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    1. Madeline Rice

      I never realized how round and small Andrew's head was until he put the thin hood on

    2. Lee-Ann Poley

      andrew and jermy are gay ew

    3. aysha mohammad

      Andrew likes you I know it its so abivious

    4. Cookies :3

      It’s not a good idea to deflate the bounce house with ppl in it. It can suffocate people if they don’t move quick enough to get out bounce house are actually quite heavy

    5. Jetnor Isa

      Oops a j i meant

    6. Jetnor Isa

      I really like how my name is jetnor and his is jermy both with a k

    7. Jetnor Isa

      I love lexis lafes they are just so cute

    8. Deodat Jaglal

      The bounce house it’s so huge

    9. Audsquad_2010 Kemmer

      I got uncomfortable when I saw jeramy and Andrew in the bouncy house together 😳

    10. kimber kirk

      Everyone wants to know tell us

    11. kimber kirk

      Why did you and Ben break up

    12. Nazir Fulton

      Do if it or turn fight or t. for? $5,00000000

    13. Nazir Fulton


    14. Nazir Fulton


    15. Nazir Fulton

      $50,000000:) for is EU brand if the? $9,99999999999

    16. Ava Collins

      Hi Lexi! I’m a bug fan! Hehe

    17. Fountain Khosa


    18. and ANtony sa3id

      Why you and ben broke up

    19. Juan Mendez


    20. Juan Mendez

      Why always the boys never the grils only on pirson channal

    21. K.K. Llama

      I still ship Ben and Lexi


      andrew makes me happy and he is cute

    23. Amaal Mohamud

      woahh now I ship Jeremy and Andrew 😲 0:54 1:19 1:37 2:51 2:58

    24. bits and pieces of memories

      Summer yet

    25. jacinta igboa

      i know you guys broke up but Bexi was my favourite couple and ben it is 2021



    27. Heidi Garcia

      Wait there imagene if andrew amd jermy are boyfriend wowow

    28. Nita Gaming

      You guys do fun stuffs

    29. PinkWolfs

      OMG, Jandrew?

    30. Emerie Sihan Qi

      Yo!!!! OMG 😱

    31. tommy r9

      The first best

    32. Cassie Saks

      I love how still after Lexi and Ben broke up, they are still friends! Like if that happened to me and my crush, I don’t know what would happen....

    33. Liam-Vian Catudio

      I also wan't to say i subbed to ben,brent,and your channel too lexi love your vids

    34. Liam-Vian Catudio

      Bounce house: Hi You guys: We going to sleep with you Bounce house: Let's partyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

    35. Adrianna Young

      I watch every video that you post I am ur #1 fan

    36. Yassin Koumaneh

      I love how the breakup between Lexi and Ben hasn't affected their relationship/friendship. It's like nothing has changed between them. They're the most mature people in the entire world

    37. lisa cohen


    38. Rebecca Lowe

      when you watch something else you always want to do it reply if this is true

    39. Diego Zander

      Jeremy's armpit hair

    40. The Woodsie Sisters

      Why are you all ways with the boys ????

    41. Richard Ormiston

      my name actually Hannah

    42. Richard Ormiston

      I literally did that with my friends 10 months ago

    43. Selena Tran


    44. Diego Laramie

      Can we give appreciation to Lexi and Ben that are taking a break up so good and like adults not like other you tubers and tik tokers

    45. Fruity Sisters Gaming

      I love how Jeremy and Andrew are like acting like a couple XD. Or are they faking....HMMMM like if you feel the same *scandulous*

    46. Mareeya Begum

      Has anyone said your gorgeous 😍 🤔

    47. Exotic red hood

      Invite me next

    48. Patriciarodriguez3nyp1@Hotmail.com Rodriguez

      🥰😍to ben

    49. Gianni Sterling

      I love this video

    50. Dot Adams

      Ben And Lexi Need To Get Back Together, Dom And Sofie Need To Get Together and Jeremy and Katie need to get together

    51. Riley Q

      I don’t get why this video got 2k thumbs down Also like if your watching this in 2021😐

    52. Daniel Cox

      Who was recording? Brent?


      omg so rich

    54. Unia Brast


    55. Delila Felix

      I kinda think Lexi is ugly

    56. asttrostars

      " what year is it" Its 2070 duhhhhh

    57. Nicole Deverney

      Why are they always doing and talking about gay things?

    58. Sara Inácio

      you are al crazy hahaha

    59. Mandy Ketchum

      bruh- I love the fact that they kept making out lol

    60. Newbie_Puff 2580

      You know that Bounce house is only for kids only

    61. Maria Louise Vicente


    62. Sony Manny

      I am so glad Ben and Lexi are stilll friends honestly :)

    63. Jólv

      2.04 lexi said i love u😢 we miss bexi

    64. Jalla Ok

      We have the same birthday

    65. ryan hoesa

      Bruuh no brentss

    66. Always Kendra

      I love u lexi

    67. Frostbite Munchkin

      Ben: What year is it it? Me: the year Lexi neared you

    68. Emperor Palpatine Chancellor palpatine

      Before the boxing match lexi said i love you

    69. Lancaster Allen

      I just noticed that there is three boys and just you

    70. Madelynne Lewis

      Lexi and Jeremy


      24 hours you don,t have a brother

    72. My hero academia 459

      Jeremy an Andrew is gay

    73. Myakyu mini


    74. Mariah Rodriguez

      I ship her and Andrew so much

    75. Nana Einstein

      I love it I want it pleasenow

      1. Nana Einstein

        The food is yummy I want it🤬😎

      2. Nana Einstein

        Lexi lexi you are the boss ceep doing it so funnyI love you guys good thanks and you are the good member of the group bye

    76. Trickshot Kids


    77. Mariela Estrada

      Whattttttttt!!!! Jeremy and Andrew kissed each other😑 they are boys the need to like girls not boys

    78. C.M.L

      You are so cool Lexi you are my idol

    79. Anamta and Zuhayr Vlogs

      I LIKE AN

      1. Anamta and Zuhayr Vlogs

        I LIKE ANDREW!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    80. Dima Plays

      i wish i could join but im in egypt and that language talks diffrent

    81. laila farah

      I hate jrmmy

    82. raghav katyayn

      No boyfriend gf lol

    83. Presley Johnson

      Jeremy: y’all are getting smoked Also Jeremy: loses

    84. Aayushi Padalkar


    85. misshelby123

      That day was my birthday

    86. bob hornert

      jeremy and andrew are gay

    87. Abby Panda!!

      0:56 I thought this was family friendly👁👄👁

    88. Lariah Guity

      5:17 Ben said I'll kill u

    89. Jane Freake 66 (STUDENT)

      I saw the description loo

    90. phoebe kerr

      Wait r Jeremy and Andrew get???

    91. Ix Scope


    92. Jamaris Glenn

      im a big fan pls i want a shot out pls

    93. Blog Family Forever

      Hello! How are you this fine Friyay?

    94. XxmedaZizzyxX

      At the first time i thoth that jeremy is gay

    95. Temuujin

      Make your video quality 1080p

    96. Addy Daniel

      You are so cool

    97. Cammy_likes_skittles

      This looked like fun :D

    98. iixSxphia

      the zoom in on Andrew's face had me on the floor dying of laughter!

    99. Sam K.

      Mai mom is di 👸🏻 🙎🏻‍♀️

    100. Sam K.