Steal This $100,000 Diamond, You Keep It



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    Do you think you could have done all the levels?
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    1. MrBeast

      Do you think you could have done all the levels?



      2. Vin Cor

        I wouldn’t

      3. Dnasty Jr09


      4. True Music Entertainment

        Hell yeah

      5. Muhammed Arsh official

        ya boii

    2. Sajib jaan

      :o beautiful diamond

    3. Tex Hitman

      Help siyona shrestha

    4. Berry_Berry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      I got 2 of ur hoodies for Christmas

    5. Andrew Edmund

      Poor choice of words at the end. Lmaoo. "You're the best brother I could ever ask for"

    6. Temporary Username

      Henry Stickmin: yo you guys need help or somethin'

    7. I Can't Kickflip

      4:00 I'm confused did chandler find it or am I high

    8. Low Budget

      To who ever read this. Please include us in ur prayers. Me and my family need ur prayers for healing and protection. Thank you.

    9. Savet Pin


    10. Nathan Schmidt

      Nolan actually hit the first laser in the double trampoline jump.

    11. Brandon Tan

      "Your the best brother I could ever ask for" hmm that sounds familiar 🤔😏

    12. 123alyssa

      You are so entertaining

    13. hyper xvzツ

      In russia we played that everydays

    14. Saiki-Chan

      Last to jump gets 1000000000000$ Chandler: walks into quicksand

    15. LittleReno88

      Go Karl go

    16. My Mind


    17. Zainab Nasser

      هذا ليـشہ صاعد ترند بالعراق

    18. Sofia Ramadhani

      they actually really touched it as you can see

    19. Kaso627


    20. Oakley Bowles

      Did anyone notice on stage 6 Nolan actually touched a lazer

    21. Vegito_ Super

      Mr beast i love your vids and will always watch them and you do whatever makes you happy you da best

    22. Anthony Reyes

      My search history : how to join MR Beast

    23. Suraj Ghosh

      @t get $200

    24. James Sherry

      You made them go on a balance beem with SOCKS ON LMAO

    25. Generic Youtuber

      poor karl

    26. mercurialmagictrees

      9:48 Chan Chan has mad hops! 🦘

    27. jenica reginaldo


    28. AGuyUsingGoogle

      Nolan hit a laser in 4:43

    29. Matix Miacolo

      Nolan hits laser and doesn't lose life and beats chandler because of it. Chandler should have won

    30. Adalyn Baird

      chandler get a ostrige

    31. Eduardo Barrientos


    32. NOICE

      i wanted to see him put the diamond on a laser

    33. Dassy The Hedgehog

      Oh me yes

    34. Ethan Krowbar

      Subscribe to Ethan Krowbar

    35. Dassy The Hedgehog

      You yes

    36. Ignited Bonnie1232

      Mr beast is the only one ever on first in trending

    37. Hazmat Lλd

      Those are rookie jumps.

    38. John Keddy

      Chandler’s sister though

    39. DrMyAcog

      Nolan didn’t win. I’m sorry jimmy. But he hit the green laser on the first trampoline. Plz watch it back

    40. Jannick Merstrand

      Chandler should have won he Got a extra heart in the first Room with a heard and nolan hittes the laser in the double tramp

    41. Expt Wolf

      I got so mad when Chandler lost! RIP CHANDLER :(

    42. Julia Red

      Karl jumping just before the lasers flicker was such a power move, I swear

      1. Adan Flores123


    43. Prima Murdock

      Wow Karl, that was a really move u did there

    44. Weasel Batches

      Just give him the damn ruby play button already, KGup.

    45. Anthony Conroy

      Give me any task and ill do it for 2000 bucks Mr Beast!!! Help me pay my rent

    46. ProdigyBliss-YT

      Nolan’s sisters words “you’re the best brother I could have ever asked for” only single gang knows this

    47. Abhijay Bharadvaj


    48. Master GMR

      Is It Just me or Nolan just got hit by the lazar in stage six at 4:41 ?

