One Shining Moment | 2021 NCAA tournament

March Madness

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    Watch 'One Shining Moment' from the 2021 NCAA tournament, when Baylor beat Gonzaga for the NCAA Championship. All of the emotion and excitement of the 2021 NCAA Tournament set to the tune of "One Shining Moment." One Shining Moment, words and music © 1986 David Barrett, (p) 1986-2000 David Barrett.
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    1. mightymacdiesal12

      Gotta admit, each year this One Shining Moment becomes more of an over done production. Too much chatter. Loved it when the music and collection of memories made you feel the vibe.

    2. Ken Sims

      March Madness is miles/kilometers better than WNBA...

    3. Billy Meltebrink

      My team, #2 Houston Cougars, were so close!

    4. Simon Bergquist

      How is it over already😔I remember being so excited for the first Friday they played. Now it’s over

    5. Sanjeev Pathak

      Happy 70th Birthday Luther!!

    6. jdb316

      When did CBS start adding the announcers’ commentary to One Shining Moment? I prefer letting the highlights speak for themselves here.

    7. James Lewison

      Congrats to Baylor! It felt like they were destined to win throughout the entire tournament.

    8. BigBass 34


    9. James The Sports guy

      yeah I think if ucla beat the zags then the baylor game would have been closer vs ucla

    10. Terence Yee

      "Let the madness begin" from 0:15-0:16, does that sound like Kermit the Frog's voice?

    11. Lansing JP


    12. erestube

      Song too low. Announcers' hysterics too loud.

      1. Lansing JP

        You missing the point smh

    13. HoodieGang JAY

      That Last pic of Jalen Suggs really hit me hard 2:47 I really wanted Suggs to win 🥺

    14. jevin li

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    15. Miline Afdra

      The nutty queen diagnostically impress because reason correlatively yell within a ratty step-grandfather. electric, scary xylophone

    16. ChristineCAlb1

      Love the Michigan fans doing the Macarena dance. Is that Bill Walton at 2:27, or one of his kids?

    17. Cooper Prescott

      This was great, as always, but a note to whoever edited this: the volume on the track with the commentary is WAY too loud. Need to integrate it more.

    18. Louie


    19. marcos mitchell

      Luther Vandross singing one shinning moment let do it again next year in New Orleans

    20. Triston Young

      Next year,Duke is gonna win it all. You read it here first on KGup.

    21. Katie Cowen

      this makes me cry

    22. Jim Lorentz


    23. dostacos

      Imagine not having a team in this video.

    24. Katie Williams

      A year with out college basketball even though I’m a Notre Dame men’s basketball 🏀 fan we’ll be back I appreciate the sport even more because of the daily Covid testing and social distancing it’s kept me healthy and safe.

    25. riverraisin1

      The only downside of the tournament is that we live for the excitement of non stop madness for three weeks in a row, and on Monday night it all crashes to an end, leaving us with an emptiness in our souls come Tuesday morning.

    26. Emanuel Henderson

      It sounds a bit weird without much of a crowd😕

    27. Jake Johnson

      See yall next March Madness

    28. DEMETRIUS Avenger Ironman

      March Madness and Luther Vandross "One Shinning Moment" all is semi right in the world 🌎

    29. Harrison Webb


    30. Nicholas Trudeau

      The video was great, but it would be better with a different song.

      1. jtp2007

        This song has been tradition for the NCAA tournament for a long time. There is no better song.

    31. Chris Diggs

      I’m proud of what my UCLA squad did in this tournament. I can’t wait till next year 🤗

    32. Stevie M

      I love this ending, make me think back to my college days. That being said, more of the song and less of the announcers...the song with the video montage of game action and the players celebrating or crying is what this ending should be about.

    33. Primetime Pranks

      Bear down !!

    34. liv

      this is probably the best one shining moment due to not having march madness since 2019, can’t wait for next year. i feel awful for the seniors all though. anyways congrats baylor! “win or lose. you always did your best cause inside you knew-“

    35. Tobby Olumba

      1:37 Oscar Frayer. RIP

    36. Anthony Dileo

      Chills every time

    37. Catherine Gigliotti

      Are ya making one for the women?

