Betting Money against the BEST FISHERMAN in the World! SMCTV E19:11

Scott Martin

45 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

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    I challenge Pops in the Florida Everglades to a 1 v 1 form MONEY and BRAGGING RIGHTS. Roland Martin ( aka Pops) isn’t scared!
    This episode aired on the Discovery Channel this year. Glad I am able to share it with you all.
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    1. CatDogKY

      LOL, "I've got a special scale that'll make it a 3 pounder".

    2. Sergio deleon

      Always make me laugh when you’re with your dad precious moments always a challenge!!

    3. Chris Craven

      Nothing like Dad to keep you humble 😄, enjoyed the video. Keep'em coming.

    4. Harold Violet

      I have always been a Roland Martin fan, now I can be both a fan of Martins. You guys rock!

    5. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Love the Vids with you and sir legend ! Lol best

    6. Steve Gilland

      Scott those are priceless moments with your dad! Thanks for sharing it. I would do anything to have one more trip with mine! Thanks a lot that meant alot

    7. Lt Ell

      Love watching you and Pops fish together. 👍🏽

    8. Timothy Kincheloe

      I want to fish with you

    9. Cody Masterson

      Hey Scott this is Cody Masterson and life hasn’t been good between my dad and I. I have made it a goal of mine to be the best dad I can be. My oldest son and I have watch countless hours of your videos and take your tips to lake every time we go, but watching you and your dad doing what y’all do is amazing. I teared up watching the love for each other and the passion y’all have for fishing. Keep it up because my son and I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for what you have done for the sport.

    10. Russell L.

      I've been learning to fish from Roland since I was a kid. It's good to see someone as blessed as you amongst all the hate in the world today. Thank you.

    11. Shoman Blues

      The best.

    12. lyndeen

      Great seeing Scott and his dad do these fishing videos!

    13. Bass Raider

      These are my fav videos besides the tourney vids! So awesome!

    14. Camden Randall

      The Best times is went with my dad and grandad

    15. Cody Phillips

      Scott you and your dad are the man!

    16. Dale West

      Love the show, wish my Dad was here to do those things....Love you guys!

    17. jake goodrum

      when you going to put trash talking james back on

    18. Stephen Graves

      Cool watchin You fish with your Pops!! Good stuff....!!🍻☕☕

    19. Wes Hall Fishing

      I just acquired a ton of Roland Martins original baits a few months ago that I don’t want people to know the name of but I have been straight destroying bass on them! Roland had a great deal with them just sucks they didn’t make it to a giant production! I’m sure that you know what they are Scott!

    20. Marvin Diaz

      Hi I love in Orlando and I have a bay boat 19 feet’s and want to know if I can go with it in the place you were?

    21. North Carolina Fishing

      Caught the first one on accident lol 😂 love Roland

    22. North Carolina Fishing

      Absolutely love your videos Scott, I know u hear this all the time but I used to watch ur dads show every Saturday as a kid that was a special time in my life, love to see u fishing with your dad 🐟👍

    23. Jack R

      Scott is that the canal on Alligator Alley? One of my best fishing trips was on that canal. It was pouring rain all day, the fish were sitting up in the water and I crushed them on Bady -1. Consistently caught them in the five lb range, you are right the canals are slam full of fish and gators.

    24. Reg Jackson

      love watching you fish with Pops . my Dad passed away when I was 30,17 years ago,.Watching you too fish together brings back good memories of fishing with my old man. Who by the way I rarely beat either. Thanks Scott.

    25. RonRon's World

      Best part of the whole video is NOT 100 bass. It's how truly happy, and proud your father is of who you've become. You can see it in every video together and some of his solo video's even.

    26. RonRon's World

      Unconcious things🤣

    27. RonRon's World

      I'm headed down in 1 week! I always charter through Roland Martin marine's... I'm starting to get anxious!

    28. Christopher Thurman

      Roland Martin is my all time fishing hero!

    29. Brock Johnson

      Best fishermen on the planet! Thanks guys

    30. Ronald Zeigler

      This is great

    31. Jacob Zuniga

      Hey Scott really really enjoyed watching you and your dad fishing together hope to see more of those videos !!!!

    32. Bryce Fritsch Fishing

      I wish there was a SMC neon light to hang on the wall we could buy. I'd buy it in a heart beat

    33. Robert Yoder

      Love seeing you guys enjoy fishing together. Your a lucky man Mr. Martin. I pray one day I’m in a better financial situation to be able to share similar experiences with my 6 year old son. All in good time, thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.

