Painting My Entire Room With The World's Brightest Paint...Then Turning on a 100,000 Lumen Light!

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    In this video I show you what it looked like when you paint an entire room with the world's brightest paint, called LIT. This is a continuation of the first video I did in which I painted my room with the darkest paint in the world (Musou Black). Watch how bright a room can glow on it's own!
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    1. The Action Lab

      You are given the choice to live in the LIT room or the Musou Black room...what do you choose?

      1. Grandfather_Din_Racket

        Can you see how both rooms effect the liquid crystal grown from water inside a hydrophilic container? (Including a capillary?) See Gerald Pollack's video, from U. Washington's Physics dept.: "A Fresh View From The Water's Edge" me on this, if you haven't seen it.

      2. Battulga Bat-Erdene

        Im not sure which room causes more vision damage. Im guessing the lit room?

      3. NotDifficult

        Last coment here!

      4. pro pro

        5:21 XFILES

      5. TraffikJam

        LIT room

    2. Adam Lupher

      Can you try this glow room with a tesla coil lol.

    3. Johan Cahyadi

      I think we can save alot of electrical energy by designing this kind of chamber for each house

    4. Mačak u čizmama

      I would actually use it in the house lol

    5. Mačak u čizmama

      Interesting, they should use this on watches.

    6. Prashant Shelke

      how did i not know about this channel, just awesome !!

    7. Aeril Farihan

      I have a board also lit but also like not something white and works the same as the green light thing

    8. i have nothing to lose

      Ooohhh im blinded by the lights

    9. lestrange

      After the large power failures in portions of the country recently, I think it would be useful to have some of this glow stuff painted on boards or canvases and use them as emergency lights. You'd still need to charge it but then you can turn off your flashlights or lanterns to conserve your batteries. Or if it's sunny enough you can leave them in a window to charge during the day and then have an all-night light source. It would be good for camping too.

    10. Kaelyn Terry

      i like it😄😄😄

    11. Charles Tanner

      Mix LIT and Musou black.

    12. Samarth Goel

      7:50 lightbulb: why am i still here, just to suffer

    13. iNiCoFox

      Why don't you just paint the brightest paint on the previous black paint?

    14. dontaskiwasbored2008

      Put the Lit pigment in the Musou Black! It's the darkest room until you let light in. Then it's lit.

    15. victor castañeda

      I saw that your laser burns wood... What happens if you try to burn wood that has been painted with lit and the blackest Black? Does the wood resist more or less?

    16. NGU_Wafflz

      Try led lights strip in green with the luminescent walls, i have custms that out off a black light

    17. Derker

      what is the real name of the product so I can buy it from Amazon? Can you put the link?

    18. Cristian Delpiero

      So is that mean light speed is not always 300km/sc?

    19. daikan

      How expensive is this paint

    20. kestrel archer

      They can actually found a practical purposes of this whitest paint in the world. You can line use it to absorb sun rays and heat during the day and put it on top of the Solar Panels at night, thereby allowing solar panel to work at night

    21. Christian Luczejko

      These would be such cool exhibits at museums like the Franklin institute.

    22. Christian Luczejko

      It would trip me out to no end to walk into a room light up like that and be wondering where tf the light source was.

    23. Ember Gates

      This is one of the best things I've ever seen

    24. theRiTTzer

      Spends hundreds on black paint... Rips it off instead of changing panels.

    25. israel carbajal

      Next I wash myself with the wetest water...

    26. Kollective Björk

      ALONE aLoNE AlONe ALonE

    27. BIG MAN

      The Holy Light Exe

    28. Ace 12

      Action lab:“Spectrolon is the whitest thing in the world” My skin tone: am I a joke to you?

    29. Nile

      Imagine painting ceilings like that

    30. 平DARKO

      White theme Discord: *pathetic*

    31. Don Mauro di Boghari

      Is this process really a light painting

    32. Nicholas Furious

      Whoa! This is amazing!

    33. Chris Parker

      Can you make an optical illusion using both colors. The darkest and the brightest

    34. Bubblezov Love

      That t-shirt makes him look like he's just escaped a hospital somewhere.... lol

    35. Có ý thức đi

      this is a seris right?

    36. ZamoraGaming

      The Musou Black Room is like a black hole. But more like SQUARE HOLE.

    37. Llaveroja27

      It's like the lighting in video games... you destroy the source and can still see.

    38. Mark Knight

      This could have potential for being used in life saving situations, where there is no light source available.

    39. Joshua Greene

      Am I the only one who wanted to see what it looks like with the lights on?

