The Road to Redemption - Bassmaster Opens #4 Travel

Scott Martin

43 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

    After two tough tournaments I look to earn some much needed points at lake Hartwell.
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    1. Bruce Burdeshaw

      Great video, looks like you guys have a great time out on the road, and a cool life, fishing for a living. Where do I sign-up? Lol

    2. 517 shenanigans Frazier

      Bonus content is was awesome do more lol or a podcast telling old fishing stories 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🙏🙏🙏

    3. Bassfisher78 !!

      Looking forward to the Neely Henry tournament!! Maybe get to draw one of you guys out!!!

    4. Ubin Yankinoff

      who drinking that nasty coors?

    5. KickinBassTv

      Shute i live here. That seemed to be a toughy for everyone. The saturday before i caught 3 spots in 2 hours for just under 10 pounds on seneca river. Thurs of tournament I went out and didnt get a hit. The fish are just so keyed in on following the herring, you literally either have to catch them while they come schooling through, or finesse them in the creeks. This is when it gets the most fun for me though as well. Good luck man, hope to fish sometime

    6. Jerred Wayne

      I loved the story. Great addition to the video


      Hi! we just stumbled over your amazing channel and love your videos. 👍 We are travelling often, maybe you'd also want to explore our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo too 🌴 So lets motivate one another. Enjoy your day, and also keep up the great work! 😊

    8. Todd Strickland

      Hey Scott. Hey brother I really enjoy your channel. I grew up watching your dad. Very glad you chose that route too. By the way are the sunglasses you wear the Costa Del Mar Men's Blackfin 580G? Thanks and keep up the good work and keep posting and hope to meet you one day on the road or at a showing so I can tell you thank you in person.

    9. bustin!? King

      I live in hartwell and I wish I could see you at the fishing tournament but I can’t but it’s whatever, I have learn a lot of things about fishing from you, learn what to use during different stuff like brunch stuff like that, but good luck🙏

    10. Tomm Warneke

      Where’s Billy?

    11. Jon Acree

      20/20 breakdowns are great except for the Biden ads... 😁

    12. A1K3N FISHING

      Love that Savannah chain!! South Carolina representin!!

    13. marc k

      I miss Brandon the new dude is great but I miss spinning worm.

    14. Josh 79

      Hi Scott I am struggling with what bait to use can you help

    15. Rogbass

      Nice finish at Hartwell. Elites here we come.

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s right!

    16. Logan whittemore

      That is a nice skeeter boat you got there the new FXR 20 or 21

    17. Fishing DohaR

      This is one of the most unique fishing videos I have seen on KGup.

    18. hltsolo

      damn looks like you guys having lots of fun. nothing beat the guys hanging out and chilling.

    19. Corey Ledford

      Scott you slowing my trucks down on the interstate when you were in Atlanta

    20. Jerry Boii

      Ayy a vid I’m my home state

    21. Kristopher Huston

      What is a good setup for water that is brown in color and low visibility with not a lot of underwater structure

    22. 1 bro Gaming

      Hey I live in South Carolina can I see you what lake are you going to

      1. 1 bro Gaming

        Ok I will see if I can go

      2. Scott Martin

        The tournament was on lake Hartwell

    23. 1964krazyeric

      Nice finish at Hartwell, Scott. I am wondering where I can track who is in what place in points?

      1. Scott Martin

        Check bass. Com

    24. Steven Bullard

      I remember your dad found fish on a point on practice and new everybody would find it but down a ways was a pontoon boat fishing for crappies and he went and talked to them. He told them there was a ton of crappies on the point and they pulled anchor and went and set on the point the rest of the day so now nobody could find it. Funny story

    25. joey sutton

      I am fishing a tournament on toho next month. Any bait recommendations for that lake this time of year.

    26. Adam Smith

      Where the heck is billy. I thought thats his neck of the woods. In other news speak up boys can barely hear ya.

    27. MrMemphisTn901

      I was born and raised in memphis, the roads always been terrible 🤣🤣 safe travels bro

    28. Jim Warden

      Good job....5th!

    29. Chuck Pippin

      Had a great time! Hartwell didn’t treat me right, but it was a good learning experience. 👊🏻

    30. Fish On

      Congrats on your great result at Hartwell!

