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    0:16 Intro & Recap
    1:56 Wrapping the Board & Assembly
    2:50 Installing New Speed Controllers
    3:16 How Will We Power The Board?
    4:14 Hovering Test
    4:52 How To Get Started With Engineering!
    5:55 Jimmy Has A Solution!
    6:50 Making Sure Things Don't Go Boom.
    8:16 4th Hover Test - Will It Succeed?
    9:51 Cooking Eggs On A Super Hot Motor
    10:20 The Finished Board & Installing The Floor
    10:40 The Final Test
    12:56 Outro
    After Dark by PYLOT
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
    Time Spender by F.O.O.L
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
    Curious Cat by Cinema Life
    Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
    Horse Power by F.O.O.L & Tokyo Rose
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
    She by F.O.O.L
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
    Caine by PYLOT
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
    PCB Design ► www.altium.com/yt/TheHacksmith
    Video Review / Collaboration ► r.frame.io/pZq3N
    Video Editing ► Adobe Premiere
    CAD ► Solidworks
    CAM ► Autodesk HSM bit.ly/HSMworks
    Highspeed Cam - Chronos 1.4 ► bit.ly/chronosCam
    Main shooter - Panasonic GH5s ► bhpho.to/2Fjd80N
    Phone - Samsung S10 ► bhpho.to/2N8FOh8
    Camcorder - Sony Handycam ► bhpho.to/2FDnq81
    Action Cam - GoPro ► bhpho.to/2FxXDC4
    Steadicam - Removu K1 ► bhpho.to/2N9lDQq
    Main mic - Sennheiser ► bhpho.to/2DsR8ec
    Bendy Tripod ► bhpho.to/2FyLNb0
    Main Tripods - old second hand Manfrotto tripods no longer sold.
    Studio Light - Luxli ► bhpho.to/2N9SPav
    CNC Mill - Tormach 1100MX ► hubs.ly/H0B8DWG0
    CNC Mill - Tormach PCNC 440 ► hubs.ly/H0B8DYk0
    CNC Lathe - Tormach 15L ► hubs.ly/H0B8Gcp0
    Autofeed Bandsaw - Tormach AF50 ► hubs.ly/H0B8Gj10
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    3d Printers ► bit.ly/H1Printer
    Laser Cutter - Gweike LG900N 80W ► lmgtfy.com/?q=lg900n
    3d Scanner ► amzn.to/2pwbvTu
    Drills, drivers, grinders, saws, etc ► amzn.to/2p9SPJ3
    Mig Welder ► bit.ly/MP250iWelder
    Tig Welder ► bit.ly/Tig200Welder
    Quiet Air Compressor ► bit.ly/38zVKzB
    Desktop PC ► kgup.info/get/mIqWpWitfW-deKk/video
    Oscilloscope ► bit.ly/38sOzKw
    Multimeters ► bit.ly/2WKwPEQ
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    1. Brian Lee Stinchcomb

      Very cool prototype by the way... however, how much power does it take to generate enough power to hover at least up to two or three feet above ground!? What can you do to make this happen!?

    2. egg

      now bring in a professional skateboarder, lets see what they can do

    3. Jose Pablo Cabral

      Nos what’s next, aun evangelion? XD

    4. Neelan Madhavu

      And also nice firing pan

    5. Neelan Madhavu

      Does make u really happy when it works love ur ideas thanx for all the things u have done for us

    6. Elijah Malabanan

      This deserve the guiness book of record

    7. Friendly Fun


    8. Shubham Bhushan

      Amazing! But as someone who worked Underpressure and for long hours I'd be more happy if the work hours for all the workers at Hacksmith were reasonable

    9. Pengoo Wrench

      So is the next step a hover car....?🤔

    10. lucid_robber

      Can you try building the suit the dog dawns when it becomes smart

    11. Anni Khatun

      Video idea: green goblin glider

    12. Zubair bari

      hacksmith i don't want to blame but why did you choosed pink colour

      1. Zubair bari

        @Hacksmith Industries OMG hacksmith industries replied me

      2. Hacksmith Industries

        It's from the movie dude

    13. Broderen

      this showes what we think is materia is actually waves and vortexes 8-)

    14. Olja Mandic

      There is no friction. You can not turn. It is pointless.

