The first ever Mars helicopter is INGENIOUS


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    When NASA launches its next Mars rover this summer, it will have a very special cargo on board: A helicopter. NASA's Ingenuity aims to be the first robot to take flight on another planet. Here's why it's such a big deal.
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    1. Somewhere Down The Road

      Great Studio shot!

    2. MGTOW NL


    3. AdMad X

      how hard can it be? It's not rocket science

    4. Bill McElgunn

      Doing a science project - Question about the signals from earth to the helicopter, how long does it take to transmit the signal? Not how long does it take to get to mars, how long is the transmitter sending the signal? If you don't know, any links would be appreciated as I can't seem to find any info from Google. Thanks!

    5. PhantomMatrix

      When humans land and see aliens waving? 0:18 lol

    6. Sardaukar

      flying drone on Earth is far more complicated...refer to FAA rules and regulations...


      the carbon props are just like paramotor props.

    8. j johnson

      again? bahahaha keep telling yourself that.

    9. Sinisa Stegnjaic


    10. Sinisa Stegnjaic

      And you beleive this lol.

    11. Ramesh Kumar

      What's the status of ingenuity now..?🤔🙄

    12. lkl2

      Aliens on the Mars will grab that drone chopper for fun.

    13. Webit Tutorials

      Wait What?

    14. Doug's Trucking

      Don't believe this s*** that you're seeing man there is no helicopter on Mars okay these people cannot even hardly do the Moon okay this is all computer animated that's all there is to it they won't go back on the moon and the reason is because they've never been to the Moon I have way too many questions about the gravity pull and the dust and the way people fall and the way people ran and walked there was too many way too many questions this is why they will not go back to the Moon or if they've been to the Moon because if they really did there would be a drastic change and there is no change in the Moon do not believe this stuff people.. also how in the world do you have a picture of video of something what is taking the video exactly it's all computer animated it's not right it's fake

    15. stitchem7

      I would much rather have seen a microscopy experiment than a helicopter, but I guess microscopes are not as "kewl" as a copter.

    16. yaz micro

      did there is air and gravity on mars !!!

    17. Kel Boyce

      A great party trick!

    18. Banned

      Meanwhile at mars: we spotted a ufo,

    19. art garrelli


    20. art garrelli


    21. Tony Monthana

      NASA! To deceive!!!! How! How, when there is no gravity??? Please explain!!! They making up crap man! That is on Earth!!!

      1. Tony Monthana

        Actually, YOU are STUPID for not understanding what I am saying! Just like the moon dummy, gravity is different out there!! He even says it in the video gravity is different! Once again smarty pants,. NASA means to deceive!! Do your research!

      2. Sebastian Nolte

        No gravity on Mars, are you stupid? Who claims that? And how can there be no gravity on Mars, do you even know how gravity works?

    22. LEO

      Haha what a joke. A helicopter would not fly in that atmosphere 😂

    23. Whatever this is

      This is probably the first time i've seen someone from SA on KGup

    24. samm

      Weird ..! ..If humans spoil the beautiful earth with wars and pollution, and seek life on a dead planet

    25. Jose Garcia

      Just remember it’s only about 60 sec of flight time

    26. PÁRÁK_Ś

      rover : ey yall looks like you're mission is ready! mars helicopter : aight imma head out!

    27. Louie Louie

      The first helicopter on mars that was bulit by humans. No way of knowing if other species have bulit and flown aircraft on mars.

    28. Chris

      KGup certainly is pushing more commercials these days.

    29. Errkel Curby

      What really can they do to make a helicopters work with no atmosphere!? How does that work?

      1. Sebastian Nolte

        Who claims that there is no atmosphere on Mars? It is just very thin.

    30. John Bremner

      That helicopter can’t possibly take of on Mars. With only 1% of Earth air pressure and taking into account the one third Earth gravity, the blades would have to rotate at 16,666 rpm, but it’s only going to rotate at 2400 rpm..

    31. north undertaker

      We are watching those cartoons right now. So helicopter in 100 times.less atmosphere? ....I feel I'm stupid

      1. Sebastian Nolte

        Well, it is stupid to think, that you have more knowledge about this stuff than actual aerospace engineers who build airplanes or helicopters. And it is really stupid to think, that NASA would present such a hoax to the entire world, that can be easily debunked by a random guy on KGup

    32. Android300ZXNA

      Still skeptical.

    33. David Higginbotham

      Say goodbye to any profound Space Programs as of Jan. 2021 (you know who I'm referring to).

    34. jett888

      " major challenges" like the Van Allen Belt? And keeping those damn aerosols the planes leave behind out of the photo

    35. jett888

      L maybe they should edit out the sai's before releasing this nasa parody

    36. Inatsikap

      Sounds like Dave Beckham

    37. Mark Robinson

      Blaming Mars for mistakes made by NASA.

    38. Fubar CNC

      It would have been INGENIOUS if Nasa would have designed the sky crane to be reusable and generate its own propellant while Perseverances collects all of the samples reusing the sky crane to breaks Mars gravity then deploy the rocket that's going to carry the samples giving us more fuel for a faster return back to earth.

