Catch More Bass With The Frog!


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    A look at how I modify my hollow body frogs to improve their hook up ratio and a smash fest at a hidden little Minnesota lake.
    Gear used in this video:
    Lure: Live Target frog FGH55T500
    Line: 40lb Power Pro Super Slick V2
    Rod: St Croix LT Bass LBC68MHF
    Reel: Quantum Smoke SL100HPT (discontinued)
    Kayak: Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

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    1. Drew Shepard

      13:39 he waved to you before he swam away!

    2. dan flynn

      what lake is it called

    3. VikingOutdoor

      All I can say is wouldn't want to be a real Frog hopping those lily pads. Those are some big bass! Nice fishing!

    4. J M

      Pickrel frog's are green. Leopard frog's are brown.

    5. Stone Fox

      I've watched like 10 of his videos and I don't understand how it doesnt get old...

    6. Dave Smith

      And also, I know some of the post here Kid you about *Bob Ross * Don't change a thing, It works good for you Bob...

    7. Dave Smith

      It would be hard for me to come home after having a day there on the lake and catching the Bass you did. Note to self, Put Frog Lure on List....

    8. Joe S.

      I’ve been using a 14lb fluorocarbon 4’ leader to frog fish. Do you think it won’t hurt to tight straight on to my 30lb braid for more muscle? Do you run a FC leader with other top water lures like a whopper plopper?

      1. Joe S.

        @NDYakAngler thanks for the insight. I’m gonna experiment this spring with braid only. I fish pike in a similar way top water. 40lb braid to a 100lb MAB lures flouro leader. I never lost one with that setup. Although they don’t run as big here in southern Michigan. You have some monsters in your backyard.

      2. NDYakAngler

        I direct tie braid to the frog, mainly because every frog I’ve ever fished had heavy duty hooks and I don’t want any weak link for the strong hook sets or for pulling fish out of cover. I’ve always had the thought that I’m fishing it around thick cover where the line will be better camouflaged so a leader isn’t really necessary. I’ve had plenty of fish smash the frog tied to 30-40lb braid in clear open water though so maybe lures like the Whopper Plopper would be fine on braid too. I’ll generally fish that on 14lb mono for bass because I like clear line on the clear rivers I fish but who knows maybe braid would work with a mostly reaction strike lure like that. I do think if the fish are at all finicky or I’m pausing the lure and fishing it slower I have a better chance of catching them with less visible line. If I’m fishing a Plopper for pike I’ll go with my frog fishing rod with 30lb braid and tie a 50lb fluoro leader. That worked pretty well for me last year for bigger topwater lures, I lost one to a bite off but landed about 50 pike or musky over the season with that setup.

    9. 道に迷いました

      Rip all the fisherman that don't know this man lol all the other channels be wack

    10. P M

      well done ! thank you

    11. Maria Berry

      All the fish look healthy and beautiful color 😁>Wayne

    12. Brian Cee

      Love the frog!

    13. Kaka Andra

      Hello mister

    14. Daniel Kriva

      If Minnesota is a couple hours north of you, I’m thinking you’re from Iowa. I’m in Ames and always looking for spots. If you see this and know any good spots in Iowa you’re willing to share, I’d appreciate it! Thanks and good luck fishing!

    15. J C

      That's it, I'm getting a kayak.

    16. Crazy about African cichlids !!

      Killin it!! Awesome catches!

    17. Oooo Oooo

      Great video. 👍🏿👍🏿

    18. The bass whisperer

      Wait you live in Minnesota can you list spots

    19. Maknyuss Fishing

      Amazing fishing

    20. Billy Bass

      Wow, that hook adjustment is gonna change my life.

    21. oBuLLzEyEo1013

      I found you and now I'm staying, I brought oranges to sooo...

    22. Charles Gould

      Who needs an outboard.

    23. Infantry Division

      Anyone else notice how much he is shaking

    24. Juan Antonio Espinoza


    25. Dwaine Cameron

      Can you give some tips or make a video for first time fishers like myself.... I would love for me and my family to do fishing


      WOW DUDE !!! That was awesome !!! I really felt the hype of fishing through your video and also I take the advice to improve my frog fishing skills. Congrats for your video and other videos too !!! If I can go to US this year I would love to go fishing with you !!!

    27. laundry hati

      good bait for snakehead fish but sometimes gets caught in lotus plants.

    28. Makc Seer

      only bass?

