A Day in My Life: Tokyo, Japan

Simon and Martina

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    Majority of our videos are about travel and adventure, but not every day is like that. Our days are filled with cooking, doing chores in around our little home in Tokyo, and editing. So much editing!
    In this video, Martina will give you a mini-tutorial on how she edits our KGup videos, you'll get a slow cooker recipe from Simon, and despite Martina's struggles with her EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) getting in the way of her day, she works to #buildaladder and overcome her sadness. HECK YES!
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    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. Skywoble Ross

      Wow, that is a ton of work. Makes me appreciate it to that much more

    2. Yesmini Arts

      I’m so sad 😞 I’m going to miss them together so sad they separated. To my knowledge that’s what it seems .

    3. Anti comment warrior

      She needs to try cannabis

    4. SproutPuppy

      I need the website back up so badly, I wanna make the slow cooker meal Simon makes!!

    5. SproutPuppy

      I come back to this video so often. It gives such comforting vibes. I love you both so much.

    6. Sarah Harris

      What rice cooker do you have ? 🥰 I love your videos

    7. CuteYuffie

      Even a year later I'm amazed that Simon is trying to lift JUST A HUNDRED AND FIFTY KILOGRAMS HOLY FLUFF THAT IS A LOT 🙌🏻

    8. Return My Slab

      *Comes back to this video in 2020*

    9. swag lee

      I was wondering why that purple onions look so perfect

    10. ngan pham

      Nooo!!! Dear Simon, u might not over herb it but those herb cost money , may be not much but it will be an unnecessary spending. I love you guys and the contents u give but just remember using herbs that way is not budget friendly. And yes, u will over herb it. Love u guys 💛

    11. Courtney Skinner

      Martina, if you could clone Simon and sell the clones UD MAKE BANK!!!

    12. Mi Yeon

      Being a fan since your days in Korea Love you both 💕

    13. Liz

      I came back to this because physically (of course we can never know mentally) was the healthiest Simon was. I hope he returns to this one day. Strength training is so important and now being 169lbs for a tall guy is devastating :( I also just really love this video so much

    14. Kefum Na

      Mushrooms from... Japan!

    15. Liv

      Waking up when you have EDS sucks. Still very satisfying to put everything back in place

    16. Gabriella Rose

      Does anyone know what software Martina uses to edit?

      1. Gabriella Rose

        @Simon and Martina Thank you so much! My dad recently started a KGup channel for his children's books and he wanted to know some good software. Love you both, stay strong!

      2. Simon and Martina

        👋🏻 I use Final Cut Pro :)

    17. BR

      I hope I can have such a loving kind relationship like this, you guys are amazing, I send you blessings may all your wishes come true

    18. Mischelle

      Over seasoning can be dangerously nasty 🤢 Put the Spice down and Step Away Slowly. 🙀😽😹

    19. lexi

      Just found your channel love u guys xoxo

      1. Gray on the Water

        Simon and Martina wow I love that you guys keep replying to new comments on old videos! Btw my dog just accidentally sneezed into my open mouth and I thought of you 🤣

      2. lexi

        @Simon and Martina just got thru year 2 lol love u guys hope ur great

      3. Simon and Martina

        Welcome to the channel! You got about 10 years of videos to go through 😂

    20. andrychan

      That looks like the most perfectly shaped red onion I've seen in my life!

      1. andrychan

        Aaaaand, after writing the comment, i saw that it was an onion holder shaped like an onion😂

    21. Woori

      The way simon comforts martina is the most wholesome thing

    22. BB Child

      I love the love you have for each other

    23. Mr. E

      Does anyone know what video had Martina adding her rendition of hips don’t lie??? I can’t remember and it’s driving me crazy!

      1. Simon and Martina

        There have been a few 😂 but check out the Japanese parfait video and at the end of our trip to Akita onsen (Martina here trying to remember)

    24. Sugar Ashley

      Anyone watching this in 2020 Sep and missing them?

    25. Keelie Howell

      Okay but don't discount the longer morning shit sessions, that's the best "me" time of the day

    26. Mayra Torres

      you know, coming from emotionally and physically abusive past relationships, seeing a supportive, patient, and loving partner like this makes me feel hopeful. Thankfully I left my situation, I'm one of the lucky ones. Seeing this type of loving relationship makes me cry. I don't know why but it feels unreal to me because of all the mistreatment I've gotten that it became the norm for me. Thank you for showing me that there are warm and patient people out there.

