The best moments from an epic 2021 Final Four

March Madness

26 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    The 2021 Final Four produced one of the greatest moments in March Madness history. Watch a recap of the incredible day here.
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    1. Jordan Wolfson

      Everybody is shitting on GU so hard for the loss. Guys. It wasn't their night. Baylor could have beaten the Nets with that defense. Gonzaga still had one of the best seasons in recent memory, one of the best F4 games Vs UCLA, and one of the best game winners ever. As a GU fan, i'm sad Monday wasn't out night. But all the people shitting on just wait for next year. We're projected preseason #1 again. GU isn't disappearing.

    2. Kratos18 Tv

      a true sportsmanship is to hug your defeated opponent right after a game winner shot👌❤️

    3. Connoriscool

      ikr it’s amazing

    4. Joshua P

      Rumor has it that Davion Mitchell is a brother to NBA superstar Donavan Mitchell.

    5. paul lekasi

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    6. Tessa Fulcher

      vEaster Bunny

    7. Darius Edwin


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    10. Darius Edwin


    11. Snowflake Pillow

      Who had Kentucky transfer Johnny Juzang doing WAY more in the Final Four for UCLA than Kansas transfer Quentin Grimes for Houston in the Final Four?!?!

    12. Jay Mamaril


    13. Jacob Davis


    14. Lone


    15. Aaronballer21

      1:53 was a foul

      1. Snowflake Pillow

        @Jacob Davis elbow to elbow

      2. Snowflake Pillow

        1:39 was a foul, too

      3. Jacob Davis


    16. Tej Lim

      Ref nice call

    17. David obama

      The curvy unshielded ophthalmoscopically pump because jet spindly wipe apud a substantial basketball. innocent, married pruner

    18. Dr Phot

      Is that Donovan Mitchell's brother playing for Bylor?

      1. Buck Futtler

        @I wont subscribe if you do lol you need to look it up. They are not brothers. A simple google query will tell you this. Smdh...

      2. I wont subscribe if you do

        @Buck Futtler look up donavan Mitchell brother

      3. Buck Futtler

        @I wont subscribe if you do false.

      4. I wont subscribe if you do

        Thats his brother

      5. I wont subscribe if you do


    19. Masonjar

      I love watching Baylor they make many great shots

      1. SeahawksKid 09

        I am a GU fan but you are right! Hopefully we clear up our defense from last night and do solid tomorrow night!

    20. Jennifer Wise

      UCLA was picked to finish first in the pac so th e y were never an underdog or cinderella. BS fabrication

      1. Jennifer Wise

        @HomeSlice underdogs earned their way in but high liklihood.of losing like Cleveland State or Abilene Christian etc. UCLA has never been an underdog. Big wealthy school with every advantage.

      2. HomeSlice

        @Jennifer Wise arent “crummy” teams doing good underdogs?

      3. Jennifer Wise

        @HomeSlice that does not make anyone an underdog, just crummy.

      4. HomeSlice

        @Jennifer Wise they lost their last 4 games before the tournament and 10 in total i dont see any fabrication

      5. Jennifer Wise

        @ultraviolent king of the death UCLA is the opposite of an underdog. I lived near Westwood where UCLA is and they will burn their town down.

    21. Brendan Collins

      Interesting how in a year full of upsets, the two highest seeds ended up surviving till the end

    22. Sports 311

      This whole tournament is unexpectedly crazy considering we’re in the pandemic

    23. Tom Combs

      UCLA and Gonzaga was arguably the best college basketball game in the last 20 years

      1. W R

        NO DOUBT

      2. stonecoldku

        Best National Semi-final in the lasr 20 years, arguably yes, I would agree. But there have been some great regular season games and Championship games that are incredible too. Oklahoma at Kansas triple OT in 2016 was amazing. Not as important as UCLA and Gonzaga, but arguably a better game than UCLA and Gonzaga.

      3. Asher Levi Woods

        Uva vs Purdue

      4. Top30Itachi

        @Caleb Goodspeed it was a great game I think it was more so an underrated team versus an overrated team UCLA fought beasts to get to that point whereas gonzaga played some decent teams besides maybe USC i think the seeds made it seem more intense than it really was and the championship is gonna prove that

      5. Top30Itachi

        @jaxmike7 oh for sure

    24. Noah Debus

      Jalen Suggs had the craziest game winner

      1. ROSE SBSM

      2. The Insider

        @Brennan McKinney it’s great, but not crazy.

      3. Nathan Berg

        Facts bro!!!

      4. Brennan McKinney

        Right up there with Kris Jenkins in 2016

    25. Petter Tran

      The unsightly dill medicinally grab because clam preauricularly delay including a waiting italian. healthy, scared nephew

    26. david schauer

      that ucla gonzaga game was one of the best games ive watched.

    27. Owen Braksator

      Great moments

    28. BloodyL3gend

      So epic. Amazing final four guys! That UCLA game though!