Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event Trailer

Apex Legends

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    Beat the heat in the Chaos Theory Collection Event! Ring Flares are everywhere in Ring Fury Takeover and Caustic's plotting something in his Town Takeover. Plus collect 24 fearsome items! x.ea.com/67416
    Mad Maggie is back to shake things up and this time she has sabotaged the Ring. Ring flares are now showing up across the Apex Games in the new Ring Fury Takeover. But don't fret - you'll drop in with the new Heat Shield in your Survival inventory slot so you can withstand Ring damage and recover with your squad. Become a test subject in a twisted experiment and brave the gas for gold-tier loot in Caustic's Town Takeover. Earn free rewards throughout the event and shop for 24 limited-time event items. Get all 24 event items and receive Bangalore's "Cold Steel" Heirloom. Ready to embrace the chaos?
    Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam. Apex Legends is also coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021.
    Learn more about Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem: x.ea.com/67416

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    1. maxinq

      Fix your freaking game

    2. Jakub Krajčo

      Apex is not good in working of TRAILERS .

    3. Kamsic Man

      I’m salty that I missed this event.

    4. Angel FS

      Interesting modes and skins in packs, but this is all that the developers do, I am saddened by a huge number of cheaters, from the very first seasons, apart from pulling money from players, what are you doing there ???

    5. Cybertronic Gamer

      How is watching breathing in his gas :/

    6. Bearded_Z0mbie Gaming

      My man caustic!

    7. Lynxsies Lynx

      Funny that the most useless character in apex got his town takeover. Caustic is literally unplayable becauae all the ttv wraith started crying at daddy EA and promised to buy the new heirloom if they'd make caustic unplayable

    8. Ruszo Wolf

      0:43 god player, effortlessly and smoothly drops a squad...

    9. 今井鈴音

      loba's skin sucks

    10. KHRIDAZ 502

      My account is bad

    11. rose.Y07

      can you guys please make another loba pack please or a heirloom

    12. Keanu Ferreira

      You think he got covid gasses in there or better yet the CURE!

    13. Isaiah Cornwell

      So cool! I can’t wait

      1. Fox Palenkova

        @Isaiah Cornwell 😂

      2. Isaiah Cornwell

        @Liam Mccabe but it releases on Tuesday

      3. Liam Mccabe

        @Isaiah Cornwell the chaos event is over

      4. Isaiah Cornwell

        @Liam Mccabe what?

      5. Liam Mccabe

        Bro the events over

    14. sir_Rj gaming

      No event for 1 month makes me feel BORED... LIKE i dont play apex much anymore

    15. Mike Van Wouwe

      How difficult can it be for a billiondollar company to fix there sh*t smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

    16. sarad matthew tigga

      Too bad you don't want to Improve your server for people from the subcontinent, only for NA !😣

    17. シロクロ

      何十回も1人でマッチさせられた。 運営は俺個人を特定してクラッキングをしている。 サーバー全部壊れて会社潰れろクズ企業が

    18. gacha slice the second

      I think Olympus is great but there are too many holes no lie

    19. CroPro Apex moments

      Can somebody help me I was playing apex legends on ps4 and i was 500 lvl. today i join in game and my lvl battle pas lvl and status dessapear, but my all skins are hear and my skins from this season 8 battle pas. CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME?

      1. Liam Mccabe

        @CroPro Apex moments its a bug there are fixing it

      2. Liam Mccabe

        @CroPro Apex moments DONT DELETE

      3. CroPro Apex moments

        @Nacrit thank you men i Will do it right now or maybe we can delete game and install again

      4. Nacrit

        I have the same bug. The only thing we can do is write EA and hope that they fix it. Is it since today?

    20. イビル嬢


    21. Wiracocha

      EA is racist towards Japanese

      1. Truslaw

        All ea does in apex is count money.

    22. Shaolin master

      Nigeru sorry I used the Japanese word for run away EA must hate Asian people

    23. Don Opas

      So why did you guys nerf Caustic? Its not like he was dominating every match.

