Mulatto - Youngest N Richest (Audio)


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    Music video by Mulatto performing Youngest N Richest (Audio). (C) 2020 Streamcut & RCA Records

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    1. Brendan Mackie

      GO OFF!!!

    2. Vanna-Tee Cato

      She said that I wouldn't be shit now look at her watching.



    4. Barry Cook

      She the female Gucci!

    5. Ann Gardener

      My fav song off the album 💯

    6. tavaresduhkilla 16


    7. petty Nicolee

      Yeaaaah she Killed this song. It's harddddd! 🔥

    8. Tom Eastman

      already got three wheel ups!! hard tune

    9. official koolboy


    10. KAY_ Rich

      Dangggg dis Fyeee🔥💯💅🏾 M.I.A YA FEEL MEH🗣️🙌🏾

    11. O S M O S I S


    12. eastside 504

      Coldest female rapper to me right now..frfr.she raw ASF

    13. tyler scott

      She grown a lot from rap game

    14. Ruandel Neres

      Q U E E N. OF SOUTH

    15. Ruandel Neres


    16. Lee Glover

      Spite yo shit girl 👍🏽💗

    17. Kickcounselor

      Took key glock style on this one smh 😂

      1. aj

        Ik it sounded familiar still hard😂🔥

    18. Aaliyah Hernandez

      She popped offf💯

    19. Michael Segovia

      You got it slide through

    20. Michael Segovia

      You got me i can handle it come through for me

    21. Otto West

      Hit after hit

    22. Chanel Williams

      I love her been watching her since her early teens she elevates every time sometimes people stagnate themselves really smart woman

    23. Honey Donati

      Know our worth for the Kings and Queens children looking for their peace truth Justice and Innocence all these wars.the Children Crowns I'd always Hevans Jesus protect the Children and mine if alive or in Hevan in this war over my Husband royalty Blood of Jesus him and me our faimly and love ones by YOUR STRIPS WE HEALED AND HEVANS OURS FORGIVENESS OR YOU WONT FORGIVE US IN WORLD GOD LOVES BUT I CHOOSE YOU JESUS FOR MY HOUSEHOLD AMEN BE BLESS ASHES TO BEAUTY KINGS AND QUEENS FOR THESE LIL ONES JESUS LOVES FRIST I LOVE SECOND HATE WHAT EVIL AMEN

    24. Honey Donati

      We dont deserve it also Jesus Name

    25. Honey Donati

      Women Queens in us

    26. Dominique A. Scalice

      BIG LATTO🙌🙌🙌🙌

    27. Isaac Mendoza

      Hi! 🙏🏻😊❤

    28. Katrice Williams

      Ima songwriter/rapper from Hawaii!! I’m only missing support!! Please subscribe and check out some of my songs I’m dropping my EP soon,

    29. KayKay Fabulous

      I love the beat!! 🎶🎧🎻

    30. Kelly Grant

      I love her

    31. Lynn Whylly


    32. Coming Up Next

      LYRICS----------- [Intro] (Bankroll) (Big Latto) Queen of the south Know what I am saying? Like (Yeah), when I be doing the interviews, They always ask me what's my hobbies outside of rap Shitting on bit*hes (Haha)... [Verse] I am the youngest and richest These bit*hes know what's up with me (Rich) If we beefing, I got you Won't book no shows in my city Too picky wit' the kitty He aingt hit me, bit*h, I am stingy (Hell nah) [?] to diss me (Who?) I been a problem since fifteen (Woo) Yeah, bit*h (bit*h), act like you know this shit (Know this shit) I dropped a hunnid on jewllery, [?] panda mink CLICK HERE FOR FULL LYRICS-----------

