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28 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    Mike Tannenbaum and Todd McShay discuss Alabama QB Mac Jones’ rising draft status. McShay explains why he has the Chicago Bears trading up to select him 12th overall in his 2021 NFL Mock Draft 2.0, while Tannenbaum doesn’t see Jones falling past the eighth overall pick.
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    2. MarLy MarLLe

      Mac Jones will be the next star of the NFL

    3. Evan Hester

      Mac has a much higher floor and a decent ceiling

    4. Stoney Daw

      The Carolina Panthers with the number 8 pick select Mac Jones

    5. Mumya Camary

      Every great QB has real weaknesses, this makes it easier for the coach to manage his team so that the weaknesses are resolved, because we already know the problem, when the weaknesses are resolved, what remains is the greatness of the QB

    6. Stephen Kaufer

      BTW, why is Tannenbaum commenting on anything related to the draft? He almost singlehandedly ruined the Dolphins with his inability to understand talent and a team's needs.

    7. Stephen Kaufer

      Keep sleeping on Kyle Trask. He put up gawdy stats with one of the worst offensive lines and with no running game. He had Heisman numbers against SEC defenses who knew he was the Gators' entire offense. The only stat that Mac Jones can compare with Trask is accuracy, which they both had. But Trask had no time to sit in the pocket and still picked defenses apart.

    8. Adam Folk

      Ryan Clark is dead wrong. Fields will be a bust at the Pro level. Ohio State quarterbacks don't pan out in the NFL.

    9. Ross

      Fields didn’t play well in the big games this year? Did you see him against Clemson?🤣 he had 2 poor games all season but balled out against Clemson and when he was injured also.

    10. Jim Gallagher

      I had high expectations for Mac simply because Alabama doesn't offer QBs they don't think could be exceptional. Mac exceeded those expectations and teamed with Smitty they were simply unstoppable.

    11. Roland Edwards

      I think he will last longer in the NFL.Travor going to get his brain kick out off him.fields can't read defence fast enough.the one from BYU the pro game is much faster.T.Lance I think the kid will have to develop more of his game.some of the small School QB it's up in the air.MACK JONES will be their in the long run.

    12. Jersey Paul

      As a Jets fan I have a convoluted trade down scenario in my mind where they pick up Mac Jones around 9-12 and get a third first round pick. Maybe I should stick with being a civil engineer?

    13. Ryan Gorbunov

      I hope Jones fails, he had the best WR’s in America and a great defense. He was carried

    14. Devon DADude35

      Mac jones #10 to The Dallas cowboys at pick #10 💪💪💨💨🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    15. Del Scott

      Mac is pretty good......If not equal or better than the guys favored above him. The problem with the NFL evaluation process is that these teams don’t look for the guy that can actually DO the job, but they look for the guy that LOOKS like he can do the job.

    16. Mr Conweezy

      I think jones will be a better quarter back than Trevor. I don't care what other people think even though he's a statue he's a very accurate passer. With a good o- line the sky is the limit so that cancel out the falcons.

    17. Jason Rodriguez

      Welcome to the saints pimp

    18. Triandos Luke

      I agree, hands down! He throws an excellent very catchable ball, is smart as heck, and is a super competitor! Great comment and Roll Tide!

    19. Quentin Hathcock

      Carolina selects Jones at eight.

    20. D Huck

      1st round pick and i hope the Falcons get him

    21. Major Price

      This is unbelievable, the fool Todd McShay now has Zach Wilson and Trey Lance ahead of Justin Fields. Neither played against any competition during the season. The highest ranked team Wilson played against was 18th ranked Coastal Carolina which he lost. Lance played one game Youngstown State. Come on, give me a break!!! Actually Todd and Mel Kiper, please make Fields the lowest rated QB on your board so MAYBE some idiot GMs will take note and bypass him, and he will fall in the draft to a good team. For some reason, every since Washington cut Haskins, the narrative has been Fields is a QB from Ohio State and is a Haskins clone.

    22. mike newbill

      Mac is the best qb should go #1.hes the smartest. Has the arm.size.trevor is way overrated.he flopped in his playoff game and still they drool over him.those few teams that need a qb and pass on mac will regret it.

