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    The next all-electric supertruck is coming. The GMC HUMMER EV SUV.

    See it. Reserve it. 4.3.21 5pm ET @
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      How much to trade in my 2008 hummer H2?


      Perfect! *Looks Like I will be buying a used one 5 years from now.* at that price tag.


      This car is giving me serious cyberpunk vibes

    4. Mr. Nobody

      Wrong choice of music 😑

    5. Cathair 929

      Being eclectic ruins the entire idea of hummer

    6. GriefRedefined

      Where the reveal, 8 minutes late boys

    7. Speckzy

      Song name

    8. Alex R

      Is that a front grill or an old cassette player can somebody explain

    9. Arachnid

      Nine minutes until first look...

    10. Mr Burst

      Good cool usv

    11. FBI

      And its held together by ductape and cardboard!

    12. Squirt cake

      I would immediately take the electric drivetrain out, and put a big detroit diesel in it somehow.

    13. Blizzard biter

      What got the likes of a global motorcompany or gmc to buy the likes of a hummer company?.

    14. The Victator

      Looks like something out of Cyberpunk 2077

    15. Yong Yea

      Led Zeppelin is rolling in their grave. You butchered that song!

      1. Brad Rowland

        What’s the problem? Led Zeppelin butchers it every time They play it live 🖕🏻

    16. Justuce_24_8 Foster

      This is kinda racist but whatever

    17. Lard Jellers lol

      the truck version looks like a new honda ridgeline

    18. Xiozenx

      Ok now put it back

    19. Kevin Klein

      I through we were introduced to this last year?

    20. Solaris_ TMLT

      Thor: Ragnarok music here

    21. alex s

      Makes more sense than the Ford Mustang SUV.

    22. ruffrida100

      I’d rather have a good paying job so that I can afford a used 4-5 year old Chevy

    23. Solar Walkman

      Now if you could do the same with Pontiac G8 and Firebird except don't make them electric that'd be great

    24. fatcat261


    25. Lee M

      I’d rather buy a Tesla... then buy a H1 for that price.. and still have money left over

    26. Hichael Jordan

      This looks badass.

    27. Saii Bundy

      If it’s not electric I don’t want it

    28. Shaolin master

      Its dope but now I'm just waiting to hear about some LS swapping it

    29. Trading Options w/M0ndr311

      Y'all brought it back just to ruin it. 😑🤦🏿‍♂️

    30. rnao

      Can't wait to have that beautiful bar of light blind me as Im driving then I have to turn on my truck led bar and blind them back even worse :3

    31. TJ Duke

      Won’t see me purchasing nothing EV I’ll stick with my diesel

    32. aiden davis


    33. R Smith

      Maybe actually build the pickup truck one to operate without wires under it like when you first revealed it before moving on to the next?

    34. Jace Dickens

      Ew terrible

    35. hivek mosat

      The male white compatibly wait because humidity overwhelmingly wipe qua a milky switch. overt, murky age

    36. Funny School Puns

      Bro that’s not headlights, that’s darth mauls lightsaber

    37. リジーはJに感謝します

      It's better be under 70k

    38. Richard Marquez

      Did they team up w Gillette to make that front end ?

      1. Trading Options w/M0ndr311


    39. T Pose Scout


    40. Mr. Winny


    41. Cobra Strike Down

      Ice had only one ev. It happens to be a gm (volt). One of two (different day different screen) screens would just go out while driving. Restarting the car wouldn't bring them back on. You'd have to go to a dealer for a computer reset. So comforting when you don't know how fast you're going or how much electric/gas you have left! Electrical issues abound. And in under 34k miles, my entire front axel needed to be replaced (barely under warranty). And that's only the tip of the ice berg of my problems. Yeah, not only am I sticking with the convenience of gas vehicles, but even if I was forced into an ev, gm is last on the freakin list.

      1. R Smith

        Your problem was buying a GM, you should have got Tesla

    42. devayon lett

      Was that BronBron?

    43. Konner Kramer

      wheres the l5p engine option 😂

    44. CarLivesMatter Trucky

      Does gm tuck their cars in at night?

    45. Cobra Strike Down

      Make it gas and we'll talk. This is like putting a football player in a pink skirt. No one who wants an ev will want this.

    46. Leptic

      April fools!!!

    47. ryan jensen

      Part of that $3.2 trillion stimulus package graciously provided by you and me.

      1. R Smith


    48. Austin Long

      But hummer is its own brand 💀

    49. Fero Smelovsky

      My favorite channel can't wait to switch my cbr for some street legal dirt bike

    50. Mikeser

      No thanks, I think I'll stick with Tesla.

    51. Philip Spencer


    52. THEMaNIsWOrTHit

      Bruh moment

    53. Alex

      April fools

    54. xannn*


    55. Tasjohn Terry

      LeGM back at it 😭shout out lebron for the voiceover

    56. Aidan S

      Yeah imma drift it when it comes out in forza

    57. Skim_beeble 7124

      But like why

    58. Team DDB

      Anyone else notice 4,3,2,1?

