Will My Best Friend CHEAT with 2 Miami Models LIVE?! The Impossible Loyalty Test


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    don... no... no...
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    1. Ruthless

      I feel bad but he got what was coming

      1. Ruthless


    2. Naruto Uchiha

      This man don trippin bro trippin in 4k

    3. Angel Moncriffe


    4. klajd noka

      I have the hate for you man. What kind of friend do this shit and says respectfully im gonna post this. Where the fuck is the respect in that man

    5. ET Space

      He ain't cheating man like she put two ✌ shawty's

    6. Dylan Burchfield

      I need you to do this for me p2

    7. Justin Robinson

      Gonna need a link for that Kobe Bryant crenshaw jersey..

    8. Frosty


    9. Lederrick Coleman

      Dame both of y’all ladies looking good stunning and beautifully drips so flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    10. OPENOPP YT

      Y’all shoulda did the prank after the trip frfr

    11. Hyprr!

      bro if ur girl try's to get two baddies on she wants u to fail which means she was prob cheating

    12. DW - 10ZZ 739042 Bramalea SS

      At first I thought don would pass cause he was being real and he admitted he had a shawty back at home, but as soon as he put his arms around 2 of the girls and walked with them to the room I knew he failed immediately. Sad cause he thought he was going to miami to just chill and vibe, but little did he know he was getting set up the whole time.

    13. Xae.

      but if they set up the girl with 2 man models the girl would have failed to

    14. Doman Dj

      I feel bad for don

    15. Chalise Brewer

      Am so confused

    16. im a simp

      The vid that ruined p2s relationship

    17. KHM KEVIN

      I forgot to say this but tbh idk if that's kinda cheating but he was having fun and he was excited so I think he really didn't cheat or nun but yea #Pass , tbh don should break up with the girl


      I understand why he did it. It's called "manly tendencies"

    19. Zayid Shahied-Bey

      I see that LA Culture got you soulless.

    20. Zayid Shahied-Bey

      You ain't sh*t "P2"! You are the bad guy!!!! How you set your own boy up that you knew since elementary school! SMFH This KGup sh*t got you beggin yo!!!! You need to develop some integrity!!!! He is the bigger man out of you two for not beating you a*$,which I would of done! How you gonna fly your "Boy" out to Miami and set him up? Things we do for fame? SMH

    21. Senpai

      Bruh but you got to understand you can’t do a friend like that

    22. xoWave

      But there not dating no offense

    23. Princewill Nwannah

      Don my bro is nigerian 😊😊

    24. Iris Rivera

      Jay messed up bad

    25. Eddie Clark

      Wow you did that 🆙

    26. Eddie Clark

      Be able to take in what you dish out

    27. Eddie Clark

      God is good all the time

    28. Camila LeeQueen

      Don is crying because he forgive him slef cheating 🤣🤣🤣

    29. Reverse Drake

      I’m sorry about that bro but I would never do that to my best friend

    30. Titus Katlong

      Come on done be a man, even I would fall for those ladies.they really hot 💥😍

    31. CheezeOverlord

      30 minute video with 11 adds, noice

    32. ChronicCrayon

      His girls crazy cuz she's smart enough to notice the change from a bf to a cheater? Wow yall well never have real relationships

    33. StepBroJosiah

      They were baddies I would of hardcore failed

    34. IceVibez on 60fps

      Yo all reals people that dont lie i would of failed to 2 girls pressin me like this was the hardest one yet

    35. Cxrtified-_-Cxmp

      That’s yo boi you can’t be doin that it’s good Don we would’ve done the same

    36. Ema dsg Young poku dosu

      If my best friend do something like this we aint no friends no more 💯

      1. Sygeon

        Kinda your fault

    37. Jasson Villeda


    38. Scarlxrd


    39. Elias J. Amro

      Yeah let's go to Miami and NOT fuck around...like there's loyalty but there's also Miami and let me say this their relationship is not hard, his gf didn't treat him good let's just say that

    40. God on 2k boys


    41. JaBrailynn Johnson


    42. Luigigi Aluyi29

      🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 Nigerians we made differently

    43. Luigigi Aluyi29

      When the guy saw the girls was like " Welcome to Miami heat "🔥😁

    44. Luigigi Aluyi29

      Miami is perfect !!!!

    45. Zelq Fn

      He probably hit after he left 🐸

    46. crunchy noodles

      Bruh she put 2 baddies on him I would have fail and she played the woman card dat bih physco

    47. Sfundo Mkhwanazi

      You gotta ride for your bro’s ,you can’t let a female get in between like that

    48. Senpai I

      Who’s here after they broke up and they mentioned this video

    49. Sergio Gonzalez

      I’m crying rn seeing don like that all emotional that’s sad and he said he trusted them he shouldn’t have gone with them I was so sad when he went with them that is so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭

    50. Sjdegoat 13

      Ur supposed to be loyal no matter what

    51. Playboi_Ric

      How you gon do yo day 1 like that🤦🏾‍♂️

    52. XxPapixJaeXx H

      Im just curious about the cost of this trip

    53. Jewce-JuiCe Jax

      P2 is a SiMP for this video; let Sylvester & a female guilt trip him into deceiving his friend. He has ZERO “Real Nigga” in him! 🤦🏽‍♂️

