my college night routine

Hannah Meloche

306 миӊ. көрүүлөр17

    my REAL school night routine 2020 as a freshman in college!
    this is real. this is me.
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    so fun & exciting
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    1. Hannah Meloche


      1. caroline rita


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    2. Catherine Crawford

      omg my first time ever watching keeping up with the kardashians was like 2 weeks ago

    3. Catie Shippen

      this video had me laughing soo hard.. like cody ko video hard

    4. Merrick Hopkins

      Hannah, who in the world drinks coffee at 8 PM?

    5. Fatima

      Who is jacob 😅

    6. ..

      It's the no masks for me✨

    7. emily

      i feel like hannah looks like angelina jolie

    8. ella morgan

      omg where did she watch friends

    9. Lila & Caitlyn Phavis


    10. Lila & Caitlyn Phavis

      0:50 lmao u meant to say “morning routines”

    11. Justin Willaims

      Whoever is reading this Did you know that Jesus died for your sins so you can have a restored relationship back to God if you repent and accept Him as Savior

      1. aasxyah

        @.. ?

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        Grape 🍇

      3. aasxyah

        Jesus is a prophet in Islam and he didn't die for anybody's sins-

    12. Eva Marie

      Hannah how did you put those lights up in your bathroom? I’m worried that from the steam from the shower the lights will fall down. Please let me know!

    13. Belle Floren

      I absolutely love night routines especially ones for school!! Can you please do a morning routine for college?!??

    14. helia


    15. theAREsters

      Hannah, don't keep your laptop on your stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this causes radiation which could affect your ovaries and your future kids!!!!!!!!!!! this is very important, please use a pillow or work at your desk! love you :) edit: also i suggest putting 5 second non-skippable ads, no one would mind and it'll help you get that coin for college tuition!

    16. ava cyr

      Anyone know where Meredith‘s sweat pants are from? The ones that she wore to Culver’s

    17. alejandra Rendon


    18. We Win Together Baby


    19. Katie Liss

      “i think we ALL have night routines” 😌 -Hannah Meloche, 2020

    20. Nathalia Bartosz

      omg where is that ysl sweatshirt from??

    21. Kaitlyn Chartrand

      Hannah’s videos are always such a relaxing way to end my day!

    22. Taha Muslim

      nice rotine waaw

    23. Kiera Aimee

      I started KGup because of you xoxo

    24. Bernadette Broscius

      took a break from studying for this and was very worth it lol love u

    25. Kasey Evans

      Why did laugh so hard in this hahaha

    26. Laurin Hwang

      when her night routine starts at 8pm but im in bed by then...😳

    27. Jude Hanno

      I just wanna have your PRODUCTIVITY

    28. Sofia v

      I like how Hannah is very real with her night routines, makes me feel better about my own routines.

    29. The North Stitch

      So essentially, she doesn't have a routine yet lol

    30. Anabel Castañeda

      okay but meredith is SO FUNNY AHAHAH

    31. Sadie Williams

      anybody know what the tanning spray stuff is called?

    32. Isabel Qin

      omg meredith lowkey looks like addison rae

    33. Ashlyn Myers-Comley

      Girl can you PLEASE restock the smiley face set I want it so badddddd

    34. McKenna B

      hi ilyyy

    35. Tanushka Mithun

      AHHHH FRIEND GOALSSSSS Hannah is literally SUCH an inspiration to newer youtubers like me!

    36. Elham Bromell


    37. Tirsha Cindy Sahetapy

      Meredith is so pretty😍😍😍

    38. Megan Graff

      Why is this the most relatable night of my life😂😂

    39. Courtney

      Ok but like hannah and merideths friendship is like no other

    40. Fitzhawk88

      “let’s go to culvers” literally the most midwest thing to say ever lol

    41. isa Randazzo

      Love content 💙💙


      honestly impressed on how fast you can learn tiktok dances! it's nearly been a year and I still don't know the renegade lmao

    43. cassidy carmen

      hannah knocking on the door saying “cassidy?” me being cassidy too: 👁👄👁

    44. vicsic vlogs

      hannah: meredith what are you to me? meredith: ... servant, slave...