      1. NDYakAngler

        There’s no snakeheads in this lake. It has bass, northern pike, panfish, and probably some walleye too.

    29. Makc Seer

      snakeheads in river?

    30. Makc Seer

      You! not bad - buddy

    31. Wonky Lommiter

      I wouldn't want to be a frog living in that area! life expectancy..... zero to very low.

    32. Chester Fishing

      Show 🎣🎣🎣

    33. Men Асе

      Hello, Salomon shoes???

      1. Men Асе

        @NDYakAngler Thank you I understand... It seemed to me that the remote control on your chest drives an electric motor

      2. NDYakAngler

        @Men Асе The kayak is a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120. I don’t have any kind of motorized propulsion, it’s paddle powered only. I do have a motor unit that I attach to the back often for river fishing but that’s just a motorized anchor stake, a Power Pole micro anchor. The Tarpon 120 has a great hull for paddling efficiently and that’s one reason I haven’t upgraded to a bigger wider kayak, it cuts through river current so well. As long as I’m pointed into the current I have plenty of time to throw a cast or two before I have to grab the paddle and prevent myself from drifting backwards with the river flow.

      3. Men Асе

        @NDYakAngler I liked your KGup channel very much Cool fishing, beautiful ponds and places ... With a huge greetings from Russia

      4. Men Асе

        @NDYakAngler Can you clarify the brand of the kayak and what kind of electric motor system ??? It seemed to me that she taxied herself against the current ...

      5. Men Асе

        @NDYakAngler Thanks✌✌

    34. Jacob Hartman

      I'm looking to buy a fishing kayak and I really like yours, what is the name of it?

      1. Jacob Hartman

        Okay thanks you, love your videos by the way awesome content keep it up!

      2. NDYakAngler

        I have a Wilderness Tarpon 120.

    35. Jacob Hartman

      I'm looking to buy a rising kayak and k really like yours what is the name of it?

    36. POEL official

      Translate aim from Indonesia

    37. Elijah Wilson

      How many lbs line?

      1. NDYakAngler

        I was using 30lb Power Pro Super Slick V2.

    38. Elijah Wilson

      I love the from

    39. P Ø Ø M Ť V


    40. Alex Young

      lmao the bob ross of fishing

    41. Owen Jonker

      its always best when the bass jumps right in front of the boat

    42. Johnny Stirstick

      Always find it hilarious when Americans say "up north" such a Ontario thing to say

      1. Owen Jonker


    43. David Bronstein

      Amazing video! When do you set the hook on these tweaked frogs? I’ve seen vids recommend waiting a second or two, to ensure bass has whole frog in mouth. Some even say wait till you feel frog on line. Others say hit em hard and fast for most frogs, maybe with exception of Teckle Sprinker frog, which benefits from a bit of a wait before setting the hook. My experience has only been with toads: for those, you definitely need to wait a bit, reel down on slack and then set the hook. But I’m new to frogging so would appreciate the feedback!

      1. NDYakAngler

        I set the hook as soon as a fish hits the frog. They really seem to inhale it around here and the hooks usually end up buried in the mid to back part of their mouth with an instant hook set.

    44. 7 K

      This is a "kopyang"

    45. Sree Nath

      ഇതിനും മാത്രം മീൻ എവിടുന്നാ ഇവന്? !!🥴

    46. yhok vlog tv.

      i watch your video.its nice i have a lure frog but my rod is ultralight..its small rod

      1. yhok vlog tv.

        i like your rod

    47. Donatas Kazakevicius

      Love your fishing videos greetings

    48. Gustavo Araujodasilva

      Jeremiah to my Gmail

    49. Borsam Animals

      Woow love you good

    50. Sebas Raymundo

      How do you not get bird nested from 40lb braid and throwing a light frog?

    51. Peter Vang

      I use albino frogs and it’s the best lure ever. Had the most catches with it but Pikes destroyed it lol gotta throw it away

    52. Gewglesux

      I just ordered a whole bunch of Frogs from TW and the hook up place.. . can't wait to try them.

    53. Adventures of M & E Smith

      It did not wruk you are a liar

    54. ClearlakeBoys TV

      The third fish was only slightly larger 😂

    55. Jazer andrei Alvaro

      Why you shaking lmao

    56. George Meating

      That's not even close to the one we get in wisconsin

    57. David Lyons

      One of the best videos i have seen..... O how i would love to camp there..... i have a little small popup.......

