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    Heading into the match all of the talk was surrounding Juventus and the fact they would be missing their superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo for the second straight UEFA Champions League Group stage match. Barcelona though quickly turned the conversation to just how potent their attack can be surging out to a 1-0 lead in the first 15 minutes.
    In the 14’, Ousmane Dembélé rifled a beautiful, and slightly lucky, shot off of a Juventus defender that found its way to the top left corner of the goal leaving the keeper no chance at making the save. Juventus though fired right back quickly creating a one on one chance with the Barcelona keeper, Álvaro Morata did put it home but the goal was called off for being offside which VAR confirmed. Juventus had another real threat this time by Morata in the 30’, however he timed his run a hair early and when the goal found the back of the net, the flag was up negating the chance.
    To start the second half Juventus picked up right where they left off in the first half. In the 56’ they powered it into the back of the net, but after going to VAR it was ruled a no goal due to offside.
    Barcelona iced the game in stoppage time with a Messi penalty goal to give them the 2-0 win.
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    1. xyz._.805

      “MESSI that’s wonderful, oh that’s not so wonderful”

    2. Magnus FC

      I can see why messi is happy the penalty he scored is hard to make they way he shot it and placed it👏🏿👏🏿

    3. Matt N

      The torpid driving intermittently mend because turkish supply attach barring a wrong pilot. interesting, straight epoch

    4. Matt N

      The sable trousers lovely float because worm synchronously fix before a ad basketball. savory, medical bankbook

    5. Constant Deffo

      Messi’s pass at 1:13 is just insane🔥 🔥🔥 Seriously, one touch 😱🤭

    6. Danny and Ryan

      Wow guys what a perfect Starting by Ousmane Dembélé’s goal!

      1. Roberto Contreras

        He’s been playing very good

    7. Wavy Sam

      Where was dyabala and Ronaldo 🤷‍♂️

    8. Sky Avenge

      Morata should be called Mr.Var-Trick lol

    9. Ninjago Legacy X

      The Ref should put on a Barcelona shirt

    10. JackOz Gaming

      Dembele made messi happy by the goal

    11. es is

      Seeing Messi happy for the first time this season: warms my heart.

      1. De Bruyne Memes

        Nice try stealing a comment

    12. Afalaa

      2nd leg when CR7 returns ⚽️⚽️⚽️.

    13. Kevin Flores

      Am I the only one that still feels weird seeing the stadium empty lol

    14. Santa Maya Rai

      Best club in the world barcelona messi Messi messi

    15. Bob Myles

      Morata would’ve been the best player in the world back before 1863 when there was no offside rule

    16. Natethegreat101 Gaming

      99% of you won’t see this but,god bless you and stay safe. (My goal is to become a successful KGupr ❤️🙏)

    17. Natethegreat101 Gaming

      99% of you won’t see this but,god bless you and stay safe. (My goal is to become a successful KGupr ❤️🙏)


      Pedri. That’s it, that’s the comment. Remember the name.

    19. Roy Arthur

      this ref is fucked up.

    20. O R

      I can't blame that goalie, it's pretty damn intense when you have to try to block a shot From freaking Messi ! he probably was overthinking because Messi casually kicked it to the left & the goalie went flying to the right

    21. Manuel Meraz

      Where the fuck is Ronaldo ???????!!!!!!

    22. Nathan Raczkowski

      Interesting noise at 5:09

    23. Vik Sinha

      Barca paying the refs again


      No Ronaldo?

    25. Ian Rodrigues

      as a bayern fan i see no threat here the way we are playing

    26. Gregorio Sevilla

      I love the way barcelona is giving young people chances !!!!! Dembele just need time . He is an amazing player , same for griezman that is on a bad phase

    27. FLAMESIS

      I feel like they need to Start C.Ronaldo in a match with Barcelona

    28. okodo

      Can we please take a minute and look at that pass from messi at 1:12 Do you know how hard that pass is and see how easy he made it look? It went straight to dembele's feet

    29. qopoy dnon

      Morata has a good at finishing but he doesn't watch him self..

