Trisha & Ethan Fight About The Election - Frenemies #8

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    1. Juliana Rey

      Trisha IS a republican and she IS a Trump supporter.

    2. DHOOM- z7

      I hate how she just doesn't want to listen at all, and needs to attack. It is like they are not her friends. It just triggers me so much man, with peace and love am annoyed, peace and love peace and love

    3. Hattie Aguilar

      I love this.

    4. ashley zapata

      trisha is a trump supporter... gurl just admit that, you’re upset trump didn’t win.

    5. Alexandra Boyd

      Does Ethan know that like Tourettes, body dysmorphic disorder is an OCD-related disorder? That story about mirrors is really messed up.

    6. Alyson

      this was painful to watch

    7. Rick Sanchez Jr.

      "Come on Joe, put your diapers on, it's time to be president"

    8. Foxleaf


    9. capirio


    10. Llamacorn10

      This is an anti keemstar podcast

    11. Lauren

      who else has found out they might have tourettes from watching Ethan

    12. Rachel Schmidt

      Trish is speaking fact....The only fact checking needed is Ethan's one sided topics

      1. Juliana Rey

        She has no idea what she’s talking about though? He was asking questions and she didn’t know how to answer

    13. Niki Borunda

      13:00 kk sjwjejeje

    14. Thebriabeauty

      Oh many face palms. Lol I hope she’s kidding on some of this haha 😂

    15. yoonmin subunit

      *manny mao? mua? oh manny mua. manny mwah!!*

    16. IIAlleysparksII

      There's no question joe Biden is racist. He's got issues, and no president does what they say they'll do. A Joe Biden presidency is gonna be uneventful unless he dies and kamala becomes president then God knows what'll happen

    17. Amanda Marie


    18. Ivan Cardenas

      There is SO much misinformation for republicans in this video... I'm an independent but i think it's irresponsible to stuff hateful words in republican's mouth while promoting the barbaric procedure that is abortion...

    19. H o m o s e x u a l

      Ethan speaking about how he would stare into the mirror and pick out his flaws along with seeing himself in pictures ruining his whole day is sooo relatable. Great segue!

    20. MrJennmad10

      I actually respect Trisha so much more after her holding her own in politics.

    21. MrJennmad10

      Haha trisha spitting a few facts on politics...and Ethan hard-core democrat 🤣🤣

    22. Brittanie Turano

      Trisha is right it is one sided. I love this podcast but when people with a platform talk politics it’s never good. Stick to any other topics.

    23. Sukaran Babber

      7:24 Ethan : you gotta bring receipts Trisha : ( pulls out phone ) 😂😂😂 don’t mess with Trish

    24. kaylashalaylaaaaa

      No, having a "good angle" is NOT the same as photo shop... literally everyone has a "good side"

    25. Callsighn Owl

      Trisha had some good points ngl

    26. destinee olguin

      I would love to work for Ethan just to sit in on this podcast 🤣

    27. Lucy Ding

      IM SO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW because trisha is literally so uneducated omg. she literally just makes things up omg.

    28. Lisa Simon Luz

      this was awful to watch, idk how ethan does it

    29. EmmyCorrigan

      Trish you're getting a headache after you cry because you're dehydrated from losing your water through your tears. Drink water girl! But on a side note . I love this podcast so much. I love your dynamic, I love your friendship and how much you guys are going through together and learning so much.

    30. geneva

      how quickly trisha can change subjects in the space of a few seconds really itches my adhd brain in the right way

    31. I Want To Be A Hive Mind So Bad

      46:51 a learning disability doesn't mean what most people think it means. You can be incredibly intelligent and have a learning disability. In fact, that is often the case. Learning disabilities are things like autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, and ADD. What she means is an intellectual disability which affects the speed or extent to which you intellectually develop. This would include things like fetal alcohol syndrome or down syndrome. Learning disability = often higher intelligence but difficulty learning in a traditional academic setting Intellectual disability = the newer non controversial term for the condition previously known as retardation. Slowed learning development.

    32. Kevin Contreras

      lmaoo 1:05:12 ethan being more ride or die than shane ever has been, we stan a defensive friend 😌

    33. Ram Moh

      Trish please Ethan loves you

    34. Ram Moh

      How did I find his

    35. Kelly

      as someone who lives in Germany where everybody automatically gets health insurance, hearing about health insurance in America is extremely strange and depressing

      1. Amanda Green

        @Colapin Klink I would say where I live the closest hospital by vehicle to most people would be between 1-5 miles.

      2. Colapin Klink

        @Amanda Green for 1km 500-1000 right? A Helikopter ride can cost more then 50k as far as I heard. The prices are absolutely ridiculous.

      3. Amanda Green

        an ambulance ride is between 500-1000 but your right, it's wrong that everyone can not afford health care. My Obama care market place literally sucks.

      4. Colapin Klink

        Totally agree, its insane that some poor people rather die instead of having hundreds of thousands of debts. People don't use the ambulance in emergencies because they have to pay, tens of thousands for the ambulance ride alone. Deutschland ist in dieserlei Hinsicht deutlich weiter als Amerika.