    24. cdjboy

      Whi els thinks that we need the movement from titanfall

      1. cdjboy


    25. Konix Ttv

      You can't spell respawn without the e and the a

    26. ゆあ


    27. Itay

      Who wants Apex Legends to have platform content sync? (If you changed your platform from Xbox/Nintendo/PlayStation/PC To PC/Xbox/Nintendo/PlayStation, you still have the content you got in the different platform) Edit: removed something

    28. kermit the frog 00

      all i say is:AUF DER HEIDE🎶🎵🎶🎶

    29. Axl W3r13

      worst event ever, its serious loot falling from sky atm.??.what are the you development guys doing..or smoking?

    30. reproeved_ cub

      Do you now what sucks I have not got an heirloom and I have been playing sense season 2

    31. Letlotlo More

      Can you make an LTM allowing us to play on the Season 1 Kings Canyon if possible, pls😭

    32. Kevin Kósa

      Apex legends why everyone bulling crypto in every trailler?

    33. Chase Tiongco

      Buff revenant

    34. Chase Tiongco

      Caustic nref

    35. Chase Tiongco


    36. Chase Tiongco

      Buff revenant

      1. Truslaw

        no fam, we dont need octane revenant push even stronger.

    37. Caffeinated 24 7

      Thats cool and all but where is titanfall 3?

    38. the blues

      Caustics town takeover is Chernobyl

    39. malachi cannon

      that's cool can y'all fix the damn lag to where I can get in the game and or play . just watch my recent video and see how bad it is for me

    40. malachi cannon

      that's cool can y'all fix the damn lag to where I can get in the game and or play . just watch my recent video and see how bad it is for me

    41. malachi cannon

      that's cool can y'all fix the damn lag to where I can get in the game and or play . just watch my recent video and see how bad it is for me

    42. JohnnyJJ

      Jogo lixo vao se fude

      1. Fox Palenkova

        Lixo é tu que não sabe jogar

    43. BlaZzen blaze

      WOW OH BOY I HOPE ALOT OF PEOPLE DROP HERE SO THERE WOULD BE SO MUCH CHAOS nobody drops here so you are just standing there with a gold shield and spitfire struggling to get into the next circle: -_-

    44. Ryhan Then

      Fix your server

    45. Ryhan Then

      Good content bad server mean nothing

    46. Ryhan Then

      Fix your server

    47. Acronix


    48. J

      Can you bring back the og peacekeeper and Naruto run

    49. Fxded_ cari

      I have it on fill but it keeps on putting me solo

    50. naz sleepy

      Respawn can you ban 2 cheater i have video on my channel

    51. Online Idiot

      Sorry to sound fucking annoying since this is completely unrelated, but I have a concept for the packs for the third anniversary. Basically, you could pick which like Heirloom Event you want to do, like say you want to go get the event skins from the Assimilation event, you could open the packs which would give you the events skins and the heirloom after all the packs. Sorry for the shitty typing, I haven’t slept and it is 7 am here so sorry if you can’t understand what I am saying!

    52. わわ

      This is faaking game

    53. Nicolas Roche

      Can you give me teammates please?

    54. ar asllani

      "Nothing like cold steel in a hot day" just so cool

    55. Fick Dich

      That event was terrible and underwealming even the nep poi is a joke

    56. Joe Morrison


    57. John Badrul

      Hey you apex fix the fuking serve crash bro enoying bro

    58. Pirungano

      Para cuando,estaría ya disponible jugar desde consolas con mouse y teclado?.... lo antes posible sería?

    59. Daniel Gómez

      F by caustic


      Alex es popoooooo hahaaaaaa bububuuuuuuuu te odiooooooo

    61. Matty Richardson

      I think my packs are broken i keep on getting common only and all i want is an heirloom im level 415

    62. Shabana Aqeel

      The good old days when pk was a ground weapon

    63. DCSNIPES

      So when does the next event start lmao

    64. Patar 3475

      reject apex return to titanfall

      1. Kuben blisk


    65. Luke Meyer

      Dear apex. I have been locked out for two weeks due to a connection error. My username is Kdluke16 and I need help.

