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    1. Jason Roberts

      Wtf man. Dude where have you been hiding. You have more than a talent, nothing but a gift.

    2. Melissa Brooks

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    3. iam chardsome

      he got that gift that once he open his mouth and sing i can feel my heart is pierced by something it's heartfelt and his tone is special it makes me cry .. katy is like a psychologst and can see through people

    4. Photo Solutions

      This is one of my favorite underdog moments in history; we all felt it.

    5. Holmzy

      I see hard times and so much doubt in him may he find his place in this world 🙏🏼

    6. FrankLavoy

      This guy is FANTASTIC! I regularly watch this clip when I want to start my day with a smile 😊

    7. Alec Harrison Kleiner

      I'm not crying theres dust in the air

    8. Kiel Recto

      "Thanks, homie."

    9. Manuel Ochoa

      April 2021 and I’m still watching this audition. None like this Alejandro. You’re a gift to this world. “Stay humble”!

    10. Siddiq Manzano

      If i didnt know better, Id think Katy wanted to have his ninos yes lol

    11. kangkang tutan

      When a Civil Engineer applies to McDonald's

    12. 4lan mãos fofas

      too much talent but unfortunatly 0 carisma.

    13. Rui Bento

      Esta ninguém vai fazer covers ,,caralho

    14. John Spring

      Just a noise

    15. Karma Kalsang Deter Negi

      The guy Lionel hugs is always second!😂 First Alejandro then Arthur😁

    16. Sumitha Nakkala

      It’s unhealthy the amount of times I’ve watched this audition 🥲🔫

    17. Ika

      Everyone is talking about the singing... Am i the only one who thinks that fingerstyle technique is amazing and weird?

    18. pilotjagoan

      wOW!! envy

    19. Arman Season

      so talented bro....emejing.......

    20. Cameron Ochoa

      I think he sounds more like John Mayer, and he does play guitar but thats not my point. I went to his concert at House of Blues, a fan of him on Idol, but his music is different from expectation.

    21. Patrick Donovan

      He sounds more like Rome from Sublime then anyone else

    22. Yacho

      How can someone has so much talent❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    23. Edilen Jenlen

      Self taught is amazing 👏

    24. form76

      This guy was just out of this world 🌎

    25. Ane Jay

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    26. steven Jackson

      The coherent hood pharmacokinetically curve because surfboard family weigh round a salty drill. selective, alleged illegal

    27. Drew Davis

      What a Great Lad!!!!!

    28. AngelLew Moya Vlogs

      my tears!!! this guiys so special but so humble!! and the judges appreciating how genuine he is melts my heart

    29. Bertrand Fernandes

      That's pretty hard to do. Play and sing like thatb

    30. Wolverich

      If Whitney Houston came and auditioned on American Idol it wouldn't be considered an audition. It would be more like a private concert. That's how I view this performance, Alejandro isn't auditioning for the judges: Scarypoolparty is performing a private concert for Lionel, Katy and Luke.

    31. Msz Tati


    32. Mark Christian Reyes

      Still can't get over how he didn't win it all. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    33. The Avenged Rev

      So what if he sounds like Sam Smith, Alejandro is taking music in a different direction.

    34. Rion Ballmer

      Other judges recognize the talent. Katie Perry “Let me read from this scripted list of questions”

    35. Sinbio Monet

      He’s like John Mayer and Dave Matthews rolled into one.

    36. Andrew Todd

      Just tried to play my guitar like that and, nope. Just nope

    37. Timothy Eli Cada

      You can't hide this great of a talent! That would be so selfish!!!

    38. Love Photography

      He's so humble

    39. Daniel Smith

      hopefully this is the location of your music that I know lyrics and tone and words.THAT gave you meaning . Please! give the voice of your own to the center of you!

    40. Name Name

      Great writing skills. Great musician!

    41. Des T

      This man is perfection

    42. Alec Harrison Kleiner

      God has gifted this young man with special abilities and his humility is a breath of fresh air... you could tell the judges comments really meant a lot to him... God Bless you Alejandro!

    43. Most Guitars Wins


    44. the block

      He’s amazing!

    45. Brendan Sapp

      Nothing like Sam smith but sweet

    46. Thy Art

      Sometimes people create magic

    47. MissFirth X

      He's so timid and humble and that makes him wonderful x

    48. Alpha Wolf Tactical

      Is he baked?

    49. Dominik Duda

      2062 and i still come back to watch that video

    50. B Rosie Jones

      Dude no way this guy is better then that murphy he good but 2 millon views y'all are all addicted to drugs man ray charles played the piano blind acting like bruno mars same singer

    51. Chris Maxey

      Oh my God he has one hell of a great voice. 👍

    52. abcdefg.