    23. Tom Blount

      Wishing Mac a great draft, however his wheels are definitely a handicap!!! 😍

    24. Cameron Fowler

      We aren’t giving Oklahoma University enough credit this last season... they are literally THE SINGLE REASON the guy on their team from last year isn’t on these draft boards for QBs. They took his head off 🥱 big 12 is starting to catch the ACC and slowly creeping on the SEC. they are the reason he is no longer relevant after being a top 3 or 4 hiesman candidate. 💯 take it or leave it but that’s the truth. I watched how ugly that game got early... blame injuries all u want but the Oklahoma coach didn’t use injuries or suspensions as a bail out when LSU trounced them a bit over a year ago... 🤫 why do people still doubt the gradual uprising or IOWA STATE and OU... 😈 here comes the thunder.

    25. Patrick Cardoso

      Mac Jones is going to be a great pro.

      1. kcirrad51


    26. Unction

      Justin fields will NOT go in the first round! you heard it here first folks and ZERO chance trey lance of justin fields goes before mac jones!! ZERO!!!

    27. Juan Sanchez

      honestly he’s going to the patriots at 15 or if they pass him he’s going to the saints at 28 i really cannot see him thrive anywhere else besides those teams but we will see

    28. jmcghane

      #9 at best because Denver needs a QB as well if memory serves.

    29. Nonstop Fitness

      Justin Fields is the best QB In draft

    30. Rob Rusia415

      Mac Jones had a beat better oline... they both have 5star team

    31. Rinnegan Phil

      I just don’t get how they’re basically saying screw Kyle Trask like he didn’t have a great year maybe even a better one without a great run game...nearly non existent

      1. Rinnegan Phil

        @Darius Williams you saw what he looked like with one of the best o lines and runningbacks too but lets forget he did all that without a running game...the defense KNOWING he’s gonna throw. Im sure you’re referring to the OU game where literally all of his production opted out? 🤔

      2. Darius Williams

        Well, we saw what Mac Jones looks like without Smith and waddle. We also saw what Trask looks like without his best weapons.

      3. Rinnegan Phil

        @Will Brench eh that’s closer to what I’d say i just think he makes better decisions that Nick and better at placing the ball

      4. Will Brench

        @Rinnegan Phil ok Blaine Gabbert was a bad comparison. Nick foles is who trask reminds me of

      5. Rinnegan Phil

        @Will Brench lmao he’s literally that huh? Even though they don’t even have the same game! 💀💀💀

    32. Tru One

      I can run with any QB from 3 programs...these coaches are pitiful. Dare I say it...Collage coaches are smarter

    33. Dylan Martino

      He’s the best QB in this draft an usually Alabama QBs suck but I do think he’s the best QB an this draft over over Lawrence. Here’s my list #1 mac jones #2 trey lance #3 Trevor Lawrence #4 zack Wilson #5 Justin fields

    34. Notty Thomas

      These Guys Have Zach Wilson Rated Too High He Didn’t Play Nobody In His Career Lol

      1. Dirty Dan

        Neither did Josh Allen

      2. Tom Blount


    35. HENZU

      every week todd says fields didn't play well in the biggest games. i forgot that Clemson wasn't a big game...

    36. Paul Dillingham

      We'll see what happens during the draft, but I don't think Mac Jones gets drafted before pick 4 in the 2nd round. Kyle Trask will also not get drafted before sometime in the 2nd round and maybe not until the 3rd round. I also don't think a tight end or running back gets drafted in the 1st round.

      1. Paul Dillingham

        @Dirty Dan Not even him, but he will get drafted at the top of the 2nd round.

      2. Dirty Dan

        What about Kyle pitts

    37. Kyle Chow

      #2 Jets

    38. Blake Howard

      I’m hoping the Colts can steal him!

    39. Peyton Robinson

      One thing I can not get is why ppl dislike mac and say oh he had weapons Trevor Lawrence just fields didn’t? Joe burrow didn’t ? They sound stupid you don’t have to be a great runner to be qb I forgot brees and Brady ran they whole career

    40. Randy Daniels

      Bears (Jets) Trubisky situation 2.0

    41. g2sSpeedy 11

      Mac has a Brady mentality. Trust me he’s gonna go far in this league. He’s the best qb in the draft.

      1. Stephen Kaufer

        @Brad Reynolds Best at reading defenses? Makes quick reads? Is this in your imagination? He had all day to sit behind an NFL line, hand off to an NFL RB and through to an open first read NFL WR. The best QB in the draft for intelligence, making quick reads and manipulating defenses was the one with a crappy OL and no running game to speak of...Kyle Trask.