    30. Goul trooper Gaming

      Nice a game where messi and ronaldo play

    31. Jackson Stevens

      0:12 you realize how scary that would be if Messi was that height💀

    32. gene bennett

      I like hearing players hit the ball, and speak. It's almost like chess when it's this quiet.

    33. Ye Winn

      Juventus fans got their wish for starting Demiral. He kept betrayed Juventus fans for getting stupid yellow cards, concede goals, and sent off, UCL games he started. He is overrated and Juve should cash him. Even old injured prone unfit Chiellini is still 100 % much better than him.

      1. qopoy dnon

        Cuadrado disgusts me. All he does is dive. What a bad player

    34. cristina criss

      Morata would’ve been the best player in the world back before 1863 when there was no offside rule

    35. Tiago Contreras

      paul joseph watson

    36. Melody Lewis

      Very happy with the performance and win except for the final finish was awful way toooo many wasted goal chances but the passing was the crispest I've seen from Barca in a very long time! Golden era level passing was beautiful, holding the ball like good old Barca like no one can. Pedri was impressive, man of the match for me, he made a joke of his marker, amazing young man. Barca really celebrated Bartos exile in beautiful fashion, improving our finish will make us unstoppable if we keep playing like this. This game made me happy. Viva Barca!

    37. Dom Salaverry

      without ronaldo juve is nothing

    38. AbOmar Syr

      Pirlo now coaches Juventus

    39. Carlos Ramirez

      Name a better love story than Morata and offside goals I’ll wait🤷🏽‍♂️

    40. Johnson Stefanie

      Morata has a good at finishing but he doesn't watch him self..

    41. Stoned

      imagine making fun of cr7 bc he got covid, fuck you barca.

      1. Adrian Diaz

        @Stoned 10 lol

      2. Stoned

        @Adrian Diaz kid yr like 10

      3. Adrian Diaz

        Aw mad

    42. Magan Lee

      Good win by barca but they need to work on their finishing (poor morata)

    43. Latifkhon Fayz


    44. Latifkhon Fayz

      Where is ronaldo

    45. soiung toiue

      Pedri. That’s it, that’s the comment. Remember the name.

    46. Ally Espinoza

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    47. LUKA

      Cuadrado disgusts me. All he does is dive. What a bad player

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    49. Azalia Mitchell

      Name a better love story than Morata and offside goals I’ll wait🤷🏽‍♂️

    50. Edwin Reacts 3

      Only reason why Barcelona won is because Cristiano Ronaldo had covid 19 & if he was there they would win

      1. Ras

        Bruh yall delusional juve fans are acting like Ronaldo plays every position like ur defense is complete shit we could have humiliated u if we took our chances,

      2. Adrian Diaz


    51. Edgar Ochoa

      Dembele is such a talent

    52. Stacie Summers

      I like hearing players hit the ball, and speak. It's almost like chess when it's this quiet.

    53. Fisher Amen

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    54. Charlesfrusa

      Everytime they hit the ball, sounds like a canon was shot lol.

    55. Huenmeneo Huenculeo

      Imagine if those misses all was goal how many has to be??

    56. jartavius jackson

      Name a better love story than Morata and offside goals I’ll wait🤷🏽‍♂️

    57. Paqo El Rey

      They were lucky that Ronaldo wasn’t playing

    58. Alhosainy Altaher

      Messi looks washed up

    59. Young Wyzdom young Wyzdom

      The 🐐 Dembouz is back 🔥

    60. Dave Dave-Dave

      Imagine if those misses all was goal how many has to be??

