My Bassmaster Open Experience On The Arkansas River

Brian Latimer

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    This is my Bassmaster Open Central Experience on the Arkansas River
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    Music by my homie Tory Acker

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    1. Brian Latimer

      Hey y’all!!! One of my musician friends made all of the music for this video. We played in church together for years before I turned pro. You can follow him on Instagram. Just check the link in my description.

      1. Jared B

        You seem like an amazing guy! I hope you don't see a bow line knot or something on your boat and think it's something else, like that Bubba Smolliet did in his fancy garage.

      2. Jeremiah Navejas

        How do you become a pro fisherman

      3. Fred Hampton

        Great production on this one. Keep it coming.

      4. Matthew Hairell

        Did you try fishing a black buzz bait on the river?

      5. Mike Gardiner

        That’s funny. What instrument did you play? I used to play drums. Now just play to cds in basement. Lol

    2. Back2Roots Fishing

      Grew up fishing the Arkansas river. Moved to North Carolina. I miss it.

    3. James Lindsey


    4. Danladi Graham

      You posted this video on my BIRTHDAY!!!! Greatly appreciated!

    5. Charles Mayberry

      Made aoy in aba want be going to neely henry this year got oct bait for the river never been there

      1. Charles Mayberry

        Good luck at neely henry

    6. 8484magic

      Really enjoy your vids....motivate me to get on the water !!!

    7. SETtheHOOK

      Great video BL

    8. DH

      4:57 "If I lost that he would have been 10lbs" I've lost a LOT of 10lb fish lol

    9. ARTIS H.


    10. Walter Homan

      How do you get the hook out so easily? I always struggle getting them out.

    11. Shai Blanco

      Fishing in the kaepernick forces ✊🏽

    12. Ben Sirdoreus

      Love the vids buddy


      I absolutely love your story man and have mad respect for you and your abilities am I a little jealous hell yeah hahah I've followed your story your living my dream except I cannot do it i crushed my spine at work I still fish though keep up the great work TIGHT LINES your forever fan Rob

    14. Wes McKinney

      Was that Lews LFS series with the crankbait setup? Love that reel!!

    15. DJKW905

      is that a bathroom bucket under the steering wheel?

    16. Mannie Sisneros

      B lat fishing in some air force’s that’s my dude right there I got a old pair of Jordan 13s I fish in

    17. Just Fishing TV

      Keep Grinding B, I see the Classic. It's gonna happen, bro! I'm still here, just keeping quiet grinding in my corner.

    18. Kamren Nation

      I love watching your videos and i can't help but notice you look a little bit like childish gambino

    19. steve a

      hi b lat, im just wondering is the legal size the same throughout the whole tournament or is it different from state to state?, by the way keep up the great content

    20. Sebastian Mera

      Find that ECO SYSTEM B. LAT!

    21. Brian Eisenman Jr.

      I've been watching this channel for two years. First time I heard him curse like that, haha. All good, B.Lat! You handle tough fishing days like the champion that you are. Adversity is dope!!!

    22. CGreat Things

      Bro!! Way to go crossing the 100k sub mark! Well done.

    23. BassGeek

      Tough days are when we learn. Good days are earned on the tough days.

    24. KentDrumz

      Good job

    25. Trey

      I'm from Arkansas

    26. Chase Vestal

      I don’t know why they don’t move the tournament off that stupid river and put it on either lake tenkiller or broken bow lake. Way better lakes. Grand lake.

    27. Juliet Alpha

      Snatchin fish out

    28. Wyrdcat Outdoors

      Keep it up man....I have faith for you.

    29. JayCantStop !!

      Arkansas is horrible for fishing I live here and the lakes are Garbo, can’t fish the river because I don’t have a boat 💀💀

    30. Rick Purcell

      Brian, a great job in a very tough tournament. I’ve watched your videos for the last couple of yrs, I’ve been impressed with skills as a fisherman and those of a father. Good things come to good people who work hard at their craft. Would be great to see you, Scott Martin, and some others fishing the Elites together. Best of luck.

    31. Donner's Crappie Adventures

      Real fishing! Not all the glorified things just good honest fishing!!! Can't beat the truth!!!

    32. Brad Hester

      What was happening around the 7:00 mark ??