    27. Ange Maidment

      I'm pretty sure I've seen this video before, but never noticed you used Aussie beef!!!

    28. Melanco

      Sigh, back when it was both of you. Good memories! Things change but doesn’t mean is a bad thing

    29. Carina LeBlanc

      5:38 I cracked up laughing!!!

    30. ZANNE tries

      💖GOD bless you.

    31. Flipgal RN aka Laura


    32. Alba

      Oh my God...i just came back to this video to see if you guys used to wear wedding rings (cause i never really noticed) and you did and now you don't. I am so sad you guys couldn't make it 🙁

      1. Metalman200xdamnit

        @Gray on the Water The wedding rings.

      2. Gray on the Water

        Wtf?! They are still together why do you think they aren’t?!

    33. Ieva

      Me rewatching this on an evening after work because this video makes me happy. Idk, it's calming.

    34. cupid

      I find this a missed opportunity to call it “simon’s mid-day munchies”

      1. Metalman200xdamnit

        Simon's Succulent Suppers

    35. kirachoux

      Thanks for showing what your life is like living with a chronic illness, it truly inspired me. I have severe eczema and my life revolves around my skin condition and I always felt like i was a horrible person who isn't doing her best everyday especially on the days where everything just feels horrible and I just want the day to hurry and be over. It never occurred to me that it was okay that it took me relatively longer to get out of beds on certain days and hearing this affirmation from you guys really gave me a lightbulb moment! Keep rocking on you guys! Would love to see more of a day in my life content from you guys!!

    36. Elisabeth What

      I'm not sure why this is my favorite video, but it's just..Yeah. It's so cozy. I don't know 🤷🏼‍♀️🌱💕

    37. horses4555

      Ass to grass, love it!

    38. Moa Ahlgren

      Our basic weekend... then my man falls asleep and I play some animal crossing...

    39. Valentois

      6th video of the marathon ✅

    40. Jess Vaughan

      New body over here ! Currently in bed I messed up my ankle getting off my bed chronic pain sucks

    41. LazyStray

      Simons saver suppers!

    42. ScreamCheeese

      Simon, you're such a sweet husband 🥺 I only just found you two, but I love you guys and your videos so far!

    43. Sikizu

      I just wrecked my body moving and had to call into work twice in a row. This video has helped me build a ladder, thank you so much you two 💜💜💜

    44. JGW 54

      Fun fact: that package of Zeppin Simon casually chopped into the stew costs $67.80 ($1,920.68/Ounce) on American Amazon. But shipping is free. I think it must be compacted black truffles.

    45. namjintrash

      pls i want a husband like simon 😭😭😭😭

    46. Curry Rice

      Daddy Yankee who?

    47. Bunny Thinks

      Yea... just leaving more random comments.

    48. Susie English

      Ok now I'm in a spiral, this , the steam buns video then who knows but I'm in a great place in between migraines

    49. rsuriyop

      Wait, your own house? So you've basically set up permanent residence in Japan?

    50. Eliza Nations

      Talking as someone who has hard days with EDS, Simon supporting Martina almost brought me to tears, He was so understanding and didn’t blame it on her but instead said “we did hard things, its ok” and then them going out made it even better because he supported her taking steps even when it was a slower day and she needed a little time to recover

    51. heretustay

      Yo, yall’s relationship is so beautiful I’m actually crying

    52. Me Me

      Martina is a creative genius, holy cow!

    53. 😷The original moof🦄

      Simon’s sundown snacks ...there you go mate 👌🏼

    54. Liliviet Del Rosio

      Don’t worry about watching your rice we Puerto Rican’s don’t wash it either 🤫🙃

    55. ヌゥンヌゥイ


    56. DaLINDA H

      I don’t know if you said this or answered this but after 30mins of scrolling thru comments I couldn’t find it: WHAT EDITING SOFTWARE DO YOU USE??? Thx

    57. Varyk Walker

      The primary reason people add so few herbs is because they pack a lot of flavor and it's more convenient to remove one or two sprigs of rosemary or bay leafs than three or four.

    58. Ewa G

      Toyotę do much caring for Her Simon. Barvo!

    59. Jenny Cupcakes


    60. Adeline Pangilinan

      simon reminds me of my asian grandma i😂😂😂

    61. Beck Ssi

      rewatching this for the millionth time and you know what? i have a criticism of simon's curry. i intentionally don't chop up the curry cube because i love when i find a concentrated nugget of curry flavor. it's like finding a perfectly coated dorito.