    36. EmmyCorrigan

      Trisha not knowing what climate change is sent me

    37. Claire DeJournett

      i literally knew what climate change was when i was 9. Trisha is such a performative activist.

    38. Claire DeJournett

      7:25 how is that misogynistic LMFAO

    39. Owen the Goblin

      "the average guy size for a ring is an 8" my bf with a size 14 ring size: 👁👄👁

    40. Weston Monroe

      wait till she finds out God made science🤭

    41. Manuel Lopez

      “I don’t wanna put words in their mouth but there’s a lot of hate for trans people” you’re generalizing a whole political party saying they have hate for a group of marginalized people, way to immediately contradict yourself like you constantly do Ethan 👍

    42. ye

      she is literally SUCHHHHH an interesting person lmao. i can not believe she is real

    43. Lillith666

      I really appreciate Trisha in this episode. Honestly, the first half was awful listening to Ethan go on about his endorsement. I really appreciate that Trisha made a point to say “vote for who you want”.

    44. Woopsie Daisy

      Stop lying about gay marriage and abortion, no way in hell repubs will touch those. Those issues have bled across party lines too much now

    45. Lillith666

      Just saying that if your grow up racist, and raise your kids/send them to school with racist ideas...your probably gunna have racist tendencies til you die. When you spend more than half your life being racist it’s pretty unheard of to suddenly have your mind changed.

    46. Lillith666

      Man the first half of this was so boring hearing Ethan endorse Biden. I DGAF who you support or why. I came here for laughs and entertainment, not to hear your endorsement.

    47. Lillith666

      “I don’t wanna put words in their mouth” *proceeds to put his own words in their mouth*

    48. Lillith666

      Ethan really is so uneducated in so many things it’s kinda funny. I wish he actually did research and used diverse sources to prove what he says but he goes to BS sources and claims it as fact.

    49. Lillith666

      Ethan really is so uneducated in so many things it’s kinda funny. I wish he actually did research and used diverse sources to prove what he says but he goes to BS sources and claims it as fact.

    50. Emily LeClair

      "Fuck Hitler. I'm so mad about that still." "Oh you're still mad at Hitler? Fresh huh?"

    51. Justin colin


    52. Lillith666

      Republicans are NOT trying to completely ban all abortions. They want to ban late stage or “after birth abortions” (aka infanticide).

      1. Juliana Rey

        Yes they were

    53. The More You Know

      Y’all out here simping for which authoritarian regime you want to rule America. Libertarians out here trying to live by and support the ideals this country was founded on - some of the only things that make us unique to the rest of the world. Pretty sad most Americans look at politics one-dimensionally; y’all should really peep the y-axis, that’s how they’re trying to subjugate us

    54. Lani Wolff

      when trisha said 150 was till kinda big, i died a little inside. Like im 180 now and i was 240

    55. Daniel Meisner

      trisha is right about him being one sided, she’s literally the voice of reason on this podcast


      23:35 trisha speaking facts. I don't care who you vote for but you have to look at everything.

    57. carolyn egan

      I absolutely agree with Trisha on the tana/ defranco thing. Tana as a woman being called fat at all is just insane. She is NOT fat photoshopped or not. That was a bit sexist. Yes she photoshopped to look smaller but to call her a twinky pretending to be a fit Italian model was indeed sexist. I mean no shade to either of you guys btw. Huge fan of this podcast. You two together are incredibly entertaining!

    58. MelodysMind

      Trisha is not getting her information from reputable sources. I feel like if she had reputable sources that showed both sides she would definitely change her point of view on some of this shit she is supporting. It is really disheartening that she is so oblivious when she has been able to depend on planned parenthood when she had serious situations and now she wants to not help planned parenthood?! She is really oblivious AND she is an example of how fucked our country is due to shit ass education

    59. Ephemeral Ecstasy

      Jesus she never loses her breath

    60. Mariana

      "Everything I do is for gay people"-Trisha Paytas.

    61. jordan thorsteinson

      im surprised james wasnt snatched up before trish. she really disproved her own point XD

    62. jordan thorsteinson

      GAHH ETHAN SAYING IDGAF!! yeah boi love that XD

    63. jordan thorsteinson

      this is so random, but Ethan seems like hed be a great dad.

    64. abortion

      Trisha is seriously so SO ANNOYING to me now. Like she is literally a trump supporter-doesn’t know ANYTHING about anything, super uneducated yet wants to argue and fight.

    65. Taco.Lovin. Dude.

      I CACKLED when Trisha quoted Hamilton for the Declaration of Independence

    66. FooTheHype

      If so many people want to fight climate change why do they act like only policies will change something? Why not go vegan or significantly reduce animal product consumption and car use? People wanna bash politicians but do they know the consumers control the market? Edit: No hate towards the two of these, I love this podcast lol

    67. Zoe Antonov

      Trisha is right about men also misleading with their body image. Ethan seems to think any woman who posts an edited picture on instagram wants to be a MODEL but i don't think thats the case and Tana doesn't want to be a model either she just wants to be hot and show her boobs to cater to her demographic. Modelling agencies are not going to hire her to be a model based on her edited instagram pictures. And when it comes to men like Philip Defranco and others, yes they don't pose in bikini "like models" as Ethan said, but they do it in a way to cater THEIR demographic. Nevertheless, they still mislead and its unfair for only women to get backlash for that.