      1. Brian Latimer

        Locking process

    33. Jeffrey Ammermann

      Seeing all these nice boats tied down next to a concrete wall gives me heartburn :)

    34. lightlinefishing

      What model motor guide do you run?? I'm shopping for new trolling motor

    35. Adam Halstead

      I felt the pain of that missed fish through this phone..sonetimes the colorful language just happens 😆

    36. Bass Brothers Fishing DMV

      Nice vid man. stay safe out there and good luck next time.

    37. Game Hams

      I love his mindset. U can tell he’s got a lot of fishing wisdom

    38. BucknBass Outdoors

      Nice video man, and good job in the tournament!! What brand crankbait was that you was throwing?

      1. Brian Latimer

        A Bill Lewis sb 57

    39. HT Filmz

      I Peeped The shoes!! Salute Brian!!

    40. Fred Hampton

      Hey Brian, thanks for bringing us on your new journey. Congratulations, and congrats on the new edition to your family. She is a doll, beautiful. Great work out there, and great work sharing the information you've obtained thus far. Your covering alot of ground in your career. Complacency is a road block that we as soldiers strive to overcome even while on the battlefield. Plot, plan, prepare, and achieve my friend. Thanks again for sharing. US ARMY RET.

    41. silly guy

      Are you not hanging with scott Martin any more

    42. Blay 7

      Man I have a buddy that fished that tournament and he was saying how tough it was also. He made the long haul to Kerr also.

    43. Trackside Racing Network

      what bait you tossin for the first 2 fish?

    44. Jose Martinez

      Great video

    45. sJd9579

      Shout out to the Duke Cannon Body wash. That. Stuff. Is. PHENOMENAL!!

    46. Mac Full

      Good video you make fishing look easy awesome to see a brother on top of the fish game

    47. Anthony Clark

      B-Lat we all say s**t when we loss a good keeper in a tournament especially on the Arkansas river it's going to be tough for the next few years because of the flooding last year

    48. Jim Odermann

      Good luck be safe God bless you. We really appreciate your content

    49. Steve Fisher


    50. Steve Fisher

      In my own personal opinion, there should be no tournaments held on lakes with lochs.

    51. Lj Easter

      BLat, I am going on 70 years old and have fished many years and watched and been around a lot of professional fisherman. You are one of my favorites because of your honesty about how the day went for you. You are very knowledgeable and share with your audience. Keep up the good work and much success for you!

    52. Greg V

      Getting to the fish with the locks. Tough times. Thank you for the great video👍🏼

    53. Martin Allison

      Great video B. Lat! Man keep chunking and winding, you're going far. God bless you and yours!

    54. Gotcha

      Awesome job B. Lat. was wondering why your not running with Scott Martins clan this year ? I really enjoy your videos.

    55. Chester Bledsoe

      Awesome video

    56. EasyFishen

      Nice shoes man!

    57. Okie Outdoor Adventures

      The river here is crazy! Rough tournament for sure, but on to the next one.. 👊

    58. Pete Midkiff

      IF you lose a fish you are supposed to cuss it is a rule.

    59. Tom13GN

      I really enjoy watching your vids. How about introducing your co-angler, seems like you used to do that in the past. Give 'em a shout out! ;)

    60. maurice morris

      The forever grind of life! Have you made a video about the different brands/models of fish finders you've used throughout your career and your experiences with them. I'm in the process of buying a few for my boat but don't have the ability to try them all out on the water. Good luck on the next tournament and like the shoes!

    61. Brandon Burker

      Lmao a guy said "goodluck man" He said "I'd like to knock his lights out". Lol sounds like me

      1. Brandon Burker

        @Brian Latimer yeah u did. Go to 13:03

      2. Brian Latimer

        Nahhh that’s not what I said

    62. lovangels55

      Lol,old man Brut.

    63. Scott McNair

      Love all you interact with your co-angler. I’m sure it helps them out confidence wise. Favorite quote on this, “world your mind muscle”. Your positivity is what keeps all of us coming back to watch your videos. Can’t wait for BASS on your home waters, maybe I will be able to draw you. I can at least dream!

    64. Jordan Behlen

      Im curious how those motorguides hold up. There has never been an uglier motor built and the head is so massive it has to obstruct vision when its stowed and youre driving

    65. Cmbtvet outdoors

      Hey Brian, are you fishing Lew’s rods or just reels? I really like Lew’s, almost all of my set ups are Lew’s.