    38. Ryan Bakeman

      The best time of the year

    39. Tumbleweed Connection

      Feel like the volume on the commentary clips was much louder than the volume on the song throughout

    40. lord wags

      The unable taste disappointedly drop because joke only chase beneath a polite cyclone. cultured, sudden polo

    41. Antonio Pusateri

      Rip oscar frayer

    42. BMeister22

      The UCLA v. Gonzaga game was the real "shining star" of this tournament. From start to finish, the best college basketball game I have ever seen. I am so fortunate I was able to witness that game live.

      1. Stevie M

        I'm not a Duke or Kentucky fan but if there is a way to watch that Duke vs. Kentucky tournament game with Laetner hitting the last second shot you will be in for a treat, that was arguably the best college basketball game ever.

    43. Yarmez Henderson

      I really love ❤ the Baylor bears first National champions of 2021 And ,Scott,s first season

    44. GrieviousGeorge

      Put it at 2x. You're welcome

    45. Gary Richards

      Best game UCLA vs Gonzaga and Loyola and Robert morris and great tournament love song

    46. Sid Shreenath

      rip frayer. gone too soon 🙏

    47. Chase Evans

      The impolite handicap simulteneously curve because hamster allegedly bump round a aggressive tortellini. billowy, faithful chef

    48. Jimmy Sarconi

      Best tradition

    49. Jimmy Sarconi

      Love this it this is great

    50. Marco LaRussa

      I miss the game already 😭

    51. Tony Perkins

      This whole video is why the NBA is irrelevant compared to college hoops

      1. Baby Yoda

        NBA is garbage

    52. Ben Blanken

      So glad they gave Oscar Frayer some screen time in this. RIP🙏🏼🙏🏼

    53. Kreutz

      Always brings a tear to the eye

    54. Shakiem Jean Joseph

      Glad to watch the NCAA tournament again in 2 years

    55. john hamilton

      I fell asleep last night. It's rough making it to this video when you're 58 years old.

    56. Nico Nicster

      RIP Oscar

    57. Andrew Elliott

      March Madness and the Stanley Cup Playoffs are 2 of the greatest tournaments to ever grace this earth. You won't find 2 tournaments with more intensity or unpredictability in the world.

    58. Triplem_ 22

      i usually get chills watching these i didn’t chills like i usually do this year

      1. Blake Spike

        lack of fans. i didnt enjoy it like i usually do either

    59. Alex18

      That was with out a doubt the greatest rebuild of all time in college basketball they deserve it

    60. Brian B

      RIP Oscar Frayer!

    61. go psu


    62. Jason Smith

      Baylor has achieved glory! The hood responded with 40oz for Baylor

    63. Time To Clash

      First 20k so sad Roy Williams is going:(

    64. Noah Byrd

      This is One Shining Moment 🏀

    65. TrobicalFish69 _

      It’s... it’s beautiful

    66. nate nelson

      Hopefully next year us fans can pack the house and watching the game we love upfront. Enough with watching the games from home. We need to get back cause if not. Sports as we know it isn’t sports.

    67. Matthew 2400000

      One of the best tournaments of all time. Rip Ohio State.

    68. Connoriscool

      100th comment on this channel

    69. Connoriscool

      Finally have been waiting for this

    70. XingzeiLoL

      I'm just so happy we had a tourney this year 😭😭 stay safe all God bless 🙏🙏

    71. FrostXO

      One shining moment the tournament is nothing without it 🗣 RIP Oscar Frayer ❤️

    72. Bryan Merritt

      What a tournament, I feel the games this year were very close nip and tuck, hope we get this kind excitement next year

    73. Paul Dzhugostran

      The youthful penalty rarely drown because stocking conspicuously fill about a imminent wave. superb, warm bird

    74. Dave Bohnen

      I must say the NCAA deserves so much credit for putting on a great tournament in the most difficult of times. It was a great tournament, there were so many good games, crazy upsets, exciting finishes. I'm a Gonzaga die hard heartbroken by the loss but there is a most deserving champion. Congrats Baylor

    75. Robert Beria

      Over/under 5 years til we find out Baylor broke NCAA rules?

      1. ryan 979

        What rules do you think they broke?

