Omah Lay - Godly [Official Music Video]

Omah Lay

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    Omah Lay is a rapper renowned for his hits "Damn," "Godly," "Bad Influence," "My Bebe," "Hello Brother," and "Can't Relate." He worked with artists like 6LACK, Ajebo Hustlers, and Olamide - amassing millions of global streams and picked as the debut star for Apple’s Africa Rising Campaign.
    Uh Uh Uh Uh
    Omah Lay
    I don't wanna uh I don't wanna uh
    Lay my life for you Lay my life for you
    All over the news All over the news
    Only God na im know the kinda thing I do
    The kinda thing we do uh uh
    Men I thank God I go-d-ly
    Say God no ungod-d-ly
    Oluwa na him comfort e me
    When this people dey come body me
    Men I thank God I go-d-ly
    Say God no ungod-d-ly
    Oluwa na im comfort e me
    When this people dey come badly
    This why I jaiye sometimes
    Ah ena ena ena na (uh uh uh)
    With a little Henny and ice
    Ah ena ena ena na
    Make i fit e coolu my mind
    Ah еna ena ena na (uh uh uh)
    Make i Iivе this life
    Ah ena ena ena na (uh yeah)
    Oh Omah Lay ay Omah Lay ay
    O kill a boy no oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh
    Make I play you my cassette o
    Anything you sell is a market o
    Try to dey look from my aspect o
    You dey loud am I dey handset o (uh uh uh)
    Me I no fit drag your shine
    Oluwa na im be my Kainji Dam
    Me I no dey try reconnect the light
    I just want Charlie boy dey
    Make Charlie boy dey
    Men I thank God I go-d-ly
    Say God no ungod-d-ly
    Oluwa na him comfort e me
    When this people dey come badly
    Men I thank God I go-d-ly
    Say God no ungod-d-ly
    Oluwa na him comfort e me
    When this people dey bombard e me
    This why I jaiye sometimes
    Ah ena ena ena na (uh uh uh)
    With a little Henny and ice
    Ah ena ena ena na
    Make i fit e coolu my mind
    Ah ena ena ena na (uh uh uh)
    I just wan Iive this life
    Ah ena ena ena na (uh yeah)
    Ah ena ena ena na
    Ah ena ena ena na
    #OfficialMusicVideo #OmahLay #Godly

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    1. Derrick Onkoba

      nice one

    2. ND Fvnds

      We love you Kenyans on behalf my Nigerian brothers we say thank you for the love so far⚡️⚡️💫

    3. Samuel Dung

      Love ❤️ to all my Kenyan sisters

    4. Winters Fragrant

      I love this song so meaningful ❤️


      Who heard reekado banks sound in the background saying''gong gong''

    6. Vero Jayden


    7. Mojeed Olamoyegun

      I agree with you Omah Lay... Make Charlie boy dey where Charlie boy dey.

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      My addiction 🔥

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      This song has made me search for you,its a banger from 254 Kenya.much luv oh ma lay.

    12. miguel mutabwele

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    13. Tia Ithuli

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    16. Christine Johnson

      LOVE ME FROM A DISTANCE, LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    18. Chief Douglas ufomba

      Boy, you always make me happy

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    22. Anonymous

      From Kenya, I listen to this song each morning

    23. Musah jones

      kenyan love

    24. ST_VANES

      Omah lay.......really talentent

    25. Jamilah Kalodo

      Much love from Uganda 🇺🇬

    26. Laura N

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    27. Grace Daniel

      God is not ungodly my best song ever

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    29. Joy Anyebe

      Omg I love omah lay the vibes dey there

    30. ggl345 Lapa

      everyone here has good music taste on god.

    31. Nalynx Gordon Drasiku

      From Uganda i come in peace.................. you know what i mean.

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      He’s so cute 😍

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      8;00 pm

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    61. PERfITOfficial

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      I don't really believe that he is Godly it's all a lie

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