      1. Isak Newman

        It looks like he is just using their reels, because the rod he is using is a favorite hex rod.

    66. Roger Ostrander

      So in this turny are nets not allowed?

    67. bwahvtecfishtail

      Must be nuts coming out of those locks. My 519 would struggle with all them wakes.

    68. Zach Ploen

      I have the same reaction every time I lose a fish! So frustrating. Glad it happens to Pros! Love you B.Lat

    69. Myron Woods

      Love your vids. I’m in Seattle wa. I’m happy I found your page. The merch is awesome!!

    70. skinimus

      How did your co-anglers do?

    71. PunchFishing

      I see those Kap Air Force 1s...

    72. Dupree Casey

      The shoes though!

      1. Dupree Casey


    73. Dbars19

      get them points !

    74. Dbars19

      i feel like you guys know what your up against when your in the elites. But climbing your way up like you are now you could be up against all kind of crazyness from locals who fished there for 50 years.

    75. Brandon Louis

      dude love that blat portrait...dope

    76. Sean Mccolpin

      B-Lat man! You have such a positive attitude even after a grind like you had on the river. Great job man, keep it up!

    77. Azarlehn1

      hell ya brother, my neck of the woods. good place to come back for big cats to at some point my man. be safe have a good one here in okiehoma and set em deep!

    78. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Brian love the footage and I have a question wat were the Jordan's u were wearing in the video from ur victory last year please I love those and my son too.. hes 11 we been playing ball fishing alot

    79. Matthew Hairell

      Never sleep on a black buzzbait in a river system ... no matter what time of day!

    80. WM Weekend Warrior

      The head on that motor guide looks like a big space ship. Any feedback on what you think of that so far?

      1. Grace Makgato

        And sounds a little noisy, don't know if it's just me!

    81. Trent Findley

      Brute!!!! Lmao I was in my head like stetson and old spice

    82. Johnnie Large

      I finally made on KGup lol I was helping at the weigh in. Good job B-lat

    83. Gone fishing 804

      lay on in there and take a bath !!!!! lmao

    84. Backyard Specialist

      Good job sir

    85. DWMJr

      A B.Lat do you remember how many rods the co angler had in the boat.

    86. Kev Mo

      “Brute by Faberge”. I still remember those commercials around Christmas in the 70’s and 80’s.

    87. Keith Myrick

      Aight now...good job! Looking forward to seeing you in the Elites!

    88. Kevin Ramsey

      Curious question. I’ve never see. It before. Why do you click the brake on and off when you’re tiring one out? So you can give him line easy if need be?

      1. Brian Latimer

        No brake . That’s me free spooling

    89. Stanley Foxx

      What bait were you using in the practice video that you kept secret? You keep saying the phrase, they are telling on themselves, (the fish).

      1. Brian Latimer

        Drop shot

    90. Brian Wulff

      You staying with scott martin at all this year on the road? Love both yall videos. Good luck to ya this year get them big boys for a win

      1. Brian Wulff

        Aw cant wait see more of your video!! Hope you catch them bud!!

      2. Brian Latimer

        No sir not this year

    91. Moonpie Spotlight

      Great show Brian. You have fishing talent but your stage presence on video is at least as good. You're on to something.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Thanks 👍🏾

    92. Reflex

      Bro I saw scott martins video on this same tournament either earlier today or late last night

      1. Brian Latimer

        He did good!

    93. Dusty Crawley

      😄😄😄 I was thinking old spice and my man done dropped the BRUTE!!!!! I done forgot all about some Brute!!!! 😄😄😄

    94. Grayson Hudson

      What happen to being with team smc

      1. Brian Latimer

        That’s the Flw tour last year

    95. Nick Landry

      😂😂😂”Lay in there take a bath, enjoy yourself” had me laughin

    96. Holypokey

      I wear Brute and Old Spice. You’re killing me. Love the videos give em hell next time.

    97. Roger Milholland

      Is that a minner bucket under the console

    98. 018132

      Those lews reel look nice. How do you like those high end Lews reel?? Might pick up a few.

    99. Moejo jo

      Yes my man put up a new video Can't wait till my day off tomorrow fishing all day hopefully be catching me some big bass

    100. Lumpiest of Coles

      Great video as always man I hope you take the dub man!!!