) take my boat out and things do not end well... This could cost me thousands!
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    1. Josh Puttkammer

      Dude Scott you were sooo nice to him

    2. Texas Tommy

      That prop can be fixed but if the shaft is wobbling then you gotta fix it. If not you will destroy the gears. Trust me, I know from experience 😂

    3. Dan Black

      It’s just a few parts and back in business

    4. Captain Chaos

      That piece of aluminium is a skeg guard & the prop can be reworked for $140 around these parts...Lower unit is fine...Fish on..

    5. QSSCEO

      meh...recondition prop and another skeg guard...$400 and done.

    6. Christian Teague

      Where’s Brandon at when you need him Lol

    7. Joseph Cook

      You should keep doing the saltwater fishing videos I’ve been loving them!

    8. Lookin 4 Lunkers Fishing

      Let me borrow the boat. I won't crash it. I need to get out on the big O.

    9. Carl Butler

      At least he didn't "Ike" it.........lol

    10. Officer Foxtrot

      I’m betting there was a phone call before he got there saying... “ummm... can I meet you somewhere public? I may need witnesses.” Lol

      1. Scott Martin


    11. Bradyn Powell

      You should do more giveaways

    12. Biden crime Family!

      Like you don't have the money to fix that little bit of damage? Cheap ass!!!

    13. Mark Michalski

      Do I see a prop fix video in the future?

    14. The BAD Fisherman

      It happens bro. That stuff can be fixed. And lets be honest its not like scott is hurtin for money. Just with googan baits he could buy a brand new boat and not think nothing of it. Sucks that it happen. The manly thing to do regardless of how well off scott is would be to take his boat and have it fixed. A good prop guy can fix that for about 200 bucks the shaft will run about 100-200. The lower kill guard is about 50 bucks. Id be more worried about the actual boat than the motor at this point. And the trolling motor that got chewed up at the end 😂😂 least that is a cheap prop to fix lol

    15. Matt Gullett

      Boy his face got awful red there at the end 😂😂

    16. txman201

      Macoy needs to learn vegetation; he thinks bonnets are lillypads. Lillypads float on the surface....

      1. Mike Murphy


    17. M

      He got a Range Rover?!?!? Googan Baits must be bringing in the gold.

    18. Dustin Weinberg

      I feel like he definitely got chewed out after the camera turned off.

    19. bornrebel701

      Guy let’s you take his boat.. you hot rod between every hole ...you take it through thick weeds where he goes,,, so you think you could,,, and you damage his boat.. lol that motor and boat cost more than your yearly salary

    20. Todd Reuter Outdoors

      Imagine doing that to his boat, and getting that reaction. Scott Martin, I wish you were my boss!

      1. Curtis Odom

        What happened to Brandon? Did he quit???

    21. Weston Sharpe

      What ever happened to Brandon ?

      1. Scott Martin

        He crashed my other boat...

    22. Jim Grady

      At least he didn't put a hole in the side of your boat!! :-)

    23. MATEO V


    24. MB Crappie

      Can you please make a video talking about how to start competitive fishing.

    25. OnkleFester Adams

      @10:20 Hillary in the background staring disapprovingly.

    26. Andrew Pitre

      my dad bought a boat off of you his name is Andrew Pitre just like mine

      1. Scott Martin

        Yes..very cool.. I remember that..that was last year:)

    27. Sam Moll

      Put a skeg guard on that thing your good to go. You can get that and the prop fixed for like 500 bucks max. "Might cost me thousands" is just click bait

    28. Sbchamo


    29. Beach Bum

      Hey I live in south Florida and I would love to go fishing with you

    30. Chris W

      Hey Scott! Great videos! Have you thought about doing a video doing some Bullseye Snakehead fishing down here in Broward County? They fight like crazy, get big, and might drag some fishing tourism down here after this virus mess is over with and get some of the local guides some much needed work. I suggested it to your dad a few months ago on FB, and he replied and asked me if people would really be interested in seeing that. Keep up the great videos, you're picking up where Fish Fishburn left off! Ha Ha!

