Are Aerospikes Better Than Bell Nozzles?

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    00:00 - Intro
    06:20 - How Nozzles Work
    16:00 - How Aerospikes Work
    19:55 - The Problems With Aerospikes
    32:50 - Comparing Aerospike Engines To Bell Engines
    41:30 - What The Experts Say
    51:35 - Future Aerospike Prospects
    54:00 - Summary
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    Today we’re going to look at the history of aerospike engines, go over how nozzles work including things like overexpansion, underexpansion and even expansion ratios, we’ll look at the pros and cons of the aerospike, the physical limitations and problems, then we’ll compare the aerospike to some other traditional rocket engines.
    But that’s not all, I obtained never seen before photos and videos of some aerospikes, we’ll get opinions from some people who have actually worked with aerospike engines, look at some promising prospects and compelling concepts and by the end of the video we’ll hopefully know whether or not the holy grail of rocket engines is just waiting to be utilized or if aerospikes just simply aren’t worth it.
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    1. Kevin Labbe

      I forgot to thank you for your thought provoking knowledge. You are the type that does think out of the box. The very kind of people we need in this world.

    2. Kevin Labbe

      Take advantage of the atmosphere. Fly up to the edge of space for far less cost. Then fire vacuum efficient engines to take you into space and beyond orbit. I've always wondered why the space industry doesn't take the path of least resistance to escape the bonds of atmosphere and gravity! we need scientists that think out of the box. We live in a global environment that needs to be fully understood. Instead, we try to swim against the tide hopping to get to the shore with brute force and wasted energy. We have unlocked the atom but still don't fully know how to control it's energy and it's harmful byproducts. just look at the history of evolution. the human being have evolved to withstand global changes, without scientific discovery. we dominate the planet because of our brain's. and in just a blink of time compared to the age of the earth. In Summary, we don't need to wast time and sorceress physically sending a man to Mars. We need to just understand Mars. and use that knowledge for more meaningful uses.

    3. Michael Kenney

      Has nobody tried putting a bell nozzle around a spike??

    4. Nandagopal Iyengar

      Can we make it like a sponge and inject water to keep it damp

    5. Steven Victoria

      Is it not as useful as a standard bell engine? Yes. Is it cool? *Yes*

    6. Mike C

      Looks like the millennium Falcon...??? Waaah??

    7. TraetuusPlays

      You got to meet Elon. Jelly. Also an aero spike should be used with on planet aircraft, no reason to vector it. And not necessarily these rocket engines, but after burners etc.. Space will need the conical shape, and only besting that is the next gen of magnetic field utilization, or the ability to curve space at that ships specific point in it, and having an inertia cancellor so no one splats on the walls.

    8. James Jones

      Do a video on the EM Drive!

    9. Ian Schimnoski

      What if in the future they used a compactified Z-machine to create an electron bubble as an abblative shield for a torroidal cone for a torroidal aerospike? That would need star trek tech hunh? Like a torroidal rotating electromagnetic field permeating out through the cone or out from where the cone should be? Also I'm just half asleep and making crazy suggestions

    10. Markus S

      If all else remains equal, would'nt it still be a major advantage to only need one (set of) engine(s) and one rocket stage rather than two? 🤔

    11. Tyler Minor

      Define "work in the aerospace industry" xD


      just have mr.beast pay nasa to build one of the aerospikes as a full on rocket just to test it, problem solved xD [data achieved]

    13. Jon Burford

      Could you put bell parts with some mods and make an aurospike?

    14. Joey C

      Seems like manoeuvrability is an issue for aerospikes if they tried landing like the Spacex can.

    15. Jim Moore

      physics says it's good. current materials science says "NOPE!".

    16. sxmolin

      Why doesn’t SpaceX do an aerospike version of their raptor engine??!!

    17. Undertow 82

      I just watched this whole thing. Thanks EDA!

    18. Beto Fukuji

      Why there are so much people that have a fetish for aero spikes?

    19. The normal youtuber

      Update: I have 20 minutes left And I’ve seen him talk to Elon musk now

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    21. Reza Esfahani

      please make your videos shorter

    22. GrimJerr

      It still breaks the rocket equation, fuel hogs have never met the efficiency targets.

    23. TinyFoxTom

      If a toroidal aerospike is an inverted bell nozzle, is there an uninverted counterpart for the linear aerospike? Why hasn't that gotten any attention?

    24. Markus schneider

      The " King of Rocket Engineer" doesn't alive once a time....

    25. Wilhelm

      Basically, on Venus, aerospikes would be a caricature of themselves: Super efficient, super melty.

    26. Roman Regman

      Or launch from a lifter at high altitude (balloon, blimp, mother-plane) so that the rocket spends no time at low altitude, plus the method practically adds another stage that is fully reusable, and does the greater part of atmospheric flight. This way, each is optimized for the conditions in which it will be used.

    27. Nik Ashford

      EARTH IS FLAT...

      1. Bop

        No, it isn’t

    28. Hans Kohoutek

      Wait you have talked to Elon musk?

