I Survived 100 Days in Minecraft PRISON! *maximum security*


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    I Survived 100 Days in Minecraft PRISON! *maximum security* with PrestonPlayz 👊
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    1. PrestonPlayz

      If I ever ACTUALLY went to Prison, what do you think the reason would be?! Subscribe and let me know! I'm SO curious to hear what you guys think! 🤣

      1. Wolfe . _.

        cuz people blammed you for stuff cuz they jelous of how cool you are

      2. Chazy Chaz

        I think for makeing too much KGup videos lol 😂

      3. Vitor Ramirez

        A person I’m a fan of your videos😎

      4. Miguel Ven

        Just to say hi Preston:/ to the people who said it

      5. Ryder Hurst

        @minecraftKoda can 😭😭

    2. Erin Kelly


    3. Hastings Family

      Steel diamond from me

    4. maley xan

      DONT dab U know why because spell dab backwards DAB A B Ye I know it spells BAD

    5. Purnima Tiwari

      fastest as f***ck boi

    6. Blant Sikast

      It's called a prisoner, idiot!

    7. Dimitris Koutras

      Hi preston i like your channel soooo much

    8. Jessica Gomez

      Hey Preston I had you as a friend on Minecraft you wanna play right now How about I join you are you enjoying me My name is estevon and Minecraft and me as a friend

    9. Christian Gonzalez

      Not post enough

    10. Christian Gonzalez

      I ratted you out

    11. I'm the pro Mak

      Me when I got to Macdonalds an I am hanger

    12. I'm the pro Mak


    13. Maja Bart

      Woah Woah Woah did YOU see what brianna had to do in the PRISON. She had to do horrible things 🤮🤢🤮

    14. Bethanny Martinez-Valdez

      hi preston i love you and Brianna viods

    15. Wyatt’s X Channel B

      Shuffle board but up but I like a pro just want to do it different character

    16. laila adel

      Preston: someone is gonna get mad at me Me:let me guess is it brianna

    17. laila adel

      Let me guess You are in bed 🛌 Not full screen Scrolling through the comments No hate and iam not the one that made this comment I just think it's funny and it's really relatable to me 😃

    18. ThatOneMinecrafter

      i think hes using the Huh-Duh 6 Hundge-oes

    19. Ellie Ambrose

      Prob killing

    20. Ava Beeton

      I love it

    21. DontPleaze


    22. slow to The Crow

      Ha I edited Preston to have a beard so weird it wouldn't look right

    23. Lizzie Barlow

      Nooooooo not the cows

    24. Lizzie Barlow

      i am 7 in a half i love your videos you are so cool

    25. Styles Harman


    26. Jeremiah Exley

      I hate prison

    27. Roy Leatherberry

      NOOB1234 HAHA

    28. Abayomi Esan



      i wish i never watched this :(


      I am vegan :( YOU!

    31. Kobie Carpenter


    32. Lorenzo

      Preston clickbaits sometimes but love his vids

    33. Krish Oppilamani Karuppan

      did you kiss you mom

    34. Sarah Jaehne

      preston is the best youtuber ever!

    35. Lorrimer Angliss

      To Preston I really love your videos so much that me and my siblings ivy who is 9 and jack who is 6 I'm 10 we watch your vids all day long we are home schooled btw I have subscribed and I have liked also turned on notifications and to all your vids hope you like this comment From your No.1 biggest fans

    36. Toto_Cute

      prison food is super bad

    37. Ishmiyana Gutung


    38. Jimmy Noname

      Preston how dare you forget the name his little flaming fell fire

    39. Orson Bailey

      Part two pls

    40. Orson Bailey

      11:46 day 69

    41. Sal qg

      Thanks for the offer

    42. Anna Witten

      Hi Preston I am the best at Prcore 🤩🤩🦄🦭🦭

    43. M Rodriguez


    44. Amanda Lennon

      My name is averi

    45. Amanda Lennon

      You are cool😎 😼

    46. Roy Aull Jr.

      Hi PrestonPlayz I love your videos I think it's really cool that you like do a video in jail that's like a wife Rihanna sorry it said a Rihanna that's so silly I am my name is not actually Roy it's actually Grayson not Roy

    47. cloudpuff

      STOP ABUSING PRESTON U WATER BOTTLE.Go to 9:19 to understand.

    48. Jamie Soleiman

      what mod is this i would love to play it

    49. Shalezay Shahzad

      He had 1 ingot he can make that into nuggets

    50. Naima Saidi

      You can do it Preston 👍

    51. Beckylu 5977

      Preston's face when brock robbed him 🤣🤣

    52. Riley Coling


    53. Jessi32able

      Preston DO NOT DAB

    54. Ruby Roo

      Preston said Injot and not ingot

    55. white shadow

      Preston: no since didn't work like that me: yes preston you are true

    56. The Roro Lux Show

      💗I love your videos sooo much I live in 🇨🇦 and you live in🇨🇱

    57. The Roro Lux Show

      Soooooo much

    58. The Roro Lux Show

      Am not trying to be mean but your a bully a bit but I love your videos

    59. Victoria Bennett-Ard

      Fun fact:this prison is underground

      1. Minecraft gamer


      2. ibxnoah


    60. MandolorianYEET Hi

      3.13 Preston dodging it himself XD

    61. Dorksville Farm

      You have covid

    62. Dorksville Farm

      So cool loved it

    63. Koolaid Kid

      👋 hi

    64. David Cicio

      I love this video

    65. Rían Louisse Mantos

      No! I did not

    66. Anngela Musgrave


    67. Alfie Nicholson

      preston got covid he bin cafin

    68. Izzy Smith

      Bri: YoU aRe pRegNanT Peston: WHAT NO sCieNce dOesNt WoRkS tHaT WaY

    69. Wolfe . _.

      well i was watching this a kfc ad came up but kfc is how covid spead and now im in another lockdown i bet it was the guy on the ad

    70. Riley Barlow

      I watch Howl's Moving Castle too!

    71. Joanna Malzone


    72. Riliegh Mountain

      I love the food fight

    73. Riliegh Mountain

      I’m sick

    74. Mauro Solorzano

      So u remember the code, 952

    75. Erik Andrade Lins

      6:12 that's the iris

    76. Elijah Love

      do you have covid

    77. Nasser Golden

      I got fire 🔥 merch the pizza 🍕 but not a hoodie

    78. Vesna Simsarova - Nacevska

      Meat juice??!!! EWWWW

    79. bb squad

      Please put this comment on vid

    80. Jackson Lazzell

      YOU PUKED 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    81. Cipher Z

      . you cant just skip ten days- you gotta show all the days-

    82. Jeff Ayers

      Hi this week I’m on my way to work today

    83. Asiah James


    84. Mr gamez

      Play with poke

    85. Red King

      I love when you play Minecraft but can you play more Roblox pls

    86. gareth willcox


    87. Suella Novak

      Sooo cool

    88. Florence Collinson

      what kind of a name is "Brock" ??? BROCILI!

    89. LI Tsz Kiu Student

      When you 🤮 I also🤮

    90. Edward Lee

      Never get caught I reminded you

    91. Diego Guerrero


    92. Diego Guerrero


    93. Diego Guerrero


    94. Diego Guerrero


    95. Diego Guerrero


    96. Diego Guerrero

      There is a vide obout you and briana on

    97. Elemi Ojeikere

      just stop stop stoooooop

    98. Elemi Ojeikere

      stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop killing the caws );

    99. Arius Michalczyk

      Go to sleep

    100. Jasper Carr

      Preston I really love your videos they're really fun I love your Minecraft videos they're so cool but I'm making my own videos with my friends