      1. Hacksmith Industries

        welcome to hoverboard tech

    15. Vicky Matheny

      can you build a jetpack??????????? y or n

    16. Cheesiepasta2812

      How did these guys do it like seriously I see companies try this and they all fail but these youtubers succeed like wow

    17. Emily An

      In the future, he'll be making a real life bike speeder.



    19. Carlos Ely V Ninalga

      Great scott!

    20. ReMy

      love it lol

    21. the gaming kid

      Arthur I didn't know you were a time traveler and alive!?

      1. Emily An

        looks so cool

    22. Kevin Emmanuel Alves Bernandes

      If you make some magnets work as if the wanna be “attracted by the floor” would it generate more friction to the ride? Jus an idea. Love Ur work guys!

    23. T O M A * M O R E A U

      I want to see both Tony Hawk and Micheal J. Fox ride this thing..

    24. Khairul.N.i

      Hey Hacksmith i wonder why didn't u mke something to control it

    25. SYBO TV

      So you finally cracked the code huh? Guess the secret is out now. Well played Jimmy... well played. - Subway Surfers

      1. glennw52


    26. Dhawan Gupta

      If not in 2015, we finally have it in 2021....

    27. MiloSmilo

      Your next build should be a hover car with the same principle

    28. Famnor Abdulrahman

      Hacksmith really plan to chance the world arent they. hacksmith if you finish the yellow giant is it possible for a flying car

    29. Giovanni Piergrossi

      I’m hoping eventually this will be innovated enough to be sold to the public and ridden on regular ground

    30. dragondude ?

      they should make a starwars ship to go with the lights saber

    31. What About Blob

      Just imagine what the government has created if this is what a few doofuses can do with a little spare time.

    32. the chosen one

      Make a laser gun

    33. Charly

      This guys are so crazy They make the coolest stuff!!

    34. FirestormCrafts

      The future is now boys

    35. Jeremy Safford

      so much effort for something so stupid

    36. dis pater

      Its clearly not like in the movie, but still one hell of a job to atleast try and make it work 👍

    37. dis pater

      Its clearly not like in the movie, but still one hell of a job to atleast try and make it work 👍

    38. blizersnake 2008

      The fbi is going to start watching you guys in case you get to dangerous

    39. prosoccer95

      Pretty great, now use more power and put some servos in to change the angle of the motors so you can control where you go better

    40. OMG RONNIE

      How much

    41. desaster hunter

      Do not stop keep making lvl2 and 3 seriously bro keep it it might take years but it's worth it

    42. HYP3R LIGHT

      You guys should put all of those boards around Hacksmith Industries

    43. Jasen Says

      Fuck aeroplanes, THIS is the closest we've ever gotten to flying.

    44. ensignskye

      call tony hawk and let him give it a try please. lol

    45. XxYowolfxX


    46. Jeff Renman

      considering the time money and danger involved… May I suggest you try something like Wheels… The fire was funny though

    47. HOLYbots

      Nothing says science like a man in white riding a pink hovercraft

    48. daniel anderson234

      or just have 4 wheels...yano....

    49. Berhnardt Do

      did i miss the part where they explain how it works??

    50. Jay Mex

      Soon, they will make DeLorean that travels through time😂😂😂

    51. New 52

      I like this show because they act like kids and not adults

    52. Aquiles174

      I don't see the point of building a hoverboard that yo can't use it on the streets.

    53. sgrgffgsgg sfgsrg

      I wouldn't call it hoverboard. I'd call it metal glider.