    29. Mert Ozener

      Question: Why don"t rocket engines have variable exhausts as do jet fighters? Wouldn´t that take care of the issue of efficiency at various altitudes?

    30. Leevi Byman

      Thanks for the video! First time I've seen this channel, but it seems very interesting

    31. Jeffrey Hill

      Elon and I seem to have the same issue with speaking. Brains tripping over our mouths lol

    32. JustJames

      But are all the smaller engines on the arrow spike just small Bell engines? I’m not trying to call anyone out if anybody knows the answer can you let me know

    33. Mike's Vids and Clips

      hmmm.. Looks like if we can find a very lightweight and fast heat dissipating metal / components, then aerospikes would be viable.

    34. Collette Brenson

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    35. rebecca stefan

      i love you. youre amazing.

    36. Dave Gropp

      This is why I watch KGup... thanks.

    37. Jason Brady

      Ssto maybe not. But as a point to point single stage suborbital vehicle using aerobody surfaces for lift, no comparison. Especially since they're clever enough to run an air duct the length of the fuselage to provide the combustion chambers hypersonic ramjet aeronozzle. Simply a heat powered turbopump of the boiling fuel... The liquid cooled aerospike panels are like attached to the L. and right sides of the duct channel. You talk efficiency and reliability. You one long linear aerospike engine or 28 individual engines. If they cannot make the aerospike engine lighter than 28 raptors then I think the engineers need to work a little harder at it

    38. thelenr13

      Hey EDA, great video! Maybe not the right place for that question, but what about "Plasma Engines", are they going to work in space and are they an option to conventional rocket engines?

    39. Lucie Alie BlackPepper

      wow! Thanks, Tim. So, when you start your own rocket company? ;-) I mean, it should be easy, cause you really know so much!

    40. Nupaul Miller

      That’s awesome video

    41. djlapio93litlebro

      Short answer: yes but they hard to make

    42. Vasily Bullock

      Here's an idea, just make the plug hollow, then you have less material to get hot.

    43. Thomas Richardson

      Can someone please tell me WHY a slightly over expanded nozzle is less efficient than an ambient nozzle? Like whats the physics behind it

      1. Air Gunny

        its literally just cause the thrust is going to the sides instead of down

    44. Mc Tobi

      So maybe in the future with better materials /technology

    45. Larthan

      Man you're so good at explaining, you could go straight to university and teach a basic physics course. Mad respect!

    46. Phil Chen

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    47. Tchin

      21:36 Is that chilling guy in left corner? Oh, it`s not a human.

    48. Xexorian

      hmm sounds like aerospikes might be optimal for vtol in an atmosphere like venus' or a floating city in jupiter's upper atmosphere (and that one's for various reasons)

    49. J Egbert

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    50. Gary Finnerty

      So, hold on. Given that the XRS-2200 worked, so we can assume the RS-2200 would also work. It's superior in more or less all metrics to more or less every single engine? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    51. Phil Chen

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    52. alvin thao

      Did I see a saturn v, WOW SO BIG

    53. One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air

      For-profit companies have no incentive to go out on a limb. They aren't going to invest that much in research. It's NASA or Nothing, once again.

    54. ZMacZ Furreh

      30:31 Well I'd say just add water. For the inner region most near the throat adding water would first cool said area, and then later on expand along with the other engine gas output. The requirement would be the settling of water temperature at the point of insertion to just at boiling temperature, so it can evaporate and add at least it's own weight in thrust. Now a cushion of hot water vapor less hot then the actual exhaust can allow for the greater heat of the actual engine exhaust, while not staying liquid. The point would then be to achieve 100% evaporation and to maximise the temperature to just before it leaves the aerospike, adding thrust enough to carry it's own weight, or better yet, add to thrust overall.

      1. ZMacZ Furreh

        Then again, using convergent bell's to create the same outcome as an aerospike, so rather three or four bells, converging onto the same space point, onto the aerospike, then water vapor added for the final cooling, may also be a nice idea. This in turn would obviate for many parts, since the initial outer chambers are now effectively pre burn chambers that cover each side either 120 degrees or 90 degrees, and in that respect may allow for the removal of either beyond the application of those bells.

    55. Dhrumil

      Could you make a video on injectors. Like their working, how is throttling done in different injectors and how is pressure drop maintained across the injector. There's a lot :) This aerospike video was pretty informative. Hope you make more videos like this

    56. Joh

      Alright that's it, I'm going in the aerospace industry to get 25% off

    57. Philip Baldock

      I watched the full video and understood nothing but I'm loving where space innovations are heading with space x at the moment

    58. Reuben Mclord

      Dude ! This is a movie

    59. KHOI NGO ANH

      How did you get to talk to Elon LOL

    60. Extraneus

      store the super cooled fuel in the shell lining. should be a way to reuse some of the heat energy

    61. ASMAC C

      my bigges goal in life is to becoma a rocket engineer, and i sure hope that one day i can point to Tim and say : „its because of that guys video that we are here now“ amazing video thank you for inspiring!

    62. Manuel Klarmann

      Is the thrust to weight ratio calculated included with the weight of two engine necessary for the bell nozzles?

