SHINee(샤이니) - Atlantis (Music Bank) | KBS WORLD TV 210416


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    күнү жарыяланды 29 күн мурун


    1. Nicole G.

      I wish they gave Onew more colourful clothes to stand out more from the backup dancers =(

    2. J E W E L

      This gonna be one of my fave summer bops!

    3. Anel Calderón

      Afsidjk amoooo💖💖💖

    4. Nur Amalina

      샤이니 존나 잘해 !

    5. stefany oropeza zanca

      I love SHINee

    6. moonstone n newton

      onew's voice is so addicting.

    7. Ashritha GS

      Omg .this song hits somewhere else

    8. Lauren Schlepp

      I know the backing track has harmonies and vocals on it but SHINee is SOOOO good at performing live that they sound like they are lip syncing. They sound so consistent!

    9. Lauren Schlepp

      I want to be a set designer for music videos!

    10. Mervee Gull


    11. 최수정


    12. Ahdi Faus

      They don't need autotune. 💅💅💅 yuhuu....💯

    13. Sabrina Heinzen

      Can't get enough of Minho's "At-lan-Tisss" 🤭💙

    14. wingwing0228

      There are 5 Doors 👍🏻

    15. Xrestein

      Key is so extra with those earbuds wtf

    16. Eva Anis

      OMG !! These outfits really suit them a lot. Especially Minho's. he has been bias wrecking me ... STOPPPPP

    17. Thejan Adithya

      Key,..... you are awesome ....... I am in Sri Lanka

    18. Sir Lord

      Ending fairy KINGS

    19. Stefanie C

      So in love with this song 👌

    20. J P A

      He is always there with them...........🧡

    21. Xeronix

      imagine how they sang this live

    22. Jan Su

      King King King

    23. roxie hart

      Love love loveeeeeeeeeee shineeeeeeee

    24. coco.keditz Name changed

      Key’s Q-tip ,too funny!!!

    25. Fabian Rioseco

      SHINee 💎❤️

    26. wHy ?

      summer song

    27. 우나

      이번주 일요일 3시 태민이 솔로 온라인 콘서트 합니다

    28. Alex

      Wait why did they dress Onew to blend in with the dancers?? Everyone else has the bright purples and blues and then there's Onew just in white...

    29. Jomaira Songs

      Can we start a petition for this to be the credit song for the new live action The Little Mermaid?

    30. 마하OJKMT

      I LOVE YOU SHINee ❤️

    31. TM아이덴티티

      이태민 다리 이메다 맞네요

    32. RaniOri

      샤이니라는 장르가 느껴진달까 이무대는 모든게 완벽하다

    33. Sarah K.

      Key looks incredibly regal and expensive in this outfit

    34. 정은진

      04:03 키🔑 면봉 엔딩ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 넘 신박하고 귀엽고 웃기넼ㅋㅋㅋ 무대도 청량하구 노래도 넘 좋다~ 💙🧜‍♂️🐟🌊🌊


      taemin washito lindo te amo

    36. 가장뜨거운 빛나는 선율

      0:35 뒤에 문 5개

    37. 마하OJKMT

      I'm so proud to be a shawol they literally the best

    38. wHy ?

      omg their vocals

    39. Jose Gomez


    40. 혦

      이징기 겁나 예쁘다 이날 미쳤어

    41. Dhenarys Dhenarys

      SHINee still at their peak skill-wise in the 13th year of their career is just unbelievable.

    42. Mai Lev

      key is for king

    43. GracieSims

      Hi, I'm a fantasy and we need your help to get us to 3M on SF9 - The Stealer Full Version. Thanks guys!~ We fantasy will appreciate it so much >_

    44. 이지원

      이런무대 퀄이라면 수신료가 아깝지 않다..뮤뱅 다시한번 감사해요

    45. royals zen

      Thats why sm artist called by eater CD

    46. Valarie Sim

      Minho 😍🤩

    47. Dorothy Tan

      I don't know who is designing the stage but thank you for including 5 doors. Thank you for the effort and hard work you've put in it! I am really happy that SHINee is back and the details you put in their stage made it extra special to us Shawols 💙💙💙💙💙


      3:21 they kinda moving like they underwater and its kinda convincing tho

    49. toTkrdl wlqskrks

      내가 샤이니 덕분에 이시국을 행복하게 보낸다♡영원히 샤이니 해줘♡

    50. 마하OJKMT

      샤이니 샤이니 샤이니 ♡

    51. 백도

      올여름 출근길에는 1일 1틀란티스로 씨원하게 출근🌊

    52. rhea roses

      i will not stop talking about onew's black hair !!! also im so happy for all of them i love them all

    53. eNdochondralsodiumhypochloride

      kbs 무대 뭐냐...? 가슴이 웅장해진다..