    39. Hanh Nguyen

      Người ngoài hành tinh là có thật? Bạn đã đến nhà của tôi được sao ko nghĩ đến chuyện tôi đã đến nhà của bạn từ lâu rồi ???? Hahaha!!!

    40. Allen Relevo

      I am the 510,000th viewer of this video

    41. alex smith

      so what is wrong with the idea of a cylinder of compressed helium to inflate a dreigible shaped balloon with a small prop for direction

    42. Orlando Nelthorpe

      'freaking' helicopter - really? You're obviously not a journalist

    43. Ashley Pearson

      So if NASA can't break through the firmament wall how did they make it to Mars

      1. Ashley Pearson

        @Sebastian Nolte when there is wool over your eyes it's so much easier to be misled wake up

      2. Ashley Pearson

        In the 1950s the government made a laser beam rocket to shoot up into the atmosphere to break the firmament wall wish they have yet to do so do your research

      3. Ashley Pearson

        @Sebastian Nolte when the father said that he would separate the Seas from this Cee that's the Earthly Cee from the Heavenly sees the Heavenly Cee what separates the word from the firmament do you research before you reply to a person which you know nothing of what your speaking of

      4. Ashley Pearson

        @Sebastian Nolte Genesis chapter 1 verse 16 obviously you don't know the Bible obviously you are a non-believer of the father's word obviously to you the father is a liar I'll pray for you for you know not what you do or what you say you are lost

      5. Sebastian Nolte

        There is no "firmament wall"


      Who wants dome cells with the cool aid?

    45. Cody 2021

      Would plane old drones not work on Mars surely it would be cheaper

    46. Bernardi Hugo

      Nuestro planeta Tierra es hoy el único lugar conocido que alberga vida. La posible existencia de vida extraterrestre es una cuestión que ha fascinado a la humanidad durante siglos. Desde el punto de vista científico, obtener una respuesta requiere un enorme esfuerzo colaborativo entre múltiples campos de investigación científica que incluyen astronomía, física, química, biología, geología, e incluso filosofía de la ciencia. Es importante no perder de vista que este impulso por explorar otros planetas, no nos distraiga de lo mas importante que es cuidar el nuestro, que hasta ahora es un paraíso único, en medio del desierto espacial.

    47. Nikolas Mason

      Hi, I’m from my the future

    48. Mathias R. sander-nielsen


    49. MrRuisimoes

      This helicopter’s engines were developed by a Portuguese.

    50. Xi Le

      Mars is a dry planet of sands and rocks without life. In contrast to Earth is a wet planet of water and green for life.

    51. marxman00

      devon island ,capricorn one

    52. hothmandon

      I thought the landing craft was the drone

    53. tweakradje

      Give Boston Dynamics "Atlas" a proper winter coat and send him to Mars. He will do some mileage and get some work done there.

    54. Hjonkamgouse

      NASA sent a helicopter to mars so is Dyson is going to send a vacuum cleaner to mars? or maybe not.

    55. Nate Herrick

      It's about to begin it's mission now? will we get HD video?

    56. chooqi7

      And ladies and gentlemen this is now officially history

    57. Md.Moinul Islam

      MASHAALLAH khub valo video....

    58. Dally Jacobson

      It can not work, impossible.

      1. Adrian Acevedo Caliendo

        shut up

    59. Alexis Palacios

      A helicopter in Mars? I thought Mars didn’t have atmosphere therefore no gases = how the tf is this machine catching air to lift off??

      1. Alexis Palacios

        @Samnang Eang oh

      2. Samnang Eang

        Mars has an atmosphere. Compared to the Earth atmosphere, it contains much more carbon dioxide (a little more than 95%) and much less oxygen (less than 1 %).

    60. Jocelyn Joseph

      When the atmosphere is thin, the downward stream must be much faster for efficient and effective upthrust.

    61. Flow Rider

      If helicopters require an atmosphere to work, NASA has previously claimed there is no atmosphere on Mars. So, was NASA caught “ misleading” the public once again? The lift that is produced is proportional to the density of air; the higher the density, the more lift is produced and the more comfortably the helicopter can fly, and vice-versa. Less air density means less lift .

      1. Alex Siemers

        At no point have they said Mars doesn’t have an atmosphere. It has an atmosphere with about 1% the surface pressure of earth.

    62. Victoria Amelia

      Your complaints is our priority we are here willingly to help you.We render the very best of services to our clients. Make contact to the email provided above.

    63. sea xse

      Don't freak out if those cameras catch something "not from that world", this is not the first rover/robot mission to Mars. Congratulations to the successful missions, but a number of missions didn't make it (crashed), so many debris can be found out there, just lying around.

    64. tuscancmh

      You video does not explain the tech NASA used to overcome the thin atmosphere.....

    65. joel mendoza

      It is like an alien chestbuster.

    66. Dogetuberyt

      Can't even send a drone over there? Smh

    67. Alissa Burge

      The Mars helicopter is sending explanations on Mars.

