How to Fish Florida feat. LunkersTV

Scott Martin

43 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    Catching bass in Florida can be tricky. In this video I teach you some tips on how to catch bass in Florida lakes!
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    1. Ty Vaughan

      Soon as lunkers hopped on the video views dropped hard 😬

    2. Kuuttila Family fishing

      Hey Scott I was to start by saying that you're my favorite fisherman in the entire world and with that being said you are on my rapala fantasy fishing league for the bassmasters on St John's and all the other ones and with your advice I even took my ears as my partner in it and tried to get Scott Canterbury but he was on the same thing as you so I couldn't I need you guys to step up and get me in first place I'm a father of three I'm married so I live paycheck to paycheck and this is my first big chance to win a lot of tackle and step up my stuff so I can start having a lot more Lourdes you're my favorite and I have the most faith in you I was so hyped when I seen that you were on the fantasy fish and you are my first person to pick so please please please help me when you admit are going to kill it this year please thank you for everything thank you for all the content thank you for everything Scott you are the man literally you're the best in the world!!!!!!!!!

    3. Mustang

      Learned along time ago that going fishing is not as much as catching, I never go fishing, I only go catching.

    4. Brett McKenzie

      Love those big sexy rods

    5. Jim Cloud

      Heading down to FL. Thursday . Hope I can get on some toads !!! 🎣🌅💯

    6. Patricia Guenzler

      Good luck thanks for the video

    7. Eddie King

      Hey Scott my dad told me for you to come to watts bar lake and he will absolutely destroy you in fishing so please come and fish against him

    8. RedNeck Fishing

      Chevy paying u for air time?


      I hate that guy

    10. Devin Burk

      Love how you gave him tips and you are an awesome genuine guy love this

    11. mark Roper

      Like me some Lunkers!!! Crusty is good!

    12. JoJo The skunked Fisherman

      Hey Scott, thanks for the video. I live 5 minutes from Lake Toho and have only ever been able to bank fish and never had any luck. Just got a kayak and watching this I feel a little more confident.

    13. RLM Fishing

      Cool release!

    14. rdspix

      I like all the Googans, except for Rob. He is just too into himself

    15. rdspix

      Rob is about to find out that his money can’t buy talent

    16. Rogbass

      Great SMC show this week. Love the team challenge.

    17. Jeff Williams

      Nilgai......pronounced Neal Guy. haha Also known as Caballo Diablo (devil horse) by our friends from the south. 😏

    18. Byron Argueta

      Ok lunkers. Ur clothe getting stolen is getting old. Ur getting ready for tournament fishing, show us more of that instead of crying about ur free clothe

    19. Tyler

      The official term is "milking" 👌👍😅

    20. Fish4Life

      Lunkertv and favorite garbage content...

    21. Lance Mabry

      Rob better have more than Googan Squad shit in his boat, he is gonna need all the help he can get..

    22. FishHooked

      Enjoyed it! Tight lines from FishHooked 🔥

    23. DW B

      Good stuff

    24. Jeremy Albert

      you and rob should go fishing for peacock together !!!

    25. Bama Backwoods

      I caught a 7 pound bass yesterday

    26. Blue Rivera

      The man, the myth, the legend, Scott Martin!!

    27. Jayson Elam

      Good job! Did anyone else catch?🤔

    28. Austin Hubatch

      Rob didn't destroy them. What the heck Scott. Lol

    29. Travis Craver

      Oh no no mccoy hope the video comes out good. Know he the best at his job


      Scott makes my day when he posts a new video

    31. Pânico Pesca Esportiva


    32. Mike Patterson

      Rob's first weigh in two fish for 2lbs. 5oz. As a pro in 2021 , can only go up from here.

      1. capnrob97

        Looks like he didn’t catch any today, finished near the bottom of the field

    33. Trevor Norris

      9:30 geez looked like an alligator tried to come up and eat it

    34. Off the Hook Outdoors

      Great video Scott! Keep it up and good luck this year.