    58. Ricko Febbri

      Better you use UKM lure or Pikatchu Lure

    59. Ohio Tracker

      I have done the same "re-tooling" of my frog lures as well. I'll get more a ton more connects than miss hits. Matt you are the ER Doc of fishing woes!!

    60. Rob Barker

      this dudes videos are man asmr lmao

    61. Dane Skriloff

      I subscribed from the comments lol

    62. Jason C

      The last time I went anywhere near a lodge the beavers started slapping their tails on the water as a request for me to leave. I had just read about a woman who bled out after getting bit by a beaver so I politely paddled away. I do miss fishing up in Minnesota though.

    63. Raleigh Denton

      I caught a frog the size of a puppy with that frog lure

    64. Peterisheree

      That's the smallest bass I think I've seen you catch honestly. Which says a lot.

    65. Erin

      Incredible is right! 😲 That scenery! 😯 Those beautiful lily pads! 🐸 I love watching you fish! ❤🐟

    66. X-an fishing


    67. Max_209

      My top 3 fishing content: 1.NYD 2.Carl and Alex 3.TA fishing

    68. Theo Hellqvist

      were are you fishing im from sweden and wonder were to find bass

      1. Orion Roberts

        You can get bass at pretty much freshwater any pond or lake

    69. Paul Owens

      What do you think? 3's and 4's?

    70. Jacob Buller

      u learn something new with fishing every day

    71. Charlie Thein

      Me wanting to know what this lake is because I haven’t found a good froggin lake in mn in 3 years

    72. Galaxylion


      1. Corne

        True haha

    73. ndspeedster

      cool trick.. but how do you keep the frog from landing on the water upside down??

      1. NDYakAngler

        ndspeedster The weight of the hooks keeps the frog right side up. Every now and then it will land upside down, as long as it doesn’t land directly on top of a mat of weeds give it a little twitch and it will correct itself.

    74. John Fanion

      It’s nice to watch you gently handling the fish,doing minimal damage to the fish,you sir are a fisher man!

    75. J W

      Those bass are really pretty. Full of color. A majority of the bass in the south. For lack of better knowledge sun bleached. I know that some fish are just different in color. But everyone of those fish you are catching are very pretty

    76. Shane Konola

      I have that one and a mouse

    77. Вася Пупкин

      Нихрена не понятно, но интересно

    78. In Deep on the Delta with Steve Cooper

      really enjoyed the video-keep posting-beautiful

    79. Davy Crockett

      I Love your Videos, No foul language. STAIGHT TRUTH just gives Great info.



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    82. Unknown Error

      12:06 dentist be like

    83. Devin Burk

      What is your preferred technique with the frog?

    84. Derrin Calk

      Thank you! I've always disliked those hollow frogs. Definitely will give this a try!

    85. Trey Cole

      Best fishing vids by far

    86. alec rush

      After a day full of short strikes that tip had me subbing right away

    87. Jerry Howser

      Great video brother . I just modified my frogs. Ive been having good luck with frogs but I think its getting ready to get better. Hoo Yah and hell yeah THANKS

    88. Blu M4A1

      Can u speak german

    89. The world Explorer

      The art of fishing

    90. Saneesh Tk

      Super video

    91. BC

      Saved to favorites before the lure even hit the water.

    92. Ben Bradley

      were was this

    93. takingu2skoo

      yup started doing this 7 years ago and boy my hook set improved.

    94. Johnny Garza

      Great video bro.

    95. anarchistangler

      I bought one of those frogs ages ago. Fished with it all over the place in Korea and Japan, and never caught a damn thing. Then I took it to Sirikit Reservoir in Thailand, and chucked it out next to the sunken barge. About 50 fish came out as soon as it hit the water, a giant snakehead as big as my leg snaffled it, and then disappeared into a bamboo patch and busted me off. That was the end of that.

    96. James Morris

      Takes me back to my teenage years of bass fishing w live frogs on southern Mn lakes.. Great fun!

    97. Parker B

      You really don't realize the power of a fish until you hook on one while in a kayak Jesus they will pull you everywhere. Definitely takes practice. I know this is older but Love the videos.

    98. corey stanfill

      You know if the word "perpendicular" is in the video, this ain't your normal video!!!

    99. KuhKrazy

      is your name steve you look like a steve. your videos are fire bro

    100. Pain Kyller

      I live in Florida and will take northern largemouth over Florida largemouth any day.