      2. Xay Lee

        Someone wasting millions on that boy 😂

      3. ch10ad

        I could see that

      4. kcirrad51

        No he's not...I'm a ALABAMA FAN

      5. Xay Lee

        Hey this guy smoking dope he is not good please

    42. Jerad Odell

      Should Cowboys draft Mac Jones?

      1. Quentin Hathcock

        @Ryan Gorbunov Congratulations on your SB win. It sure paid off for having acquired Tom Brady who was selected 199 in the sixth round of his draft. Many first round top ten picks couldn't make it in the NFL. Actually very few did. I also saw a QB analyst opinion Justin Hubert as only a possible NFL backup before he was drafted and now he is breaking records and is the starter. Point is picking a QB is a high risk without any real formula for gaging whether he can make it in the next level. Carolina seems bent on acquiring another qb..I don't want them to sell the farm for one. I'd rather they take a deep breath and build up OL. I"d rather they trade down rather than trade up. In any event it be better to have good OL before we start a franchise qb. See what happened to Joe Burrow; i hope he recovers. Im not so sure if Teddy Bridgewater has fully recovered and i'm sure Cam Newton has not fully recovered from all his injuries. You should always build a solid foundation before you build the house. Why risk our skilled running back and QB with a sorry OL.

      2. Ryan Gorbunov

        @Quentin Hathcock As a bucs fan, I’m happy with playing Carolina with Mac Jones knowing that they have a terrible QB!

      3. Quentin Hathcock

        Sorry boys Carolina takes Jones at eight

    43. Devante Gatson

      Mac Jones Baby 😘😘😘😘😘

    44. A W

      Lol the jets taking Zach Wilson at #2. He's no better than what they have now.

      1. William Parker

        That's the Jets messing up with that draft pick. Wilson good but problematic being hurt.

    45. A W

      Arm talent, arm talent, arm talent................................................Jamarcus Russell had insane arm talent.

      1. A W

        @stockjonebills Lol, no I am talking EXACTLY the arm talent NFL types drool over. If Russell was coming out this year he would be top 3 taken. Neither Fields or Lawrence have close to the accuracy of Jones. Neither does the SD guy. The BYU guy played NOBODY and they lost to the only decent team they played in Coastal Carolina. When they say "arm talent" they mean arm strength period. Because if that's not the case then Mac Jones has the best "arm talent" in this draft.

      2. stockjonebills

        You are confusing arm strength with arm talent.

    46. Joan Mandeville

      Your acting like every qb is not going to have good ol and receivers in the league! Clark is just a bama hater.

      1. Fred Wright

        Hurtsvdoesnt it...wahhhh

    47. bronco devil

      Jones will wind up being better than 1 or two of their top 4.

    48. Mr Billionaire

      Bears or Patriots or Washington need to get him cause he’s a good qb

      1. D Huck

        Falcons need him more than anyone else

    49. atl atl

      Mac should go to Atlanta

      1. Paul Dillingham

        Yeah in the 2nd round. Atlanta has bigger needs in the first round.

    50. JB

      No way 4 QBs go top 4

    51. Oolong

      Mac Jones is weird to evaluate. Sports reference people just go by numbers they read. But on the tape Mac Jones had some ugly throws like vs Georgia. Mac Jones slides too far back in the pocket because he gets too comfortable with his protection and can cost the team a lot of negative yards. In the NFL pass rush is faster and protections are weaker. Mac Jones needs to know how to slide left and roll right if he feels the rush.

      1. Darius Williams

        What? Jones was constantly stepping up in the pocket.

      2. Oolong

        @Don because he is protected the whole time. The moment he feels the rush he slides back far and lets the rush get to him. You are looking at it from just a college view. In the modern NFL his line won’t always be there and maybe he goes to a team with no oline. He needs the right situation

      3. Don

        You're either lying, dumb, or haven't watched any tape on him. Jones makes subtle movements in the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield as well as any college QB you will ever see.


      Mac Jones isn’t going to come out and light the league on fire throwing 40 touchdowns. He will be a consistent, and solid QB that will win you football games, using the talent around him. That’s just what some teams need

      1. kcirrad51

        @King JRC IV would you take him at #1

      2. King JRC IV

        @kcirrad51 this won't age well

      3. Hayden Watson

        He’s literally Tom Brady he wins you games and he has no flash to his game. He just wins and does some more winning and it pisses people off so they say he isn’t good

      4. kcirrad51

        Unless you taking the whole ALABAMA TEAM....MAC JONES IS NOT LEADING A NFL TEAM

      5. jmcghane

        I believe he'll thrive under the Pats, Niners, Saints system if one of them drafts him. Hopefully it'll be my team the Niners.