    31. M Travel Vlog

      I really enjoyed your video. Great channel. 👁👌🏼 Greetings from Albania. 👋🏼 🇦🇱 Also, Let’s build each other Up. 🤝

    32. Cole Carter

      I live about 30 min from there in Greenville

    33. Jim Browning

      5th place!!! Way to rebound!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Jim!

    34. Tristan Van Oort

      My healthy is fishing every single day 24/7 every year because I live on a lake call Harrison Lake BC

    35. adam roach

      Hartwell is my home water. Got a tournament Saturday 15 to 25 lb. Bags are common

    36. Chris W

      Grow your mullet back!

    37. Spencer Cline

      Were you talking about old hickory in gallatin tn

    38. Andrew Bullard

      Welcome to South Carolina Scott!

    39. Mick Anderson

      Anderson sounds like a great place

    40. 82ndDon

      LETS GOOOOOO SCOTT!!!!! Heck, Upshaw too. But let’s goooo Scott!

      1. 82ndDon

        Sorry, that was a bit out of hand Haha!... wrote that when you moved into 5th on Champ Friday. Only needed that big fat pig to bite and move you up top. But that’s always how it is. Glad to see your strong finish.

      2. Scott Martin

        Lol thanks!


      when you get in a wreck your are supposed to " my check i mean my neck"

    42. Preston Chapman

      It's weird hearing scott curse 😂

    43. Eddie Harper

      Dang shout out from Anniston AL! I love Fuji go there for birthdays and such it would have been crazy to run into you there!

      1. Eddie Harper

        Lets go catch some big Spots on Logan Martin Scott! Haha if only...

    44. Caleb elmore

      Where my South Carolina people at???

    45. Clarence Tillman

      Hey Scott, my names Austin I live in Anderson Sc I was wondering have y’all made it to hartwell yet? I’m a huge fan and I just want a autograph brother.. I’ve watched your channel for years and I enjoy the content. Hartwell is tricky but really good this time of year

    46. Big Moe Medina

      Chuck Pippin in the House!!!! The Pride and Joy of Lake Toho and The Kissimmee Chain, representing US Locals!!! God Bless You all and Please be safe!!!!

    47. Jay Burt

      Hey Scott love your tournament videos keep up the great work. Looking forward to more and good luck on the rest of the season.

    48. Darrell Savoy

      You need to take me along with y'all to cook for the crew.

    49. the_enthusiast

      I was literally about to say welcome to Memphis and then you said it scott lol

    50. Chris Clark

      What’s the contact cement for ? I saw it on the kitchen table.

      1. Jimmy Large

        Gotta get high somehow. Shit hard to find in different cities all the time.

    51. Josh Henderson

      Bro, you came through my hometown of Anniston! Looks like you stopped at Fuji Steakhouse. That is a good place to stop! You need to stop by Yume across the street, too. Both are great places to eat. Tight lines on Hartwell!

    52. Brock Johnson

      You got this bro!! We pullin for u

    53. Merica

      So weird, I just spent last weekend on the Georgia side of Lake Hartwell

    54. Conner English

      Hahaha I live an hour north of Atlanta, if I drive through Atlanta it’s because the entire world around it is ending. Btw people WILL do exactly what you said, hit you, and get out holding their neck. It’s sad people get to that point.

    55. Jake Schisler

      If the walls could talk!

    56. Rusty Price

      Hey Scott, the tournament you were talking about at Old Hickory, did a local guy named Adam Wagner win that one?

    57. North GA OutdoorS !

      See ya at weight in. Let’s win it

    58. Paul Seibert

      Completely washed up needs to retire like his daddy

    59. Paul Seibert

      No redemption for Scott hes a googan now. Hasn't been a pro in years needs to hang it up. If he was fishing flw/mlfs he would be getting spanked!!!😂

      1. colton n

        He got 5th place lmao, comment invalid

    60. dave

      that ranger looks so much better with that yamaha on the back

    61. Jamie Watson

      Gallatin steam plant lol caught many a fish in there lol.

    62. Parrot Bill

      Yea, you may need the boat to tow your truck through the flooging. Cars are floating in some places, so be careful.

    63. Me Not you

      Saw you bully a guy out of his spot during the tournament on hartwell. Jerk move man!!

      1. Check Mate


      2. Check Mate

        Respecfully.. SU.

