Looking Forward to THIS - Bassmaster Opens #7 Travel Lewisville Lake

Scott Martin

37 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

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    This is a pivotal tournament on the road to the elites! Fall fishing will be In full swing when we get to Dallas, Texas for the 7th stop on the Bassmaster Opens Series at Lewisville Lake.
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    1. Scott Martin

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      1. Scott Frost

        @Tyler Bright FYI- I’m top in the world at my sport. I have A TON OF SPONSORS but only sponsors with products I believe in. It’s clear your not a competitive person my point to this was his tournament showings as of late. I didn’t say he couldn’t promote his sponsors but I know Scott is a smart man and BELIEVE ME, it’s easy to get sucked into the panoptics and it will SLOWLY hurt your true style of fishing. Scott was winning 2/3 events a YEAR and finishing high in most all of them! I’ve followed him and studied his craft for awhile now and it’s clear to see he’s gotten away from just catching old school style. Believe me, Scott’s got PLENTY of money and he cares more about WINNING THAN ANY MONEY! Therefore take a step back and reevaluate what you’re doing! That’s all! So Tyler, what the hell does sponsors have to do with it? He can still use the products and promote it! I’m emphasizing on his style!

      2. Tyler Bright

        @Scott Frost His ads and sponsors are how he makes a large portion of his money, you have got to know this, man!! I would too!! And so would you, and you can't say you wouldn't!!

      3. Scott Frost

        Scott, get away from the panoptics. It’s killing your style and natural way you fish! I follow you intently and have for years! I’m in Delray Fl playing a pool match on PPV heads up for a lot of money but I also fish semi pro. I’m telling you to please take a step back and just fish

      4. Randy Lowman

        Hate to be that guy but simplisafe is misspelled in the link at 3:50 on the video.

    2. Edgardo Rodriguez

      Use Texas rig but with a crankbait. Crankbait all ways floati g.

    3. Eric Rasmussen

      No hoot foot? You should explain your preference on one of your videos.

    4. Ra Lo

      Good stuff guys! 🦃👊🏼💯

    5. T L

      Pretty confident my man Billy is the brains of this whole operation and pays all the bills....lol. love it

      1. Clinton M

        Billy is the man. After they swapped spinnerworm for Macoys lame ass, Billy is what kept me watching.

    6. Landon Johnson

      “That’s not from Walmart?” 😂😂 who are u ppl.

    7. Tyler Fish

      What’s going on ! You can’t get the w?

    8. Tanner Paddock

      125?? Damn there was alot of boats out there!!!!! Texas has been tricky! But when it's good its good!!!!! What they like is always changing seems like. "Junk fishin" like you said

    9. Jim Warden

      125th. 2-4. What can you say other than...”On to the next one!”

    10. YankeeUseMasksOrDie

      I don’t know about you, but I hate the googan name. Sounds stupid.

    11. Check Mate

      Favorite One Yet... 🤣. Karate Skills Are Electric.😁

    12. BassGeek

      Billy Is a man of many talents. Hahaha

      1. Scott Martin


    13. Texas Bassin

      I live in Texarkana Texas you should stop by

    14. big dad ace

      You guys are living " high on the hog" as the old-timers say, but I don't think your paying for it all with tournament winnings though. Good luck in Texas...

    15. jason rayburn

      Happy birthday Bradley!🤘

    16. Zay

      "what is that? a hotpocket!?" LOL

    17. Jeffrey Bates


    18. Kevin Lewis

      Hey fyi the web address is mispelled in the video for Simply Safe. Welcome to Texas, good luck buddy

    19. Jason Toth

      This is a great video I love the behind the scenes more than I do the fishing a lot of the times

    20. Willy D

      What if Billy broke out (still dre) on the piano...

    21. Bradley Houston

      I feel like Todd is always grumpy lol

    22. Chris Anello

      lol! GIVE IT HELL!!!

    23. F.F. Outdoors


    24. Joe Bohannon

      WHERE'S BRANDON? I guess you're staying hush hush about the whole deal and nothing personal but i much rather see him in your vids then the others. I know I'm not the first to ask about him but am sure i probably won't get a responce about him from ya but will still watch and follow all your stuff but will be on a lower level then it would with brandon there with you.

