Only LAKE in the USA with these.. Special Spot SMC 19:13

Scott Martin

53 миӊ. көрүүлөр30

    These fish traveled 8,000 miles to Florida to live in this lake. I talke Hilary and Amelia to experience this amazing spot. Osceola Outback is an amazing place to catch these fish and along of them.
    Give Osceola Outback a try the next time your in Florida.
    This is the Episode that aired on the Discovery Channel this year. Glad I am able to share it with you all.
    Thanks for all of the support.
    This is episode 5 from the SMC on Discovery Channel.
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    1. Jack Noel

      Das not no Florida bass 😂

    2. j w

      Scott you have the best show ever !!! So True!!!

    3. Andrew Rogers

      Scott you have such an amazing family!! We can really tell you love your kids. It brightens my day when I watch your videos you have me laughing and also enjoying the catches as well best KGupr/fisherman out there!!

    4. Murky Water Central

      So awesome!!

    5. Shoman Blues

      Just as a point of interest, I'm surprised they allowed boats that have been in other lakes into their ponds. thinking about introduction of unwanted guests.

    6. Shoman Blues

      all my thumbs.. I'm thinking all of you guys are very blessed. It's so great seeing you guys working as a family and it's enjoyable for us out here. Pretty much the way things should be. Family has fun together, everyone makes money and watchers have fun. We are all truly blessed.

    7. Andy Davidson

      So lucky to have those girls fishing with you. A couple of cuties.

    8. Bill Kuhl

      That's what family is all about. Having fun together.

    9. Curtis Loden

      What do they do to keep the barramundi fish out of public waters?

    10. David Southwell

      I like watching your videos


      Who else thought he was playing fort nite

    12. blindabinda123

      20lb? Wow I use that for saltwater striper.

    13. Outdoor Adventures

      Gotta come to aus and catch metre long barramundi and murry cod, aussie native

    14. Gene Rosen

      Right by where I live !!! I love Bara fishing !!! Thanks for sharing

    15. chris ballou

      So what was behind introducing them? Sport or biological? Thanks bud.

    16. Archie Williams

      One of the best shows yet. Way to start 2020. I love the fact those girls enjoy the water about as much as their old man. Way to go Scott.

    17. Laubscher Boshoff

      I love you’re vids,drop a like on every video🤪

    18. rene Mendino

      What happen with trash talking James

    19. DG Mills

      What a great day for You and your Girls Scott! Those were nice fish being caught! I hope 2020 is the Best Year Ever for you and Your Family. 🎣🎣🎣

    20. Randy Arnhart

      Great to see the runt girls out fishing with Super Dad. Great kids.

    21. Eric Hefley

      Scott thank you for all you do for the fishing area and I thank you for every thing have a awesome 2020 you are there for family friends and the outdoors God bless to you and your family

    22. Bennie Maxwell

      Love your videos Scott. Good luck next year. Love the video when Hillary catches 9 lbs. I have 3 daughters so I can relate. I’m in Michigan. Trying to save up for a cheap little boat so I can get off the shore and catch some big bass do ok from bank but need to get out to good stuff. Keep up the great work.

    23. Mitch Schroeder

      Great job hills love your granddad and your dad love to see you carryon the tradition cool vids.Keep fishin!!..

    24. Damon Garrett

      Cuz take this dude fishin. We ain't even got to go to these big lakes like okeechobee or lake fork heck I live in upstate SC I'd be happy to hit up lake saluda up here in Greenville or lake hartwell it dont matter just for bout 4 or 5 hours worth I'll trade out and put you on a big city buck in SC. All my buddies, cousins, uncles ,bro, dad, preacher etc.etc would be jealous as heck. Haha jk man but I did grow up watching your pops and the old timers ripping lips on saterday mornings and sunday nights I couldn't wait till they came on. My papa told me once he fished with ol Orlando Wilson. I remember thinking he crazy ain't no way that happened but he said they was good buddies awhile ago. Anyway thanks for your videos my boys love em also. Thanks for making them kid friendly. GOD bless big dog.

