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    Here are 25 FUNNY MOMENTS IN SPORTS. For those of you interested on how I make my videos, I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. I use different stock footages (both free and paid), clips of videos that I can find related to the video and search images to visualize the narrative and story that I’m trying to tell. All of which falls under fair use. I hire different researchers and writers for the script for each video along with my original commentary and hire different voice over actors that can properly convey the the theme of the video. Most importantly, find the best background music, usually royalty free from Incompetech and paid ones from Epidemic sounds to create an exciting atmosphere while watching the video.
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    1. Burnol Bebeng

      Really enjoyed watching it😊 ilove it❤️

    2. Stamina D.

      The fat guy let the finish line tape go before the runner even touched it he's a hater and a pathetic person

    3. تمام Tmam


    4. Anto

      8:10 you came for this

    5. Bob Bobby

      That guy was wearing pink Is resist

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    11. Dayne Wilshusen

      I cant believe that the bengals won

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    13. Luna Altshuler


    14. andrew hopkinson

      I tried it and lost my job so no good luck here

    15. Karson Dukes

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    16. Mike D

      RIP Kevin Greene

    17. Jessica Ball

      I would die of embarrassment if i was one of those 2 guys leaving the stadium omg my social anxiety is sky high just watching 👀 eeek 😖😖

    18. Hoang Quynh Phuong

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    19. Bastoti menon

      My channrl

    20. Bethany Ashe


    21. Alihan Yüksel

      if you want to watch funny videos like this, follow the "Head of the fun" channel, where the funniest videos

    22. Blender Study

      8:17 😍

    23. Alireza S

      Time 8:25 & 8:25 & 9:50 👍❤️❤️❤️

    24. presto beats

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      hehehe cool video

    26. Diana Rezaei

      I like your voice 😁🎤

    27. Jake Bothamley


    28. Lawrence Glover

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    29. Charlie Smith

      jeez bro your great

    30. Velveth Mendez

      Sencillamente genial! Super cool!

    31. tomas miller

      8:30 for the boys lol

    32. canal sin uso

      8:10 You know you've already lost when a girl knows you'd never hurt her.

    33. Febin G.j


    34. Dmcole1

      I am not going to like your voice is perfect for this vids

    35. Jakey Boi_123

      As a Steelers fan, this huts me 6:53

    36. AMBETV

      Like mother like daughter that was hilarious

    37. jackdeth37

      "Are you checking out my T***?" She asks. Well yeah!

    38. Anime freak

      5:04 ... I NEED FULL CLIP!!! And her name... Uff what a lucky dude... 🥵😭❤🔥 8:10 I need her name... Jesus what a lucky dude... 😭❤

      1. Bigbrain Gamer


      2. im just gooder

        and penelope ford

      3. Metlhed420

        Lana Austin

    39. DawnsPlaceYT

      He so let go of that tape

    40. Captain DJ

      Baseball does not do matches. It’s called innings

    41. pbkayakyer

      Dang it! Now I've gotta rub one out...


      I love your voice

    43. Helen Maher

      I do not want a phone

      1. Badlarry80

        How come

    44. Artal Beats

      I am now thinking what if I just go wrestle

    45. Lincoln LaPlante

      3:04 Jason nash from rag d's blogs in back

    46. Yurithnova Syndicate

      1:39 you’re missing the clip here!

    47. Shweta Jain

      Man this guy will never understand football


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    49. Bruce Fulper

      Mike Bowman wrecking his Chevelle AIN'T FUCKING FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

    50. Froggerman 20

      The refs though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣damn if only there job wasn’t on the line

    51. Mass Ayan gaming

      Anyone morning persons......😄😄

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    55. Lance Welsh

      Deja vu

    56. craig stewart

      Uh, Navy officers don't wear that uniform. He was an enlisted sailor.

    57. mariangelgz420

      Why were the broccoli women wearing their glasses upside down? Is that a fad I missed?

    58. Glatze Metzger

      been clicking since years and luck seems blind toward me

    59. Michael Ashcraft

      NICE RACK ,on the lady wrestler!!!