    76. VeritableVagabond

      One of best games of basketball ever played: UCLA vs Gonzaga

      1. Cold_All_Season YT

        I was routing for Gonzaga but Baylor had other plans apparently

      2. Jaxson Jorgensen

        @DJChris Gaming yes 👍

      3. 23jakesmith23

        Pretty insignificant game in retrospect

      4. david wise

        Theres been plenty of games that went to the wire,all according to who u want to win.

      5. VeritableVagabond

        @DJChris Gaming I blacked out from the game-winner

    77. Chris Tucker

      I was really just waiting on this video the whole tournament😭🙂

    78. Alex E

      rip oscar 💔 love you brotha

    79. Robby Lakhan

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    80. ManuManiac93

      This has been a great NCAA tournament for the state of Texas! -7 Texas teams in tournament (state record) -UNT and ACU got their first ever tournament wins in schools history. Both upsets! -Baylor and Houston both make Final Four -Baylor wins National Championship Oh and prior to the tournament, Texas Longhorns got their first Big 12 title win in 7 appearances 😂😂

    81. AdrianBeVibin

      This video is one of the best parts of March Madness

    82. pixarian

      Never fails to make me emotional, signifying the end of another B-ball year.

    83. Jana G. Villaverde

      We miss you One Shining Moment! 🤩 Also, RIP Oscar Frayer. Roy Williams will be missed in future segments. Forever a legend. Thank you Coach! ❤

    84. Kevin Green

      Rip Teddy Pendergrass he will be missed. March madness is fun to watch. These guys worked hard in the end. Losing is tough. Just keep on playing ball and be positive.

      1. Aidan Apsley

        RIP Teddy Pendergrass

    85. Ronel Christopher Sunggay

      Repeat 1979 MSU beats undefeated Indiana state

    86. Jordan Rod

      Rest easy O4 1:36

    87. Steven Muto

      Oscar made it😭. Ima miss him 💜🤍💜🤍💜🤍 #04EVER

    88. Cameron Lee


    89. Ryan Neyland

      One day... one day my Tennessee Vols will win a title again. I pray it’s football but I’ll definitely take this too. One day..... hey the Cubs did it

    90. Nigel Thornberry

      these are always so beautifully crafted. although the song seems a bit quiet in comparison to the commentary

    91. Davide Gaming

      I’m going to miss March madness see you next year March madness

    92. DillonsChannel457

      Nothing about the 12 seed Beavers in the Elite 8?

      1. ScrawnyJohny

        Yeah, I thought that was a little off

    93. Bennett R. Boyle

      Not to be a nitpicker but the song is too quiet in the audio mix

    94. nature trails

      One of the best March madness this year !

    95. Presley Aisowieren

      This was a W tournament RIP Oscar Frayer

    96. Presley Aisowieren

      This song makes you feel how most of these players will never play another game at this level and life just begins after this its kinda sad

      1. Presley Aisowieren

        @Gideon Parry facts I would be so sad

      2. Gideon Parry

        Even the guys that will play in the NBA that won't be back in college next year will never have an experience quite like March Madness again.

    97. David Ellis


    98. PhillyJay. Samsung A51 5G

      I'm so glad Gonzaga lost they play in a trash conference against trash competition and get a easy path to the NCAA tournament every season. Oh I'm so glad that Gonzaga lost not only did they lose they got demolished. Hay Mark few remember late in the USC game when you were up by 30 with like 3 minutes ago and you still had your starters in running up the score? how does it taste now. I Can't believe people really thought this team was some unbeatable Juggernaut. They were only were undefeated because they play in a garbage competition in the WCC. I'm surprised they even made it to the title game this team is not athletic at all and their slow. Gonzaga will never win a national championship and beating up on Pepperdine, LMU, Portland, Pacific, St Mary's, San Francisco, San Diego and any other trash teams in that conference doesn't mean anything.

      1. jtp2007

        They also beat Kansas, West Virginia, Iowa and Virginia

    99. Christian Eidref Abesamis

      I'm glad they included Oscar Frayer in this video. RIP Oscar 4 Frayer The GCU Family loves you💜

    100. Nonna Yerbiz

      Still waiting for one shining moment... 🙄