    59. Pierre Green

      Light bill will be like a second mortgage on the house

      1. R Smith

        Then get solar panels & it'll pay for itself

    60. HomeTheatre101

      Oops fell asleep halfway through 🥱

    61. your mom

      Does anyone else think it looks like a razor head at 0:01

    62. Nick Angel

      Not a real truck

    63. KINGDOM MT

      GM trying to get everyone excited about the new EV’s is hilarious 🤣

    64. ChanMan 2802

      So no diesel?

    65. NewFlyer56k

      GMC? Didn't it get sold to the Chinese?

    66. ecobra169

      For all the years they wasted . They would've been had those on the street far cheap by now . Don't buy.

    67. Mason Harris

      I wish GMC the best of luck with their survival while competing against Tesla

    68. Orbital Wig


    69. Aaron Woodard

      You mean the gmc bronco?

    70. Solace in Brooklyn

      Being back H1 design

    71. Frankster Devious

      Really GM? Couldn't use the original Immigrant song? Smh

    72. 1spunkymonkey2

      LS swap it

    73. Edward Chwalek

      You like they did so well before

    74. FD-E12-St1-2 Fire

      Don't worry biden will take it away just as his current boss did the hummer, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, etc. government they know better than you. They love to follow the US Constitution 100% oh I mean 0%

    75. Flipoffrosty

      Yay a new car with a built in LED bar to blind me even without it’s brights on.

    76. Yong Yea

      H IV

    77. Yong Yea

      Hahaahaha bahahaaaa

    78. Jason B

      So this is obviously designed for off road. Last time I checked there is no power stations in the middle of nowhere. When I go off road I can at least bring spare gas with me just in case I run out. How are you going to bring spare electricity. Even if these things never see dirt and run out of electricity on the road what then. If I was to ever run out of gas on the highway, I would walk to gas station buy a gas can, fill it up and take it back to my truck. Also, I find it funny that we are using fossil fuels to create electricity just to charge electric cars.

      1. Void Galaxy

        @Diff Snicker Not all of the electricity is created that way, lots of it is made with solar farms and wind turbines.

      2. Diff Snicker

        oh my God yes finally someone that understands that electricity is produced by fossil fuels. they're not doing anything to help the environment they just wanna make cars too complicated for the average Joe to work on

    79. Columbus O'banner

      Correction: Give Stephen Curry the right help, he is not selfish, but he is a winner. ( sometimes we make typo errors) but if you read it entirely, the message will speak clearly. Stephen Curry is humble, but he is a winner, and not a loser. We are asking the ownership and the front office to give Stephen Curry the rights players to continue the winning championships.

      1. R Smith

        Wrong video

    80. floati

      Alternative title: look at this new car for soccer moms

      1. Stupid Idiot

        Wow so original omg I've never seen this like ever

    81. Xander Coyle

      So, is the original Immigrant Song politically incorrect because a man did the vocals? Smh

    82. Emmett G

      You guys have the chance to make a cool Hummer by offering a Duramax option or even a gas option but you failed because EV this EV that b**** just make both

    83. Elisha Dillard

      Thats Lebron Talking my Guy 🐐

    84. Cheeky Pseudonym🐻

      Like an overgrown Prius

    85. Cheeky Pseudonym🐻

      But why?

    86. SisAndBroTOYShow Collier

      For the low low price of $120,000

    87. Jazzy Furious Destroyer

      Is the army gonna use it?

      1. Diff Snicker

        incredibly unreliable and expensive? hm I think the army would love it!

    88. Medic9602

      put a diesel in it then i’ll buy it

    89. Raindrop

      Do you have to push this one down a hill too?

      1. Kevin 123


    90. Mark Plott

      GMC - now make it Affordable by the WORKING Class, otherwise go Babkrupt.

    91. Erick30010

      Hummer is ny default the ugliest design in truck and now they made it uglier

    92. Gun

      What the bronco should have been

    93. javier book shadows contributor du

      not funny

    94. OMNIBUS X

      Headlights = Empty health bar

    95. Brian guy

      Why this look like the Nicola pick up truck that GM was going to make with Nicola?

      1. Mark Plott

        Gravity Motors.

    96. Pop Corn

      Yeah just what I want to do is spend a 100k on a Chinese communist vehicle.

    97. Brian P

      Middle class and below need not apply

    98. Xi Jinping

      Ah. The brand new 2022 Hummer No Class

    99. AR Car Reviews

      Can’t wait to get rammed and blinded off the road by a large electric vehicle that can run me over

      1. Brad Rowland

        Stay in the right lane!

    100. Bricklayerlz dp

      Nothing 27% apr can't handle. Bring it on