    25. Kevin Smith

      He’s got a full box of baits that crushed um at fork lol

    26. John Rodriguez

      Lmbo... I actually thought it was haunted... Good luck guys

    27. Matt Hackman

      7:40 😂😂😂😂😂

    28. Jerad Hernandez

      funny stuff! great job! makes me wanna fish!

    29. Joseph Sharpe

      10:36. Respect Billy 👍🏻

    30. David Hodges

      Great times with great friends = memories. Enjoy and good luck to all of you.

    31. Scott Davis

      Another great video. Best of luck.

    32. Thomas Carter

      Wonder why Texas is experiencing a surge in Covid. Check out sign on door at 5:56. Scott walks right in without a mask and no one is wearing a mask ,until people take it seriously its not going away. COME ON SCOTT SET AN EXAMPLE YOU'VE GOT LOTS OF PEOPLE WATCHING

    33. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Billy said "ITS A GREAT PLACE TO SING".... AAAHHHHHH🤣🤣

    34. 3 Percenter

      Good luck Scott, this fall has been tough in Texas but I’m sure you got some tricks up your sleeve 🤙🏻

    35. Danny Drummond

      Obviously nobody in this bunch carries a gun.

      1. Savage Media


    36. M Jones

      Win or bust, not really but still make it double fact. We need a fish off with you LFG and Rob

    37. Bentley Pauli

      My man said he installed the whole system, sets camera on top of sometime in a corner 😂😂

    38. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Really looking forward to watching the practice and tournament video’s from this one!

      1. Scott Martin

        Some good ones coming

    39. Bassfisher78 !!

      Another great video Scott 👍👍 Y'all definitely got a nice rental house 👌. Maybe I get to see you guys at Lay Lake. I'm ready for some Redemption on the Coosa. Maybe that could be your title to one of the videos for Lay Lake. (Redemption on the Coosa)!!!

    40. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Haha smells like straight shit in Dallas. I can say that I live here or at least close enough. I’m like 40 min NE.

    41. bob smith

      Do a lifx unboxing..

    42. bob smith

      And a lifx strip... actually just see if you can get a lifx sponsor

    43. bob smith

      Dude get some nanoleaf on your wall... also a lifx buld..

    44. Wilbur McBeezy

      Hot pockets with honey. LMFAO. They are Sopapillas!

    45. Bass Raider


    46. Scott Frost

      Scott, please get away from the panoptics and livescope. It’s slowly destroying your old school “just fishing” style. I’ve followed you for years and you never used it back when you were winning everything. It’s ok every now and then but it’s changed your entire style and THATS NOT YOU!

    47. Phoneix Stewart

      Omg I love in haltom city!!!! You’re so close to me!!!

    48. Bret Bass

      How do you feel about the googan bladed jig

      1. Bret Bass

        @Scott Martin ik I cant wait to pick one up

      2. Scott Martin

        Looks pretty cool..

    49. bigbadbri08

      Cook that tenderloin in the oven at 500 degrees for 20 mins then shut off the oven and leave it in the oven about 15-20mins and it will be perfect

    50. Michael leady

      Catch that bassturd 💩scott

    51. Travis Craver

      Billy got talent. Go catch the fish scott good luck In practice. Fall bass are hard to catch

    52. Tim W

      must be haunted. 0 day

    53. Colby Dutton

      7:42 your welcome

    54. Ron Chambers

      Lewisville’s been tough lately....good luck guys

    55. kaily

      that ramsey guy is so cute...

    56. Landon Moses

      Good luck bro iam rooting for you, enjoy some Texas bass fishing.

    57. Dbars19

      no way you should have to hire more people with all the kids you have lol.

    58. Evan Fagerty

      Lunkers is a flippin greedy TOOL!!!!!!

    59. Randy Willheit

      Good Luck, Catch-em All 🥇🏆👍🇺🇸😉

      1. Randy Willheit

        @Scott Martin Thank You!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        👊🏻 thanks

    60. Jim Snyder

      Koivid, the fish flu!


      Be funny if if the top bunk collapsed to the bottom and all you hear ugh

    62. Brayan Martinez

      Wow Scott siempre happy men bendiciones suerte brother👌🏻🙏🏻🤍

    63. J Tee

      At 6 minutes I crack up where he goes through the door with the "masks must be worn at all times sign". Then he greets the guy inside who isn't wearing a mask either 😁. That two tone Fun-n-Sun hat he's wearing in the store is nice! Hilarious, they've never seen an intercom system in a house before. See it at 9 minutes in. Billy's got covid at 10 minutes in. At 17:28 you can see where Scott & Billy almost loose their fudge.


