The Russian Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)


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    1. OverSimplified

      Get 68% off NordVPN! Only $3.71/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at: Use codeword: oversimplified

      1. Theorizing Chicken

        Napoleon when

      2. Julio Cesar Vergara Quesada

        Hey oversimplified, what is the name of the soundtrack at 3:18

      3. Asfand Khan

        Where are you,where is the next video. 🤔🤔😥😥🤕🤕🤕

      4. David Hoagland


      5. Emporer biden Aka The senate!


    2. akshitij garg

      Please make some videos about Indian history, I am sure it will be very informative and entertaining.....and you will surely get a lot of views......there is a shortage of history content on india in English on KGup

    3. Zimerah Howard

      5:47 was it just me or did i see waldo?

    4. SADchamp10

      LOL I saw Wheres Waldo.

    5. Miguel Naybe

      we want mooore!

    6. Drunk Viewer

      He has the most interesting way of introducing sponsors!

    7. Xx-.- wolfxX

      12:42 Its after the 55 Days At Peking right?

    8. why did you eat my cake

      (w)eaponised (a)ssault (p)easants

    9. Naomii Chan.mp4

      bolshevik? More Like: Bullshit vick

    10. Depressed Guy

      "And even people like you could get a girlfriend" This enraged his father, who punished him severly

    11. Wezz Stuff

      0:40 before the revolution

    12. tricia torbert

      The venomous hate primarily thaw because digital geometrically paddle abaft a lean regret. oceanic, unique beat

    13. Elizabeth Bugslag

      15:10 Well my life just sucks Me:I can agree

    14. Aaron Hall

      Did you know that; some say Rasputin actually cheated on nicholes’ wife right after he healed her son

    15. Mangolorian

      Russia is not Russia without wide Stalin

    16. ShookShane629

      tsar Nicholas 2 was the imposter from amogus

    17. Stantstiv Trumpster


    18. bald Gang

      Define these terms- a)Carbonisation b)Destructive Distillation c)Refining of Petroleum d)Fossil fuels 2. Name the largest coal mines in India . 3. Explain the process of formation of coal (carbonisation). 4. Differentiate between Lignite, Bituminous and Anthracite coal. 5. Why do the various qualities of coal differ from each other ? 6. What are the various products formed by destructive Distillation of coal ? Write their uses. 7.write the composition of water gas. 8.what are the factors due to which different varieties of coal are formed? 9.What is petroleum?How do petroleum and natural gas occur in nature?Show their occurrence with the help of a labelled diagram. 10.State the main advantages of Natural gas. 11.write uses of various petroleum products (see from table given in the ppt.) 12.what should be the present day strategy to save our environment ? Name three cleaner and better fuels.why is Natural gas considered as a cleaner fuel? 13.Keeping in mind their availability in nature,explain the need of using coal and petroleum judiciously.(E5) Please note that diagram given for fractional Distillation is only fo

    19. Sujith Krishna

      Dude, uncool but without -un

    20. Merko

      We want a Rasputin version!

    21. spike78

      Before I hated communism but when he said you can get a girlfriend I loved communism

    22. StudBros

      Big Ed lol

    23. Imperatia One

      "And even people like YOU could get a girlfriend!" ... I feel assaulted.

    24. Wei-Kuan KO

      who also spotted waldo? 5:48

    25. komi kojo

      18.03 I need 2sec then find out who is the most famous hahaha

    26. Andrew Feasel

      Vladimir Lenin did nothing wrong

    27. Ethan Dela Calzada

      Invincible Ep 8 title card be like 19:31

    28. Tolly Gig

      The moaning xylophone fourthly label because deficit july slow qua a acrid partridge. wide, relieved acrylic

    29. Isaiah Nazeeh Tanagho

      Starting at 20.00 and ending at 20.07, why are there beeps like there are bad words being censored or cut out?

    30. Isaiah Nazeeh Tanagho

      Lessons but also a bit of humor!

    31. Isaiah Nazeeh Tanagho

      Love your vids!

    32. Just Light Work

      “Hard spit” You”re in Russia. And my landlord owns me, which makes me a serf. ( by the way does that mean slave ;-;)

    33. Isabel Peterson

      Jesus is our savior

    34. Eryck Blake

      I just noticed the Waldo in the crowd

    35. Russia

      Your dam right

    36. Loren Smith

      1:51 slave man bussin

    37. Joseph comment guy


    38. Lil Dog

      Never thought i would ever hear in my life"tender heart bear is a far superior care bear to bed-time bear"

    39. Zcoffee

      guys fight in the replies of this comment

    40. Granville Friel

      Lesson learned don't exile kill trouble maker's

    41. Cameron Smith


    42. Myla Thong

      did I see the gm sniper iiRGM-79SP_GM_Sniper_II

    43. Harisankar D

      We need an Oversimplified : Stalin

    44. Waste O'Paint

      Exporting all the grain during a famine was not just a zsar thing... lenin did, stalin really did it... essentially it is the cause of racial tension between russians and ukrainians... cus ukraine always suffered..