    64. Samuel Wardlaw

      Hey Scott you are you favorite fisherman ever I meet you in 2014 then in 2019 and I got one of your gray smc hats that you signed made me year in 2019 and in 2020 thanks hope you win

    65. Samuel Wardlaw

      Hey throw a fluke in blue pearl hologram or a Carolina rig

    66. Up Creek Outdoors

      Hey Scott ,I took a picture with your truck at Cassel-Boykin on Rayburn when you were practicing,we were also practicing but for a high school tournament

    67. Jake Martin

      Love the vids man🎣🤙

    68. Thomas Caldwell

      How ya like that Carolina cold front? Nice ain't it! Great show guys 👍

    69. Dylan Stokes

      It's crazy to me that so many pros have been to old hickory. That's my local lake and it's not even good

    70. Chase Baird

      I thought we seen y’all leaving out Tuesday. Didn’t even know y’all were in town. Hope it went well!

    71. Lucas Thompson

      Hey Scott I was the kid in the black shirt in the beginning and just wanted to let you know I got third in my tournament on grand

      1. Steven Tucker

        Scott Martin hey Scott, why don’t MLF pay the officials?

      2. Scott Martin


    72. Anthony Vaughn

      Nice to see your in my home lake hope you do well. Keep up the awesome work!!👍🏻👍🏻

    73. Tim Newby

      Sushi in Alabama ??

    74. Nathan Thompson

      Man you went right by me in Alabama I live right by Aniston

    75. PirateDelo

      Should have invaded b lat's house or at least acted like you were that would have been hilarious

    76. Cameron Taylor

      Yoo Scott Martin I live in South Carolina and I love to fish and love to watch your videos and I was wondering if I could go with u one day. I like to fish at Lake Murray and Lake murrain.

    77. Victor Remick

      You earn your money' TUFF GIG

    78. Rogbass

      Hung around all afternoon to watch the weigh in. Your a class act Mr Martin. Your going to be in the elites and will tear it up. Love following your progress. To the Classic we go.

    79. Vent James

      Hey man wish you lots of luck im waiting on my son his wife is having twins two girls hope everything is going to be ok

    80. Andy Patt

      Welcome to Anderson, SC!

    81. Chip Hester

      Ya gotta come through Owensboro, Ky one of these times and have some sushi at Wasabi on Hwy 54 whith us.

    82. Mitchell Traxler

      Go get em scott, good luck!!!

    83. WhiteBird

      Scott where is your Trump hat and flag?

    84. MrBAMAMAN76

      Man you're were in my neck the woods in Anniston. Fuji and yume thats right across the street are both good.

    85. Garrett

      Bring back Brandon!

    86. Evan Shillcox

      Love this whole tournament series from traveling to practice to tournament day its all great


      Lmao at that story at the end....good one scott... smart

    88. Kimberly Carr

      Yum yum sauce!! Lol people look at you like you have five heads when you ask for that up here in New England (went to school in VA). Love the travel blog. Keep on keeping on. It’s all fantastic 🎣

    89. Jason Mausteller

      Good luck Scott

    90. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Do work Scott. Remember this , if you start to get frustrated. When I played football in college my position coach told me the following: if the world starts falling apart out there , do what you know how to do, play the game! Your an athlete like any other and it's a game don't over think it and go back to what you know ! Good luck!

    91. Matt Foley

      I dont know anyone who loves fishing more than you! That was a heck of a trip!

    92. Evan Fagerty

      Plz bring Spinnerworm back. This new dude is lame

    93. Pedro Crespo Mira

      Good luck Scott 💪💪

    94. GOON

      Looking good in the standings my man!! Good luck


      Scott really hoping you and Blat Crush this weekend!


        Scott Martin sitting in 10th going into the final day! Let’s get it!

    96. Nate Venus

      14:52 I thought you were going to say it was so dark you couldn’t see and you were pitching into someone’s open live well. That would have made for a funny story.

    97. Donald Green

      Great video....Good to see the pippinator too.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks! It’s always a good time having him around.

    98. EliteGB

      Yes sir lets get it Scott. They will bite a drop shot pretty good here on Hartwell. I have had decent luck kinda milking it as you go with a lil jiggle jiggle. Milk it and see what happens. Catching them around rocky banks or on a drop off. but sending winner vibes your way homie! Ill be watching💪💪

    99. Eric Duggins

      YESSIR! Made the cut!!! Today would've been Dad's 65th birthday, do it for him!

    100. Evan Legath

      I enjoyed this travel blog. Enjoyed listening to the stories between y'all. Hopefully you have more of this in future videos.

      1. Scott Martin

        Will do!