    49. ProdigyBliss-YT

      Nolan’s sisters words “you’re the best brother I could have ever asked for” sounded too familiar

    50. Patrick Adams

      also ur my favorite....shhhhh

    51. Patrick Adams

      Karl ur a god

    52. NMS hawk

      “There are 2 colors!”- karl

    53. M A D D I E M A Y

      I was so Anxious and I wasn’t even doing it I could barely watch lmao🤍

    54. Michael Rawson

      He called lazarbeam landon 🤣🤣


      is nolan vanoss??

    56. K Al

      From where do you git your FuCKiNG money !?!?!?!?!?

    57. Fromage au poulet

      Chandler : bruh I didn’t win Nolan :BRUH I NEED TO GIVE IT TO MY SISTER

    58. NMS hawk

      I thought Karl would go x-games mode

    59. Inferno HellFlame


    60. Diego Maldonado

      I wouldve won, Ive watched a heist with Markeplier

    61. John Darling

      nolan hit a lazer on level 4

    62. Brent Phillips

      At 4:44 his left foot touched the first lazer

    63. IAmJake

      This is true

    64. sweaty ranger

      yes!!!!!!!!!! yo i am trying to grow i watch all of you r vids and u are so cool and tell ZHC he is goo d at drawing he is really talented!!!!!!!!!

    65. 5 - Minute Tech

      Done!! I love your videos and your inspiration. @its_sithumli

    66. Nathan Ceja

      He touched a laser you didn't see it

    67. Spycakes

      Bruh I whole fali every level

    68. Ujala Bajracharya

      Guess if the lasers were real.😱

    69. Noah Davis

      4:21 My ears exploded

    70. Mr Tiddles

      Yo who is Nolan and where did he come from I’m so mad chandler lost

    71. lovely Chocolate

      I love Noah LOL

    72. Crazy Horse

      I watched this before it had 500K views

    73. دم العروبة Blood Arab

      no way out

    74. Logan Scheffler

      4:43 Nolan hit it though

    75. DrMyAcog

      Nolan hit one with the trampe

    76. Zack-Gaming

      It’s so easy

    77. NFLClip2019

      Laser goes through leg 86 times *STAGE CLEARED*

    78. Freddyboifeede

      are we just gonna ignore the fact that jimmy called lazarbeam "landon" 7:19

    79. SmileyFace

      "youre the best brother i couldve ever asked for" swear ive heard that line before

    80. Kevin Garduza

      Why did he have to win omfg I wanted chandler to win

    81. Lexy and Gigis Fun world

      If you could check out our channel I would really appreciate it ☺️ ty

    82. Not PandaBoi

      POV: your looking for lazar's comment

    83. SeeMCW


    84. FireFangs gamming

      Wow, one million likes. That's insane😳

    85. rkhardy84

      Why dose mr beast look 29?

    86. albert_ sketchfan117


    87. Texaspoontappa

      Love all the diversity in Mr. Beast videos. I’m glad the white men had a chance for all this money!

    88. jonathan smith

      4:43 he cheated death bruh so basically chan chan would’ve won. rip

    89. Mysterious

      13:50-13:53 I’ve heard that somewhere before

    90. BONEZ 21

      13:50 woah. Mmhhhhh

    91. Freddie Benson

      4:42 Nolan literally hit that very dim laser beam...he shouldn’t have won this he lost that life 😂

    92. Sugandha Dahiya


    93. Jasmine Liew

      mr beast: "in front of 20 million people" he has 46.8 million.

    94. Slapzz

      Nolan hit it with his left leg when he jumped

    95. Charlie Harstedt

      The way chandler stood up to jump to the diamond😹

    96. Houston

      nolan brings a very crazy energy to the videos

    97. Kain Walker6628

      your the best brother i could have ever asked for😳

    98. amy moore


    99. Kaze Yassuo

      Mr beast please do spicy noodles challenge who ever win it get price please notice it

    100. Kaidan Fenter