    62. ShinjiIkariFTW

      I ship these two

    63. Danielle Jones

      I love this couple so much, such positive vibes. Makes me happy 😊

    64. SweatyWalrus

      Simon, you make me love and appreciate my wife even more than I already do. I love your videos, thank you so much, both of you!!

    65. DAYBROK3

      yes daddy yanky

    66. One Page Of Self Care A Day

      I always come back to this video ❤️

    67. Rachel

      Lol I love the caption on this at the beginning *Calm Music*

    68. Julia Holly

      This made me smile so much. I have chronic illnesses and this makes me feel like I truly deserve to be loved and cared for too. Thank you for this video.

    69. MenthaLightfoot

      Watching this in quarantine 2020, and I would love a sequel to the WTF about Balmuda the toaster all about Balmuda - the Kettle. I see you, kettle, I see you.

    70. Jordan Park

      Take a shot every time Simon says ceremoniously. 😂

    71. Ley Chapman

      This is honestly one of my favorite videos you guys have ever uploaded. My girlfriend has been suffering from chronic pain and watching Simon be there and supportive of Martina has been such an inspiration for how to help her. Then Martina explaining the concept of building a ladder and turning the night around. You guys are great and thank you for sharing this with us.

    72. funkmasterchung1

      So weird to think what feb 2019 was compared to today

    73. Carla O'Connell

      Another quiet morning in Ireland and I'm rewatching this video *again*. It helps motivate me and keeps things in perspective on the days I need to build a ladder.

    74. miss Violet

      I love themmmmmmmm

    75. Joel Mercado Gonzalez

      Had to hunt for this video again for that slow cooker recipe!


      Simons supportive suppers

    77. Kirimhiee

      Where can I find my own Simon version guy? 🥺 hahaha anyway both of you are doing well in life! Cheers to the both of you and praying that everything will go well for you guys ♥️

    78. Aquarius Locs

      That tutorial was so helpful Thank you Martina!!!

    79. biomachine555

      You have got to get a silicone top for her coffee mug!!! Really helps keep in the heat

    80. Mya Raen

      You guys are REALLY cute together and VERY supportive. I can see why you've been together for so long. I hope for many many more years for you two.

    81. Lyciesmad

      I made the curry like you said and IT WAS SO GOOD, I messed it up so bad last time but it was glorious thanks to Simon sensei lol

    82. Kathy Somers

      Washing rice takes off the starchy flavor and gives the rice it’s proper consistency- slightly chewey and slightly smooth and not so sticky.

    83. Caroline Lominchar

      lmao the Simon burnin DJ cut XDD

    84. Brandy Reené

      Currently reading Metahuman by Deepak Chopra.

    85. Aura Fonseca

      5:46 😂 I love some cooking with Simon 👍🏼

    86. Karolina Kępińska

      Quarantine is not so bad with Simon and Martina. Its not like I haven't seen those vids 100 times. I have. But they always funny and never get boring.

    87. BellA Loves

      Just here rewatching Simon and Martina video whilst in self-quarantine so I can stay happy and not die of boredom

    88. sosaaid

      u guys r a fantastic couple ... MFEO!!

    89. Brooke Sayewich

      Holy crap can I RELATE to Martina’s it’s been eight hours?! I’ve done nothing!

    90. Tj Joker

      You're a genius editor master Martina!

    91. LadyAyumiMusic

      @simonandmartina I made curry and I threw a bag of dried shitake mushrooms in and they soaked up all that curry while cooking and were amazing! Like if you were trying to make a veggie version with just those instead of the beef I wouldn't be mad at it. (Love the meat though)

    92. Alys Lim

      so. CUTE

    93. Maryberry

      What editing software do you use?

    94. Clau BlueMoonDRM

      chronic illness + joint pain + hot tea + lofi fuck yeah (im a little happy to stay in home due to covid cose lately my hip has been horrible

    95. Chaela O.

      What percentage of japan do you say is accessible to powerchair users

    96. Archivos De documentos

      Stan Daddy Yankee

    97. Sonia Cruz

      SIMON "Is true who likes to jog is stupid" 😅😆😆

    98. uWannaKnoAfunnystory

      I've never resonated more with anything than this video. Especially watching videos of houses I'll never have.

    99. Knit & Read

      Editing is a huge part of the job, and now that I have my own channels, I really appreciate the work behind a heavily edited video. It was nice seing your setup and organization :)

    100. Ryan tran

      Martina - Can you pls show us how you do your hair that way??