    60. Sketchy Shark

      This nice man

    61. Tricia64ux Mercado718cb

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    62. ABHIRAM CD

      Fact : we all know why we came here 😂

    63. Vulture 38

      8:45... "yeah, pretty much..."

    64. Jerald Mahinay

      I love your content.❤️ I'm from the Philippines. GoodLuck 🙂

    65. Gabriel Duran

      For all my cultured men.. 8:35

    66. aishani Saini

      Hate ur thumbnails

    67. Jackson Munson

      Say the terms right. It’s called a GAME!!!

    68. Dennis Ackroyd

      I am tired of Peyton Manning! Cant this guy just retire? Enough is enough!

    69. Adrien Pinard

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      1. that shitty snare sound from st. anger

        Did you have a stroke

    70. Adrien Pinard

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    71. Princess Keiko

      Can I just say in every video it skips a whole segment...your professor would be diss appointed with your proof reading lol

    72. Ian Fish

      this editor is not very good

    73. 7rays

      Nothing like the 16th hole at the Phoenix open… LOL

    74. Manuel Hernandez

      Whos the female wrestler with the nice bottom

    75. dafullclip

      The Broccoli girl is awesome! LOL!

      1. Sujitha R Nair


    76. trucker shamful

      That was the best tennis moment I have ever seen

    77. Tony Decker

      RIP Kevin greene

    78. follow my Instagram faster_then_light

      The second video everyone have their glass upside down

      1. HG Dimmist

        Yes we saw the video👍

    79. Scott Jolly

      It’s hard to tell, is that Morgan Freeman narrating?

    80. Kasandra Søby

      moral of the story: i should start watching female wrestlers

    81. DERBY EYE

      what's the sport with the birds called? I may invest a lot of my time into it.

    82. Jadiel Sanchez

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    83. EddieHitler7

      who's the female wrestler at 8:10 ??

      1. Haitham Alhazmi

        @Kik mobil no last name. That's her ring name Her real name ( Catherine Joy "CJ" Perry )

      2. Kik mobil

        @Haitham Alhazmi last name?

      3. Haitham Alhazmi

        She looks like Lana but I'm not sure

    84. David curtis

      Golf crowds used to know the rules especially about keeping quiet.

      1. Matt Flickinger

        That particular tournament and hole specifically, its encouraged. Check out the stadium par 3, some TPC in Arizona

    85. billy burrett

      Who is that 8:40

      1. billy burrett

        @Fl Hn yeah its the_penelopeford

      2. Fl Hn

        do they have an Instagram, and if so what are the @

      3. Muh Huh

        billy burrett, Sam the horse

    86. TO TOXIC

      8:36 You’re welcome here have a 🍪

    87. Daniel Noah

      10:20 🤣

      1. Raven Demo

        Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah nah.

    88. Patricia Malloy

      Danke fur das Video🌹🌻

    89. harme Nas

      How do you want me to like And subscribe before watching the full video what the f***

    90. Michael J

      Baseball match??? No thanks.

    91. Monina Bonghanoy

      Nice vid

    92. Sagar Mali

      U don't have idea,,,,,so come with me

    93. Nolan Is Innocent

      Awe.... that special needs girl is showing her support and love. For general sports. And broccoli.

      1. Hina Kewley


      2. Hina Kewley


      3. Hina Kewley


    94. -RAM- M

      and the 26th funny moment: calling a baseball game a "match" in this video

    95. Lisa Strode


    96. Hello Social

      Wow I just found this channel

    97. Harshith M

      Ok, am I the only one who didn't see the "world war youth" scene?

      1. John Francis


    98. ryan bennett bennett

      R.i.p. KG

    99. Jugg MKJ

      Why was the stick handling clip at 1:38 considered funny? Was this made by an alien?

      1. Nolan Is Innocent

        /interesting. Was that alien sentence written by an alien? 'Cause not even an alien would find that funny. Lol. Aliens would prolly find it offensive. Speciesist.

    100. Varrnit Jaiswal

      His Thumbnails are enough for your brain to send a signal of clicking on his video.