    68. Matthew Cunningham

      particles are trapped between the turbine and pushed. also we can spin things faster in space because the ether is made of fast moving particles that can escape really quickly and spread out so it would be crucial to spin the turbine fast enough , to build up a significant pressure difference. this is just a concept by the way .

    69. Niño Vincent Oporto

      What's the point of spending BILLIONS of dollars for this Mars research when we have loads of unsolved problems here on Earth?

      1. Alex Siemers

        We can do both simultaneously

    70. Simon Navarro

      If they can fly a helicopter on Mars, why can't they make an air compressor to blow the dust of the solar pannels?

      1. Simon Navarro

        @Alex Siemers the Martian wind isn't always blowing. So the solar panels get a lot of dust on them. So my question is why can't they make an air compressor to clean the solar panels when there is no Martian wind.

      2. Alex Siemers

        That “air compressor” is called the Martian wind

      3. marxman00

        they dont need to ,the have a very expensive magic wand, they use it for eveything

    71. Red_Flames

      What happens if it falls over?

    72. Rick Heffner

      In the movie trilogyof RIDICK ,this scenario is logic for mining purposes in our future

    73. Aaron Ostopchuk

      I wouldn’t say it’s ingenious 😂

    74. BILL POWER

      Doubt very much it will fly on mars.And we will never see real time footage of it flying on the surface either.

    75. ahmed r.

      I can't believe you said so at 0:28 . NASA have multiple missions planned for the red planet for the upcoming decades .

    76. Sabartoasfaloi

      How can fly this machine on the mars in low pressure atmosphere?

      1. marxman00

        very very good question ,now were thinkin!

    77. burningfeet 53

      It's no helicopter. Git real it's a dam alien 👽 drone created to find little green men!

    78. Turbo Gamer

      Who is here after perseverence landing?

    79. Troy Kite

      I think this is all just a bunch of BULL$H!T meant to try and divert away from the failure of the Biden administration.

    80. lovelyrosebw

      It’s gonna be interesting to see what they can capture with this thing

    81. Famillypet

      NASA are just a bunch of liars , so we are not interested !!

    82. Wilford Shiell

      This is all fun and all but nobody is ever going to live there. This entire story is intended to make you complacent about the destruction of earth, our only home. Forget about getting away and see if you can figure out how to live on earth. By the way, they can't even get a biodome to work on earth let alone Mars. In fifty years nobody has been able to figure out how to live in a can.

    83. Shabbir Rashid

      Whos here today 😎

    84. Rayoscope

      In the final analysis, it's just a souped-up toy drone. PS - Without video, what's the point? This calls for motion, not still pictures.

    85. Headley Milliner

      Lying again, whites are always craving sensations to prove superiority. Let's see you fix climate change and stop fooling yourselves.

      1. Headley Milliner

        @Alex Siemers you know now.

      2. Alex Siemers

        @Headley Milliner damn, didn’t know so much of human DNA was related to melanin production.

      3. Headley Milliner

        @SP. Whites have one more thing to prove, that they are humans.

    86. Different Saturner

      Nice bedroom but Arnie & your last-name first-name style shocked me. Change your name for good luck, anyway. BTW she y'day landed there safely, as they claimed. Let's see what happens next. Thanks for infor about the first chopper in 1939. Thanks again from Great Britain (Sat 20 Feb 2021 14h44)

    87. geb

      When ww get humans on mars do you think we could find Spirit and Opportunity and maybe save them?


      I hope scientist invented how to produce/ grow faster the plants/tress.

    89. Victor K

      Worst review ...

    90. Kash Roll

      It landed on my bday

    91. you2tooyou2too

      re 1:30 I'm sure he meant 'air craft'.

    92. Joseph Stalin Biden Socialist Sniff Lord

      video was so cringe

    93. Mark Manley

      Days ago, i had not even Heard of Jezero crater : To partake with live streaming of "Perseverance" is Incredible, epic . .being part of this Historical moment in our existence is SUPERB !!!

    94. Bruce Sharpe

      Looking forward to the photos thanks

    95. Lonestar E

      Just amazing!!! When people work together they can do truly amazing things.

      1. marxman00

        like the stock market

    96. jc

      Sorry, cannot run with the herd here. Of course tremendous respect for the science but furious about the cost. Right now millions of acres of rain forest are being burnt to accommodate cattle grazing. The people in these last natural areas are so poor - they are destroying irreplaceable wilderness whatever profit they can make. Our earth is an incredible treasure and we are on the brink of destroying her. Instead of spending billions on probing Mars for signs of life, invest money in protecting what we have managed to preserve as well as restoring wilderness, wildlife. And accelerating transitioning from fossil fuels. And subsidizing any poverty stricken natives who are living in these areas. And restore and protect our endangered species - especially the majestic elephants who are being slaughtered again for their ivory. No trips to Mars please. Earth, please.

    97. Mark L

      How does a helicopter work in a vacuum?

      1. Carson Oakes

        Mars has an atmosphere, albeit very thin

    98. Unbeknownst

      Fly for 30-90 seconds at most lol, ok bye all I needed to know. Good start

    99. Mark Garduno

      Reàly you couldn't use a drone that is more stable and effective than the Davinci model?

    100. Kaj Mortensen