    53. The Tide

      Still trying to figure out why everyone is still putting Justin Fields above any draftable qb. He can run with the ball. So what, so can a running back. Mac Jones with the right time will be the next Tom Brady era

      1. The Tide

        @Jeffrey Witherspoon U must not watch the Democrats and their videos. All I can say is Bama beat the f**k out of Ohio State and Justin Fields. Suck on that

      2. Jeffrey Witherspoon

        dumbest comment i’ve seen on youtube 😭

    54. Sergio Jokanov

      If I'm the Bears, I want Big Mac.

    55. Chris Sitek

      The only decent QB to come out from Bama was Tua and his ceiling is like maybe top 10 if that. Mac Jones is a pocket passer in an NFL that has most QB's being dual threat as in the ability to throw primarily but use through legs as necessary..he is not that..

      1. stockjonebills

        Tom Brady isn't mobile at all. Yet he is the GOAT because of vision, arm talent etc.

      2. T D

        A traditional pocket passer just won the Super Bowl for the 7th time, homie.

      3. Don

        The which QBs have come from a school is one of the dumbest arguments ever. There aren't that many high level QBs in the NFL from all schools combined. If you're going to talk about which QBs have come from which school, apply that to Ohio State and then talk about Justin Fields.

    56. Hackermusic

      The easy pick is a QB that can run so at least you know he's got that when your offense sucks. It takes more guts to draft a pocket passer. Justin Fields threw more bad passes in games than Mac did the entire year.

    57. Hackermusic

      You could count his mistakes this year on one hand. People that think just anybody could do what he did either don't know anything about football or didn't watch him play very much.

    58. lee brown

      Jerry Jones please get this man.!!!!!!!!! Share this. Get this to Jerry for guy's. We can do it😂😤😤😜

    59. D22 Williams.22

      Why is "extending the play" still a huge factor? Brady proved it ISN'T with his 7th (seventh) Super Bowl win. And, QB's who run around alot are like dogs who chase cars alot. Just sayin'

      1. Roshan

        It isn’t a huge factor when your OL can protect you for more than 4 seconds every play. His OL for each Super Bowl has always been above average to great

    60. Avery Washington Jr

      Mac Jones had Devontae smith & najee Harris best back and receiver shut up y’all sound dumb

    61. unapologeticwhiteman Winner

      I think Jones is the best QB in the draft. The keep talking about all the talent Jones had around him at Alabama. Last time I checked Trevor had great talent around him every year he was at Clemson. So does Fields at Ohio State. I'm not buying all the hype around the kid from North Dakota. He played one game this past year and his numbers didn't wow you the year before.

      1. D Huck

        Yep and Mack wasnt even projected to be the starter at the begining of the season if it hadn't been for the covid virus eliminating the spring training

      2. rpc

        @Fred Wright Lets just put it this way....Nick Saban was ok with letting Tua go to the NFL (As a matter of fact, some think he encouraged it) because he knew what he had in Mac Jones. I think he's going to prove a bunch of people wrong.

      3. Fred Wright

        With that o line....danny woeful 2.0

      4. bronco devil

        I didn't see him much during the year but was very impressed with Jones the last few games this year.

      5. rpc

        shhhhhh....let them roll with their narrative.

    62. saint evil

      Who cares if I'm mac I go the glenn coffee route play out one contract and retire with my health still intact

    63. Jam3s Barry

      I think MAC is gonna be the First ( at least for a LONG while ) QB from BAMA to actually be a Star in the NFL !! !! ROLL TIDE ROLL !! 🐘🐘🏆

      1. saint evil

        @Fred Wright so you're still butthurt over bama winning. Get over it its just a game

      2. Fred Wright

        Roll turds

      3. BamaBrew

        Don't give up on Jalen and Tua just yet. It was only their first year in the league and both have the potential to turn things around. Hopefully with a full offseason to prepare this year, they'll play better this season.

      4. saint evil

        Aj was not given a fair shot at least mac will get that

    64. Paul Ngo

      Based on Tua, I think Mac Jones is worse than him and expect to perform the same.

      1. Ace K

        Tua off-season was rehab

      2. Ace K

        He ran the offense practically better than tua with less weapons

    65. Johnny D

      Very under rated.

