Brand New Googan Baits!

Wheeler Fishing

26 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    Googan baits has a bunch of new baits for 2021 that I’m super excited about! Which one are you buying first??
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    1. T Deeb

      Thanks for the info,Jacob!!!!

    2. zachary cooke

      Don't support the googan squad anymore. Sorry dude

    3. Matthew Bousman

      I love the videos man I AM A BIG FAN

    4. Slam’N Da Bass

      JW will they help me say WEHEWHO

    5. drake aamold

      God is good

    6. Kayak Angler

      They look good 🎣

    7. Reel G Fishing

      Quality sucks not worth the money

    8. Austin Hicks

      Wouldn’t the soft plastics dry out if you put them in your tackle box like that?

    9. BamaBassFinder04 4

      I think I like their new toad but idk about on a swim jig. That would be sooooo heavy an crap load plastic to cut away

    10. Mustard Tiger_0

      Do they come with a white claw & lipstick?

    11. Tony Parsley

      What’s your top five colors you go to

    12. Morgan Folds

      I just caught a seven pounder on the bandito bug!!! It’s freaking slaps!

      1. drake aamold

        God bless 🙏

    13. Fishing With YakPak

      These things are 🔥🔥🔥

    14. Caleb Everett

      Do a review on the revolver it

    15. Caleb Everett

      Picked up some of those in the electric shad

      1. Caleb Everett

        I was talking about the dart

    16. Caleb Everett

      Gosh dang gorilla

    17. Fishigan Milligan

      Yea I’m liking these different colors and sizes! Can’t wait to try them.

    18. Josh Juarez

      Went out on the kayak today and found a lot on beds. I threw every bait I had and the only thing that got their attention was the baby trench hog popping it up and down on the bed, they would attack it so hard! It my first time using the Jr size! Caught 4 fish so going to Academy tomorrow to buy them all haha!

    19. Jase Gallaher

      When you set an alarm for 7:45 just to root for Wheeler and he dominates with a freakin jerkbait #marshallsmagic

    20. HBeretta

      what swimjig combo is that>make and color and googan toad color? looks outstanding.

    21. Sarge Marine

      Gimmie dat !! LOL

    22. Sallzy 1

      New mascot name should he sellout hahaha googan googan googan checks must be goooood

    23. Chris Fidler

      I can only imagine the smell of a few 3700 boxes stuffed full of googan baits!

    24. John Paul

      Nice video

    25. Tom Jarman Fishing

      Always love your stuff man! Cheers from Australia!!

    26. Dusty_rylas

      Man wheeler I was on the googan baits craze until I watched their latest pod cast and them bashing on tournament bass fishing I’m done with their baits

      1. Braden Louis

        Never bashed anything they said since bass fishing has grown exponentially maybe tournament fishing should adapt to be less harsh on the fish. Lfg discussed mortality rates

    27. texas boi

      googan sponsorship ???

      1. texas boi

        @Josh Juarez ya. Saw that today watching some vids

      2. Josh Juarez

        He's been with them bro.

    28. Bass Raider

      Always good stuff brotha!

    29. Lance Mabry

      Do you miss the roar of the crowd and the fans??? Asked for 1 year and never got an answer... And that is MLFs problem, no fan involvement.. Hope they figure it out soon... Oh also why won't you guys go on certain podcast?? Other BPT guys have, so why not 1 or 2 of you 4?? Great fisherman truly sir, but would love to know these 2 answers.. Not bashing just MLF, new company figuring it out, just wanna put that up front... Catch em up Wheeler

      1. Lance Mabry

        @Derek Kaalberg we will agree to disagree. Thank you for commenting though. All these people choosing sides over what trail they fish is just stupid in my opinion

      2. Derek Kaalberg

        I think the New “Roar” of the crowd is equivalent to live stream views and great exposure for anglers and their sponsors. Aside from the Classic you dont have near the size of live crowd even comparable to the millions of views of these Live Feed type events that generate more sales and screen time for companies. Times past fans loved seeing Fish held up, now they want to see How they were caught, where they were caught and with what techniques/baits/etc. The “Info Now” Culture can relate 10x better to where MLF is going with this. Just my $.10 worth 😎

      3. Lance Mabry

        @Wheeler Fishing Thanks for your opinion sir. Good luck in your career, but some guys on both organizations being brand loyal is tearing bass fishing apart.. Be nice for both to have a rivalry, no doubt good for ratings, but people refusing to speak to other fisherman because of who you fish for is retarded. Again my opinion, and opinion of a lot of fisherman..

      4. Wheeler Fishing

        Waiting around to hear the roar of the crowd not knowing the standings until hours after competition just seems slightly primitive now honestly.

