Let me SHOW you...Lake Okeechobee - Hilary Martin

Scott Martin

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    It just about time to let her go by herself on Lake Okeechobee. I show her some very valuable lessons about this giant lake and how to catch fish on it. Visit Hendry County and Roland Martins Marina
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    1. Glock 1

      What happened to Brandon?

    2. Mac Townsend

      Hi Scott, I've only been to Lake O 1 time and was hesitant to go very far from the boat ramp for fear of getting lost if my electronics fail! Do you know the lake so well that you can navigate using visual land marks or are you and other pros also dependent on GPS maps? Are there channel markers like on salt water bodies of water? 1 more newbie question please, what if you break down? There's no TowBoat US or is there a freshwater company equivalent? THANK YOU.

    3. Lt Ell

      Love the video. As usual. Raising her right. It's awesome!!

    4. Sonya Waldrop

      Trey Scott Martin fishing Alabama

    5. doT03

      She’s a mini version of Scott. That’s awesome!

    6. 시발점


    7. X VSJ

      Pops & RHS are committed to fun fishing and oh baby they got skills !!! Thxs 4 Sharing 😜

    8. Dylan Hughes

      She flipped right handed that’s not good she would get 10 times more fish if she flipped left handed

    9. Frank Gilroy

      Great great great!! The vids are awesome! She is a rockstar!!!

    10. Rusty Worthington

      Good video, love seeing y'all together. Fun times. I got a good laugh after Hillary caught the first fish and you said "We" finally got a fish. What's this 'we'? All I saw was Hillary cast, catch, and boat the fish. Where was the 'we'? Lol

    11. Robert Blackmon

      You have a great daughter. Not afraid to touch a fish. I bet she makes grandpa proud.

    12. jamesyers1975

      3:51 I fully expected Scott to hit the lake. Lol

    13. FollowMaeRd

      Hil can straight up fish!

    14. Jim Stewart

      A cool video together and catching fish.

    15. Daniel Scoggan

      She catches that'll bass and says "SON" just like her grandfather." HILL" is destined for greatness I do so much enjoy watching you two fish together thank you for taking us with you.

    16. zombiehunter43

      It is really a joy to see a father and daughter spending time together outdoors. This is how it should be in life, making memories that will last a lifetime with family! Thanks Scott, to you and your family for sharing all of your adventures with everyone!

    17. Mark Chambers

      Good daddy 👍

    18. Mike Burkhardt

      Natural born 🌟 she's got great pop on screen and skilled no doubt

    19. BassGeek

      Good to teach the kiddo's how to do it! Fun stuff.

    20. Bryan Ackland

      Awesome video! You guys are great together! haha! shes a great kid too! :-]

    21. Jim Walker

      You Go Hill!!!!

    22. Robert Davis

      Need to fish with you

    23. AC Hart

      I have been subscribing to your’s and your dad’s You Tube Channel for over a year. I watch them all and they are awesome! You’s are informative and funny. I just learned you will be in VA next week for the fishing expo. I am so jacked and I will be there. FWIW, I belong to a private fish club that is a great bass fishery. Come bring Brandon and film a show with me. Thanks man, love your content!

    24. Nicholas Ziebell

      Where’s Spinnerworm been?

    25. Jim Black

      I subscribed to Hillary that's 3 generations of Martins I get to watch awesome job on a beautiful daughter/ fisherperson

    26. Jim Black

      ohh Hillary made me choke on my water she caught that bass and said "SON" too funny just like Roland

    27. Mike Boncheck

      This is how every father should spend Fathers Day!

    28. Hunter Pearson

      The film quality and edits on this one seem next level!

    29. Dave Rasnake

      Scott keep teaching her. She's awesome and I think she will be out catching ya sooner then ya think. Love your videos.

    30. Bass Raider

      Roland....Scott.....Hilary Sue. Good stuff

    31. solosensei

      Scott almost got hit in the face with that hook set 😂

    32. Wesley Mitchell

      Scott amazing to see you bring up your kids like this!!! As a Marina kid myself there is nothing like taking a boat out by yourself!!!! She can handle it!... Your one HELL of a dad to show her this!!!!