    68. Angeline

      Trisha has the right idea, I don’t think she was defending trump fully I think she’s just trying to play devil’s advocate bc that’s how most people inform themselves correctly ! It’s good to see both sides of the argument !

    69. Kyle

      Listening to her talk about politics when she is so ill-informed it makes PERFECT sense how so many people can blindly parrot fake news talking points as though they were the truth. Ignorance isn't something to be proud of. If you don't know what you're talking about, shut the fuck up. "I heard this from my hair dresser" is one step away from, "I have no clue what I'm talking about."

    70. Kyle

      Holy shit she is so ignorant and SOOO proud of her ignorance. "The president doesn't really do much, it's the people around him that do stuff." Instagram models and least she does work that doesn't require a brain or the need to be informed.

    71. Kyle

      If she was refused insurance under Obamacare for a pre-existing condition, whoever told her that lied to her. It was LITERALLY a stipend built into the ACA. But she's not exactly "intelligent" so I doubt she would have looked into it beyond whatever bullshit happened to her.

    72. hola b

      i get so mad when u said “fact check”. fact checks with cnn like stfu

    73. hola b

      ethan wtf. who gives a fuck if a president is on twitter that is literally your only argument against him. maybe research all the GREAT stuff he has done during his presidency. pls get help your brainwashed

    74. hola b

      ethan pls do your research this is actually so embarrassing

    75. Adam_M_ Tattooing

      Damn Ethan!!! I fuck w you bro but let her have her fucking opinion!! Watch this shit back and she says I voted for who you want but it’s not a big deal if trump did this and your tripping!!!! Breathe let her have her opinion homie!

    76. Zhiliang Lu

      The animated gander progressively groan because verse natively stir by a superb banana. clammy, splendid argument

    77. Chernobyl

      I agree with Trisha. Political shit is wack. Worst one yet smh

    78. cinthya balderas

      Trisha is definitely saying she voted Biden bc she doesn’t wanna get canceled

    79. cinthya balderas

      Trisha calling out Biden for 43 year old racist remarks when hers are from 3 weeks ago

    80. Paige Trosen

      17:39 yeah Trisha I agree get rid of florida

    81. Nadelina

      HAHAHHAHAGSGSG It’s not MannyMUAW it’s manny MUA (MakeUp Artist) I’m pretty sure you just say the letters, (M, U, A)

    82. lakshima

      why are´nt people not talking about that law-suit more; seems like the one who was gasligting was actually Tati?

    83. lakshima

      *Dan; fact check that

    84. Celeste

      :/ this was so frustrating to watch sigh. Trisha i was loving you 😭 why’d you do this

    85. Lali Carrillo

      I love Trisha. But I hate her in this. Like I am so annoyed at her ignorance.

    86. CaeSea Boone

      A lot ALOTTT of the things you were saying about Trump and his supporters were NOT true.

    87. S1bVideos

      good job glossing over the videos of him touching kids. Not trump supporter btw

      1. Juliana Rey

        By “touching” you mean hugging?

    88. Ayden Travis

      "manny mwauh" LMAOOOOO

    89. Heather Marie


    90. K NT

      Trish being soo opinionated about one thing and literally knowing NOTHING about anything else (like climate change????) is so scary

    91. username.generator


    92. Courtney T

      Am I drunk or are they both drunk

    93. Carolina Aponte

      Hey one president spends 7 hours on twitter and the other maybe said something racist 43 years ago lmaooo

    94. Mason Nelson

      She said she wants to die by a famous person name but I can’t remember Oj’s wife name

    95. Emily Elizabeth

      i thought ethan was gonna be a trump supporter for some reason haha

    96. Cyrene

      I enjoyed their argument so much it’s hilarious

    97. Isabella Vorraro

      Trisha does not know at all the viewers interest...she constantly says that we don’t care abt Ethan educating or talking abt politics or issues outside of the yt or “influencer” world and it’s really annoying, she just says that to shut him down. She is so ignorant and she tries talking abt like she knows but she has no clue, I really wish she would stop saying all this misinformation and trying to say she is right when is NOT AT ALL educated on these subjects.

    98. CaeSea Boone

      Not watching because you already started accusing and assuming things about me before you even got through a sentence.

    99. Davor Mitrović

      I really hope Trisha doesn’t represent the average American cuz this is just sad.

    100. Dallas Huxel

      I like how Trisha is trying to keep it unbiased and not shame anyone for their political beliefs. Neither candidate was a great option and we can’t forget about joes mistakes just because trumps are worse. It’s sad we’ve had to choose the “lesser evil” when we should be choosing between two good options.

      1. Juliana Rey

        did you just call her, a registered republican and open trump supporter...unbiased?!