my hair: a comprehensive tutorial

brian david gilbert

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    hello, this is my hair, and this is a video about what i do to it
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    shot by karen han: karenyhan
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    1. Ammy Teo

      The "voilà's" give me life.

    2. João Pedro Levenhagen

      holy shit i rly laughed out loud on the reaction part

    3. Lilac Flower

      Houseki no Kumi Cairngorm hair Houseki no Kumi Cairngorm hair Houseki no Kumi Cairngorm hair Houseki no Kumi Cairngorm hair Houseki no Kumi Cairngorm hair

    4. Julie ACNH

      *aggressively taking notes* mhm mhm.. as a female, i had the same starting length as you. Buut im also gay af and i need to have the look so I might legitimately follow this as a tutorial lmao

    5. Tiffany

      I bet you could coax some curls out if that especially now that it’s shorter. It already looked like some waves wanted to curl.

    6. Feanor of Sunspear

      is that his own boss in the shower in the thumbnail?

    7. BunnyChanX

      Brian should try the curly girl/wavey girl method 👀

    8. Lina

      10:54 personal time stamp cause I just died

    9. RavenQuen

      Everyone condition your hair every day please.

    10. Antpaok

      I thought he was gonna go full bald halfway through that

    11. sokin jon


    12. Pinguludd

      jokes on you, i have that hair normally

    13. Oh Man

      When rbg died i was like rian bavid gilbert????

    14. Yume Hoshi

      that 'voila' bit is fucking great

    15. Randall Randall

      Fr, all of the styles with the exception of the bowl cut, which had the disadvantage of uneven bangs, actually still looked so good on you, Brian. And I support your hair philosophy whole heartedly. I have been considering a variety of hairstyle changes and imagined a scenario not unlike this, of working my way long to short through them, so this is kinda my dream.

      1. sokin jon

        we love it

    16. Randall Randall

      Why are you so handsome

    17. Raisa

      I will await the Brian Pompadour Tutorial

    18. nfistfu

      You missed the opportunity to call it a Hairtorial!

    19. Jamie Honeywill

      I wonder how he does his hair?

    20. Gaberonie Xx

      You never disappoint honestly

    21. Emily Lockling

      Wait its kinda cute tho

    22. Nacho T

      Here I am, balding at 23, watching a 15 minute video about a guy doing his hair

    23. Dodgy Malaka

      9:15. Is that Matthew perry in that movie where he’s a European settler?

    24. BreezyQ

      Yo is that James A Janisse?

    25. Scott Collins

      Ah, yes, the rare moment that the algorithm recommends me a video that I actually enjoy from a creator that I had hitherto not heard of. Thank you Susan Waxahachie.

    26. Mahou TV Youtube

      Guy Threepwood lookin haircut with the first cut

    27. GammaMania

      I’m disappointed he didn’t end the video by going bald.

    28. Taleshunter

      "hair-tube", I'm pretty sure those are called victory curls

    29. The toast

      Similar looking end result as you Brian, but honestly I have two fuckin steps, Put in Marc Anthony Shampoo, wash it out, put in conditioner, let it sit for a while, wash it out, apply raw unfiltered air for like an hour badabing badaboom I've got a full head of wavy curly ass hair and I feel stupid and ignorant.

    30. The Dynast Queen

      This painfully reminds me of when my only White friend who looked and sounded like Alphonse Elric of FMA (2003, not Mangahood yes there's a difference) cut his luscious long hair and I almost cried. I was living vicariously through his hair as mine can't grow that long with such ease (plus HE WAS MY ALPHONSE!) and his mom ended that fantasy for both of us T__T

    31. Schehrzade

      Wait how does the hair at the end look so good

    32. FifthCents

      Wait...unemployed? Did Polygon fire/lay you off? Update: I see he said he left, ready for more content here Brian! Polygon has seemed particularly dry lately. Brian is the only creator at Polygon that had the wit and charm necessary to get me to click on anything they did videowise. Too bad he's leaving only a couple years after the McElroy's left. I don't believe Polygon has anything left now, aside from overly cranky SJWs and expressionless ad robots. Guess I'll have to find a new game site.

    33. MahouShonenLuka

      As someone who's hair STUBBORNLY WONT GROW this made me feel physical pain

    34. Asocial Event

      Ok but he is kinda rocking that bowl cut tho

    35. Asocial Event

      the amount of psychic Damage I took when he cut his hair I'm crying

    36. beepain

      9:32 Gayle

    37. Nathan Wiseman72

      Loved the extreme zoom in.

    38. Moiré De la Soga

      Brian with a mullet tail: Guybrush Threepwood is that you?

    39. JW

      Karen: wheeze

    40. Stephanie Joanne

      I’m so mad I have no idea who this guy is and this was in my recommended and I’m weak to men with long hair and he looked hot so I clicked into it and he made me laugh a whole bunch but then he chopped off his hair which was painful to watch but then some how he still ended the video just as hot as when he started it and it’s 1 am and I’m angry

    41. Harsa

      Loki telling hair...stuff to mortals

    42. Thomas Roscher

      Brian going for the mullet *ok Gaston*

    43. MN Webb

      Hey! Those are the same products I use as a NB person

    44. MN Webb

      Today I learned we are the same age have the exact same awful hair and I feel the awful greasy-wavy hair problem

    45. Vinícius Barbosa

      brian why do you look like projared now?