    33. mike deushane

      Stayed in that motel behind you many times

    34. Evan Schwartz

      I went out to Okeechobee all the way from Michigan and didn’t catch a single fish🙁 it was absolutely crazy, it was last Thursday

    35. BASS TOONZ

      That's what it's all about right there! Awesome👍🏻

    36. BamaBassFinder04 4

      She flips better than most the dudes watchin🤣🤣

    37. Anthony Laster

      Awesome. Enjoy these times. They grow up fast

    38. Maeda Tyson

      to scott martin. is fishing california hard to fish since it's so pressured? I am a socal fisherman and its very hard to fish for bass based on numbers outside of california.

    39. Shawn Ward

      Get that young lady in some tournaments bud!! Let’s get this thang started!! I can’t wait!

    40. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      Good job DAD !!

    41. Jacob Iz Fishing

      Hilary is the best fisher I know 🎣tight lines🎣

    42. Clamdiggerdan Boone

      That girl has a killer swing !

    43. Tom Reed


    44. zippyduck Krimm

      I wouldn't expect anything less from Mary Ann Martins Granddaughter.

    45. Howard Stout

      Are you guys in your area clewiston cuz i live in okechobee and we have those same kind of areas. Im a new kayaker and looking for spots. Any info lol

    46. Sara Ann

      I’d love to fish with y’all lol. I used to live north lake okee and my father in law has a shop by your dads. Oh the irony great job

    47. StixFishing 601

      Your such a great father Scott. Your my idol father figure.. I hope me and my daughter can have the same bond over fishing. I appreciate what you and your father do for us youtubers! Thanks so much

    48. TheSandPro

      Seeing that locke... reminds me.... Rodmans... 14lb 6oz.

    49. J M

      Where's B?

    50. chaz honaker

      Hey Scott, If you happen to get some adoption papers in the mail dont freak out or anything im just trying to get out on that boat and learn from one of the best myself.. lol. All kidding aside keep these vidoes coming, i enjoy watching you teach your children and other people how to fish so that hopefully I can pick up on it and do the same with this great insight and information..

    51. Paul Cook

      Awesome videos We want to see a video on catching crappie or specks Thank you 😊

    52. Bob Witt

      Meema is awesome. A great Fisherperson in her own right. Hillary is going to be a pro there Scott, she is going to be competing against you one day soon. She will be cashing winner Checks some day soon.

    53. Renegade 4life

      Vmc heavy duty worm hook

    54. Anthony Rambo

      Coming to stay at y’all’s place next month and an 8 hour guide trip. Can’t wait!

    55. Dustin Legend

      cant beat daddy !!

    56. Avis Stone

      Would love to go fishing with you someday!! Whenever you are at Ray Roberts lake in Denton, TX. Let me know!

    57. hertzer2000

      The key to being a youtube fisherman is setting the hook as hard as you can in the direction of your partner's face.

    58. Your Favorite Person To Hate

      Hillary can handle a baitcaster better than most men I know good job

    59. Adam Sherman

      Its funny how the kittle chunks are my big fish! Lol. I really wanted to watch the tournament they had on Lake Champlain, NY. Never seem to catch it!!! Love bringing my daughter fishing with me and teaching her my spots and how i catch them. Love the videos where Scott passes his knowledge on to Hillary!

    60. Shawn Gray

      Mr. Scott Martin you’re a great father great role model, and teacher Love the father daughter videos man keep it up

    61. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Scott what reel is that at 8:30ish wen u had straightened out the hook ? Something new from googan???

      1. Scott Martin

        Favorite Solis

    62. Michael Covrett

      Hillary you are awesome I hope my daughter will love fishing as much as you do

    63. Derrick Westfall

      Has Hilary shown any interest fishing as a co angler in some bfl’s or bass nation tournaments?

    64. Derrick Westfall

      Scott have you taught Hilary the patented release yet? Being that she is your daughter I don’t think it would be considered patent infringement.

    65. Rayce Dennen

      It's a little bit of a blow to your ego, but always nice to see your kids out fish you. My daughter does it too. Lol 😂

    66. Riley Phillips Fishing

      Will be down there in a month! Staying at the marina! Spawn should be in full swing!