    33. newboy james

      we need to give her that crown early

    34. Mariah Vanay


    35. Trash Can

      Miss latto slayyy 😍 💜

    36. Patrica Baldwin

      Tittle of song facts.😭😅😂🔥🤗

    37. Tracey Taylor

      I love this song and I am so proud of you and I am a big fan of yours😘😘😘😘👏👏

    38. Kenisha Eley

      that young lyric diss lyrics 💀

    39. Brandi McDowell

      Big latto

    40. SuperChiko 2.3

      This is a beautiful song 💓💕💕⭐💯💯

    41. Rocky R.

      whole album is fire

    42. Elisa Rojas

      I love the album cover!!!! She knows what’s up! A boss b#%# gotta eat🔥

    43. Damo Steward


    44. Sam Kabiru

      Big Latto spitting her shit 🔥🔥🇰🇪

    45. Young Khrys King B.D.K

      The song sound like Nicki's song come on a cone

    46. Jon Sinclair

      I wish she didn't go like the rest and constantly talk about her pussy! Show off that body but be classy! Stay with god and make good music ✝️👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    47. Brittani Davis

      Queen is right!

    48. Connie Bonnie

      From Day 1..... Hold IT Down Queen..GA PEACHES 🍑💃💃🙋

    49. Unique Jasmine

      The best bitch out here yes do your thang girl ! 😎🥰👌🏼

    50. Lady Lady

      I'm definitely ready 💘 her music yessss goooo gurlll

    51. Diarra Freeman

      She spazzed period.

    52. Angel Hargrett


    53. Dennis Moore

      Definitely killtit

    54. Jaycee Williams

      Y’all are haters if you don’t like this song

    55. Brazyy Lyfe

      she honestly slayed this whole shit 💗💗💗🙂

      1. Robbin Hatchett

        Did she slay this or did I slay this?

    56. Child of God

      2020 we here suffering nd 2020 is her year god is great🙏🏾

    57. Queen Elizabeth

      You bitches owe me an apology. Dupri first 😭😭

    58. Jada Daniel

      Love it 👍

    59. Kay Mula

      Ate tf up as usual 🤣😝

    60. A dash of PEPPA

      She glowed up!!! She worked so hard for this and deserves all the recognition. I see a music award coming real soon 👀 🔥 ❤️

    61. Aleshia Williams

      I know I’m not the only one who could see a Young Dolph or Key Glock feature 🤔?

      1. Robbin Hatchett

        Or Gucci mane instead

      2. Markie Mark Jr

        Glock for sure

    62. Paris Sharel

      The way that she rode the beat 🔥🔥🔥

    63. Monica Brown


    64. Tatiana Martinez

      When you’ve been there since day one and you seen all the blessings she grew into it hits different❤️💋🥰🙏🏼

    65. goundoba tamanate

      See KGup change the likes stuff

    66. amarilys nicole

      [Intro] (Bankroll) (Big Latto) Queen of the south Know what I'm sayin'? Like (Yeah), when I be doin' the interviews, they always ask me what's my hobbies outside of rap Shittin' on bitches (Haha) [Verse] I'm the youngest and richest These bitches know what's up with me (Rich) If we beefin', I got you Won't book no shows in my city Too picky wit' the kitty He ain't hit me, bitch, I'm stingy (Hell nah) That one-knee rap hoe that diss me (Who?) I been a problem since fifteen (Woo) Yeah, bitch (Bitch), act like you know this shit (Know this shit) I dropped a hunnid on jewllery, during a pandemic Boss bitch, ain't met a nigga that can handle this (Handle this) I was up a quarter mill before thе deal, no counterfeit (Yeah) AP on me iced out, I can't tell what time it is Shooters in the [?], don't beat 'em first dumbass, don't try this shit I can't let no nigga baby mama [?] I ain't spend no threat from no pussy ho, she just talking That bitch said I wouldn't be shit and now look at her watchin' (She watchin') Rich at 21, y'all bitches owe me an apology (On God) I just put some more money on my brother books (Books) Another magazine cover, that's another look (Yeah) I'm the queen of the south, got these bitches shook (South) All it take is one wrong move to get your shit took Y'all bitches out here movin' like a nigga puppy (What?) Make him buy the Birkin 'fore he even touch it (Uh) If I let him hit the Latto then a nigga lucky Slim thick but the bank account gettin' chubby, talk to me (Uh) I be laughin' to the bank, y'all funny Brand new day, brand new money (New money) A broke nigga can't do nothin' for me (Nah) Latto where rich nigga most wanted (On God) Baby Glock in the bra, it ain't nothin (On God) Finger fuckin' these hunnids, I'm dummy (I'm dummy) Big Latto, yeah, I keep the money coming