    31. 84neilbone

      I'm glad Scott was not a dick about it. Scott is a good man.


      I got to say Scott you handled that well. Good to see you understand mistakes happen. Would have been as forgiving it was you tournament boat though lol?

    33. Louisiana is Great

      Robs camera guy recked his boat

    34. SmallWater Charters

      Was your skeg already broke? Looked like he just bent a cover...good video

    35. Henry Darr

      Accidents happen bud especially when ya young.

    36. Arborcraft Surfboards

      Everyone messes up a lower unit eventually if you operate a boat. Props to Scott for not freaking out on the kid. Won’t be the last time

    37. fish whistler

      Brandon would have caught more fish and not dinged up your motor.

    38. Jerry Valentour

      lake pulled down for winter.

    39. Jerry Valentour

      with the lake I got my number 1 prop in the shop too.

    40. Rusty Reid Fishing

      Stuff happens In my tournament days (80's,90's) I would come home and wife would ask how much I won and what did I break.

    41. Austin Genord

      Haha “ I did some rooster tails and hair pin turns and all kind of cool stuff” love it!

    42. Zack Curnel

      Does anyone know what kind of Plano box he keeps his worms in when he switched colors at lunch? Look at how packed that bad boy is! I need a few!

    43. Mark Webb

      I bet Scott was pissed off when his boat come back looking like that I would be..

    44. Rodney Hanbaum

      Oooops! It happens!

    45. codfishing180

      Scott hello from Australia sorry I have missed a lot of video from my favourite youtubers from my PTSD and other stuff I'm not going bother everyone with. But DUDE what happen to spinner worm? A.K.A. Brandon did I miss some thing guys can some tell me what happen to Brandon! Please Scott or everyone who sees this!!!

    46. Connor Branch

      So I haven’t watched you in a while but where is Brandon

    47. Brandon Stafford

      Go easy on him we all do it I had just spent 300 on having prop work done and the following time out hit a rock and dinged it up again it happens

    48. Brad Hester

      McCoy video A++ Scott as as a boss 💯

    49. Brian Briones


    50. Gage Mock

      He didn't mean to he just missed a turn by accident

    51. junior H.C

      Hopefully Scott doesn't fire him.

    52. David Kim

      What a boss!! Been giving McCoy a lot of love for the camera work. Love that you gave him a day off to fish, hand him the keys to the boat, and channel. Mad respect Scott. Handled it like a Pro, father, and mentor... even more impressive not flipping out! 🤙🏽🎣🔥

    53. Timothy Loughman

      Spinner worm spinner worm

    54. Timothy Loughman


    55. Skippin Docs

      That’s not that bad

    56. David Hodges

      Scott, you handled that very well. Very cool.

    57. Steven Suarez

      So you crashed the boat and that sucks but... the editing was nice. I like the rewinds and slow mo releases. good job McCoy then not so good job

    58. Bass King

      Scott seems to be chill so no worries 🎣

    59. Landon Ray

      Do trash talking James vs your dad bass fishing challenge

    60. Juan Garcia

      Wheres brandon?

    61. Cory Crouch

      Great video Boys!🤙🤙

    62. Patrick Wheatley

      I bet he felt terrible. Shit happens sometimes

    63. George S

      I like the kid... let him do more!

    64. Sean Boat fishing


    65. big dad ace

      I'm like thinking what can that boat run dude maybe 40 mph, it is a flats boat shallow water is what's it supposed to be about. So much for the Skeg protector doing its job and the stainless prop was not impressive also what happened to the outboard tilt-up release, I mean seems to me like the equipment let the young man down. However, you were cool about it [even if your repair estimate was way high]...

    66. Seth McCrary

      This reminds me of a jon b vid

    67. Left Lane Outdoors

      Where did Brandon go? I haven't been keeping up with the vlogs lately

    68. American Hunter

      Where is Brandon, is he fired?