    45. Tsuyuasui


    46. Kearstyn Price

      Ok but if Hannah made a “what it’s like having roommates” video 😍😍

    47. Valeria


    48. Elizabeth Seavey

      I love the videos with Meredith

    49. Ellen


    50. Ally King

      just a quick reminder to still wear a mask in the drive thru!!! loved your video though :)

    51. sherbies


    52. sherbies

      my IDOL

    53. Anna Ryan

      Video idea: a week of Hannah going to bed at 9 and waking up at 5

    54. Renee Haggerty

      Can you do a skincare routine? Or like a get unready with me?

    55. Lina Maria

      heyy guys I just posted my first video:) It would mean so much to me if you could check it out and probably like and subscribe ❤❤

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      I ship .

    57. SUN FLOWER

      I love her Halloween pillow!!! It's sooooo cute!!

    58. Anna Ring

      The kids meal at Culvers is the only way to go …

    59. Anna Ring

      Ugh I love Culvers :)

    60. meredith

      I stan meredith ! (my names mérédith toooo)

    61. virtual tube

      0:26 I quit my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    62. Courtney Denise

      “I tend to get my homework done later in the afternoon.” Me:Wait..... you get your homework done in the afternoon? Also me: gets my homework done at 2:00 am.😂

    63. hey its zala

      can you imagine, how awesome would it be, being Hannah's friend? I'm sure I can duh!

    64. Arianna Johnson

      “i think we ALL have night routines” LMAOOOO

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      Hannah you should do an apartment tour!! ❤❤

    66. Rem4z

      why are nighttime vlogs underrated? they're soo good

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      never disappoints 🥺 you’re so gorgeoussss

    68. Inu Everyday

      any one else looking for that girl called 'Unice Liu' who's comment is always everywhere? She's literally the most disgusting human i've ever seen.

    69. Ariana Skroski

      Your videos make me so happy, like i love you so muchhh!!

    70. carmen

      i would go to culver’s with you guys

    71. Gianni Valentin

      when i can laugh with you guys uk it’s a genuine relationship so cute

      1. Hannah Meloche

        awe hahahah ILY

    72. Mady Rae

      Where is the sweatshirt frommmm 🥺🥺

    73. Bridge Ponte

      Lmao why am I dying at the token part. If you would like to ReAD with me....

    74. Pamela Lebron

      Advised: don’t detangled your hair using a brush, use a comb

      1. Hannah Meloche

        shoot yeah i probs should

    75. lee

      here what hannah when u said did u here that

    76. annika mona

      i think this was one of your funniest videos!!!

    77. Kay Dach

      1:48 I quit my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

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    79. Hiya Shah

      Merideth looks like addison rae lol

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      why can't we watch your videos offline no more?

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      your friendship is so precious

    82. Ella Knoernschild

      just a suggestion to wear your mask at the drive-thru. Workers have to and it's protecting them and yourself as they see many ppl a day. No hate. They would probably appreciate it.

    83. rabia watson

      Omg I need to get up but I need to watch this finish

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      I LOVE CULVER’S!! this makes me so happy 🥰😍✨

    85. Lyka Leyba

      why is hannah the happiest with merideth like this is the most genuine and comfortable i see hannah with someone ngl

    86. Nuya Taylor

      Dang, y’all just let workers talk to you however they want. I get it, she was under pressure and she doesn’t wanna be filmed going off on a food service worker and be blown up on Twitter. Some workers deserve to get put in their place though.

    87. s ali

      Hey... Lots of love from india😊..

    88. Liz F

      ahh I was just thinking about Culver's today I miss it cause I'm in Californiaaaaa

    89. Abigail Ysalde

      Bro this video was funny as fuck 😂😂

      1. Hannah Meloche

        hahaah yay i'm glad you liked it

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      Watching your vlog from the Philippines 💙

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      is it just me or is it like satisfying watching her breathe in the time lapses lmao

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      i would go to culver’s with u guys

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      Meredith I love you

    94. Faith & Kiley

      starting hw at 10pm when it's due at 11:59 haha

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      when she said "I either take a shower OR wash my face" I was like Hannah you better wash your face every night homie

    96. femme wildeth

      i want meredith and hannah's friendshipppp periodttttt

    97. Hannah Kimbley


    98. Salty Lemon

      Title: my college night routine Me: i dont care dudee Every1: oml her skin is so nice, she is beautiful....... Tbh i really dont care

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      “I tHinK wE aLL hAvE nIgHt rOutInEs” 😂 love you Hannah 💕

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      I actually had Culver’s for dinner tonight lol