    46. Erick Schuster de Oliveira

      BRIAN WHY edit: fuck you for still looking good

    47. Finn The Cheese Lord

      this was actually really nice info at some points cuz i have the same hair :)

    48. Prinnia Puff

      Honestly the end result looked pretty swanky

    49. ColorCrims0n

      the bowl cut looked good honestly

    50. Mary Penelope

      Bowl-cut Brain looks like Peter Parker from one of those older Spiderman movies

    51. Liar Divine

      9:17 Guybrush Threepwood vibes

    52. David Estrada

      The opposite of clickbate

    53. samysnes

      9:15 I've never seen anyone look so much like the dude from Monkey Island!

    54. L K

      Ok but Why ..does the mullet actually kind of look good on u....

    55. LJaH

      I lost my depression before watching this video. Thank you for helping me find it.

    56. Erin Snyder

      brian please i'm shaking and crying

    57. irogt

      Brian starts to cut his own hair... and there's still over 6 minutes left in the vid? YOU BET YOU ASS I'M WORRRIED. Edit: Aside from the whole terribleness pointed at the end, not the worst result.

    58. Saif Marji

      did you lose your job? you said ur unemployed. im sorry to hear that.

      1. Natasha Avital

        He quit Polygon

    59. Willie Mathews

      O my God, I just realized how much Brian looks like Toby Maguire 10:59.

    60. A Really Useful Engine

      brian is an egg that is gonna hatch any moment

    61. K S

      NOT clippers in WET hair

    62. TheRuthlessgurl

      Okay Brad Mondo needs to save this man

    63. Sumsatisfaction

      You think you work for this look? Nah baby, you're born with it.

    64. dani in a hat

      I am SO GLAD youtube recommended me this video, premeo quality 👌

    65. Apojii Islands

      the bowl came out and i physically yelled "brian NO" because ive seen so many bad bowl cuts and i was afraid for him

    66. Damien Valentine

      ~ h a i r t u b e ~

    67. retro gadget

      As someone who cuts their own hair, you’re not supposed to use the clippers on wet hair lmao (or at least not mine)

    68. Coryander

      Yes low and slow would be better for the blow drying.

    69. Tranq_

      Brian you stole my hair

    70. Tranq_

      I was so sad that unraveled was ending, and then I realized this exists.

    71. BwillD01

      I loved this. Thank you.

    72. samson ullinger

      11:11 Will Byers has been found

    73. Martin Dorn

      Christ, I hope he doesn't try to make Jorts out of those wet jeans

      1. Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

        Hey! Don't shame never-nudes like that. There are dozens of us. DOZENS!

    74. Kathleen Connor

      Mr. Gilbert pulling a david tennant and rocking a pixie cut would be awesome to see.

    75. buzz mcbuzzed

      Great Job! Your haircut looks really good!

    76. Coralie Greisch

      the second half of this video gave me more anxiety than any horror film i've ever watched. i had to pause several times and my breathing still hasn't calmed down. i think my biology assignment did something wicked to mine own last braincell and now this has given me the rest and i think i'll go to sleep now

    77. Amelia Huff

      PLease tell me you condition your hair BDG plEaSE

    78. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi

      It's very unnerving to find out that I'm the same age as bdg.

    79. e a

      he dont give a fuk

    80. river

      me everytime i shave my head cause im too lazy to go get a haircut: it's just hair it'll grow back

    81. Heyhicarolina

      I always feel weirdly grateful that such a human being exists... Life without Brian would be quite boring.

    82. Sjors Houkes

      9:15 where did Guybrush Threepwood come from?

    83. Dem0nflare

      This got so bad so fast, why BDG!

    84. Grey K

      After growing my hair for almost a year, I can't put into words how much of your pain I felt in latter half

    85. Cheesy Lizzy

      Hey Brian, just want to say that I really love your hair in the first 7 minutes, I hope you let it grow like that again.

    86. Jhunnyx

      *What a plot twist you were*

    87. Loren Daemon

      The way he looks alright at the end even after all that 😂

    88. Ainsley Gritter

      Brian. Please. I’m in pain.

    89. Emirhan Berkay Koçak

      Brian. I think your mid-video links are broken. I cannot click on them ):

    90. TheMinecraft

      i have the same type of hair and i 100% understand the age 12 - 26 struggle of finding a style.

    91. Bree Fitzpatrick

      I screeched. Omfg. Plz stop this😂😂😂

    92. Smo Bun

      Brian, you are amazing, Sad to see you go from Polygon, but I am excited for more content on your own channel. I am happy that you shared your hair existential crisis with us. Keep it up!

    93. Victorian Squirrel

      which patreon tier do you have to be on to receive locks of Brian‘s hair next month

    94. Roberto Costa Jr.

      didn't know I needed this video until I watched the second half of it

    95. hoiy vinosa

      I liked them all

    96. Marsbarsinthestars

      Okay but the way his eyebrow turns into a worm on the thumbnail is cursed

    97. FinalGamerJames

      What destroyed me more than his **incredible hair** is knowing BDG is 26 and I, like Ozymandias, must turn to ash after witnessing the words of greatness, in dis-hair.

    98. J P

      Legit laughing my ass off

    99. Luis Fontán

      This guy knows how to edit like a god

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Comments are back!!

    100. Carrie Henderson

      this video happened once a month in my apartment in college