    35. Michael Chingman

      Rob your going to kill them as Scott pulls in a 7lb 😂

    36. Darryl Vieregge

      We are going to be fishing the chain of lakes in Orlando the end of May. Been watching you help Rob and storing the information for when we are there. Thanks for the great vids

    37. The Fishing Expat

      Should have told Rob you would bring him some clothes but he had to use one of your Favorite rods..

    38. VangsFishing

      How did rob react to those Favorite Rods in his boat 😂😂😂

      1. Jerred Wayne

        Bet he didn't care at all

    39. The Reel Tanner

      8:29 When you are the GOAT of bassin

    40. Mike Scott

      Very cool of you to help Rob out.

    41. Jared Bays


    42. Wild Outdoors

      Scott you are an awesome person and you really inspire me

    43. Dave Rasnake

      Awesome Scott. Great seeing you taking us along as you explain tactics to Rob. Was that the googan click bait you were using or another type of chatterbait? I hope Rob has a good tourney in a few weeks I know he's all in on it.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks!! Yes it was a clickbait

    44. Jeremy Davis

      Honestly I prefer the Crusty Videos.

      1. Scott Martin

        Well that make life so much

    45. Rusty Wells

      I can't think of a better pro to show Rob how to fish a lake well maybe Wheeler but that's it. But if it's Florida I would still pick Scott over Wheeler.

      1. Scott Martin

        I’d pick me over jwheels

    46. Slimetime

      Well rob should be good for the opens as long as you get to fish with him

    47. Mark Wilkins

      Hey Scott I've been following you since day one. Check out my KGup channel Northeast Georgia kayak fishing. For big bass in Georgia and Western North Carolina

    48. Jay Jackson

      Are you ready for the season to start? I sure hope so, I have you on my starting roster in fantasy fishing. Rooting for you this season and I hope I get drawn to be your Marshall at Pickwick or Champlain.

      1. Scott Martin

        Heck ya!!

    49. Shaun Lewis

      Wish rob the best of luck 🤞🏼

    50. Nick Witkowski

      Hello Scotty! Good video content. Sux to be Rob being taught by the best!! I don't recall seeing him catch any fish? Just you man. Did he even fish? You said this video would be "Crusty"....I think it was just Robs "tighty whities" that were crusty! Good luck at the St. Johns River Scott, and good luck to Rob at his first Bassmaster Open! TEAM SMC!!! 👊BAM!👊

      1. Scott Martin


    51. Brian Patrick

      Good stuff, thanks again!

    52. John G

      My favorite videos of all time are Florida fishing either with Scott or Rob but both is mind blowing!!

    53. Don Prater

      Enjoyed the video👊!

    54. Hunter Traver

      Hey Scott, when are you gonna try out the googan rods?

    55. Ripin Woodworkz

      Sweet! I need that Favorite Hoodie you got on.... lol

    56. Nolan Fisher

      whats your PB

    57. Zac Pearson

      I’ve found that single swimbaits arigs and speedworms have worked, not any luck on the prop bait

    58. Trey D

      Scott Martin For President!!!


      I'm over here in WI waiting for the ice to melt 😩

      1. Blaine Howell

        I'm next door in Michigan in the same boat. Waiting for the ice to go away.

    60. Rogbass

      Cool video. Now it’s time to make history. Slay em next week.

    61. Kellen Blake

      Long time fan Scott I got a picture with you in Plattsburgh when you came to fish in for in Plattsburgh on Champlain love the content keep it going

    62. FeraModus

      Love you and your family for many years now, I'm not a lurkers expert but I would think you could do better! Idk, but keep getting them!!

    63. capnrob97

      Good luck next week in your first elite tourney. You guys will be a few miles south of me. I have to be in Tampa next weekend and will miss the weigh ins, dang it.

    64. Bassfishnfool Z

      You can lead a mule to water but it doesn’t mean he’s going to drink it!

