Trash Talking James - The Rematch vs Scott Martin

Scott Martin

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    Trash Talking James vs. Scott Martin - this rematch has been in the making for long time.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Who should we have James challenge next?? Share the video with all your friends!

      1. Stephen Wurst

        Hey Scott love your channel man im a huge fan !! Wanted to ask your opinion on a particular type of fishing rod.

      2. Stephen Wurst

        Hillary will shut him up !!

      3. Noah Lincourt


      4. cam wheelies

        hillary pt.2

      5. KelvinShiFTZ

        We needa rematch again! Yall just throwing senkos and he didnt even throw jerkbait 🤪😅🤣

    2. Daniel Wade

      Hey man you tell James to challenge me to a catfish battle and my name is Daniel wade

    3. Let 'Er Rip

      Jerk crank 🤣 🔥 lure


      I like James shoes

    5. Alan Snyder

      Bassmaster TTJ

    6. Brennan Welch

      What song was that on the montage with James

    7. Neil Els

      Sccot tack him withe to the tornement fishing

    8. Carter Purvis

      Who wants to dislike this video

    9. Greg Hawkins

      Nothing better for a kid than to go fishing ! Especially with a pro!

    10. Danger Smith

      Scott awesome video this kids a riot. In the first video and this video the only time you get mad is when he rips on you for backlashes lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Your a good influence on these young kids good work !!!!!

    11. steven caldwell

      TTJ don’t Play Son!

    12. El muchacho Alegre

      I subscribe

    13. Kenneth Chapman

      Fish catching trash talking James

    14. slab busterRTR

      Yeah I watched the first vid I was like yeah he got lucky.. NAW!! James aint no joke young feller can fish !! Future pro right there

    15. Finley Lawler

      I can’t believe that James did’t use his JERK CRANK

    16. Josh Puttkammer

      Extreme Trash Talking James

    17. Carey Fredrich

      TM TTJ

    18. Richard Lenzo

      Upgrade: Hot Rod James (aka TTJ). Scott n Hillary V. Dad n James! Let's do it!! Raindeer Re-Match for Christmas! The Finale! (You all have to wear raindeer horn hats unless your in the lead.) Great stuff here.

    19. tythefishngguy

      Do u know chuck pippin?

    20. Emmanuel Rivera

      I think 5 sweengs

    21. Emmanuel Rivera

      I love this vidio

    22. Millertv

      Gooo James!!!

    23. Dwight Williams

      James is just soaking up all the game from u Scott great mentor!!! Hes gonna be great

    24. Dwight Williams

      We love trash talking james!!!!!

    25. Leslie Tincher

      Is this kid related to the Catch me outside girl?

    26. Terrible at Fishing

      TTJBWS: Trash talking James butt woopin Scott

    27. Sam Wise

      someone buy that kid a go-pro

    28. Eren Kandogan

      you talk like my pe teacher. LOL.

    29. Trueblood Fishing

      5:20 I had you scared on that one😂😂

    30. Andrew Tran


    31. Its Lando

      trash talking james barthalomew james the 3rd jr

    32. Braden Kang

      When he says don’t worry I still was ⤵️

    33. jt mcgee

      How he gon talk smack in your face and give you that weak handshake😂 kids a beast tho👍🏻

      1. jt mcgee

        Kid would out fish me everyday of the week😂

    34. Fishin with Joe

      Ttj aka woop yo butt James

    35. Sherry Williams

      They say bate casters never backlash

    36. officiallykrazykid

      The fishing trash talking man named james tfttmnj

    37. Kevin Smith

      We need TTJ shirts saying fear the jaw ..

    38. duramaxjo Pearson

      Dude that kid must be fishing for water he bad even I can get more fish then him 😂

    39. Carrie Bakker

      sttj super trash talker james

    40. BG

      Ues sir ttjtkfm Trash talking James the kid Fisher man

    41. Valorie Carpenter

      Can you make more videos with trash talking James 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. jeremy FTW

      Hes changes so much


      Use sharp hooks


      You can't nd dinks

    45. William Riley

      Maybe James should win a new Stratos 176 VLO package...??? What do you think Scott...?

