The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 387 | That Jigga Person

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    On this episode: T.I. finds an opponent in Jeezy to battle on Verzuz (7:21) and the guys give their predictions. Kanye West's interview with Joe Rogan (29:35), Joe asks what're the most impactful albums over the last 15 years (52:32), Drake announces his next album (1:03:24). Also, Reason joins to chop it up about Griselda (1:45:55), the best rapper in his peer group (2:20:16), Tsu Surf retiring (2:34:25) and more!
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    1. Joshua Lay

      Best moment of the pod 2:47:25

    2. Doren Jackson

      Maybe one of the best endings😂 Mal was holding that piss for the longest “Close it!!” Rez has to be regular for sure

    3. Mrsupremesix

      Remember that time they talked about the Mandela Effect 🤣🤣

    4. JD

      Unpopular opinion!!! But I think all ppl have the capacity to think and see the future we just rather complain and stay the same and label niggas that put they best put forward the sad part about this is that the ones that say shit like Kanye it be for y’all like what? I will never apologize for what I say facts 💯💯

    5. Steven Dezel

      2:46:15 Everyone sep Brandy lol

    6. K Solo

      Blasphemy... missy don't rap better than busta. Stop it... Can't believe I heard that. She a great thou

    7. DjDeuxDeux

      1:34:44 I'm sure someone in the comments has pointed this out already. But to those who dk... they're referring to the "mandela effect"

    8. AJ

      Joe killed that ordinary love sh*t pt 3 (novacane track)!

    9. Naw.G

      Took me a week to watch this. Thank you for making worth ittttttttt

    10. Wendy Bennett

      Roy and Joe right..holy cow why am I looking this stuff up. FABREEZE VS FABREZE

    11. Wendy Bennett

      Joe is right about Hypnotic vs Hpnotiiq...lolol😉

    12. Will Rob

      Is Reason, King Crooked's son????

    13. MosMoneyENT

      Lux still the best battle rapper till this day. I don't see anybody fkn with Hoodie Lux. The Lux that battled Clips was crazy!!! He ended that man career. Charlie ain't been the same since.

    14. Key2 Lyfe

      Lmao at the Goatee connect

    15. Christian Steward

      I miss buying cds and reading the song writers, producers credits. I miss it a lot. I listen to spotify and I think they should list credits. I would sign that petition. I wanna be a more responsible consumer of music.

    16. cdrillbeatgames

      If you like finding dope new artists, check out Ace the supreme.

    17. RockfordProphet

      Yeeerrrrrrr, who else was confused cause they thought joe was low key saying lisp instead of list because of his lisp?

    18. Olliwitta3

      “I’m going 2 Feet away... B****!...... Respectfully “ 🤣🤣🤣

    19. Emmanuel Oyelese

      9:52 Joey Senate

    20. Camron S

      At the begining of that Sinbad movie it starts with someone watching his stand up on a TV screen don't let nobody tell you that movie doesn't exist 🙌🏾

    21. Vibeaholic

      Yo why is Joe glitching out?

    22. Imre H


    23. Rand0mus_Pr1me

      Rezenable Logistics

    24. Chris Bailey

      Larry Bird, not top 1-5 or 1-10...Res please...okay byyyyyyyy👋🤣

    25. KP

      Jeezy can easily beat a lot of ppl. Let’s be real here. He don’t get the respect he deserves. I guarantee he can be TI with just his mixtapes.

    26. Chyko Money

      I know a couple people on Clubhouse but im not industry

    27. Raven Antiste

      What’s this about a Rory album

    28. Kevan Aymeric

      Reason is the funniest guest they ever had 😂

    29. OSF Movement

      Joe is gonna end rory's relationship maan he wildin

    30. James Barnes

      Busta Rhymes vs Ludacris

    31. Jason Jones


    32. Jason Jones


    33. Jason Jones

      Feeling over Physics...

    34. Jason Jones

      “The Dark Navy’s” (Rory).

    35. Jason Jones

      “Now, you stepping to the dark side” (Budden).

    36. Jason Jones

      Feel you, Joe!

    37. Jason Jones

      Were 808s used in the 80s 90s ?

    38. Jason Jones

      Dark Lane Demo Types was, “hard.” Deep Pockets, D4L, Landed, and Pain 1993, was constantly in rotation. I think I’m going to listen to that after this. Is it a way for y’all to be compensated for the idea of mentioning and the probability of the listener going to play...platform should be credited somehow, for the look.

    39. Jason Jones

      Drake will hand out certificates, to the like minded lover boys out there.

    40. Jason Jones

      Again, Mal’s perspective on the togetherness, the Internet has brought, internationally.

    41. Jason Jones

      Where does, “What More Can I Say”, go on the list of top Jay Z songs?

    42. Jason Jones

      No 03 Hov Black Album!

    43. Jason Jones

      2006, No Hov Kingdom Come?

    44. Jason Jones

      Bids and Bud in the Den

    45. Jason Jones

      Budden/Biden LP

    46. Jason Jones

      Joe has made change!