    54. Lucy Sprin

      난 이들을 자기관리의 끝판왕이라 부르겠어...

    55. Laila cm

      Jinki kibum minho taemin SHINee Aku padamuuu

    56. Immanuel Chawngthu


    57. Camila Oliveira

      onew is such a baby

    58. 마하OJKMT

      Love you forever ❤️

    59. 한별•

      다 왕자들이야 뭐야ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 왕자니뮤ㅠ

    60. mail account

      태민아 잘 갔다와 기다릴꺼니까.

    61. Zzong Youn

      아니 온유 왜 나이 거꾸로 먹어

    62. Mary Eliz

      The music stage which put the best effort in making sure Atlantis theme is seen. Kudos!! ^_^

    63. rehdian ariyani

      bisa"nya key bekel cotton bud🤣

    64. Nurul Hidayah

      Shinee really makes me addicted and curious what is the concept ending fairy in every new performance atlantis (^o^)


      my favourite from shinee is taemin

    66. hmm ninara

      the best group

    67. 걸어다니는푸딩

      무대 진짜 예ㅃ다 ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠ 뮤뱅 실시간으로 보는데 너무 신기했음 ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    68. taemin shinee

      I adore them

    69. YPA Channel

      Really miss jonghyun

    70. 뀨진&뚠

      세트뭐임 ㅠㅠㅠ진짜 왕자님덜..

    71. 마하OJKMT

      Best group in the world ♡

    72. 마하OJKMT

      atlantis is so high I'm so proud of my SHINee ♡

    73. keisham nibem

      I am a fan of Shinee as a group and each member has a special place in my heart, but Lee Jinki is damn special. . ❤❤❤

    74. Miguel Bruno

      After all this years, they Still On Point, Flawless

    75. Harry Dadivas

      So, no one's gonna mention that there are 5 doors? Aight.

    76. 우나

      태미니 ㄷㄷㄷ

    77. Shinee kings


    78. 아틀란티슈

      이번 아틀란티스 무대중 개인적으로 뮤뱅 무대가 젤 이쁨 .의상이랑도 찰떡

    79. Ashritha G S

      The stage is so pretty 😍 and ofcourse members also

    80. 이지윤


    81. chemika ela

      Taemin looks like he raided red velvet's closet. 💜 Reminds me of f(shinee) tho

    82. Jeezelle Jimenez

      Their performance is one of the live stages I’m looking for. ❣️🥰😍

    83. Novi Andriyani

      I just can't with them..😂

    84. Ana Júlia Saigner

      Meu Deus como podem ser perfeitos assim?

    85. georgia xo


    86. Poma Macuchapi

      Hermosos SHINee - Atlantis

    87. Dice

      2:19 I like the fact that they involved Jonghyun in the dance (Taemin's right) !

    88. laura amancio

      Shinee be clowning during the endings.

    89. 마하OJKMT

      Love you SHINee ❤️

    90. Mulya Viani

      Aaaa its so good, i never bored to saw it

    91. Shamimi Natasha

      Keyyy why your ending fairy like that ahahahahaha

    92. Shamimi Natasha


    93. Sandy Lilro

      SHINee's back 💎💎💎💎💎✨

    94. Aulia Alif

      I realized what kang hodong says in knowing brothers shinee is "the most precious group in korea" because shinee always excecute any concept for their comeback very well and look like suit for them. They became "5 visual, 5 vocal, 5 dancer". Their vocal and their dance is really awesome

    95. 阿香

      Oh my God, the appearance mode is very beautiful and funny, the dance is very cool and elegant, super cutest Shinee members,very extraordinary,

    96. GiTaurs Side

      Onew kyud ♡~♡

    97. Adelle

      Did you guys realised that idols April comeback with song related to water Example:Wendy and wheein

    98. shinee 0525

      this song gives me so much energy

    99. J HC


    100. Lucy Kaede

      I came into this expecting the live performance to sound ass (since alot of artists end up being airy when singing or out of breath because of choreography) but damn this actually sounds better than the music video!?!?!