    34. WildBillHabiki

      Was that an old school Devil Horse? :)

    35. Brad Johnson

      That 20 is bigger than the bass!

    36. Steve schisler

      Lots of laughs, lots of fish, boy I miss getting to do that with my dad.... Oh the memories... we were bluegill fishing out of a small paddle boat, tearing them up, when a storm rolled in and we peddled that booger against 25 mph winds for a half mile, dragging 50 big bull bluegills! We both thought we were gonna die, then we still had to fillet them, soaking wet from the rain! Never forget it...great day

    37. MrKveite1

      Best fisherman in the world...pretty ballsy claim.

    38. itsdatruff

      Not gonna lie this is a awesome video. The Dale Earnhardt/jr of bass fishing. Crushing the game, teaching the masses and making memories for Everyone! True bass Dynasty, we need more of these vs pops videos Scott.

    39. Jamie Lammons

      I love when y’all get together and fish it very fun to watch and educational on Bass fishing

    40. Matt Otis

      You can tell hes so proud of you. I kove it

    41. Matt Otis

      Never hurts to be raised by the best fisherman in the world. Roland the goat.

    42. The Lone Angler

      Man...I had no idea Mr.Roland Martin was your Dad...I really need to get off the damn canal and start watching more of your vids. LoL...God bless you both .. I've learned most of what I know from your father and still am. Makes me proud to be a bass fisherman in Florida. Cause it's were the best bass men live . Y'all 2 .✝️💜👍🎣

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Bro!!

    43. Garzini 50

      Scott huge fan so fortunate to be able to fish with your dad! Self taught through your vids and dads! Never been on a bass boat but put up some good bass through the good tips!!!

    44. Jeff Fournier

      You guys are awesome, you young folks out there include your dad, mother or grandfather and grandmother in a couple family fishing trips or camping while they're still around

    45. Derrick Payton

      Hey Scott I love all your videos but I think my favorites are you and Pops goin at it with lures and words!😂(All in good fun) plus good job getting him with the pole tap trick!

      1. Scott Martin


    46. Topwater Mafia

      Love you spending time on the water with your dad!!!!

    47. Nathan McConnell

      Please do a challenge with Bill Dance!

    48. Willy D

      Best wishes on all your success and good luck next year... good to see pops still got it .. He is a legend in my book...

    49. Ron Chambers

      I think Roland took it easy on you.....looks like a great time,thanks for sharing it with us

    50. mark Roper

      Great video! I have said....never bet against a Martin.......only slightly less known is.....don't bet against Roland Martin! :P Great stuff!!! Was laughing the whole time!

    51. Ben Cluster

      Loved this video. Roland you are a True Legend of Bass Fishing!! Thanks for sharing Scott, great great watch !!

    52. Quinn Hooper

      Oh its it's on your old man is the king a legend and one of my all time favorite fishermen!

    53. John Friesenhahn

      I lost my Dad a few years back and this challenge really got me! Awesome to watch two wonderful people enjoy each other while doing something you two love!!! Thank you Scott.

      1. Scott Martin

        So sorry for your loss!

    54. Phillip Hill

      I remember fishing Sawgrass growing up. That was 1981 the last time I was there. It was a great place until they messed up the water levels

    55. Tony Pascale

      That's is...I'm packing up the house and moving to South if I can just convince the wife and kids 😂😂

      1. Scott Martin

        Come on!

    56. Jolly Giant

      Not knowing what he is doing :)

    57. BassGeek

      One of the funniest shows was when you two fished Maybe one one of the early SMC or maybe it was Roland's show but Scott was mimicking Roland and said" Oh yeah that's an 8, 9, 10, 11pounder!" HAHAHA Me and my buddy uses that to this day.

    58. popad45

      Really enjoyed this one I probably wouldn't have ever picked up a fishing pole if it hadn't been for your father watched one of his shows and got hooked

    59. Keith DaTrucker

      So cool to see father and son getting after it..too cool

    60. Tyler Faulkner

      I love your game best fishing game out their

    61. Nathan Osowski

      Scott enjoy every minute with your pops...lost mine last year and I miss fishing with him the most...

      1. Scott Martin

        I am so sorry for the loss! It’s got to be tough!

    62. Archie Williams

      That was AWESOME.

    63. JV FISHING

      Lol this video is so funny 😂

    64. Jimmy Boss

      Awesome you can fish with your dad.

    65. The Outdoor Dude

      2 Legends! Love watching you guys fish together.

    66. patrick minor

      love watching yall fish together

    67. j b

      at 53 i grew up watching the greatest american fisherman.. Roland Martin... he is still awesome and i love his channel too.... great vid Scott.. the master has taught you well... i do hope you go to the classic and win.... my best to you....