    66. ChangedDrake


    67. Lyric Porter

      EA you need to get rid of rank timer it's annoying

    68. Resendix Änëröl

      Amazing race

    69. Luis

      Great Game! But make no mistake people, these people have THE WORST SERVERS ever...i get thrown out of ranked games 10 times at least once during the match out of 20 games EVERYTIME. seems like interns are the ones doing all the software stuff

    70. Predatorek

      Next: Apex Legends - Hidden Church collection event?

    71. Pikachewz _

      Plz extend the event for 1 more week plz I was about to buy the heirloom plz I had 20)25

    72. Matt Torres

      Overwatch playeras

    73. sate aleng

      sekarang ini game sering error server lag parah

    74. Eliazar Ortega

      Can you guys stop nerfing everything and fix the server instead! You’re making the game less and less playable with all the nerfs and the terrible servers. Check out apex legend communities

    75. Jacob Carlson

      Now how about we add a recent players option into the game?

    76. Dovahkiin's sidekick

      You guys dont give a shit about how messed up is the game doesn't it? Full of bugs and shit that doesn't let the player play the game in peace.

    77. Fireblxze

      anyone else hate the ring flares?

    78. Real AIM

      We want to choose are own maps from the lobby please that would be really great 😊 ability to play old seasons and new seasons 😃

    79. traveling life to the end.

      Get rid of fucken ring fury, what the fuck kind of event is this shit

    80. Cantika Pratondo

      If you want to give me heirloom, you can immediately give me the name VNX_Garza45

      1. José Antonio

        no, buy 500 packs the u will have it

    81. Cantika Pratondo

      I've never handled heirloom at all apex

    82. Cantika Pratondo

      I need a gibby heirloom

    83. Cantika Pratondo

      Apex legend please give me heirloom

    84. Nor Shareha Muhamad

      Apex do the mystery ninja the rampart scene

    85. Ahuri

      This update broke Apex legends And Maggie broke my ears kekw !

    86. senxtale .tutorials

      They really should of made loba’s braids stick out like they did in the halo sprays the skin would of been 10 times better

    87. Huwrazs hockey cannel hockey4life

      So please buff caustic so I can go back to manning Caustic

      1. Cybertronic Gamer

        I know the feeling 😣 I absolutely MISS playing caustic i aint played him since i heard about the nerf :/. I Use to HATE battle Royales but my brother got me into Apex and i felt connected to Caustic

    88. Huwrazs hockey cannel hockey4life

      I used to be a Caustic main but the nurf was so big I had to main wraith

    89. Huwrazs hockey cannel hockey4life

      Please buff caustic apex

    90. Aron Pope

      Does anyone else have a game logic error when you load onto apex. Hopefully they fix it cause they crashed my PS4 7 times

    91. MSG Rising

      Want a titanfall event so much with oldschool skins like a r101 skin for the r301. The new skins look nearly like toys and not like cool titanfall wepons. Season to season i lost that crazy titanfall universe feeling more and more.

    92. Dameon Leh

      Can we please change the doors back to how they used to be its incredibly irritating to have these flimsy rubber doors.

    93. Will Tully


    94. Manki Kng

      Matchmaking sucks so hard.

    95. destraktathe 10


    96. J YT

      Bruh y’all need a new person in charge of the featured/exclusive section. Like it’s always the same thing, my buddies and I always have ideas for re coloring skins and stuff that’ll be way better than the boring stuff we get all the time. Cmon son....

    97. Freaky Favs

      Apex i beg to put these features to enable mouse and keyboard in console and i guarantee these will make you popular 💯💯💯

    98. Young Rios

      Why does caustic seem like the main bad guy plot twist at the conclusion of apex legends ...

    99. Arka Chatterjee

      "In the end the strong will filter out the weak,the distance between life and death is measured by suffering" - caustic

    100. kWONDERLAND

      Bruh that LTM is so dogshit.