    66. Darryl Hamilton

      If you ask me he’s better that Trevor Lawrence

      1. Fred Wright

        Nobody asked you

    67. Mo Vo

      I wouldn't be surprised he drops to 2-3rd rounds due to a lot of rumors of QB trades

    68. boltactionshooter

      Surely the NFL teams will not be dumb enough to gamble on Justin Fields that high with so any other more proven play makers available. Jones will be a MUCH safer QB bet than Fields.

    69. Thomas Roy

      Lol I read this as “How high can Mac Jones get” and was wondering what kind of statistics ESPN could come up with 🤣

      1. Fred Wright

        Espin be making up categories

      2. Hayden Kay

        maybe he rolled something else up after the Tennessee game lol

    70. AlexH

      They got Mac jones over fields now? I’m not even that big of a fields fan, but that’s just wrong!

      1. tony harbour

        Thats because Mac Jones is a better Quarterback than Justin Fields. Simple.

    71. Noah Weintraub

      Whoa whoa whoa Let’s cool it on mahomes being an all time great rc

      1. BBG INC

        Pat is the best QB in the NFL and it's not even close. 1 bad game won't change that.

      2. Fred Wright

        @Don excuses from chiefs nation....suck it up, buttercup

      3. Don

        Let's cool it on downgrading a great QB because his offensive line was decimated and he spent a game running for his life.

    72. BlackPanther

      He will be a bust if he's taken in the 1st round. These so called experts be reaching a lot when it comes to QBs. Smh

      1. Darius Williams

        What logic is this. He has to be drafted by some team. So if the bears draft him in the first round he’ll be a bust but, any other round he’s good? If he sucks, he sucks. Doesn’t matter what round you get him in.

      2. tony harbour

        @Fred Wright He will be a starter maybe not the first year but it will come. I think Trevor Lawrence will be a bust along with Justin Fields who is no better than a average QB in my opinion. I will be laughing at yall when Mac beats your teams behind. He is the consummate student of the game with insane leadership abilities and a laser beam for a arm. Best Pro ready QB in the draft. Bar none.

      3. Fred Wright

        All it takes is one team to fall in love with him. But he will be a backup, at best.

      4. Chris Lane

        Does that mean if he is taken in the second round he won't be a bust?

      5. motown 1970

        Mac Jones has played consistently well since his first start in 2019. Watch his A Day game in spring of 2018, 2019, and every game he started in beginning with the Arkansas game in the fall of 2019 after Tua was injured. Then ask yourself if he will be a “bust”. People that have actually watched him change their opinion of Mac Jones.

    73. Tai Weaver

      Put Justin fields on bama and they would score 100 a game

      1. John Barnett

        @Chris Lane bad 2 the bone

      2. Chris Lane

        Alabama scored as many points as they wanted in 2020.

      3. John Barnett

        Field sucks

      4. Johnny D

        lmfao no shot

    74. Tai Weaver

      Here’s what mac does have. He has intangibles, work ethic, intelligence, leadership, character which are important in being a nfl qb

      1. Rome60 Rome60

        @Adam Wyker I’m a TB12 fan that’s 7.

      2. Rome60 Rome60

        @Adam Wyker Goat just won his seventh. But as I stated several times the big goofy heavy footed stand in the pocket quarterback is dead. Look at every quarterback in the playoffs a few weeks ago. Mac AR Josh Russell Drew Lamar 2 Rings Baker Everyone of these QBs with the exception of the goat is a far better athlete than Mac Jones. I know you can’t stand it but that quarterback is done. Just except it sir... Not to mention the man obviously has a drinking problem.

      3. Rome60 Rome60

        @Adam Wyker not a fan of one year wonders. Never sold on Haskins. But anyway Justin has been the best his entire life. Bryce Young is the next Russell Wilson. I’m a diehard USC fan I was devastated when he jumped ship. But Mac is another second string game manager at best.

      4. Adam Wyker

        @Rome60 Rome60 how bad did Jones hurt your feelers in the NC game? It is obviously still really fresh and you’re not doing a great job of hiding it... Mac has been doubted his whole career. Keep it up, it’s working for him. Also as an avid Bama fan that follows the team pretty closely, I didn’t even know he had gotten a dui...that’s how insignificant that is overall and you must have really had to dig to even find out about it. Again, that’s another sign of a set of feelers that have been crushed. BTW, I’m gonna bet you were high on Haskins as well...just a hunch.