    25. BassGeek

      Those fish are crazy. Crazy I tell you.

    26. nmbr1bassr

      Just what Florida needs another invasive species!!

      1. Gene Rosen

        It’s not invasive at all !!

    27. Sk8 Cali Diverse fisherman

      Donut time!! Ooh donas!

    28. Rodney Hanbaum

      Fun stuff! Wishing you and your family a very happy and Blessed New year!!! Best of luck fishin BASS this year!

    29. Dave C

      this is one of the best fishing vids on youtube in years, just because its old fashion family fun fishing

    30. WesleyAPEX

      I betcha a 3-5 pound bluegill actually is a harder fight lol

      1. Brody Hennessy

        WesleyAPEX considering Barra get up to 1.2m or so I highly doubt it

    31. WesleyAPEX

      There were nile perch in lake braunig in San Antonio Texas but they didn’t spawn so they died off eventually. I don’t know what the HELL Texas parks and wildlife was thinking stocking nile perch in there. If they had been successful they would’ve been the ultimate invasive species ever. Would’ve wiped out the Guadalupe bass in no time.

    32. Sidney Persilver, Jr.

      Love watching your videos with the family. You , your dad , and Hilary need to do a SMC best fish wins. Keep up the great video. 👍🏼

    33. Darrell Traylor

      Why are we doing reruns!

    34. The Bass Amateur

      As a father , This kinda stuff hits close to home ... Watching the girls catching fish and smiling like they do puts a big smile on my face . I cant wait to see your girls kicking everyones Butt one day in ABA Team Tournaments !

    35. Laura Scott

      Cool vid! Looks like Amelia is coming for you, Skilary! So fun to watch!

    36. Jackson Johnson

      This fish has the bodie of a crappie looks like a bluegill and bulls like a 10 pound bass! Great job Guys!

    37. 1964krazyeric

      Hey Scott, how come your name is not listed on the BASS site for anglers in the opens?

    38. David Hodges

      Good job Dad. I have twin daughters and there is nothing like spending time with them on the water. BTW, love your videos and good luck on the BASS Tour.

    39. Rob Miller

      I would love to know who dislikes videos like this? And why?

    40. Justin Little

      Scott puts the best content out hands down. Love the channel

    41. Mitchal Green

      Priceless. We love our family's. All the best.

    42. Brian Baker

      Preview of Florida's newest invasive species. 😖

    43. Dallas Kicklighter

      I’ve been bringing my son fishing since he was 3 and he just turned 4. We bank fish but he has caugh bass, bluegill, catfish so far and is in love. I just bought my wife a suv capable of towing a boat. So I’m working on saving for a bass boat!

    44. Ger Lor

      10:58 sounds like a backlash?

      1. Ger Lor

        @Jed Farley Wasn't a dig at scott. Scott is a legend like his father. Backlash hits us all. I was just pointing out an interesting cut and remembering that familiar sound of a backlash.

      2. Bradley Houston

        @Jed Farley happens to me plenty hahah wasn't a dig at him I love my boy Scott

      3. Jed Farley

        Definitely a natural reaction he instinctively can't stop to check his reel and you see it. It happens to everyone. Backlash, break offs, boat flipping and snapping rods. Never understood that one anyway, etc.

      4. Bradley Houston

        Yes it was lol

    45. Kevin flabouyfishing

      That drag sounded like scratching on a chalkboard..

    46. Kevin flabouyfishing

      I saw the backlash edit I win the secret grand prize.... lol we all do it Scott ....its like that accidental fart wen you had spanish food night before... 😂😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    47. Freddie Howard

      It’s great to spend time with your kids , I did mine when they was growing up riding dirt bikes and fishing , now I get to do it with my grandchildren . Awesome video , love to watch you guys fish , God Bless🙏🙏

      1. Timothy Kincheloe

        I want to fish with you

    48. James B. Non of your Business

      Bill dance hold my .. ...