    45. Aqua 306

      @ 3:30 did anyone else think he looked a little like Charlie Day? Lol

    46. Henry POPLE

      good but a bit long

    47. Julio Cesar Vergara Quesada


    48. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

      Can you make videos on Israel Palestine conflict?

      1. Soughy

        too controversial

    49. RiceDiary304


    50. PlayertheWizard


    51. Stephen Ludlum

      4:48 From the looks of that weapon, I'd say he got his head sliced off by Sephiroth.

    52. Henrik Schmidt

      Another great piece of work. My compliments.

    53. Timo Menzel

      8:15 Dude! ...uncool

    54. Emmeline Cook

      "and no one knows how the goat got o the roof."

    55. Patrick Star

      10:08 I can’t get over this 😂🤣😂

    56. Godzilla Boy

      Not using Nordvpn until it is 69% off. Also communism is what you described it was with the evil laser eyes, evil(in my opinion) and capitalism is the opposite, the good guys.

    57. Coco

      8:16 I actually have a fiancée so getting a girlfriend isn't really interesting anymore.

    58. Stefano Amariz

      So many questioned answered, so much history explained. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GOAT ON THE ROOF!?

    59. Kitten Comix

      My brother told me to watch this because it has Big Ed. I don't regret watching this!

    60. Mike R

      You know what you would do if a Stealth Mission was optional and I guess Stalin thought the same way

    61. Conner Wilson

      Dang, I have a girlfriend. Must mean I live in a communist country

    62. Anthony Saravia

      I just saw at 5:44 on the left side you can see Waldo.

    63. صادق رياض صادق

      Do like your identity to be stolen if yes you need therapy 🤣

    64. RH08PROYT 2.0

      8:15 =)

    65. osagallo

      I was born in Soviet union. People still believe in that utopia

    66. RyanWasTaken

      My Grandmas Parents lived in Russia in the 1890s my grandma told me her parents were starving and there was all most no food the economy was busted my grandmas grandparents left Russia from a boat to the USA and never saw there mother again, tsar Nicholas is a evil man!

    67. MMGtheSERBIANqyqypoa

      they're torturing refugees in ft hood texas concentration camps

    68. Antón Soto

      Sounds a lot like what happened here in Galicia...... kinda pissed we got suppressed by a dictator just after we got our agrarian revolt....

    69. Marcos Val Hernandez

      I need more of these videos!🥺

    70. Sam

      We need to really be worried about Jimmy's mom who let him go all around Europe without supervision

    71. AUBURN LTL

      Russian peasants suffering and revolting. France: Where have I seen this before?

    72. Finlay Gardner

      Requested This Channel to my History teacher........She Gave Me a merit because she loved it 😀

    73. AlphaDaxter

      Cant wait till oversimplified posts again...

    74. That onesteamuser

      I saw Waldo in the crowd

    75. Walter Black

      'Even people like me could get a girlfriend'😂😂😂😂Now I understand why they did it.Its so damn tempting

    76. Robert Dixon

      Fun fact: by the 1800s most of europe had gotten rid of slaves without causing a civil war like the US

    77. Morris Pro_x_gamer

      19:29 Oversimplified in Mario's Accent:

    78. Pokétraner Madden

      I never new woldo was in the Russian revolution

    79. Witkacy_

      Maciek co ty oglądasz XDDDDDD

    80. the man who makes airfix too much

      Lenin his mother in law he sees her nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo m8

    81. mcjj!

      "Ra ra rasputin"

    82. Trasherjr

      0:39 420 nice

    83. Aaton


    84. king Philip II of spain


    85. RoboPuffin

      Wai… The BLM fist is the same one as the communism one?. . .

      1. Avi A

        A fist is a popular symbol of revolution

    86. Benjamin S.

      Party in the CCCP!

    87. Follower Of Duck

      oversimplified: even people like u could get a girlfriend *intense soviet anthem noises* OUR girlfriend

    88. Christopher Malluck

      5:47 i see you

    89. Bacon Empire

      Tsar Alexen II: Wow look they are throwing flowers AND HIGH GRADE ES-- *Boom*

    90. Miata Boi


    91. APlife


    92. andi mandi

      There would be no Lenin without Rasputin

    93. özgür özaydın

      "Do you like having your identity? If yes, you need a therapy. If no, you need a NordVPN" Bro that was epic LOL

    94. Shobha Shrivas

      You are best 😍😂🤣

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    96. Alisha Plays


    97. XxxVelikan CodBOCWxxX

      This is what the world of Hearts Of Iron 4 KaiserReich world should have been

    98. Slipper_0

      because of you my interest in history started I have watched all youre videos about 3 times and i just cant thank you enough for starting my interest in history I now own alot of books and stuff about history and i learned that games like Ho14 and AoE3 are really fun to play I cant wait for another video! Greetings from the Netherlands :-)

    99. Jenny Mironuk

      History is repeating itself once more ... only now we got Putin and alexei navalny

    100. Mason Renaud

      8:15 dude, so uncool