YONEX Thailand Open | Day 1: Goh/Izzuddin (MAS) vs. Ko/Shin (KOR)


78 миӊ. көрүүлөр33

    HSBC BWF World Tour | Super 1000
    YONEX Thailand Open
    Men's Doubles | Round of 32
    Goh/Izzuddin (MAS) vs. Ko/Shin (KOR)
    #HSBCbadminton #BWFWorldTour #YonexThailandOpen
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    1. 마징가

      훈련 많이좀 하셔야 할듯 소속팀 갈리고 나서인지 호흡이 영 ~~~ 암튼 화이팅하세요

    2. rbx

      the slow frame rate on these videos is not suitable for a fast sport like badminton

    3. 세침떼기

      몸이 엄청 무겁네

    4. Black Cat

      42.56 what happened ?

    5. Haocheng Holdson Liang

      Seems that Ko/Shin wasn’t in a very good form and making too many unforced errors. Also Ko’s smashes were much slower, I hope his shoulder injury is getting better 😢

    6. mho

      always a treat to watch these two old korean dudes play their top tier defense. ko sh is still ridiculously hyper-athletic with mad hops and his lightning smashes are even faster than his balding receding hairline.. way too many errors from shin in the 3rd probably got tired.. this malay pair's offense was too good and they were smart to deny smashes from ko. izzudin's got nice drop fake outs,, i hope he wins more because he looks super pissed off all the time

    7. 용쓰민턴

      몸이 무겁네요 컨디션 안좋으네

    8. Boon Tan

      Ko has lost his power smash, opponents have no fear of him. Shin was not fully gear up in the 3rd game, exhausted in the fast first game winning. Malaysia pair returns are good. Flat returns to turn the game around with deadly smashes. They have to strategize their play and speed up.

    9. tho교

      팬더믹 켐페인이 좋은선수들 다 망가 크려놧군, 멋진경기 잘 봤읍니다

    10. Mo. C

      Izzudin so handsome

    11. muhammad amirul

      Still using APACS.. nice brand n price

    12. 조병운

      국대뽑을때 신체조건 보고 뽑지말자~ 요즘 키작은 선수들이 더 잘함

      1. Jeter2

        꼭 그렇지는 않아요 예전같이 박주봉 김문수 김동문 하태권 같은 신체 조건 좋은 선수가 잘 하면 더 유리하죠

      2. 조병운

        @보일러_네 알고있습니다.^^ 지금 학생들도 키 작은 선수는 우승해도 선발되지. 않는 대한민국 현실을 얘기하는겁니다.

      3. 보일러_

        고성현 신백철 조는 개인자격으로 참가하는겁니다

    13. 조병운

      네트플레이가 안되면 라켓좀 들고 있던가 ㅠㅠ 글고 우째 공격권을 계속 상대팀에게 주는지~ 주고 싶어 주는건 아니겠지만~~

    14. 문정민

      무슨 이유가 됐든 신체적인 훈련과 함께 정신적으로도 굉장히 안이하다는 느낌의 공이 많네요... 고/신조의 파트너쉽과 공격적인 에너지를 끌어올려줄 무언가가 필요해보입니다.

    15. 소신있게

      실수가 너무많다...

    16. Leo Ko

      코치가 없으니 분위기 가라 앉으면 너무 쉽게 무너지네ㅠㅠ

    17. Saiful Halim

      Macam ni lah orang melayu bagi main😋😋😋

    18. Ana Sirait

      Yesss menang 💪🏻

      1. Yee Seven


      2. NorHafiz


    19. ilhamzah haz

      Who's the Malaysia's coach?

      1. Grab Drive

        Indonesia The Best

      2. Jonathan Lee

        Flandy Limpele

      3. Philip Neo

        From Indonesia 🇮🇩

    20. Ivana cahpantura

      Mudah2an menang Malaysia...MAS figthing

    21. ardi ClareConc

      30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    22. papaburger

      Ko/Shin have the experiences but they made too many unforced errors ...

      1. Wayne McKenzie

        papaburger yes, they were playing like their not serious. Maybe a coach would have helped to keep them focused.

    23. asyraaffazli

      Yeah...malaysia boleh