    30. Fishing with Vin

      An explode toad as a jig trailer 🤯 that blew my mind!... Genius!!!! Einstein moment!!! Who are you?... Dr. Frankenstein in the house!!!

    31. Curly Que2

      Does china co have bulk Google baits bro,or them china slave labor folks only make retail packs for china co bro

      1. Braden Louis

        Bro do you use an iphone bro or bro what about any nike clothing bro you know bro its made in china bro


      Love googan baits...

    33. Christopher Hanson

      How about a overview of the Googan baits dart?

      1. krackergrit

        He may of made this video before it got released

    34. William Brooks

      Would love to see your comment on the new googan dart

      1. Travis Qunn

        It’s basically any other fluke with the googan name.

      2. Robert Kauffman

        And the new top water

      3. Dylan Zinke

        Same, that's what I thought the video was going to be about.

    35. Ethan Oakes

      Keep grinding congrats on the knock out round kinda made me nervous when you dropped 2 places but then you got back to 13 good job

    36. Grant bell

      Great video looks like i need to get some googan baits

    37. David Pehl

      You forgot to click bait

    38. Sean Stephenson

      I don’t care if it’s googan baits or any other brand how about we start promoting baits made in the USA! Just a suggestion good luck the rest of the week! Your a great angler.

      1. Ben10 Fishing

        I like promoting american made as well, but if you're fishing for hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, you use what works for you.

    39. Kirk Reusch

      Seems like you were dialing Eufaula as you progress. Congrats on the knockout round.

    40. sense383 smith

      Awesome video Jacob, looking forward to watching you all year smash em with googan baits, love the Alabama craw color, orange works great around me, Goodluck in the knockout round. Goodluck DC as well, hats off for making it,

    41. Mark Webb

      Keep up the good work

    42. Jackie Moon

      Just came out with a soft plastic jerkbaits to

    43. top raider


    44. Erik Bjorklund

      What would be a good sonar for under 1,000$

      1. Toasted Films

        @Caden Carpenter I agree but with garmins new transducer the gt56 there pretty comparable the helix does have the edge though. but if you want just a good all around graph I’d go with the garmin. It has the best 2d I’ve used as well as bigger screen for the price, touchscreen and it has built in navionics so no need to spend the extra money on the map card. I’ve had Multiple helix units And now I have Multiple garmin UHD units. You can’t go wrong with either

      2. Caden Carpenter

        @Toasted Films yes but mega imaging is so good at that price

      3. Toasted Films

        A garmin echo maps uhd 9 is amazing

      4. Erik Bjorklund

        Ok thank you @Caden Carpenter

      5. Caden Carpenter

        I have two Helix 7’s and they are very easy to use and the mega imaging is no joke

    45. Orlando P. Grilo

      🇧🇷👏👏Good Luck, Wheeler 😎👊🏼👍

    46. Chris Harney

      Jacob, all those brown boxes up on the shelf behind you, is that all bulk 1200 yard spools of line??

      1. Chris Harney

        Ol Son!!!! You be bbbuuurrrnniiiinnnn through the stuff!! True Pro! I’m stoked for the new season, been watchin you on MLF LIVE for the past two days, keep it up brother!!!

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        Haha yeah that’s exactly what that is.

    47. Marshall Wood Fishing

      Great job on making the knock out round!!! I couldn’t help but notice the new mascots name......I like it!!!

    48. Thomas Hargrove

      Good luck in the knockout round. Looks like the bite is slowly getting better throughout each day

      1. Thomas Hargrove

        @mason lasby ya I know, and day one he only caught 2 fish. The big 5-06 and then a 4 lb.

      2. mason lasby

        @Thomas Hargrove just the way it is they will show the cut off line guys quite a bit just to show we can see Micheal neal steal the thunder haha. Seeing that brought back him getting that 50k of Jordan Lee last year as he was holding onto the big fish for almost the whole day and than swept away by Micheal for 1 ounce haha.

      3. Thomas Hargrove

        @Carrie Ward been waiting on them to show him more often in the live feed. Only been on his boat a couple times. Hopefully he'll give them a reason to show his boat the last 2 days

      4. Carrie Ward

        It bet it will!!

    49. God, family, country

      You're the man Jake!

    50. ollie plaYZ

      When will we see Eufaula vid

      1. Noel Derosier

        Usually after the tournament they get posted... Don't want to give away spots...

    51. Banks 420

      Love the. Videos

    52. Baird Fishing

      Dude those are sick thanks

    53. Stuff on stuff on stuff

      Love googan baits

    54. It’s me Mac!

      Early Jacob

    55. JayJay Fl Toad Chasers


    56. Ricky Corpus