    68. Nemesis A6

      Love your guys relationship. Reminds me of my dad and I. Although he calls me a trophy fisherman (BASS) and he's more of a grocery fisherman (CRAPPIE)😆. Calls me Roland Martin every time I call, but I'm neither as good as the two of you. Keep up the great vids.

    69. Coy Gregg

      That was just awesome

    70. Brad Hester

      Who else calls people “my friend” all the time after watching too much SMC? 😂

    71. Robert Johnston

      Love it !!! Nothing like having a Great day with Dad ... Making Memories for sure ... You need to do it more often ..

    72. Noec76 cruz

      No offense Scott, but i only watched this video because your dad is in the video. Love your dads videos.

    73. will johnson

      Roland is the GOAT hands down!

    74. KingBoogie38

      That's a good video with pops

    75. O Thacker

      Sorry dude but I must confess I was for your dad.

    76. Fisher of Men !

      "I see one in there" way to keep him honest....good video!!!

    77. Brad D

      Scott, hug him as much as you can, I would give 10 grand to fish with my dad again for a day!

      1. Nathan Osowski

        Me too! Been a year and I miss fishing with him the most...😞😞

    78. The Great Branzino

      SimplySafe is will have police dispatched to your residence 3.5x faster than any others because with there 24 hour surveillance monitoring they can get a visual verification of an intruder which then gets police dispatched 3.5x faster than any other home surveillance system

    79. Chris Brown

      great! I wished I could have memories like this. My dad passed when I was very young so to see this was absolutely wonderful

    80. Immortal ONES

      Lmfao dam that was funny

    81. TheGame2417

      At least you were beat by the greatest bass fisherman ever....your dad

    82. Remod NC

      Thank you. This was good.

    83. Julian B Fishing

      I have some helicopter lures I can send you.

    84. Remod NC

      When I was in about 4th grade, my father brought home a huge bass from Antietam Lake, Stony Creek Mills, outside of Reading, Pa. Oh, how that memory is burnt into my mind. In my early twenties, I was watching your father and Jimmy Houston on weekend Outdoors shows, and started bass fishing in Baton Rouge, La. I caught hundreds of bass during those years, but my largest was only 5.7 lb. A few years before he died, dad said that bass was about 3 1/2 lbs. To this day, that 3 1/2 lbs bass was the biggest bass Hi have ever seen. My current best is 8lb 10 oz. Still not as big as Dad's.

    85. j vancurrick

      That was awsome. Maybe try bill dance, or another legend

    86. Remod NC

      I know he's your hero. He's also mine! What a fisherman. What a man!

    87. James Bailey

      I love watching you and your dad fish, It truly reminds me of the relationship between myself and my father

    88. Larry Stolzman

      I fished the Everglades last spring in the canal along Hwy 27. Caught between 50 and 75 small bass. Nothing big, but what fun. Light rod, a Senko and the beauty of the Everglades. What else can a 70 year old from WI ask for. Can’t wait to do it again.

    89. Rusty Wells

      You got lucky because if Hillary had been in this challenge you both wouldn't have had a prayer! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    90. txhuntsman

      Roland: "I can catch'em when I need to." More like you can catch them whenever you want to . G.O.A.T.

    91. James Bailey

      You are absolutely killing me messing with pops!!!!! I’m dying laughing

    92. James Bailey

      As usual love the channel!! Merry Christmas to you and the family!!

    93. Rodolfo crespo

      The banter that you guys have is just epic way to go

    94. Rodolfo crespo

      Scott, you are so lucky that you can fish with your dad

    95. Michael Whitney

      These are my favorites! Scott and Roland together are a riot.

    96. Roland Mcclendon

      Your the best fishing channel on KGup thanks

    97. Laura Scott

      I’m not sure which is more cool you fishing with Pops or you fishing with Skilary!?!?!? Maybe we need a full on Martin challenge now!!! Thank you for taking us along, it was fun!

    98. Shady Oaks Farm & Outdoors

      Love your VLOG Scott. Just Subbed. You and your Dad are just like me and my son when fishing. Always challenging each other and we have a blast!

    99. gary zaiontz

      Glad you and Dad get along so good!!!!

    100. Wayne Rich

      You can tell that Roland loves just being with his son but I would bet my bass boat that if Scott put pops and mom in the boat I bet mom woops them both lol Scott u have a great family love your videos and I hope to see u and pops and moms one day in a fishing video cause my bet is on mom