    65. SouthernBassHunter

      I hope Rob has a better 2nd day of the tourney

      1. capnrob97

        Tough start, tied for 152nd

    66. wesleybigham1

      Man I’m so ready for the spawn to happen here in Alabama. I’m gonna catch a monster I can feel it! Cool video bud

    67. Tiny Waters TV

      I wish we had open water here in the north! Missing fishing

      1. Noah Fanucci

        Just ice fish

    68. MO_RHEC KuntryKenny

      This is cool to see Rob on your channel 💯🔥🤘

    69. Brad Crews

      They forgot to bleep out robs “oh shit”

    70. J B

      i gotta give Rob props.... fishing the opens is brutal... and he is trying it with zero experience,, that takes BIG kahuna's.... hope he does well, not for anyone else... but for himself,, he has my respect for trying...

      1. Slimetime

        @Graffiti Carbon what? I thought it wasn’t til like March

      2. J B

        @Graffiti Carbon i agree... kudos to him for trying... he has a great fan base that will support him regardless of event standing... his fan base may also help the event attendance... its a win win for all..

      3. Graffiti Carbon

        he had a rough first day but credit to him i know he'll get better each event

    71. That Fishing Guy

      153. Well tomorrow is a new day. Set the hook hoss.

    72. N1K 5m1Th

      152nd.. Ouch

    73. The Dangler

      Peep the iPad on youtube at 2:11.. channels so good he watches his own videos

    74. Richie _k_68

      That’s awesome you’re in town and I know you’re going to Harris chain of lakes am I right ? Good luck man and I’m sorry for his stuff got stolen that’s not right what comes around goes around.✌🏼🎣🎣

    75. James Blanton

      Scott have you ever fished the Suwannee River for bass I have never had any luck bass fishing here but catch a lot of pan fish

      1. James Blanton

        @Richard Miller around Branford and mouth of the Santa Fe I have seen people catch a lot of bass but I haven't caught many but I mostly fish for red bellies

      2. Richard Miller

        There are a lot of bass in the Suwannee. Where on the river do you fish?

    76. Michael Dillard

      We had snow flurries here in APOPKA last night about 3 in the morning

    77. Stacy Jackson

      Scott I’m coming to Lake Okeechobee for the first time to fish. Should I get a guide maybe for a day or just put in and go? I going to say for three days.

    78. Rod Cashman

      Great way explaining fishing in Florida!! Hopefully I'll be able to do so since I'm here in Florida till middle of April.

    79. Tatom Thomas

      Arm chair professionals out in full force. Y’all must lead some miserable ass lives to just be wandering around KGup to talk shit and give thumbs down.

    80. Bass Blaster3000

      Lunkers? That guy is still around? Googans suck, stop ruining your content

    81. BEAR

      I'm a big fan of you and Rob❗ I'm sub'ed to both of y'alls channels ❗🔥👍 The perfect boat load of my favorite U-Tube fisherman all you have to do is throw in LFG. And as Rob would say my nether region would start tingling ‼️✌️🤘👍😁😉🤣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

    82. Jason Travis

      let me give you some advice lunkers is no good

    83. Andy Davis

      Just looked at Lunkers day 1 weigh ins..... sitting in 152place, yikes 😱

      1. Will McFarland

        @Slimetime no shit

      2. Slimetime

        @Will McFarland dude just cause your in the opens as a pro doesn’t mean your a pro just means you have the money to pay the fees....he’s going to need to do better if he wants to make some noise

      3. Andy Davis

        Will McFarland that is an optimistic way to look at it, I was hoping to see a better number, honestly. But, it is his very first tournament. I’m sure he will come around. I hope he does, to put his money where his mouth is. Tell all the haters he is worth a damn.

      4. Will McFarland

        But, he is still ahead of 50 other pros on his first pro day, you cant start at the top.