    47. Jason Jones

      He is so believable, on that Savage way of living.

    48. Jason Jones


    49. Jason Jones

      “A Mic” Mal!

    50. Jason Jones

      Right...can’t shun people! To ye who cancel, shall be cancelled...Left Bible type ish...

    51. Jason Jones

      Dope perspective Mal!

    52. Jason Jones

      Oxtail Black is a dope artist name.

    53. Jason Jones

      WarReady Stuff...

    54. Jason Jones

      Joe, I know you got Volumes of Albums in the tuck, too!

    55. Jason Jones

      It’s a must.

    56. Jason Jones

      Got to have a lot of dip on the chip, Joseph!

    57. Darryl Lee

      Reason look like chilla jones...anybody else see that?

    58. Coach Steele training session

      Joe cant wait to change his accent 🤣

    59. Coach Steele training session

      Mal jumped right back on a kanye should be responsible for your excuses. No one forces him to go public with unfinished thoughts...

    60. Randy Parrow

      Why is this episode. called that Jigga person?

      1. Randy Parrow

        nvm got it

    61. Marandous Moore

      Mal is just a fucking cool guy mane mad that juice look so good lol he was shaking it up twirling it

    62. Marino Manning

      Rory saying blackest of blacks is nasssssty

    63. '88dBm

      ...I wasn’t hip.

    64. Urban wrestling Network

      Dont sleep on josh Allen from da bills

    65. Jim Alor

      What platform can we hear the sleepers on ?

      1. Jim Alor

        @Mutegi Kanana thank you queen

      2. Mutegi Kanana

        SoundCloud, Google and Apple podcasts

    66. K T

      1:33:37 saw a dog 🐕

    67. Hp The Vet

      Loaded Lux is on a decline so if he battles Daylyt now it will be an easy win for Daylyt.

    68. krazycool12

      Imagine these cats trying to use the same logic they applied in defense of Kanye for Trump and Trump's people. Lolol. Yall funny.

    69. Mike D.

      AYOOOO "what the skinny niggas be having?" Joe @1:42:00 flag on the play!! ejected from the game lmaooo

      1. retropickups2000


    70. Mike D.

      Rory: That's Mal's feet! LMAOOOO @1:27:37

    71. Johnnie Murray

      My name reason /i do treason lmao horrible funny bar

    72. Yashar. G

      From a talent perspective, TWORK is the best nigga in a battle rap

    73. Keepon Groovin

      Damn Mal that was a great albums would be sick

    74. bravehearts1986

      Man this probably one of the funny amongst them. The vibe and energy was great 👍

    75. Richardson Louis

      lmao add this to the mal/joe fight compilation

    76. Beat Gotti

      clubhouse is a sponsorship if you wondering, they trying to get it poppin

      1. Mutegi Kanana

        I was wondering why they talk ab2 it on every episode

    77. Barry Taylor

      We don't need another nut. We just got rid of Trump. Keep him in a bubble of his own!

    78. XXXDepressed

      😂😂😂 reason funny af he the only guest I like

    79. Vote for Trump Vote for Treason


    80. JaJa Kisses

      Reason fine af

    81. Ayee Jaxx


    82. MessiahbolicalTV

      This Ep made me laugh more than i expected Reaz is a great addition to the show

    83. Michael Howell

      808's and heartbreaks came out in 2008. Man on the moon came out in 2009. Cant say Cudi influenced Kanye's sound based on release dates anyways.

    84. CollectDeAD EphemERA

      Rory was snoozing my uncles Coke. He crazy. Jkjk

    85. Anita Redd

      I was unsubscribed wtf????

    86. Bruce Miller

      What’s that song he opened up with.

    87. hooligan I frailty

      Rest in peace king von

    88. Michael

      STOP MUTING!!!!

    89. Welsh Bandit

      So which be hurtin Joe's feelings more? Mal's reactions at certain times, or Rem's background laugh? 😆

    90. JDoug9001

      This is a classic episode 🔥🔥🔥

    91. Lesley Cabral


    92. EmoryForbes

      Rory beats joe in 80% of they debates

    93. Andrew Rutherford

      1:41:59 💀💀

    94. Jerome Bounds

      Y'all boys were dumb funny on this episode, literally had me in tears 🤣🤣🤣

    95. lab981

      2:07:37 Virgo bromance

    96. Micheal White

      Cudis mixtape and his contribution and influence to 808s and drake is literally responsible for how rap is now. Name a rapper that’s popping that isn’t inspired by cudi

    97. Zay The Manager

      T.I gon kill Jeezy yall trippin. They named the T.I records I wouldnt play. Jeezy gotta lean on Jay z and features. T.I a better rapper and song maker.

    98. Raven Antiste

      What’s this talk about a Rory album?

    99. Courtney B

      Ginger rain 🤣🤣🤣

    100. Thor The God Of Thunder, Hoes, and Beer

      I love this podcast but Joe is cappin and has something against cudi. No Cudi No Travis Scott !!! Influence !!! Who have you influenced Joe?