WINTER FISHING MADNESS!!! (Underwater Drop Shotting)


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    FIRST WINTER FISHING DAY OF 2018!!! It was freezing, but I hustled my butt through traffic and a decently long + tricky walk to get to the juice!
    Check out me SLAYING BASS on this Magic Winter Lure!!!
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    Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:
    -Catch Co Shimmer Shad (3" Ghost)
    -Jackall Crosstail Shad (3")
    -BPS Bionic Blade Micro (6'6" medium/fast)
    -Team Daiwa Steez 103HA
    -Suffix 832 braid (15 lbs) (Affiliate)
    -Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon (8 lbs) (Affiliate)
    Location: Potomac River in Virginia
    Date: December 19th, 2018
    Primary Pattern: Dead sticking a drop shot rig around structure
    Time Fished: 8:30 am - 2:00 pm
    Air Temp: High of 48 degrees, low of 28 degrees
    Water Temp: 54 degrees
    Water Clarity: 4-5 feet depending on tide
    Conditions: Partly cloudy with winds from the SW up to 9 mph
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    MicroSD card
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    1. 1Rod1ReelFishing

      Plot twist - this was filmed yesterday 😎 Oh btw, those last 3 ice fishing vids, filmed in January of this year... P.s. almost forgot... my absence, check the comments of my next vid, patience is a virtue my friends 👍

      1. Shworsh

        Hi I live in Australia 🇦🇺 and I was wondering if a baitcaster setup is adequate for salt water fishing like whiting,bream,flathead and other fish

      2. Jose tesla tesla

        @Troy Hooper beach base en español

      3. FishingWith BigJay

        Ima fish with you one day that’s my dream and my word

      4. Hoosier Carpman

        6:05 up by the top of where your rod is shown. Pretty sure that bridge is

      5. Gage Moreno


    2. Carlos Concepcion

      Think 2lbers would have taken darker shad type bait since they followed smaller darker fish? 🤔


      if you know please tell me the name of the song in the beginning

    4. Anthony Hayhurst

      I just saw him crappie fishing near the SantaMaria on the scioto

    5. Anthony Hayhurst

      Wait, he’s been gone?

    6. Anthony Hayhurst

      Wait, he’s been gone?

    7. Pak Ndak Koba

      Man my heart's running fast watching those larger fish following those smaller ones

    8. Sound of Nature TV

      Thank you for the video.

    9. Tezcan Yavuz

      I came from Kayseri with love and greetings and I will wait for you.

    10. złap i wypuść

      hi bro. what casting and multik buy to angler perch ?

    11. Tim Costanzo

      What reel are you using. I’m looking for a bait caster that will throw a 1/8 oz weight

    12. Creative Life Skills

      Supperbb brow

    13. chris chee

      Yooo bro did u see the shadow on the other side of the river its onn 0:30 to 0:37 check it out bro ...

    14. Matt Tuers

      Wait - you're catching largemouth bass in waters with tides? I'm confused.

    15. Daniel Crowder

      I love how your excited about those fish biting. This is what people need to understand that fishing is fun!

    16. Soldier

      Ur a human scale

    17. Soldier

      Bruh y u making these loud groans when u hook a half a pounder

    18. John Loxley

      Cracking video buddy. Looks like you had a good day and the weather was nice. Horrible cold and snowy here over in the UK. I love finesse fishing myself !!! Could you possibly tell me where you get one of them thermometers from what you used to measure the water temperature? One of them would come in handy. Tight lines and be safe I’m down the best to you and your family 😍🎣👍🏽👍🏽😀😀

    19. Charlie Thibodeaux

      Are you fishing brackish water?

    20. Pete Mitchell

      Roses thermometer and spooks 17 fish off the spot. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    21. Ken Egan

      Aussie bass love shade..and a really hot day they eat anything you chuck at em

    22. shropshire lad outdoors

      Do you realise the water is at different temperatures at different depths

    23. chris Deese


    24. watchman316ly

      Because the big ones are smart and picky!

    25. Dorian Kłos

      noob (jk)

    26. Chubb Rock

      I keep seeing people running past on the other side of the river, don’t get bum rushed by homeless people down there!

    27. MJMgaming

      Day one of asking 1rod1reel fishing to make my name 2rod2reel fishing


      100% Original Shimano ULTEGRA FB Fishing reel

    29. Aidan Lewis


    30. Sunny Bhai

      This looks like...Cameron Run in Alexandria

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    32. RampagE HUN

      It didnt look like winter

    33. Vickie Carpenter

      U love fishing hua

      1. Vickie Carpenter

        Hiiiiiiiiiiii. MAN

    34. Manuel Rosales

      That was such a great spot. Not anymore.