    46. Ryans Channel Pro

      Terrible trash talking James

    47. Brian Muldovan

      Scotts a cool dude I'm glad I found his channel

    48. Bassing Boy

      You should get him to bass fish with Kevin Van Damm

    49. caitlynn clark

      It's a nutter FISH!!!

    50. EricGamingTDM


    51. HAHA David

      Aye my boy James back at it again 😂

    52. Brant Peterson

      Only real ones watched the first video when it came out



    54. Z SwayZe

      Kids a weapon

    55. TL Fishing

      He should be your new tournament partner

    56. Craig Canterbury

      This kids funny. Love to see Scott vs James but in water neither has fished. Out of south Florida. Heck do Scott and Hilary vs Pops and James. 😂😂

    57. Kent Falls

      I Iike the video

    58. krazd360

      This video was classic. You are a good sport. 😂😂😂😂😂

    59. Kendra Case


    60. Lonnie Fit

      I’m tears again not even 3 minutes in and the kid is pulling them out..

    61. Michael Wilson


    62. Adam Cook

      LOL just as i was thinking man if Scott hadnt missed thoughs first 2 or 3 at the beginning he would be sitting really nice......just as James says you all keeping track of how many swing and misses he has made? LOL awesome match.

    63. WWE FANKID


    64. Jackson Coleman

      Super trash talking james------sttj

    65. Bino FN

      Ngtl he is kinda a spaz

    66. phartattack


    67. bonek350

      Hair Flippin Trash Talkin James. That boy it's gonna give himself whiplash.

    68. steady kastyn

      Always trash talking James 😅🤣😂

    69. Monique Hicks

      Plz respond

    70. Monique Hicks

      I would love I mean love to fish with you I love to fish I 12 years old and live in Louisiana

    71. Twiggerless 15

      Supper ttj

    72. BLK FSH R TV

      "YEAAAHHHH Buddy!

    73. Chris Patterson

      You get that kid some sponsors yet?

    74. Ihit Biggreenz

      TTTJ - the trash talking james


      Now you have to have another challenge best 2 out of 3

    76. Eli Schwieker

      I wish I could fish with scot Martin I’m twelve and I won 700 dollars in the big bass splash on lake guntersvile so I’m basically a pro

    77. Billy Whitaker

      A snag dont count

    78. Billy Whitaker

      I think the young fello got it again lv his style

    79. James Voelkl

      Sghtwbja. Scott getting his tail whipped by james again. Love the vids scott. You ever get to wilkes co north Carolina look me up. I need somebody to show me how to fish. Lol

    80. vlvx Minecraft

      I found his KGup lol

    81. thefuneh jas

      I did not contact

    82. Slerq

      Imagine being that kid it would always be a honor fishing with Scott

    83. EricGamer


    84. Wisconsin Fishing

      Fish a tournament with James

    85. Robert Obrien

      Where do you fish

    86. James Duffield

      MTTJ Mega track talking James

    87. Peely Boi

      T. The W. Worlds W. Worst T. Trash T. Talker J. James

    88. William Zimmerman

      The professional bass fisherman was nervous about loosing to 10 to 13 year old angler

    89. T Deweese

      Love the sound effects of the fish hitting water

    90. Clint Choate

      I love this kid....he got skills

    91. Casting_with_cal

      Poor macoy 😂 watching this vid for the fifteenth time

    92. Stephen Hernandez

      KarenCutTrashTalkingJames (KCTTJ)

    93. Stephen Hernandez

      James with that Karen cut!!

    94. Jamie Molina

      Infamous ttj

    95. Peridot99

      He's grow up tho, kinda shock he's that big.

    96. F14SHY YT

      TTJA=Trash Talking James Angler

    97. Stevon Steward


    98. Miles Solsky

      The way this kid treats his expensive j’s 😔

    99. D4rty Montana

      scott you should give him one of your good rods. Would make his day.

    100. edgar57639

      Lol Scott was out for Blood in this one Son ,he's a good kid