    49. Mike West

      cant wait for these to be in my local lake.

    50. robert black

      those are TINY

    51. Jamie Richardson

      Nice to see Barramundi stocked in Florida, and so good to see you and your girls getting amongst them! You should make a trip to Australia with the family sometime and chase them here, they do grow a fair bit bigger than you caught in that video. All in all, you can't beat fishing with your kids when they're having a such a good time 👍🏻

      1. Gr3m1in

        Those were baby barramundi, we need to get Scott to hit up Awoonga dam, let's see how he handles a 3 foot Barramundi. Come here and do a few SMC episodes, fish a bream, Barra and bass tournament.

    52. rascal flatts

      Googans vs the Martins?

    53. Joshua D.

      Great video Scott, awesome to see you out with your kids, having a blast !!!!

    54. Doc Phillips

      Watched this on Discovery, cool Bluegills, fun video. Happy New Year

    55. derekspace

      So I looked up the phrase "great dad" in the guys know the rest!

    56. Fat Man in a Yak

      Love it when kids get to fish!

    57. Mason Knox

      Your daughter is so hot

    58. Dave Rasnake

      The expressions on you girls faces says it all. Now that's what fishing is all about. Love your videos. Life time of memories.

    59. WhiteBird

      Scott do support Donald Trump? Trump 2020!!!

      1. Steve Fisher

        Had a FAKE children's cancer charity. Scammed children and veterans.

      2. CheezusCrust

        @Steve Fisher MAGA!

      3. Steve Fisher

        Anybody but the crook, 2020!!!

    60. Mike Strabley

      ABSOLUTELY love it when you fish with your kids.

      1. Mike Strabley

        @Ron Jeremy well hope you have a IQ more than 10

      2. Ron Jeremy

        Hope you are like 10

      3. God FortnitePlayer

        Mike Strabley same really with Amelia SHE HAS A FAT ASS

    61. William Sergeant

      I like in Queensland australia and we get them out of salt water creeks and if seen them at 4ft 3 inches and 39 pounds

    62. Edward Aki

      Memories they last forever- get out there as much as u can with your kids God bless u and your family and good luck on next season

    63. Tim Jolly

      Great video Scott family time is always a great time

    64. Miguel

      Hey I don't mean to sound like this but wtf I think this is stupid that you put this on KGup I'm sure people have seen this on KGup why would we wanna see this again this is crazy wack yeah I said it

    65. Another Somebody

      Alright Scott, I felt bad when I realized Hillary could out fish me any day of the week, now I find out your other daughter can too?!?! My inner child is getting a smackdown of a spankin :-(

    66. Brock Johnson

      Best sound ever, when a man hears his little girl yell out “dad I got one!” Nothing better! Hey Scott thanks for showing us what their set up is! Helps us a lot! I would love to see more of that sir! Let’s me know I’m doing something right man. Godbless

    67. Brock Johnson

      Dude I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy this video man! I have an 8 yr old daughter and it’s the best feeling in the world showing her how to catch a fish! Then the moment she catches it, her excitement is absolutely priceless! Scott I promise you have more to do with that than you know sir! I really started bass fishing a few years back, mostly ponds, and I’ve learned so much from your channel man,! Also your dad and daughter channel! So from all of us in North Carolina, thank you Martin family , your a special group of people! Godbless

      1. Another Somebody

        @Brock Johnson Oh right, thanks!

      2. Brock Johnson

        No his dad Roland Martin has a channel, and his daughter Hillary has a channel! Good stuff man, check it out.

      3. Another Somebody

        He has a dad daughter channel?

    68. Mike Furness

      Hey Dad you done good! Even better by those girls of yours! We need more dads in this world like you.

