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    2018 hosted the biggest UFC event ever when Dagestan's best, Khabib Nurmagomedov, fought Irish superstar, Conor McGregor. Covering the bad blooded feud, LOKATION follows both fighters' journeys from UFC 205 in New York, all the way to their inevitable showdown at UFC 229 in Las Vegas.

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    1. Zeeshan Iqbal

      Most Satisfying Bully Beat Down Ever.

    2. Ralph Fabian

      wow just WOW!! 💪👌💯

    3. Rz99

      And to think we could’ve seen them fight again if Conor beat poirier😭

    4. Unknown User

      Orgasm seeing this mcgregor n his team gettin beaten up lol don’t mess wid ppl like that



    6. Bodhi Hines

      So wait... what was the point of showing all the reporters saying Conor would lose by a landslide?? 💀 Conor got fuckin dismantled.

    7. Denis Sined

      Khabib tells you what he’s going to do with you and you can’t do anything to stop him 😅

    8. Nolast Ionut

      How the fuck you should act then? You smile like a little devil when Connor was saying so much shit, he deserved it

    9. AYOB RSK Be humble My friend insyaallah

      Conor McGregor he was drunk face looks pink panther cartoon characters Ireland damn loser fighter coward that's was conor McGregor When conor face to face with a real worrior muslim religion in deeper inside Khabib nurmuhamadmegedov heart, Khabib nurmuhamadmegedov he better call him lions of Allah hurabbi arlamin thanks for the real muslim champion Khabib nurmuhamadmegedov Allah always love you Khabib nurmuhamadmegedov you are be good son and your humble Allah love humble human being,if went from leader you now ready to go to fight with arrogant irish al masiyah Al dajjal your god,god not have eyes like banana have deseas at right eyes like expired fruit that's was you god,both legs when time to walk eccepluly like durk walking to the water cuerk cuerk cuerk cuerk conor your durk hungry to eat you meat hahaha irish god al masiyah Al dajjal laknatullah wait time is coming Conor Judgement day for intire human being all people from firsts propert Adam as,and the last want propert Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi wassalam insyaallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar insyaallah Allah hurabbi arlamin

    10. One Warrior

      This is better than any sports movie/doc.

    11. Murad metwalli

      Anybody please help what is the song at the credits im dying ive been searching for days

    12. BLEAK Reality

      DANA :- 1st meet-" this kid is very talented" Now- NOW IT,S KHABIB TIME "HABIB HABIB HABIB " CONOR MCTAPPER 1 St meet- " i gonna break his glass jaww,u will DU fuuuking NUTHING" In match - it's just a business , ma mamma mamam . But ,at last he's a humble bitch now.

    13. Leigh Rivera

      May weather doesn’t look 40 at all! Looks more like he’s Conners age 29

    14. Leigh Rivera

      I blame Dana bec Conner was his golden boy he’s the one who knew he get hurt by Khabib bec his golden money maker Conner

    15. Rishab Kashyap

      Editing is super dope🔥🔥🔥

    16. العصى لشياتة

      God bless you 🙏 ❤ my brother habib allah from Morocco 🇲🇦 🙏 ❤

    17. Matt Mckenna

      Great editing and video! Everyone comment down below! WILL WE EVER SEE A REMATCH?

    18. Sean E Cash

      I don’t think we will ever see another Mcgregor or Khabib... Hopefully Mcgregor runs through DP and we see Khabib vs Mcgregor 2... Then they both ride off into the sunset...

    19. Our Own Path

      It's truly sad and inhuman how the UFC encourages some of there fighters to act out for more attention to receive more money not for themselves but the ufc "business". Conor used to be my favorite UFC fighter. He used to fight for survival, freedom, love, passion, respect and ect. Now he fights for money and money only. That is pretty clear by now unfortunately. All I'm saying is before connor had money he knew his boundaries and had morals. Now he's posting stuff about someone else's wife when he has one and is disrespecting a religion. That is the definition of someone being consumed by money. Live and learn.

    20. Azhar Yousuf

      Brilliant Piece of Work.....Keep it up...