    54. Alexander Lancaster

      Quit being a smart alic

    55. Hangasu Hassen

      vary cool

    56. Thomas Reynaert

      If the hacksmith had the amount of money that the military has to built their new weapons the hacksmith would be way to powerfull but it would be sooooo legendary

    57. canal G5X G5-MARCOS

      Very good👏👏👏👏

    58. Usman Chechen

      People in twenty years with flying hoverboards be like: Lol

    59. Fun Drew

      Remember the time where hacksmith is just making backflips vids

    60. Ptao Tom

      Good job.. keep up the good work.?

    61. Bakon Buisness

      welcome to 2021 where high-tech is from.

    62. Salaar Ali

      Him:telling all the science stuff Me:skips to the test

    63. The New Kid

      Art finally got recognised and now it's STEAM

    64. Danny Joiner

      the only thing that would make this even better than it already was is some sort of thing to accelerate it remotely

    65. chandima bandara

      Can you make a real Ben 10 watch that make you into aliens

    66. EchosMoon

      Ok that’s freaking badass good job!

    67. Wooden Nugget

      Jimmy is lile the new Michael Reeves but not on crack

    68. Senpai Chris

      If you could increase the gravitational push from the magnets it would fly

    69. Senpai Chris


    70. Pog Pog

      The 90's called they want there montage back

    71. Grady Harper

      nobody thought to break out a Gauss meter

    72. Lol omg

      I can give 100 000 $ for the Hoverboard set!!!

    73. shubhada mangle

      Hacksmith after 3 years: how to make real life Doraemon

    74. Ryan Mohammad

      I feel like I am learning engineering and at the same time my childhood dreams are coming true

    75. Nightbot

      Make the floor the size of a football court

    76. Adam Aiman

      Tony Hawk joins the group chat*

    77. Gamer 21

      do jokers throwing cards

    78. Ivory's Tinkershack

      Ask Elon Musk to send you his plasma rocket thrusters

    79. Samuel Khasin

      James is looking pretty caveman. O.o

    80. Joddy Pranata

      I wonder if Gundam 1/1 scale can be pilotted inside by the help of Hacksmith? That'll be brilliant!

    81. cryobeast 21

      use magnets on opposite sides

    82. Jr.

      Does it need aluminum to hover?

    83. kurokoro 28

      Ok now create a way to time travel with a delorean.

    84. Spooky Baby

      2014: skateboards are epic! 7 years later in 2021: Ha! Mortals!

    85. Pedr 27

      Hacksmith in 2021: “we made a real hoverboard!” Hacksmith in 2025: “we made a real time traveling DeLorean!”

    86. Øli Macabre

      YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    87. Chris Giger

      My mouth dropped to my knees because I didn’t know if it was gonna work or not. Flipin awesome.

    88. da turkey bois

      Those battery's are pretty bad comparing them to the size of the moto gsomething that has 5000 nah also

    89. Thami Mbatha

      Poor Jimmy 😔😔😔

    90. Esh Rl_r6_val

      Pls make it have boosts

      1. Brick Attack

        This is real life tho

    91. c c


    92. Scrappy Yeet

      That nice tho i hope by 2021 they can sell Hoverboards that would be pretty fire

    93. Logan Soule

      you guys made this on my birthday thats pretty cool keep going you guys ur doing a good job

    94. Spatula

      everyone: wow cool hoverboard!! me: damn nice beard


        Bro anda gay

    95. Baby lal

      Mettal hole mini dots in air

    96. Michelle Chapman

      do vultures wings pls

    97. ARC

      Is it possible to make it lift using air instead of magnet?or make it like you use on iron man jet it would be cool and efficient if possible:) im not good at science but hope it will improve qnd go to market

    98. eri albar

      Area51 want know ur location Disney want ur contrac They want built hover board park theme

    99. Tinmania

      So wait! All we have to do is get the whole world to plate the streets and sidewalks with 1/2” plate steel and we can use hoverboards 🤷‍♂️ What’s the holdup?

    100. Truesalvation

      5 1/2 years later, Technology finally caught up! Well sort of,. Hacksmith Industries also invented the Theoretical Lightsaber.