    54. ReactedEgg Gamers

      I don't really understand how you would be gay if you didn't go with the girls, if you already had one. I would have stayed loyal

    55. Voxx

      who here still sad about p2 and asia break up

    56. og _on_stxreiods ツ

      POV ur here after the breakup

    57. JeppBayneVlogs

      This nigga funny bro🤣😭

    58. رائد الغريفي

      hahahahahah he cannot resist 2 gals

    59. Yung eri Slam

      You kids in the commments think it’s real prank😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    60. 6Valley Mafia

      Fing Cheater

    61. Stitch Jones

      You are a bad friend. First of all are you friends with him or his gf? And number two that's totally 2faced backstabbing as a friend to not only do that but then post it to KGup. You obviously dont give a f*ck about your friendship as much as you do views.

    62. ZyNx


    63. ultra brownboss TV

      Always stick with your friend don't set up your friend like that you should atleast let him know what's up

    64. ultra brownboss TV

      You shouldn't do that your fucked up

    65. ultra brownboss TV

      P2 that's messed up

    66. Zone

      ima different type of loyal bro if they pulled up on me ,the second they say something about going somewhere i’m just gonna say aye i’m cuffed you girls are nice and all that but yea i can’t be doing this and i would go and find p2

    67. Eugene Antwi

      Caught this man in 4K O_O

    68. Akein Rowe

      IM sorry but im not losing years of friendship over no stupid youtube video yes he did what he did but just a video explaining woulda been better. messed up movemy dude..

    69. TK

      You put your best friend from middle school on a spring break trip to miami put two baddies on him and expected him to pass... friend of the year😐😐

      1. Princewill Nwannah


      2. WilledGhost Gaming

        Why no likes on this comment 🤣 bro really set him up.

    70. Alfonso Galindo

      I feel so bad for him that's so crazy and that made me feel bad and I started crying.

    71. Fabian

      Bro still the circumstances are different. He’s in Miami with two baddies . Dons girl her circumstances were different. Still but sadly he failed

    72. Mini Poke

      I really nyh

    73. chucky pistolas

      don if i had your female i woulda failed w only the darker female so quickly

    74. Jewce-JuiCe Jax

      These “CHEATER TEST” have low-key turned into “PROSTiTUTiON”! lmao uGotta pay the women to get somebody to cheat & obviously they’ll get more for the further they have to go! 😂

    75. Sandy Orilva

      danm he fuckin down BAD

    76. SlumpBoi 23

      Bro out here talking bout trust but was bout to cheat he had 1 job 😭😭😭😭

    77. TruthTeller

      Bro, someone could have been, really hurt, physically. That's wrong to play your friend like that.

    78. Andre Vega

      It's fked up how P2 didn't even invite him until his girlfriend wanted to set him up... how you gonna claim he's your boy and set him up like that? What happened to the bro code... bros before hoes... P2 set him up because he wants to smash Don's girlfriend!!!

    79. ImUniquz_

      I'm pissed off at him I'm unsubcribeing to his channel

      1. Healer -BS

        Well good bye ima just replace u

    80. iro plug

      They saying it not serious them type of girls only come a millennium p2 should of let him smash then do his yt stuff

    81. aidian Grimsley

      If u see two baddies and you had a girlfriend what would u do

    82. ClutchPlays

      Yall wasted this man dam time jus so his girl can be satisfied like bro dont do shii like dat this man was excited for a free trip to miami jus to find out u only brought him to do a prank

    83. David Delpeche

      Wtf bro...he's ur best freind...thats fucked up

    84. Justin Humphrey

      Blacks Mexicans and native Americans and Jamaicans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research ...

    85. Afiq Jamal Nasir

      no one think about how p2 feels? sad bruh

    86. Maylin Orellana

      I mean shes not crazy because he did the test on him so it was fair

    87. David Hillz

      I mean Damn! Did u even see the test? He got 2 shawtys

    88. SantaNotKnown

      Who's here after the break up

      1. Voxx

        am here bro

    89. ꧁༺ ₲Ɇ₦Ø ₣₣ ༻꧂

      💔💔💔 this make p2 😭😭😭

    90. Laraya Clarke-Henry

      That made me cry at the end

    91. Napoleon Barreto III

      Why you let the towel hang rip like that what if it fell bro

    92. ItsJaSzn

      Had me crying p2 man hope y’all be alr

    93. Ughjuju btw

      Now that’s not even fair p2

    94. Negroperla TV show YouTube

      He dosen't cheat and deny his girl that mean black men dont cheat

    95. Noah Said

      This test was hard soo fcking hard and sad 😢

    96. Josh Nwankwo

      p2 an opp onj 🤣 how u gone set to bro up like dat ?

    97. Aaron diaz

      I will do the same it was 2 hot girls

    98. Odete Joel

      Ahhh but I fell sorry for him he doesn't know what was happening but anyway it's broke my heart so bad

    99. LimeEx

      I would have fell for blue bra

    100. ZeKe

      when y’all was lit in the hotel rooms, it reminded me of how me and my homie be like when we use to go on vacations bruh😂