    21. Jordan K

      Teacher: what do you learn from this film? Students: don't sent LOCATION to khabib. 😂😂😂

    22. Robert Mcminn

      I’m almost embarrassed I have only just discovered this. But this is something I’d expect to see as a special on espn or hbo. Honestly amazing work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    23. Riff Fall


    24. shan khan

      Connor's mom to connor:"son how is the fight going on?" Connor:"this guy is fuking me,iam fuked up"

    25. Nihan 7

      What did I just watch… this is amazing

    26. Nihan 7

      What did I just watch… this is amazing

    27. MrAcapangoro

      Excellent work! Thank you for your heart work. 🥰

    28. David Brewer

      Great production! So excited to watch this

    29. Ghost Club

      The khasuals invaded the comments and completely ruined the videos theme thats such a damn shame

    30. Zoe Fountain

      9.7 million views, and only 100 something thousand likes, and 4.2 thousand dislikes? Them numbers don't add up, unless its being more watching than liking or disliking

    31. king james

      McTapper beta's are still cry'n...

    32. splash log

      Gotta crank metal while you watch aaaahhhhh

    33. Jordan K

      When he jump out of the cage in slomo it's fucking awesome👍👏😊

    34. I Am A Ghost

      The editing is beeeeyyyyyooooonnndddd meeeeee! Talented guy! You need way more subs than 80k. I wish you luck and I subbed.

    35. Malcolm X

      This is the video I'll show my kids when I wanna tell them about Khabib! This is like my 4th time watching this and always gives me goosebumps!!! AMAZING JOB BROTHER!

    36. Jordan K

      The world will talk about THE LEGEND OF KHABIB THE EAGLE 🦅 as long as this WORLD and UFC exist.

    37. Atltruistic Critic

      Dude It's fucking insane god_tier editing!Great job!!!

    38. Mr Munna

      01:30:03 Khabib:let's talk now let's talk

    39. RamPan


    40. infos hamadi

      Bravo Habib i like you much

    41. Ritchard Ohnmacht

      Shoulda just said fuxk it n slapped him Artem.. lol

    42. Mayank Yadav

      Absolute SpotOn. This is great

    43. Fahad Alfuqaraa

      مرجلة يا حبيب 🔥

    44. Major Utah

      Nice job Location!

    45. Major Utah

      I never wanted to see lucky charms get worked so bad.. Hands down my favorite fight!

    46. 亗『TaNg』亗

      This fight never get old

    47. Richie Boss

      Khabib was the victor in this fight but by no means is he a hero of this story lol

    48. Borna Makiaveli

      I feel bad for watching this for free

    49. VL-a SP

      Rematch the game i think in the rematch connor will smash khabib

      1. Pratik 0

        Chicken don't deserve rematch 😂🤡 he tap and beg for life . It's only buisness 🐔

    50. Jean Saint-Pierre

      56:32 classic

    51. Emir Gaming


    52. Jatin Sharma

      Defeated by nate, floyd, khabib and now cowboy and still say I'm the greatest.. He is too much over his head

    53. A Z

      Bro I’ve seen all of these clips separately and this video with your amazing editing style and choice of music and effects is just outstanding and professional , legendary work bro keep it up

    54. SADUS44

      McGregor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the real studid man i ever seen!!!

    55. Leigh Rivera

      Dana white seems to have favorites and that’s not right it just seems that way

    56. M Ilyan

      In the cage with Khabib, konor was very quit and nearly to die at the end if the referee was not there.

    57. Henry Chinaski

      Conors the fucking man ! 🤘🏾

      1. Henry Chinaski

        @Eldin Šmeker Like I said he dominated, outclassed is another good one , destroyed just doesn’t match . Conor came out this fight with a couple bruises , nothing crazy . Chandler DESTROYED hooker . This wasn’t that.

      2. Eldin Šmeker

        @Henry Chinaski my vocabulary is well expended, khabib destroyed him in this fight, Conor had his moments but Khabib just outclassed him.

      3. Henry Chinaski

        @Eldin Šmeker You call that getting destroyed ? You should expand your vocabulary my friend . Dominated would be more appropriate, destroyed doesn’t match .