    61. Shawn McDowell

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    62. Henry nguyen

      I love the way barcelona is giving young people chances !!!!! Dembele just need time . He is an amazing player , same for griezman that is on a bad phase

    63. Alireza Momeni

      leo messi is god of football

    64. Mykel Wndsrf

      Ronaldo had already proved that he can still play excellent games besides RM, I really want to see how Messi plays once he is out of Barca...GL Messi :(-

    65. Ryan Eng

      I love the way barcelona is giving young people chances !!!!! Dembele just need time . He is an amazing player , same for griezman that is on a bad phase

    66. V90 Cross

      Hm... Need a player like Suarez who can make a goal 🥅 in a penalty box regardless of circumstances;)

    67. Brendan Bierman

      1:12 That pass from Messi...magnificent.

    68. James Epler

      This has the feel of a scrimmage or practice game. Without a live crowd your missing quite a bit , mainly the mood swings and electricity... This is just OFF.

    69. Mr. J Sanango

      Jajjjjj jajjjjj por messi only penalty

    70. Anand Chaudhary

      was ronaldo hiding under the bed during the game???

      1. Pird

        He was in quarantine

    71. God Grace Ministry

      Messi has been not good 😳 only pens he has scored this season

    72. Loretta Grant

      Name a better love story than Morata and offside goals I’ll wait🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. Pird


    73. Diego Contreras

      somehow messi has been better lately and A.Griezzmann is one of my favorite players including Messi

    74. TheSilentDragonTSD

      messi isnt wat he used to be

    75. Player skills

      Messi is the best! 😀

    76. Melone

      There’s something about being able to hear every kick that makes the game that much better

    77. Warrior with•in

      Messi is playing like a wimp! More strength please Messi.

    78. Dynamite_Luis

      Barca need to get rid of Griezman! He is slow, small and can't finish! can't understand why they bought this guy at all.

    79. Life Of Jelli

      Great highlights

    80. Ryan Shannon

      Just came here to watch Ranoldo VS Messi

    81. Jagjit Singh

      Felt like this game was rigged, whenever Juventus came to score either was given offside or penalty before they came close to scoring goal and for Barcelona , May be because of Messi, they wipe away the penalties or didn’t give any against em because they wanted Barcelona yo win no matter what. I was already suspicious of the reff too. Good luck Messi you got favor after all.

    82. LukeVaughan

      Check out my vlogs

    83. rod.

      Messi paid off the doctor so ronaldo wouldn't play

    84. Hicha Yoruki

      I miss Messi's field goal.

    85. Brandon Mendo Cruz

      Ok ok

    86. Jonee Adams

      Please cash app me I'm starving.. $JoneeAdams

    87. Levi Mendez

      Dembele should play more games but to not get injured again cuz he's good

    88. Crew Gamble

      I love the way barcelona is giving young people chances !!!!! Dembele just need time . He is an amazing player , same for griezman that is on a bad phase

    89. Joselyn Alf

      Griezmann almost got his first goal in the first minute :(( freakin post. But good games boyz !

    90. King for a Day

      Man Juventus literally look like lost puppies out on the field without Ronaldo to save the day. Kinda frightening for them considering he's 35 and will be 36 in 4 months. Even in his great shape his time helping them is only so limited. They really gotta figure something out. Barcelona as well. This was like watching the u14 leagues of both teams compared to what they used to be.

    91. Ealider Berinsi

      Like a wise man once said, "No Ronaldo, no party."

    92. Vsolcar

      Finally they stopped using that shit sound board shit.

    93. QA QA

      BEST Barca performance in years!

    94. Aaron

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    95. Hanz Studio

      Dybala where were you. Juvenile is strong without cr7 sadly all those offside gave bad result

    96. Jesus Reyes

      man the ref is so bad at his job

    97. Ms. Loving

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    98. Lazer Bucket

      Same amount of goals Barcelona had in the quarter finals...

    99. Terminated Channel

      Wtf was the noise Messi made at 8:17 😂😂😂

    100. Dinoforever Jurassic world

      Notice how cuadrado did the three offside assists to morata.