    69. brad clare

      Hey whats up buddy i fished here last april its so fun seeing you guys fish it again, im from the UK so crazy to see ive been here🎣

    70. joshua lee

      they got a barramundi fishery in iowa also but idk if u can fish in it tho

    71. Howard Stout

      Love your shows love to see your kids enjoying fishing so fun to watch

    72. Mike Rhew

      Oh yea I’m sure those two angels will have to push the trash cans to the street

    73. Rusty Wells

      Hillary had the five pounder but it got off! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    74. Malcolm Zoll

      Really enjoyed the video, and it’s great you have the time to take your kids fishing 👍 something they will remember Their whole life

    75. Fishnfatman

      Hey I really enjoyed that love to see kids outdoors kids with The Tackle Box instead of an Xbox

    76. Rusty Wells

      Hillary is a good sport congratulating her sister but you know behind those sunglasses the eye of the tiger is burning in her from head to toe you can hear it in her voice when she congratulated her sister she's determined to not lose too her sister! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    77. Kim Jong Bong

      I love the high quality acting

    78. John B

      Great video!! Nice to see the girls enjoying themselves in the sport!!!! God Bless!!

    79. Lonnie Olson

      Omg that cool

    80. Will Deas

      They need to keep the rod tip lower

    81. Daniel Was Taken

      So cool to watch father, daughter fishing! Gread video! Great father!

    82. Bennybass

      I respect BASS making you FLW guys come up through the opens, but I’m quite surprised from a business stand point, I would have allowed you, b lat, and other big names to come in the elites right away not fair for the other guys in the opens, but business isn’t fair

    83. Stanley Shelby

      With your video library you can keep going back in time and replaying them on your channel for a long time.

    84. George Talley


    85. Johnny Lewis

      Your awesome! Love your videos!!! My son and myself are HUGE fans!!!!! One day I hope to meet you!!!!

    86. flyfishing channel

      Cool video!

    87. Rodney Green

      Cool Video Scott. Those young ladies can really fish good. Your a good patient teacher for them. I sure enjoyed watching the fish getting caught left & right. Thanks Again for sharing.

    88. mbyler's living

      That was great but funny!!!👍👍😅👈👈

    89. BigBassBlake


    90. Mike Holbrook

      Love watchin you fish with your kids. I do think the girls have more fun. I got to fish with my dad once when I was a kid. I will never forget that day.

    91. HandiCap Yaj

      My 6 year old wanna know how come we can't fish in a lake or pond like the one you guys always be catching? He said dad i want to go fishing with Scott and the rest of the other guys so I can catch lots of fish and big fish... I started laughing and said we do catch alot of fish too.. He said little ones dont count... lol

      1. Daniel Was Taken

        Thts really cool man! Love seeing the little ones out side fishing or something instead of being hoocked to games or computer or phones you know.

      2. HandiCap Yaj

        @BigBassBlake I agree cause he is aggressive when it comes to catching fish...

      3. BigBassBlake

        He will be catching the big ones soon enough with that attitude.

    92. Richie _k_68

      Wow Amelia and Hillary were killing it you didn't have a chance to do anything except take their fish off their hook's great job now I'm gonna go fishing I live right on a Lake I just go out back !! 😉✌🏼🎣🎣

    93. Bryce Beauparlant

      7th comment

    94. Master9’s Outdoors

      Love your videos can you shout out my KGup masters9outdoors

    95. Kim Jong Bong

      Anyone in the comment section who lives and fishes (for largies) in Arizona who can give some winter fishing tips? Can’t catch anything and I don’t know why.

      1. Daniel Was Taken

        I caught a 3 pounder at lake pleasant the other day on a white and chartreuse spinner bait at like 10 at night. Was a pretty good fight, deff caught me off guard. Im going pond hopping in a few days aswell. Hmu on insta- no_im_daniel

      2. Will Deas

        Use smaller baits or just fish everything really fast

    96. Wae’s Fan Blur

      Love u scoot I’m 12 and I caught a 9 pound bass I love u so much

    97. Gates Jeff

      Second comment

    98. Brad Langsdorf

      Scott could u give me a hat

    99. Tim Ruiz

      2nd like and 1st comment!