How PASSENGER planes are CONVERTED to carry CARGO! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and in today’s video we'll be talking about the recent trend of passenger planes being converted into cargo planes due to the COVID-19 Outbreak. What is the reason for airlines to strip and refit their aircraft, what special considerations need to be taken into account and why is this a big deal?
    It’s time to convert so let's get started!
    First things first, what is going on in the aviation industry, no planes to be seen in the sky. The corona virus has taken control entirely, except for the Cargo operators, more about that in a few seconds.
    However since my Corona virus video at the end of february, we all know the virus has spread rapidly around the world with the US recently passing 300,000 confirmed cases and 93% of the world's population are living in countries with some form of border restriction ranging from banning travellers from specific countries all the way to some nations banning all entry to their country entirely. Now because of these unprecedented border controls being put in place as well as numerous travel bans and a downturn in the economy, many airlines are seeing their demand of flights dry out like never before. Many are operating at a tiny fraction of their expected demand with some being grounded completely or only for charter flights responding to the virus outbreak.
    Because of this downturn, many passenger airlines such as American Airlines are facing financial uncertainty and huge losses from the drop in revenue. It is important to remember that almost all the fixed costs have remained for airlines with the notable exception, no fuel costs since aircraft are ain’t flying. Airlines are still paying to keep the planes airworthy, staff salaries, regular airport fees for parking, high airplane lease fees and countless other costs. This means that many passenger airlines are seeing money quickly disappear and therefore are desperately looking for solutions to avoid bankruptcy.
    Whilst cutting staff is one way to reduce costs, in my opinion that should always be the last resort, but airline managers always seem to cut salaries first, many airlines are now looking at the option of flying cargo only flights as a way to keep their aircraft flying and making at least some money. Some airlines such as Air New Zealand are flying international cargo flights on behalf of their country's government to collect vital medical supplies or deliver time sensitive cargo such as perishable exports. One of the flights from Singapore to Auckland using a Boeing 787-9, which is capable of carrying over 300 passengers, only carried 4 passengers plus the crew. Hows that for premium service! It’s pretty obvious that the airline wouldn’t have made any money on such a small number of passengers but the key is the massive cargo holds, normally full of passenger bags, now being free for additional cargo. Some airlines are taking this idea even further by using passenger areas for extra cargo space to carry more goods especially equipment like ventilators needed so desperately in Europe and North America.
    See more in the video!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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      I'd like to know why they don't fly ticketed, paying passengers on the upper deck of 747 freighters. If its been converted from a 747-400, that aircraft has about 20 business class seats on that upper deck. They don't put cargo up there, so its just wasted space.

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    14. Pyzar Mohammad

      Good. Philippine airlines just signed an agreement with the national government to transport over 3 million dosages of Covid-19 vaccines from Russia to Philippines late this September using their retired Airbus A340 and this is exactly how they're going to convert the passenger airliner into a freighter. initial mass vaccination in the Philippines using Russia's Sputnik V will commence in early to mid October.

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      Cap.Joe,Canyou tell me in which country do you live,Please.

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    43. Sarge084

      Multirole aircraft in the Royal Air Force were a reality many years ago. The venerable VC10 was purpose built as PCF (Pax-Cum-Freight) aircraft with cargo doors on the main deck and floor restraints built in. Side guidance and rollers were fitted to the floor restraints for aircraft pallets. The floor restraints could also be used for cargo nets and chains for wheeled loads. We used to put Land Rovers on the VC10. The RAF PCF Tristar was a conversion, it had a cargo door fitted at Marshall's of Cambridge and could be loaded with standard 108 x 88 inch aircraft pallets. Seating and galleys were on pallets and could be configured in various mixes of passengers and freight. It would be interesting to see civil PCF aircraft being used for remote community airports, so that aircraft don't operate only half full of passengers with the spare space used for freight.

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        viscount757 he’s not an airline captain (ie commander), but since he has a cpl or above(in his case atpl)by definition he can call himself captain

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      Air Canada pulled all 422 seats out of their B77W's to accommodate more cargo volume and weight. They are bringing PPE from Tianjin to Vancouver, and then they split the freight between 3 planes that go to Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. AC has got the right idea.

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        D-bug Citizen there are 2 definition of captains One is an airline captain, who is referred to as commander Other is anyone who can legally act as a pilot in command (ie a cpl holder or above)

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      1. ZK-APA

        Karamvir singh there’s no concept of “best” flight school. Just make sure you can research and find a school which is legit, and doesn’t have a major backlog. And assuming you’re from India, if you’re planning abroad, make sure that the school knows their dgca stuff

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        Siddaiah technical chanel in telugu depends on the airline and country’s policy For India, in some airlines after landing they may allow you to see the cockpit

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      Why do freighters have such short range? Are they removing fuel tanks?

      1. ZK-APA

        ABCantonese if you check the max payload, the 747-8f has a higher payload capacity (by weight) than the 747-8i And you have to remember, that though there is a max fuel capacity, it is actually limited by weight. That is you can’t operate the aircraft with max payload and max fuel. You’ll have to reduce either one of them

      2. ABCantonese

        @ZK-APA Not if you look at the numbers for example, the 747-8, the freighter has a lower OEW, higher MTOW, apparently no loss in fuel storage... I definitely doubt that flying with the same amount of fuel and TOW would give you a different range. Which now I guess because the question. What range numbers are these? Max payload/MTOW?

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