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    Today I invite you on a journey to those mysterious places realistically quite beyond our physical reach. And as we get further away from our Earth, we will be braving the most forbidding areas of space. Our flight starts in the vicinity of Titan, then we will move on to the most dangerous asteroids and a bit later take a look at Pluto.

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    0:00 INTRO
    01:23 Titan
    10:57 The most dangerous asteroid
    22:01 Pluto
    31:37 Nearest exoplanets
    40:35 Microquasar ss 433
    49:32 The intergalactic medium
    58:20 What will happen after the death of the universe?

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    1. Kosmo

      Hello there, everyone! Enjoy the viewing! Here is something we'll be showing: 0:00 INTRO 01:23 Titan 10:57 The most dangerous asteroid 22:01 Pluto 31:37 Nearest exoplanets 40:35 Microquasar ss 433 49:32 The intergalactic medium 58:20 What will happen after the death of the universe?

      1. RedDragonCast

        Is there any reason you haven't credited @melodysheep for using his beautiful music in this video?

      2. Tonedrick Evans

        Have u Located Ethrapha it's in the Midst of Mago and Krypton

      3. เก็ตตี้ ตดแตก

        @Lord of Sadness 😅

      4. Daniël De witte



      40:20 - "Are we alone in the universe.." No we're not. Western people are so naive to think we're alone in this universe. No, we're not.


      13:38 Dinosaurs had to die.. It was no asteroid that wiped them out.. It was a nuclear war.. that came at the cost of everything... Earth is trillions of years old.. and life has always existed on Earth for trillions of years.. But carbon dating can not be used to date back that far... humans are very young & don't have the technology to read data, dating back 1 trillion or more years back... 2021.. humans are the youngest species to roam this planet... There are older species that own this planet & are way older than humans... trillions apart in age.. and Elizabeth from England is nothing compared to these species... There's been so many billions of species like humans that roamed the Earth that humans can not measure it... Africans have kept some data, but you know white people... always thinking that they know everything when they know nothing.... intelligence goes a long way.. whoever gets hurt by what I has, must swallow the pill. The universe is a weird place.

    4. Kay Hud

      Shoot down some seedlings and we got oxygen

    5. Fred C. Wilson III

      The Big Bang Theory was postulated by a Jesuit priest not Albert Einstein.

    6. Worrin

      Very interesting, well done.

    7. Harkeill

      Titan is the only body in the solar system with water? How outdated are your facts? Water has been discovered on Mars and the Moon as well...

    8. jane doe

      Ill pass on that trip to mars, someone alert musk. Lol but that trip to titan....sign me up for!

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      Hilarious voice! What kind of fake British accent is that!!!!! Lol

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      The video is great. You used the bg music from the video timelapse of the universe by melodysheep

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    22. RedDragonCast

      Is there any reason you haven't credited @melodysheep for using his beautiful music in this video?

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      I think I can tell it is a robot voice but I didn't recognize that for sure till I had listened to about 10 minutes of it. That is why I listened to less than a third of it.

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        I stopped when I realised he'd stolen @melodysheep's music and didn't credit him. Not only that but he's got a Patreon, so he's making money from it. Shameful.

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      Phenomenal piece, this truly dives deep into the depths of cosmology. Not only incredibly informative, but also very entertaining. Thank you much!

    66. Faro Zara

      “…this limitless universe is like the human body, all the members of which are connected and linked with one another with the greatest strength. How much the organs, the members and the parts of the body of man are intermingled and connected for mutual aid and help, and how much they influence one another! In the same way, the parts of this infinite universe have their members and elements connected with one another, and influence one another spiritually and materially.” “For example, the eye sees, and all the body is affected; the ear hears, and all the members of the body are moved. Of this there is no doubt; and the universe is like a living person. Moreover, the connection which exists between the members of beings must necessarily have an effect and impression, whether it be material or spiritual.” “For those who deny spiritual influence upon material things we mention this brief example: wonderful sounds and tones, melodies and charming voices, are accidents which affect the air-for sound is the term for vibrations of the air-and by these vibrations the nerves of the tympanum of the ear are affected, and hearing results. Now reflect that the vibration of the air, which is an accident of no importance, attracts and exhilarates the spirit of man and has great effect upon him: it makes him weep or laugh; perhaps it will influence him to such a degree that he will throw himself into danger. Therefore, see the connection which exists between the spirit of man and the atmospheric vibration, so that the movement of the air becomes the cause of transporting him from one state to another, and of entirely overpowering him; it will deprive him of patience and tranquility. Consider how strange this is, for nothing comes forth from the singer which enters into the listener; nevertheless, a great spiritual effect is produced. Therefore, surely so great a connection between beings must have spiritual effect and influence.” ”It has been mentioned that the members and parts of man affect and influence one another. For example, the eye sees; the heart is affected. The ear hears; and the spirit is influenced. The heart is at rest; the thoughts become serene, and for all the members of man’s body a pleasant condition is realized. What a connection and what an agreement is this! Since this connection, this spiritual effect and this influence, exists between the members of the body of man, who is only one of many finite beings, certainly between these universal and infinite beings there will also be a spiritual and material connection. Although by existing rules and actual science these connections cannot be discovered, nevertheless, their existence between all beings is certain and absolute.” “To conclude: the beings, whether great or small, are connected with one another by the perfect wisdom of God, and affect and influence one another. If it were not so, in the universal system and the general arrangement of existence, there would be disorder and imperfection. But as beings are connected one with another with the greatest strength, they are in order in their places and perfect.” (Abdu'l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 245) - The Bahá’í’ Faith

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      We will never get to intergalactic space were in a magnetic bubble formed by our blacksphere. The edge of this bubble is so far away that to get there we would need to travel for a hundred thousand years at the speed of light. It also keeps us safe from intergalactic space. You see space is moving like a river that's why everything is round like rocks in a river bed for example. It seems simple because it is. Space flows doesn't expand it flows.

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      Great content! Thank you! One thing tho, the music is IMO overly epic and distracting. I think a more relaxed atmosphere would let the viewer absorb the information better.

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      How can we ever conclude that “Yes, we are alone in the universe!” That would require searching every planet and moon in existence. Which clearly is not possible.

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        Until proof of other life , we are alone. It may just be true until the day it is not.

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      I think we should seed every exoplanet we can with any life forms we can. If we can’t confirm life exists on a planet, we should put it there.

      1. C Wilson

        We're already doing that, seeding every exoplanet we can. Problem is we can't seed any because they're all out of reach.

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      When he was talking about the universe ending by burning away, did that make anyone else think of how it says in the Bible that God will do away with the heavens and the earth with heat that will melt the elements, then create a new heaven and new earth?

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      Hearing you say "black heul" instead of black hole over and over again makes me want to kick you in the face so badly...

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    92. Benedict Talor

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      what is the point we cant change the fact that we cant properly see beyond saturn ... space is always a imagination and assumption ... most of the people also dont know the pic we see about space are edited by professionals by adding colours actually it is black and white

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    97. Andy Vaida

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