      5. Carson Williams


    84. Curly Que2

      That cost mr lunker 2500 guide fee,you wanna see a massive bag of fish without all the googan hype MIKEY BALLZ fishing.

      1. Slimetime

        Mikey is so underrated it’s disgusting, dude really could compete with the best of them

    85. velvstyy

      can’t wait till spring comes and bass start spawning. I’m going to lake martinez late march so should be good fishing.

    86. Matt Barz Productions

      googan rods and favorite rods on the same boat i wonder how rob felt with them favorite rods on his boat lol

      1. Matt Barz Productions

        @Taylor Fenoglio didnt seem like googan left on good terms but idk

      2. Taylor Fenoglio

        rob has his own branded favorite rod. Goggans were some of the first big sponsored rods they did.

    87. Wiechman outdoors

      I wish him the best of luck for tomorrow but I’ve seen you make comebacks after a bad day so hopefully he can I’m praying for him.

    88. Reel Journey

      show me Kissimmee next lol

    89. Chad Dorma

      Some Donk’s in this one! Great Vid Scott!

    90. Rowdy Broomstick

      Dude if Scott Martin answers the phone at all when you call your one lucky sumbuck!🤪🤑🤷😒😆😅🤣🤠🙂😬🤪🗣️🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥🌄

    91. Jimmy H

      He can't find his own fish huh? The true example of "It's not what you know, but who you know".

      1. Joel Krawczyk

        Jimmy H Every pro has locals they sought advice from at one time or another. Going in blind would be stupid.

      2. Jimmy H

        @Arctic Ander My comment made you put a question mark at the end of a sentence that wasn't a question. Go buy some more Googan Baits so they can get paid by you, Your a beginner aren't you? Thats a question if you didn't know. If you make a video on doing just what you stated, then people are going to comment about it. If you have been Tourn Fishing for over 30 yrs like myself, you would have probably known that. It's just not the way you earn respect by your fellow competitors.

      3. Arctic Ander

        Buddy someone that is just getting into tournaments should be able to call one of their friends up and learn how to fish a new lake without someone like you commenting. You realize your comment did nothing? Rob and Scott still gets paid

      4. Slimetime

        @Zack Waggoner ohhhh gotcha didn’t know he was fishing anything other than the opens

      5. Zack Waggoner

        @Slimetime he fished the MLF big 5 on toho caught 2 for 2-04

    92. Adam Bugay

      Scott, you are a world class angler and an all around great guy, keep up the fantastic and informative content. Ive been bummed out all week because my new $300 fishing pole was stolen before I got to use it, but yoyr videos keep me going, thanks man!


      I’m going to okoachobee tomorrow for a tournament for bass nation and I’m staying at your dads cabins could we possibly say hey that would make my weekend

      1. JMoney

        @Zac Pearson I wasn’t in the tournament but I was out there that morning fog was crazy bag all morning. Been a struggle there all week lol

      2. Zac Pearson

        @JMoney heard from some friends that fished it that they were on fog delay for like 3-4 hrs and then it was a struggle

      3. JMoney

        How did the tournament go?

      4. Zac Pearson

        @TCROW FISHING rip nvm then



    94. Sam Gregory

      Great Vid Scott! Keep It up!

    95. K Adams

      🗣Scott is back with another 🔥🔥🤙🏽🤙🏽 ❤️ I’m NY

    96. JoeHathcher

      What’s up Scott!

      1. JoeHathcher

        @Scott Martin good luck man!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Whats up!

    97. El Pescador Rojas

      Let me know of you’re ever in need of a third wheel, while out in Okeechobee, lmao!

      1. Scott Martin


    98. Mark Del Zotto


    99. Mt Farms

      I'm at Okeechobee right now and don't have a boat and we were gonna take a guide but it's 600 dollars for 3 hours🙄any good bank fishing spots we tried some but they sucked

      1. Slimetime

        Better off finding some channels and inflows

    100. Bryce Fritsch

      Hope you have a good tournament coming up! Plus I need the fantasy points 😂