    40. tinklepants82

      I'm thinking autism sensory room ideas

    41. James V4lnu

      Please tell me how big is the temperature difference between black and white room, after opening the flashlight

    42. Kyle L

      Aw man it’s green

    43. Narayan Dhimal


    44. Sanchit Malik

      6:42 Action's Lab LIT Fluorescent room finger ASMR

    45. Kevin McDonough

      I have only one question. WHERE DO ALL THE ROOMS GO?!!

    46. Richard Keene

      You should turn on the 100,000 lumen light in the darkest room

    47. Mu5Hr00m

      7:38 "I'm The Action Lab, and you're watching Disney Channel!"

    48. Mu5Hr00m

      This dude just made the world's biggest and longest lasting Nickelodeon Flash Screen!

    49. Bartosz S

      Cool but expensive

    50. Juanito Pedrera III

      That thumbnail though. I thought he found the door to heaven.

    51. Aaron Aaron

      Who are the 2000 weirdos that did not like this?

    52. nikandjofl

      So cool and I want that flashlight

    53. wesley davis

      Talk about alternative energy sources. Time to mass produce.

    54. Neko_21

      Fun fact: light green actually has the most calming effect, that's why they use it in hospitals

    55. URANIUM 235

      4:02 reminded me Half Life 2 game

    56. Wild Outstanding World

      Imagine the energy efficiency of using sunlight during the day and not needing lights at night because the paint glows.

    57. Sofian Siphon


    58. Dino Boi

      Story time animator room

    59. Kazmin

      OHHH MY .. the bit with the laser was incredible, like a little fairy flying around the room.

    60. Patrick Coston

      A glow-in-the-dark room seems like a great way to conserve electricity.

    61. Musfir Ali

      Welcome to the new episode of: How to get less electicity bill

    62. mj31382

      Nononononon. I want to see fully charged up wall with the brightest led.

    63. gabriel

      so, what do you want to say to your haters? The Action Lab: 6:33

    64. Haroun Ben


    65. HecticNull

      If ecto cooler was a room

    66. Product Review 2021

      Can I ask what anyone think about this light supporting plant life? Example legal hemp grow if I sprayed the inside of my tent with this then keep my lights on a few hours to charge then of off a few hours then back on and off repeated on cycle. Or maybe when the lights turn off at night the planrs get a extra 2 hours glow growth from this?

    67. TakaGame!

      Visual Effects artists: JOT THAT DOWN

    68. Oraion Official

      Now we never need a home inverter

    69. Aethar

      "you dont have to charge it with light, you can charge it with heat as well" Thats.... still light

    70. Ronel Pader

      *_Slime WRLD_*

    71. The Phoenix System

      I want one

    72. Von Dutch

      I thought u broke your finger here 6:35 😬

    73. Ballu

      This Video Is Racist 😁

    74. Bullet 44

      Now all you need is a few black lights, some fiber optic stars & a musou black ceiling to top it off 😌

    75. DaSoe

      Why not just using otherside of the board

    76. Beaches and Hose

      Lit is something out of avatar

    77. AnimeKitty

      That’s lit

    78. Dickie Knutz

      Hey, Beavis. After chicks see this video, we're gonna score. Yes!

    79. Heinrich Schmitz

      Simulation of discord light mode.

    80. Navneet Mishra

      I want some artist to draw something incredible in that.

    81. Katy Jo Gregory

      You turned into the hulk... or an alien!

    82. Still Will

      Why is it green?

    83. mitchh30

      1/2 & 1/2 would be interesting

    84. Top Gamer

      Make the blackest room with the brightest interior

    85. seth wiggs

      I wonder if you play loud music in the room. I wonder if the energy will be represented in the paint. Sound does transfer heat energy into the walls it’s absorbed by.

    86. xMouseTrapDJx

      I think this guy found "The green Door" only Marvel fans would understand lol! 5:21

    87. Sahana Sinha

      I wanna have a room like this to trip acid in

    88. Jean Baptiste Desjardins

      You’d think the brightest room would be painted white. Interesting

    89. Murph Dog

      Your radiation level is at 100%

    90. Kaheil Brown

      It would be so sick to have my room painted like this 😌❤️

    91. ToaBastignika

      That was amazing ^0^

    92. Aaron Bones

      This can reduce electric bills

    93. Totally Child Friendly

      The man is getting LIT

    94. Fish

      It looks like the room is made of leaves

    95. Original Wore

      Wiuld be cool to see a powerful laser attached to some kind of gyroscope drawing some elliptical patterns on the room. Or even attaching it to the ende of a string!

    96. Loek Lodewijck

      Im going to paint my house in it

    97. tauro

      Eric Clapton is gonna be proud of you

    98. Anthony W

      That room is LIT!

    99. Nicolas Campailla

      7:32 I didn't know he was also a doctor!

    100. Moody San

      That is awesome!