    67. Doug Atkins

      There is no doubt she is your child. She sounds just like you talking

    68. Robert Johnston

      Good stuff right here ... Making Memories ... That young lady can flip better than me for sure . Beautiful sunset to end a Great day ..

    69. printertom80

      I have 9 year-old girl got the fishing blood! Hope i get her throwing a baitcaster like that.

    70. Huntin 4life

      Hey Scott love all the vids. Wish you would come back to Lanier. What happened to Brandon? Keep up the good work

    71. Jeff McGrath

      I wanna see Hillary with a big old muskie her and Grampa

    72. Laura Scott

      Way to go Skilary!!! Always on the fish even with the sniffles!🤧

    73. Neil Freitas

      Hey, Mr. Martin, what year and model is that Ranger you and your daughter fishing out of?

    74. Edward Canada

      U should come to St Augustine I live here and my pb is 9.42

    75. Castleplayzz

      just got back from lake O caught a 6 pounder and many other nice fish. stayed at roland martin marina in room 100. the hospitality is amazing and i really suggests y’all to go if u haven’t been.

    76. Brandon Seidl

      Is Hilary going to be fishing on a high school bass team at all or is she too busy with all the other sports she plays?

    77. Bobby Swain

      7 dislikes? Come on boiz

    78. Luke Shults

      Scott, please get more red and gray hats on your website!!! I want one so bad! Big fan!

    79. 1964krazyeric

      I didn't notice any drone footage in this video, but wonder what drome you use when you do?

    80. Kevin flabouyfishing

      How cool would it be to watch Hillary fish against her dad! In a real event and they are 1st and 2nd of course Hillary uses dad's secret techniques to beat him and he probably be more happy than ever !!!

    81. Okie Outdoorsman

      Is spinner worm on vacation?

    82. WarriorX Fishing

      That was great! She pitches and flips better than a lot of my buddies do lol.

    83. chombawomba33

      Very confident Daughter. Proud PAPA.

    84. Roi

      This is my dream scenario. I have 2 girls. I'm praying one of them wants to get serious about fishing. Love this.

    85. Russ Dennis

      Proud Dad!

    86. Perry Wan

      Where is the swamp line?

      1. Scott Martin

        Its what looks like the “shoreline” but it not actually a hard shoreline...it’s the beginning of the “swamp”

    87. Tim G

      Change the name of the video to "Let me SHOW you the future of fishin"

    88. dexter morgan

      I can see Hillary now on the FLW Tour in winning bass master

    89. Andy Wilson

      Great stuff! Always cool when they can beat you with what you taught then. Way to go Hillary!

    90. Tim G

      Hey Bro! I grew up watching your dad on tour - on TV. You sir, have definitely carved you name in hall of fame of fishing...however, that young lady, with ALL that personality and ALL that talent can change the Entire industry! I forecast that young people will say "fishin is so hard - but they make it look so easy on TV.. who can we ask for advise" the answer is "Take it to the Hill" Well done Hillary you should be very proud of your self! There are very few people in this world who inspire other people sit up and "take notice" .... you just did!

    91. Mitchal Green

      The time we spend with our family's..... Priceless, 🖒.

    92. Curtis Loden

      Scott you will have to keep the young boys at bay. Protect her from the thugs

      1. Scott Martin

        I am worried

    93. Freddie Howard

      Got a question ?? What size rod and what action does Hilary use??

      1. Freddie Howard

        Wow I just use a 7’ MH . Love watching your all’s videos , need to bring back trash talking James . God Bless 🙏🙏

      2. Scott Martin

        7.6 H Favorite

    94. Warren louisiana

      Them sound like DC reels!,,,,,,

    95. Darren Adams

      When was this shot Scott ?

    96. Jon DeMars

      TO ALL MICHIGAN ANGLERS...Ultimate Fishing Show at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI this Thursday thru Sunday, 1/9 thru 1/12!

    97. Jason Yoder

      Be your dad Hillary

    98. J C

      She did great. She will be out fishing you soon.

    99. Brian Cunningham

      Grats Hillary I see a bright future on the way for you. When are we gonna see more spinnerworm vs Hillary action. I would love to see her put the smack down on Brandon lol.

    100. Charles Robertson

      Nothing is better for your heart than your child enjoying the same things as you.😀best of luck Y'all