      5. kcirrad51


    75. Peyton Stamper

      Wilson is such a jets pick lmaoooo

      1. Smartriide

        @AK 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 so TRUE this has JETS written all over it

      2. Blake Yokeley

        @Brooks Orlando one good year(not even heisman like) at byu so that’s not promising

      3. AK

        @Oolong Watched him play plenty. Like I said he looked good but so did the other 3 guys and they played much tougher competition while doing it. I felt the same exact way about Carson Wentz when they were hyping him up and in the end I was right about him.

      4. mike newbill

        He should be #1 .hes better than trevor.

      5. Oolong

        @Brooks Orlando these guys never watched him play it ain’t worth arguing lol.

    76. Sergio Perez

      Mac Jones should go to the Dolphins wishful thinking! On my part

    77. Compton 187

      No way he’ll go #8

      1. tony harbour

        @Eric Greaux Yes they would. In a heartbeat if they thought Mac could beat the Saints. Yall have a hard time doing that. I like Teddy alot. I wish the saints would have kept him.

      2. Eric Greaux

        No he will not. The panthers are not replacing Teddy with Mac Jones of all people

    78. Eric Greaux

      If he goes anything above round 2 something is wrong. Scouts at the senior bowl said he played well and they still think he’ll only be a back up

      1. Sergio Perez

        Back up!!!? Some of those Scouts must have been smoking Crack! Or something. What ever team is paying those Scouts needs to fire them!

      2. Mark Abe

        Your head coach said different 🤷🏿‍♂️

      3. Raze Inferno

        @Eric Greaux mac Jones is gonna be something special

      4. Markos L

        Your team scouts are clowns that’s why u had teddy b as qb 😂

      5. Jesse


    79. Damian Presha

      Looks like a Patriot to me

      1. Erique Edwards

        @James Sampson 🤣🤣🤣

      2. James Sampson

        Played with Damien Harris too. But it would be a belicheck move to have him there at 15 and decide to trade back and draft two DIII DBs lol

      3. Damian Presha

        @Erique Edwards Plus Bill like prototype QBs

      4. Erique Edwards

        I think so too because of the bill belichick and nick saban connection

      5. Big D

        Cam stunk so he's gone.

    80. Bren K

      “Less weapons” 2 other heisman trophy contenders 🙃

      1. Chris2626

        Tua literally had the exact same weapons PLUS Jeudy, Ruggs AND waddle. Not even close dude lmao

      2. Slim Brady

        @Dr. LogosTua had Damien Harris, Josh Jacobs, and Irv Smith as well.

      3. Dr. Logos

        @Don I'm in full agreement. I think that Mac Jones is a great and highly underrated QB

      4. Don

        @Dr. Logos Agreed. I'm just addressing the notion that you can plug in any QB with a loaded WR group and he will set passing records, the kind of BS that people throw around to try to discredit Mac Jones. Joe Burrow had a loaded WR group too.

      5. Dr. Logos

        @Don Sure, but my point was that Mac Jones did in fact have fewer weapons than Tua. Original poster acted like it was a dumb statement

    81. Doink Productions

      Highest I’d take him is 2nd rd. He hasn’t shown great athleticism and played with the best wide receivers and o line men.

      1. Fred Wright

        Agreed doink...i wouldn't draft him until the third myself.

      2. Fred Wright

        @Ernest Hyche he hasn't shown any toughness at all. Roll turds

      3. Chris Lane

        Murry, Mayfield, Lawrence, Burrow and Fields all had great receivers and very good olinemen. He shows enough athleticism to move in the pocket to buy time to throw.

      4. Street Disciple

        @Ernest Hyche Mac had the better oline

      5. Daniel Scott

        @kingofdajungle so mac is guaranteed a bad o line? Ur not the brightest crayon in the box are you?

    82. Darius G

      Here come people in the comments hating on Mac

      1. Fred Wright

        @Compton 187 roll turds...see '18

      2. Fred Wright

        @Jamal Darien forget '18, but I'm not surprised. Roll turds

      3. Jamal Darien

        @MotivationRUs burrow had one good year.. and It took him having, Jamar Chase, Justin Jefferson, Terrence Marshal, Thaddeus Moss, Clyde.. cmon now we don’t chastise Joe and he had WEAPONS GALORE

      4. Compton 187

        @Daniel Scott I don’t think you read what I said Herbert was playing better during that time 😂

      5. Daniel Scott

        @Compton 187 reading comprehension isn't your strong suit I see. I said burrow was playing better than Herbert before burrow got hurt.