    67. Prince West

      Different & Dope Asf 😍

    68. Erose Sunori

      Ayyyyee Queen of da souf and big latto

    69. Milli Girl


    70. Milli Girl


    71. Jakiyah Taylor

      Yess been a fan since the rap game always knew she had potential 😭❤️

    72. Brooklyn_bllr

      Who’s been here since the rap game?

    73. Azo Binks

      Sound like Key Glock - Son of a Gun

    74. Mia

      I want some of that food it’s ✨ sizzlin ✨

    75. Dke Malo p Babe

      She dope

    76. mia

      here before mil like if u f wit latto fr fr

    77. Bianca

      She up

    78. GT 08

      This is why she the queen of da souf Like if you think she really is

      1. Pretty Little Liars FOREVER

        It’s Trina, but she can be the princess

    79. fatmama jones

      yesssssss i love it

    80. Devon Moody

      Big latto😻

    81. Alysa Tayyy

      There’s no skips on this whole album gotta love BIG LATTO 💛💛💛

    82. _.1jaliyah **

      I just listened to her whole album and it was honestly worth it.🙃 My favs:🔥💞 B from da Souf No Hook Muwop He say She say Youngest N Richest Blame Me On God In N Out Look back at it Pull up

    83. Cory Palmer

      Women today is spitting harder than the men

      1. ༺Hoodsmurf༻

        fax, top 10 on my playlist is all women 🍑

    84. Tianna Grant

      I told y’all stop playing with BIG LATTO 🗣🔥 Also, let’s talk about this beattt thooo 🥶

    85. Salamatu Kanu

      Queen naija is next 👀

      1. Robbin Hatchett

        @Salamatu Kanu It's all good, I can get a little carried away with the jokes.

      2. Salamatu Kanu

        @Robbin Hatchett oh okay lol nah you was just keep asking the same question like I’m her manager or sum lmao.

      3. Robbin Hatchett

        @Salamatu Kanu Okay, calm down there buddy, I was just playing with you. I'm a fan just like you and I was curious about Queen Naija and her trajectory as an artist. Sorry

      4. Salamatu Kanu

        @Robbin Hatchett I AM NOT SURE! IM NOT HER MANAGER!!!

      5. Robbin Hatchett

        @Salamatu Kanu I'm asking because I need to know!!! So, once again, is Queen Naija going for the crown or what?

    86. tay

      shit cold ‼️‼️🔥🔥

    87. Bobbie Layton


    88. Vincent Tucker

      Big Latto did it again! 🔥🔥

    89. Kayla Symonee

      BIG LATTO😍😍

    90. Britt Britt

      Favorite track 💯💯 Latto coming for everything she deserves and I'm 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it!

    91. Julia Gonzalez

      THIS THE ONEEE 😩😩👏

      1. Robbin Hatchett

        Is this the One or am I the One?

    92. Charles McArthur

      here before the album is even dropped in my area 😭😭

    93. Chronicles Of Life

      You're looking through the comments..stumbled on this one and decided to support our channel 🙂😂

    94. Dan Car

      It’s the violin for me ❤️

    95. Delija Briggs

      The prettiest 😘

    96. Ahyminah McThomas

      I like the way she say. "Bitch!"

    97. charleen thomas

      Yes yes yes🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    98. Davonte Lewis


    99. hana silva


    100. ReLonna