      It's been a minute but I still can't believe how dope this audition was.

    53. Largest Classifieds

      He is a All Legend-ro

    54. The Key To Life

      What impressed me even more than his voice was how masterful he was playing the guitar!!

    55. Mike P

      I cant stop crying

    56. Jane E

      He's losing himself in her mammaries!

    57. Portia Roberts

      Just One Question WHY Has the Whole World Have Not Heard Of This Huge Talented Guy Before? Where His He Now? Cause The Talent Is Raw!! Love Him!

    58. All Day

      All I ever wanted to be was mexican....Chicano!!!

    59. SonoraMan

      That guitar ending was off the chain

    60. story w.

      WOW. He is just a genius. Good grief! There are really good singers and talents on this show, and then there is him. HOLY COW. One of the best musicians and writers on this planet... has to be.

    61. Sas Ali

      What did i just watch 🤯

    62. Darius Neidhart

      Has he become the Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber kind of big and famous yet?

    63. jason moldovan

      Why is Katy such a creep?

    64. gtf g

      I think his piano ability is even better than his quitar which is very good.

    65. Brandon Hall

      Put away your teachers. Only get taught simple basics, then teach yourself to sing and play an instrument to find your own style

    66. Sandie Smith

      And yet he was robbed of the win!!! That show is a bunch of bs!!!!

    67. Nicole Lucero

      So talented!!

    68. Jesse James

      He's got one of those voices and tones that you instantly recognize who is singing when you hear him

    69. Bunga Merahmuda

      That guitar has been a part of his life history.

    70. doug h

      Lionel Richie calls you a genius...enough said

    71. 1st Amendment

      Katy perry was completely soaked by the end of this performance.

    72. FacheChanteDeux

      This guy is insanely talented. He will always work in music.

    73. mentardjiq mentakov

      He Deserve the win the most but why ?? who else drop whole album in music idiol and so good ?

    74. James Martinez

      More Life!!

    75. Ginger Calvert

      I picked him from the start, what a talent.

    76. Jonathan Barcelos

      Really wish he would release acoustic versions of his music, he’s so good without all the editing his current music has. I know it’s his style and it’s good but sometimes you’re just in that acoustic feels

      1. candaceenicole

        Hate when someone blows up from a certain style of music like acoustic and then after they make completely different music than what people originally liked. Has happened way to many times with artist I’ve found on singing competitions. It’s like they don’t actually like that style and the show made them. Idk just my thought.

    77. Doctor Strange Plays

      I didn't know Danny Green is a judge in American Idol

    78. simplyJofa nebz

      It's 2021 and I'm still coming back to watch Alejandro❤

    79. tefakanava

      Alejandro put Pomona on the map. "You from Pomona?...thats here Alejandros from aye" :)

    80. Erick Hernandez

      Another legend coming from Pomona! Hell yeah that’s the hometown of wandering dreams!

    81. Sharon Thomas

      He knows it...

    82. gadget954


    83. Itz_x_ Salvation

      Did this dude win?

    84. Chris Watley

      The first time I saw this audition was like seeing a brand new color

    85. Sebastian

      "Thanks homies" lmao 😂😂😂

    86. Liashka Kruger

      Luke looked like he was being disrespected through the whole thing😂❤️

    87. Tonykings

      Idk about his voice but hes got talents.

    88. Joe Lucas

      Lionel just shook his head within a few seconds.. he's been in the room with the most talented musicians and singers and he knows when he hears, "IT."

    89. Gin

      Lukes face throughout is priceless

    90. melissa the4

      Alejandro Aranda/Scarypoolparty announced his 3rd tour (acoustic) today.

    91. POP VIDEO


    92. That Guy

      He should have won hands down!!!!

    93. zayeb1993

      how kind the judges are and how talented he is.. so moving... love from pakistan

    94. 619onmine

      Pre covid. Give me a hug. 🤗

    95. Cayden Shepherd

      How did he not win

    96. Michael Deane

      One of the best parts of this audition is the look on the judges faces.

      1. fefnirscards

        @Leslie Hinson well he was taught something new, and he’s been playing the guitar forever

      2. Leslie Hinson

        So funny how pissed Luke looks 😆

    97. Jakehate Statefarm

      The only thing they have in common is that they both look kinda gay.

    98. Olly Carson

      the best thing iv seen in my life can't lie

    99. Kasuga Pachaka

      And yet they robbed him

    100. Israel Graterol

      Every Sunday mornings I watch this audition to make my soul enjoy and purified ... This is an absolutely genius made