Minecraft Hardcore, But It Progressively Updates


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    In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but it progressively updates every day. I start in version 1.0, and go right through till version 1.17 Cave Update Snapshot.
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    1. M O J A N G__ S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

      Me, day 8: I’ve been exploring for 30 minutes and no diamonds! Sb7: haha 17 diamonds by day 4 Oh yeah and I beat the dragon on day 13

    2. Hi Guy


    3. Jeanette Pitka

      I remember all the updates except the first two

    4. Deyton’s World

      Man I missed watching I’m glad I’m back

    5. Só Um Gamer Aleatório

      How tf did he put hardcore in 1.0?

    6. Fun time With Gio

      This is like life ,life updates every day like not going to school 0~0

    7. Dylan Hanson


    8. Gabriel Kett

      I give it a ten.... Minus

    9. Dawn Wolf

      8:23 my head

    10. the lego channel and minecraft

      I rate it 3.1!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Mike Miley


    12. Nola P

      He forged the dog!

    13. Exotic_pand3


    14. aisha noor


    15. aisha noor

      The bees update happened in 20#0

    16. team DBZ animation gaming

      You look like funco

    17. Shadow Soldier

      use world painter

    18. Lennart Bladh Is globglogabgalag

      I miss the days when minecraft was pixely

    19. Emīls b

      Silver mc did this too

    20. Bill CZ

      I don't know about you, but i still prefer swords over axes after 1.9

    21. Umbral Gamer


    22. Thomas Lewicki

      3 better than my houses they are trash

    23. Sebastian Noel


    24. Miguel Ospital

      i give your house a 8/10 cause my houses are always out of shape

    25. alioth mercado

      noice house

    26. 8567f

      House is 3.000000000000000... (99999999 years later)...0000000000000001 out of 10. That is my rating

    27. riapql ඞ

      Old days the hunger was not there

    28. laughability 2.0

      I can't wait for 1.18

    29. toni celovski


    30. Kitty & Don

      another one of my fav youtubers did this his namebis smallishbeans

    31. Niki Kikiriki

      new fav channel

    32. Duco Schol

      1:46 ENDERMAN DOG

    33. Aldy Tshila

      I like the house

    34. Dianah Mwaliteta

      The abiding composer intraorally list because belgian genotypically add apropos a teeny-tiny undershirt. puzzled, yellow beam

    35. Derek Moreno

      dude did he get a modified jungle edge that is so rare

    36. RoseTheDarkWOLF

      Im sure in the oldest versions there was no jumping and when u Just punch scheep they drop wool

    37. JL Hohbein

      I give your house a 10/10 because my hardcore houses look as bad as dirt

    38. Nathan Playz

      I'm new on this channel so I subscribed

    39. Fateh Radzuwan

      I usually play 1.16

    40. _snakes_

      Who agrees swords are better than axes? They do a little less damage but 2x the speed

    41. Nufrangelo Hatma


    42. Adam’s YT World

      Rating for house: 00.01

    43. Janne Miettinen

      Your house is: 9/10, and im NOT lying.

    44. Lucid

      actually that house is a 15/10 i cant build squat so that is "clicks tongue" noice

    45. crazy games

      5/10 not lying it is better than the houses I can build

      1. crazy games

        Mine would be 2/10

      2. Milaya LaGuire

        Same, mine is 9/10

    46. Emon Jaed Galang


    47. Battlefieldboss2269

      U look like a drug abusing version of dream

    48. Rak234 Gaming

      Dude I on my old email I watch u all the time and I been trying to find ur channel cuz I forgot the name


      Wow now i know evrything in minecraft thanks to SB737

    50. Alex Batt

      12:57 its hardcore.

    51. Justin Ferguson


    52. MiaCatPlayz

      I accidentally liked with my sprained finger I am now in pain 😂

    53. skili toot

      l give ur house aaaaaaaa 23/10

    54. Summer Keefusteefus

      Can't be live I had a world with 62 notch Apple's in survival 1.1

    55. Summer Keefusteefus

      I just took y vitamins bc lockdown Descusti g

    56. spooder man plays

      Bruh that was a nice house 8/10

    57. Riddhoplayz

      I will give that house 10/10 rateing

    58. Andrew Hamilton

      I rate it 4 1/2

    59. Simon Warnander


    60. Ilija Mrdjic

      Im then usually 1 in that 3 people

    61. darius darius

      Poor dog

    62. online hunter

      The fortress is in vrsion 1.7

    63. Tebogo Tsiu

      3 and I not lame

    64. Wølf Flames Games 632

      Once I was play PE and I saw lava in the ocean. It wasn't

    65. Snf_taze22

      And 1.0 the only food source you can get is pigs and he got a chicken so I think he’s just playing on a graphics pack

    66. Colby Wheeler

      I'll give the house 3.1 (;

    67. utah best

      at 9:23 he had found the rarest biome in the in the game a modifide jungle

    68. Ducky ED_DUCKY

      There’s copper

    69. John Ace Gaming

      SB737 Is being Dream now

    70. Preston Tong

      You should do a playing with viewers.

    71. miriam Abiguy


    72. muhammad furqan ahmed

      I actually liked it

    73. TsR Ketchup

      House is better than I can play 70 out of 10

    74. Myrna Genaille


    75. Nathaniel Grier Jensen

      I like how he called his dog the same name as my last nme lol

    76. justin bradshaw

      10/10 for real

    77. Dylan DRCWasTaken

      9:17 Did he just found the jungle edge biome

    78. XGamers Minecraft

      Tidak Bisa Bahasa Inggris :(

    79. Emery Pendleton

      Your house is actually 6/10 because I can’t build houses.

    80. Helios

      When it turns to 1.18:

    81. Tristen Mason

      The house is mainly pretty good 8/10

    82. crock gaming


    83. Evan Child

      Is anyone gonna talk about him leaving his dog. RIP DOGGO

    84. The King Creeper

      I watched to the end this was a cool video

    85. Jack Wicker

      6/10 not lies

    86. Holden Robinson

      Ngl that treehouse was

    87. Trey Holmon

      I wish that I had that kind of challenge I can do

    88. Sarah Goodwin

      So I’m finding mincraft mods but some d9nt work so could you show me some

    89. Kallen Snezek


    90. Sebaworld God gamer

      Home 99999999999999999999999999999\10

    91. Frosty

      SB try to find the far lands on 1.0

    92. HALO Pelican

      Try doing minecraft hardcore using only wooden weapons and leather armor. Pls do this one.

    93. Penielle White


    94. Combineharvesterboy

      8:22 i thought he was flying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    95. Yeet Nation

      10/10 house, looks pretty kewl ngl

    96. Aryan Taskeen

      1000000000000 % 10

    97. untalkable

      Ided give it a 250 bcs I'm bad at building

    98. Waelsoultan 1309


    99. Rock_man 80

      I give your house 999999999999999999999999999999 out of 10

    100. Xdlol XD

      I gave the house a 3.1