      4. Eldin Šmeker

        Still got destroyed that shit was hard to watch I ain't gonna lie

    58. ecdctechmma

      Ireland fought and kept its independence. Dagestan kneeled and succumbed to Russia.

    59. ecdctechmma

      Khabib started this feud when he called him a chicken. And in Russia/Dagestan a chicken is also somebody who gets raped in jail. Khabib started all this. Not Conor

    60. Ali Richards

      Netflix need to pay you for this brother

    61. Ali Richards

      I love this this just pumped me up

    62. Ky Quackenbush

      I’d like to think of this as an very prominent sequel to the Netflix documentary “notorious”. Very good job!

    63. H4B2_ K

      The ending to this gives the feeling when you beat final boss fight in Street fighter Ryu vs M Bison or Akuma! Mission Accomplished


      Brilliant. Well done

    65. Gerry Fernandez

      45:33 has to be my favorite part, the intro of max is like spider-man showing up to the airport in civil war

    66. Young Sta

      A whole movie

    67. Lil B4git0

      48:06 Artem cowered like a bitch 😂 this is what happens when an internet troll faces danger in real life 🤣


      And at the end legend says Conor got humbled

    69. Vibhawa Bibulewela

      trust me this guy doesn't have ten million individual views . i have watched it 7 times.

    70. Abdul Vahid

      Khabib come back 🔥🔥🔥❤️🔥❤️

    71. Luka Tee

      Khabib a true G. I don't see this video!!

    72. VJL

      This is the best thing I have seen on KGup

    73. Shoaib Anwer

      That's something. This video took all of me to just see from the start to end.... Hatss off dude!!!

    74. Javi Ismael

      Conor is most disrespectful fighter ever and it’s not a compliment. Khabib did what he had to do after match because Conor did attack the bus with Khabib family specially his dad in bus and then disrespect Khabib religion & country. Conor deserved it 😂😂

    75. Lakhi Jimin

      I never tired Watch Conor smashed by khabib 🤣🤣🤣

    76. PUBG pro gamer

      Big fan of corner Even if he lost ...he fought like lion..

      1. Ali TheDefac

        he tapped... what is your brain?

    77. عز الحربي

      say what u want about conor but he changed the game and he really sell that fight like no other

    78. Axhan

      1:32:20 One of the greatest moments of the fight

    79. Aamir Shahzad

      Moral: Never send lokation

    80. Onizuka_613

      This shit is PEAK ART!

    81. MIRZA Mubeen

      Nice men

    82. Marvin Hesler

      This was perfect timing in the world of sports..what a jewel for the ages to come

    83. Hamid Sk

      Best video on the KGup

    84. stuffs in the internet

      Seeing connor did this is just mindblowing to me, i mean you can be stupid but not this stupid

    85. moedasilva

      Best part 00:00 to 1:42:48

    86. Aliyan Ali


    87. Kambariui, linksmai

      Someone make Dana White see this. This guy has to work for the ufc and hype it up

    88. ryan ferreira

      Nice one, I think Conor started changing after this fight, think he really thought he could beat Mayweather.

    89. bags88


    90. Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

      Kabib big time cheater..holding shorts..gloves and butts

    91. Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

      KABIB.." I EAT A LOT OF HAM, DUDE, THEN I SAY ' LAA'!!!"!. 'IN A SHAWL W AL. WHO ALSO SAYS Laaa.' Inshallah?

    92. Christian John Long

      This is SO sick. Huge props mate, you smashed this!

    93. Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

      How did connor and gang get into sealed private barclays basement? They LET HIM IN..DANA KNEW & ALLOWED IT FOR PROMO

      1. Pratik 0

        That bus attack was just a showoff

    94. Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

      " my grapplink. My wrestlink...IDIOT!

    95. Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

      Connor should have retired on top and NEVER EVER HAVE GIVEN MR AL HAM DU ALLAH A PKATFORM

    96. Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

      How the fuck they stop that fight?

    97. Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

      Kabib the commie.

    98. deepwawa

      Yo Hizzer MAKE ANOTHER ONE

    99. A. Al Hadhrami

      Don’t send lokation