    35. John Jones


    36. Bryan Sanchez

      1:24 I love how it just came out naturally 💀

    37. Jay Jalette

      Let me was in jail

    38. Brook Miller

      Great video thanks for the casting tip!

    39. Bao T.

      What line size/type and baitcast reel did you use?

    40. SoCal Angler

      Theory: the big fish make the little fish eat certain things just to make sure it isn't sus lol that's why they follow the little ones you catch haha. IDK just a theory they're freaking smart lmao

    41. marino Mentao

      that was a guppy @10:42 very nice presentations.

    42. Marcello Zito

      Your video is so boring lol

    43. Marcello Zito

      So coollll

    44. _NATIVE_TRADE_

      Great job on your camera angles,also you’re very descriptive with helpful information keep up the good work.

    45. Shayn Friday

      A few days ago I was fishing off Pacifica pier and my dad was putting on a crab trap. and my dads' stripper pole was in the water, we had a 700-pound test on it, and my dad had a jig with squid on it and I saw the line moving but it was going the same way as the current but I picked up the rod and I felled weight and when I set the hook a........ 245-pound striper it took us 2 hours to land the fish.

    46. Rocky Aguilar

      That’s a good place to fish 🎣 bro nice work be safe

    47. The Camping Spider2


    48. Roy Yue

      You brought a fishing store

    49. Chris Ball

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    53. Nick H

      You shout too much.. Whisper or you'll scare the big fish away otherwise... Love your enthusiasm !

    54. Vicky Holdeman


    55. Casting Daily

      15:37 rage much my guy? stick to the smaller fish ;)

    56. Luis Irigoyen

      nice rod i really want one

    57. Red Label Diesel

      You should just use a spinner bait

    58. Kid PT

      Your the best man!

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    61. Jayden Bonilla

      I never get bass

    62. Domers FTW


    63. owen.newportwainwright

      Most people when they access their fishing spot: well the water is warm meaning for the winter that should be good. Literally 1 rod: there’s a train.....(deep think) so that’s good news.

    64. TheBankFisher

      I love the drop shot all times of the year but especially in clear water

    65. Andrew Lecuyer

      ghost or something else???

    66. Andrew Lecuyer

      pause the vid at 0:35 and you'll see something in the distance

    67. Andrew Lecuyer


    68. Andrew Lecuyer

      after he showed the sewer something or someone walked by him in the distance

    69. Hayden Gantt

      I love your vids can we fish some time

    70. Juanita Chapman

      What's a drop shot I don't know much about fishing

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      Bitch Boobs sexy

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      Great video, i love ur channel

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      That is my b day

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      Did anybody see that?? at 0:34 seconds in

    76. h0tdg

      U. Is it just me that’s gonna talk about the black figure all the way in the back at 0:34

    77. 1000 ping kid 1000 ping kid

      Who else saw that thing run near the water

    78. Cayson Burdette

      You had a baby

    79. odarabla1

      You should get a scale to weigh your fish. They say the camera adds 5lbs but those fish look small.

    80. Michael Aho

      You do not know how to fish right

    81. Duxstin A

      Right when you showed it was 8:30 am it was 8:30 pm!

    82. brayden strother

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    85. Hoosier Carpman

      6:07-6:10 up in the left corner. Was there someone walking infront of you, or am i seeing things..?

      1. Hoosier Carpman

        Im not crazy right? Wth is that. I swear i see something walking right across there

      2. Venom Radar

        Oh yeah there is!

      3. Hoosier Carpman

        In the background. Look towards the rod tip. Maybe skip back to 6:05 even. Up top in the left

      4. Venom Radar

        I think ur seeing things i think

    86. Wyatt Ogle

      Plz do more with Catfish And Carp

    87. Clijn

      Maybe a cool idea to get a polorising(?) Filter for the gopros

    88. Kenji Xiong

      If your eye sight is 20/20 look under the bridge and where it both ends at you'll see a black figure run across 0:30

    89. Gage Mock

      I cought my pb yesterday on a drop shot

    90. Kristīne Šakina

      he gets a bite and hes like shhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawawaaaaaawawawwawawawawsagcdhvbdzfuhbzndifljvndf;hjoibndfpijgdznfihjvzdnflvkjfdnv;jfn

    91. TTV rylee ?

      When he looked down the river something ran by on the other side rewatch the footage

      1. Audiomaker Server

        Cooly Dude when

    92. Harrison Eaves

      This was recorded on my birthday

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      0:36 who else saw a black thing run on the other side

    94. mythical.a ex

      I love fishing and I love watching your videos

    95. Jeremy Bibi

      Sir, can you make a tutorial on how to rig a soft lure, a minnow, live bait with diffrent hook also how to tied the line

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