      Or put your dog in the office as attack dog.grrr


      Mess with him as a trucker breaker 1-9 etc drive him nuts 🥜

    66. laddy7166

      Sponsored by Simplisafe....well, when you dropped it in the description below it was spelled...simlisafe/scott martin....left out the p! Tighten up McCoy & Ramsey!! LOL!

    67. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Randy from the intuitive angler said it's really tough down there at Lewisville he thinks about 25% of the field will catch a limit

    68. Jerred Wayne

      GIVE IT HELL! 🤣🤣🤣 Welcome to Texas!

      1. F.F. Outdoors

        What video was that in

    69. RedneckInCarolina

      126th place 😞

    70. Zach Riffey

      Give it hell give it hell 😂😂 Scott your amazing

    71. Waylon Peters

      Look baitcasters not the house

    72. Tim M

      What kind of seasoning was that?

    73. Harley Ritson

      I'm going to be in Texas Saturday morning!

    74. Cody Cyr

      Sir I caught my PB from what you tought me through your videos. Thank God for you sir. Fishing changed my life. I'm clean sober. Cuz of you and fishing. Learned so much from you sir. Cody from ca

    75. Hashirama Senju

      Weird azz creepy house!

    76. David Alley

      I get my yearly boat service done there! Dangit, I didn't know Scott Martin was going to be there!!!!! Love Fun & Sun... No mask either👍😁👍

    77. Kurt Rindgen

      Awesome to have great friends....that just so happen to be great fishermen. Happy Birthday Hallman!!!

    78. Leslie Tincher

      Good luck Scott!!!

    79. Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture

      It is indeed a great one!!!

    80. Sonny Morrison

      Hey man I won't you too do. Better in this time no horsing around in this one head down fishing hard ! And no drinking!!!!!!

    81. Philip S

      Lake Lewisville... typical ugly North Texas lake, ugly landscape. For anglers and boaters that can’t do better.

    82. Lynn Lange

      Maybe I’ll see you out there this weekend. Good luck!

    83. Herb Albert

      Scott you need to step up your game...come we are counting on you.....

    84. Cody Thompson

      Looks like Scott took a zero today 😫😥

      1. Scott Martin

        Crazy day

      2. michael loll

        I was curious about that. Thought maybe they took a break but looks like he had a rough day. Such a bummer

    85. Brandon Hollingsworth

      I see a fun n sun 🦟 in the future

    86. Jason Mausteller

      Why is that motor always sideways? Not steer stops?

    87. Squatch Thumper

      Didn't see u weigh in at Lewisville??? Something happen???

      1. Scott Martin

        I think I’ll have to do that

      2. marksworld13

        One can guess. Of the field of pros 36 w/one bass, 29 w/zero thats brutal! Maybe get trash talking James on the phone, recorded it and ask for tips. That would be entertaining.

    88. Qwerser YT

      im only 12 and trying to afford a gopro so I can record fishing lake lewisville

    89. Qwerser YT

      it my little secret

    90. Qwerser YT

      maybe we can go sometime and i can show you some of the best spots

    91. Qwerser YT

      i know the best spots in that lake I live in one of the lakehouses

    92. Steven Mize

      HOT POCKETS AND HONEY!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I love it

    93. Big Chad

      Thats one of my home lakes. You should do pretty good

    94. Ricardo Martes

      "GIVE IT HELL, GIVE IT HELL! " LMFAO Hands down best lil insert yet!

      1. F.F. Outdoors

        What video was that in

    95. Joey Pilewsky

      Omg I was laughing so hard. Wow I needed a good laugh thank you billy and Scott.

    96. Joe Haywood

      Make your family proud get it going

    97. Skippy

      When Macoy popped in I just laughed

    98. Richie _k_68

      They do have some haunted houses in Dallas they have them all over the country but good luck fishing and that is a nice house.🙏🏼✌🏼🎣🎣

    99. William Riley

      6th Sense Fishing Baby....!

    100. Ken Piere

      Hey Scott , wish I was younger and could hang with you guys. I'm from your dad's era but you guys are like the club I fished with for years. Never made the national scene till I was too old to make a good effort at it. That being said, keep having fun when you can, and be intense when you need to be.