Final minutes and full OT of Gonzaga-UCLA classic

March Madness

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    Gonzaga and UCLA faced off in the Final Four in an all-time classic. The 11-seeded Bruins tied the game late in overtime, but Jalen Suggs banked in a three at the buzzer to keep Gonzaga's undefeated season alive. Watch the thrilling final minutes here.
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    1. Matt Murphy

      If the game had ended any other way, I would have been made at Gonzaga for ending the run of UCLA

    2. slrecordings

      19:21 the finish

    3. slrecordings

      0:29 greatest sequence ever

    4. Wolfsky9


    5. Wolfsky9

      I was a total gym rat until i was forced to stop, at 40 y/o----------------i cried my heart out when i was told i had to stop due to continued calf injuries. I love this game & this game is why.----------------------wolfSky9, 74 y/o

    6. ryan justice

      Congrats to Baylor, but I really wish Gonzaga would have won the championship after this classic.

    7. The Flash

      At least now it will be easier to hear Walton call a zags game. He won't be able to talk about "the greatest comeback/upset in NCAA history" , which he does every time, without talking about this game.

    8. SHILOH Breigh

      What a game!!!!

      1. SHILOH Breigh

        Wow!!!!! Go Timme!!!❤️

    9. Patricia Grisham

      Greatest game ever!!! You won to in my eye..Baylor really showed who was boss Monday night, I think it would a better game if UCLA had won and possibly had beat Baylor.

    10. Matthew Campbell

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    12. Christian Sinopoli

      2nd greatest ncca game in history. Everyone knows nova vs UNC is the best

    13. Ciera Heairld

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    14. joyce harris

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    15. Jack Waldrop

      Campbell's hair is absolutely the worst I've ever seen and I've seen some bad ones! Looks like some freak animal is living on his head!

    16. CharWV

      All this and to lose to BAYLOR..............what a heart breaker!

    17. dd24 bj

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    20. Gragurnot Buddy

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    21. tonygalvan12

      Suggs stepped out of bounds and was the first one to touch the ball and the refs didn't call it. The refs should have blown the whistle and given the ball to UCLA on the baseline so UCLA should've won by two points in regulation.

    22. qujjuqo cedirke

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    23. debsam77

      That was pure luck and then they got a beat down by Baylor 😂I would have rather seen UCLA vs Baylor instead of that embarrassing game on champions night.

    24. nash iyana

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    25. LOO ALEX

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    26. Kathleens Stoll

      I still can get nervous and still feel my stomach turning as I am watching the replays. #GOZAGS Best game ever!

    27. ryan hannigan

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    38. Courtney Kile

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    39. SmifnWess 93

      3:3 seconds 🧲‘s on nothing different than the globetrotters can’t fool meh

    40. mario yu

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    41. K Vo

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    42. Reinel Garret

      "That was a bad shot." - Paul George

    43. David Deboy

      Drew won't make pros.... he's holding nearly 50% of the time. Pro refs won't miss it.

    44. David Deboy

      Horrible game. Terrible refs. I saw 19 fouls that weren't called on. Most on Gon for holding.

    45. annamaria russo

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    46. Wolfsky9

      I love this game & will, to my last breath. -------------and, it's too bad a screaming crowd couldn't be there.

    47. Matt Thornton

      After the block shot 0:32, #1 was not inbound when he touched the ball. Just sayin

    48. noqhsolis

      lol the dude looks short in the thumbnail

    49. Jesus Gretta

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    50. Marty C

      Zags may have not had anything left in the tank for Baylor.

    51. Victor P

      That first block was all arm, what a joke.

    52. More Cowbell

      Really, that called that a charge? His feet were shuffling the whole time.

    53. Bartek Sokolowski

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    54. Dan Isrite

      So, you're telling me the official knew beforehand that a foul was going to occur? What a joke...

    55. Tim Cobos


    56. Gregory Marshall


    57. Igor Yuriychuk

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    59. Евгений Мирошников

      а че захаров?

    60. Terry Collins

      great game Frankie

    61. Aaron Chan

      the dangers of leaving time on the clock after tying the game... OUCH. i'd rather hold to the last shot... that's how UCONN's 111 game winning streak came to an end.

    62. Aaron Chan

      the dangers of leaving time on the clock after tying the game... OUCH. i'd rather hold to the last shot... that's how UCONN's 111 game winning streak came to an end.

    63. alora turner

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    64. Lisa Johnson

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    65. Thomas Opdahl

      the nuance on that pass by Suggs at 40 is incredible. He had to lead the field, spin the ball to bounce ahead, and hit the floor where it would come up into where no one was yet. He nailed it perfectly and no one had to adjust and the defense couldn't. All while he was running himself. That's all completely intuitive at speed. A pool shot on the run.

    66. jin hua yu

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    67. Brody Lay

      Best game of the 2021 ncaa tournament

      1. Brody Lay

        Hey @Joesmith was in your opinion was the best game in the tournament

    68. Eggnoodle Smith

      I've fallen and can't get up

    69. Erick Rishel

      UCLA would have done a better job at the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Than Gonzaga. FACTS.

    70. Dutch Gotti

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    71. tony mitchell

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    72. Silver Shell Game

      Sic Em BEARS !

    73. InvestMore

      Suggs. College Athlete of the year.

    74. Christian Gallagher

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    75. Pham Ba Loc

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    76. Richtofen

      suggs fouled riley on the dunk attempt. 100% fouled him. u can argue the refs made it up to UCLA by sending Jaquez to the line but theres no clear angle on that. but the "offensive foul" on Johnny Juzang where Timme maybe (maybe) got there in time but DEFINITELY lowered and turned his shoulder into Juzang is why NCAA needs to allow coaches challenges or reviews on fouls in late game... amazing classic nonetheless


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    78. GYAWI Movement

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    79. Raymond Terry

      Anybody will talk about why nobody picked picked up the shooter on defense.

    80. Barbara Jones

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    81. Noah Petersen

      Now they down bad rn

    82. Ryan Samsonov

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    83. MrYport

      6:13 camera operators always creeping on cute girls

    84. Jose Medina

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    85. Sean Jay

      Who knows whether Sugg's block hand has or has not touched Riley's hand!

    86. lewis webb


    87. Chekane

      GEE COACH CAL juzang can really really play. Maybe you should have played him a little? He didnt leave for family he left because you were not going to play him and he knew it.

    88. reXi

      I’m a UCLA fan😥

    89. reXi

      I thought it was a bad dream when I saw it

    90. acorn sucks

      Number one for the zags put on a show that his tummy was hurt. Surprised he didn't lay on the floor for a few minutes.

    91. Jonathan Thor

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    92. J More

      Just an awesome shot in what was an awesome game!

    93. Dave 112

      March Madness never disappoints.

    94. P H

      Great charge call by the refs at the close of regulation. Hate to see a game decided by a call but Timme was there all day. You can't not call it. Such a great defensive play and it will go unsung. As will his retrieval of Juzang's bucket with 3s left in OT. Some serious presence of mind at both clutch moments.

    95. Han Tran

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    96. Ethan Kindrick

      march madness moment

    97. The Illusion

      Completely rigged and staged and soon the whole world will see!

    98. math4U1234

      Wow! What a game.

    99. Jeffrey Liske

      One of the best games I have seen. I was pulling for either team, but I have a question that maybe someone can answer. After Juzang tied it up why does the clock stop for like it seems well over 1 second when it never stops after any other shot in the game? There was no timeout called so it seems like Suggs should have never had enough time to pull that miracle shot off.

    100. Ziwei Peng

      Go Bruins