    69. Nobody Important

      SM: Bleep Bleeeeeep Bleep “that doesn’t look right.” McCoy “what happened?” Really? Dude, at least come back with a black eye and some broken teeth with a story about fighting off lake pirates, or something. “I might have run over a shelf....” 🙄 lame

    70. B Lee

      Meanwhile, the elder Martin was slinging 8, 9, 10lbers into the boat at Lake Baccarac. That must sting.

    71. Dbars19

      Brandon wouldnt have wreaked it ;p

    72. George Shread III

      Poor guy....

    73. Hashirama Senju

      That guy....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Sure miss B!

    74. Phil Tarbox

      oops! Happens to the best of us... Lol

    75. South Georgia Bass Slayer

      Isn't that the boat that Hilary uses to go catch the big ones?

    76. Kieran Boodram

      We went fishing on our skiff today and we also had to repair the prop lol 😂

    77. Mike Furness

      Glad to see you didn't yell and scream at him. Stuff happens! If you didn't trust him with your boat you wouldn't have let him have it for the day! He caught some nice fish despite running up on the shell bed! Happens to the best of us!

    78. Billy Arnold

      First it was lunkerstv's boat. Then LFG's truck. Now Scott's boat. You guys need to keep the camera men behind the camera. lol Scott was pretty cool about it, but wait until Hillary sees it. That's the boat she uses!

    79. Kenny Velez

      Lol, shoulda "bam'd with a shot of the prop and skeg,,, Oh wait you did bam on the prop and skeg, lol. Just another day of fishing,,, Stay Safe Stay Strong

    80. Larry Huggins


    81. Caleb Mills

      I like this guy, but whet did B go?

    82. Craig Canterbury

      Come in guys. 1st -no one was hurt and that’s why we have insurance on are boats in case it’s something major. 2nd he is a young guy. Doesn’t know the water as well. Wasn’t that long ago seen video Scott himself hit a rock and jacked his lower unit up. Accidents happen it sucks but you can be doing everything right on water and a submerged log or just take wrong turn through the cuts and boom. There a video on lake Okeechobee of 2 bass boats crashing flying through the cuts. Give young man a break 😂.

    83. Brycens Fishing

      Just a few scratches nothing a grinder won't fix lol or a new lower unit no biggy.💩💩💩

    84. Rusty Wells

      If you're not skinning up a prop or two on lake Okeechobee you're not doing it right we have all been there brother and you'll be there again that's just part of it don't beat yourself up to bad! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    85. James Scalf

      Go slow through here? Didn't realize 5 mph is slow

    86. Trevor Allen


    87. DJ Combs

      He’s fired

    88. Bobby Swain

      Alton Jones Jr layed the smackdown on that skeg haha.......nice vid guys

    89. Guy Roger

      Funny stuff Scott. Thank you for brightening our day. 🇺🇸🙏

    90. Ray Herndon

      DUDE !!! DO NOT WRECK THE BOAT. I'm glad you didn't get hurt or fired. Be safe.

    91. Daniel Dejarnette

      Ol crash bandicootoh lol

    92. Stiks fishing channel

      he's worried for sure

    93. Bennie Maxwell

      Oops. You handled that very well Scott. Go easy on the kid. He looked terrified

    94. Caleb Herbert

      Scott one of these days I'm going to get you on Patoka or Cagle Mills Indiana with me to fish walleye and bass if you want a tough and I mean tough good practice lake patoka lake in Southern Indiana is were to go

    95. Jessie & Diana Aguillon

      What ever happen to Brandon?

    96. Caleb Herbert

      throw frog for love of God ROFL

    97. Caleb Herbert

      you need to Get a Trailer Valet for your boats you will love it I love mine

    98. S B

      Brandon ....still is the Real McCoy...🤠

    99. Reel Journey

      That leash is getting shorter lol

    100. mark Roper

      Great video! Not that your boat got damaged......not funny:( But he knew he was getting fired and gave it a full send anyway!!! You can't be mad at that! I am sure he will pay......and not monetarily!:P Gonna be one clean boat....just sayin'! Be safe gang!