      1. Ryan Borax

        @Manuel Klarmann oh. I’m not sure but I think it would only be one engine but I don’t know if it would be the sea level optimized or the vacuum optimized engine.

      2. Manuel Klarmann

        @Ryan Borax I meant sea level and space level engine setups

      3. Ryan Borax

        What do you mean by “two engines necessary”?

    63. Mario Gomez

      people think he is a terrible speaker but watching Elon speak is really just witnessing his mouth struggle to keep up with his incredibly fast mind.

    64. Thomas Lucas

      So why don't we launch from high in the Andes near those old stone cities? You could save a stage and you're up above most weather. The area would make a wonderful place to live much nicer than all the colder places and desert plateaus. That's the only place I would build a spaceport. That's yesterday astronaut.

    65. justanotherlad

      Almost looks like Elon musk is more nervous than Tim himself

    66. trmp 4655

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    67. Revert FPV

      I think maybe aerospikes arent way better idea than bell engines, but its same like electric vehicles they may be better but we spent 1% of our time to develop aerospikes relative to bell engines

    68. bigemugamer

      I wish kerbal space program explained engines and... well everything better. sure i like the witty snark when they explain a device but outside of the slight amusement I'm left wondering what the hell the device does exactly?? btw I'm running GOG version with 1.8.1 making history and 1.3.1 breaking ground. I refuse to update it because I've made it SOOO far (very far for me, maybe the beginning for you) and I don't wanna risk breaking my save. =/


      How about 4 chamber aerospike

    70. Abbie Marshall

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    71. R W

      Another example of how capitalism hinders progress.

    72. Hidde Winter

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    74. Rene046

      Aerospikes just suck are to expensive, and money is the keyword in rockets, the more launches the more money..

    75. Incandescentiron

      Great Video. I'm an engineer. I'm always going to side with what is the most practical, even if I spend more time than I should on what is cool!

    76. Alex

      If you want to SSTO, why not use a composite bell that flakes off as it ascends and becomes smaller and is optimized for vacuum when it is in orbit.

      1. supernintendude64

        Because vacuum optimized nozzles are bigger he even said that in the video

    77. Rudolf Wickond

      So you have a glass eye? If yes, you have ordered the wrong color.

    78. UthacalthingTymbrimi

      If/when space transportation gets to the point where airlines currently are (ie: mass production driven by mass adoption), it's feasible we could see aerospikes in everyday use. But that point is several decades away.

    79. David Hedges

      Peter Beck at all times sounds like he knows first hand what is talking about, Elon Musk sounds like he's talked to a lot of Rocket Engineers

    80. RF-Cinematic

      Oh maaan! Now I have to pick one of my 100 aerospike t-shirts :-D Which shall I wear now.....????? :-)

    81. Nzeru Socia

      It's only a matter of time before a workable aerospike is successfully engineered. Could be a few decades or years

    82. cedar valley

      You have became a very smart brilliant young man.!

    83. Bill's Tech

      With 28 engines on the Space-X Heavy and looking at the inward angle of the Firefly Aerospike, it looks like Space-X has accomplished the same end result which is basically to vector the thrust inward around the outside to compensate for the expansion as the ship goes up in altitude, basically what you said in the video, combine this with multiple stages and there you go!!!

    84. Deadrage

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    86. Bob

      Rocketdyne. Everyone in our family worked there in the 60s.

    87. BixbyConsequence

      The Wankel/Aerospike analogy seems perfect. Some very real advantages that drag you into thorny engineering when you attempt to realize them.

    88. Mathis Burkart

      awesome video. thank you

    89. Michael H.

      Too many ads!

    90. ψ{Flame End Cyborg Guy}ψ

      Hm... What about Ion based angines? Like Aerospike Ion engine? It would be hard to make it work in the atmophere level, but it could temporary work as sudo jet engine, while drawing the flow work from the aerospike nozzle, and if i recal correctly, wouldn't realy generate a lot of heat...

    91. Will Swift

      Anyone want to finance my cool ssto model concept test rocket?

    92. Hiếu Đỗ

      At 20:54, when the rocket explode, why it's shrapnel travel in spiral trajectory ?

    93. Paula Henry-Stephenson

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    94. Carter Etherington

      Wow, just wow. Thanks Tim for inspiring me about all things aerospace. Keep up the great work!

    95. Marc Benton

      what if you dont use material for the aerospike but a lower pressure gas than the surrounding atmosphere , wouldnt you get the same effect and then you wouldnt have to cool the actual aero spike? (just a thought im not smart XD)

    96. Peter P

      I mean, could you just make a ssto that's basically entirely repurpose able as a satellite or space station? So you don't need to use the rocket again and nothing needs to return? could be a stupid question but figured i'd bring it up lol.

    97. Ross Waring

      Great job Tim! You made some tricky concepts easy to understand and grasp. Nice comparison to the rotary engine to grasp the intuition of what is going on. 👍🏻❤️

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      I wish people had asked that question "would it be worth it?" about the green movement.