4 LURE CHALLENGE on Lake Okeechobee

Scott Martin

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    I take the 4 lure challenge on lake Okeechobee with a little twist!
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    1. Scott Martin

      What is your biggest bass?

      1. Shane Sommer

        8.5, in Wisconsin

      2. My dad is the Best

        6lb largie Douglas lake TN

      3. Samuel Heins

        @Justin Wemette lmao that is true. Ive never fished the madison chain before, I live around the shawano area so I fish mostly northern lakes like shawano lake and Noquebay, sometimes the eagle river chain. If you ever do get the chance of coming up north definitely check out shawano lake. (The rivers the hot spot.)

      4. Noah Fanucci

        @Alex A I live in pa where did you catch that?

      5. Justin Wemette

        @Samuel Heins a lot of people have said great things about that lake i live around the madison chain... you never know whats out there i mean our state record bass was caught from lake ripley of all places lol

    2. BassGeek

      Dude I slayed the bedding smallies on that Sukushi bug.

    3. Brice Willoughby

      Ordered my first favorite combo last night !

    4. Jaxson Griffin

      9 and a half

    5. Kevin Carris

      Thanks for the tips scott great video Kickass!

    6. bill reed

      i just bought some 10,000 Fish Shimmer shad because of this video.

    7. TheDadDude

      MTB has giving me the chance to see all the different lures and rigs. I'm really really new to fishing. thanks for the tips and info.

    8. Beau Bellamy

      I actually got those bugs in a mystery tackle box so technically that’s a full set up

    9. Doug Fogleman

      I love your videos and watch them daily, but could you please start wearing a mic? The audio goes in and out on my side. Love you Scott!!!!

    10. C Wing

      Four lure challenge? Been doing that my whole life haha. I bring alot of stuff with me but I always go back to the Texas rig, squarebill crank, spinner bait, and paddle tail swimbait when i want to start catching fish. No matter how hard I try with all my jigs, glide baits, chatterbaits, and jerkbaits. They end up just being used for casting practice it feels like.

    11. John Bowe

      The shimmer shad is like the og bass assassin fluke

    12. hookfynn82

      need to do a 2 on 2 "SMC lucky tackle box" challenge! best 5 on what comes in their individual box. cant switch baits with your partner and cant trade boxes.

    13. Robinson Family

      my biggest bass is 7 pounds and I have caught a 6 pound bass but I'm 12 and loveeeee fishing keep up the vids and I love the MTB challenge

    14. Joe's Trailcams

      I really appreciate the views of the weeds and the drone shots, do more of that! I spend 2 weeks at your resort every year and it helps to see what the bass habitat is looking like, especially as the lake recovers from the hurricane.

    15. George blanchet

      Looking forward to fishing Okeechobee on April 14th for the 1st time ever. Im using one of your dads guide from the Martin marina.

    16. Logan

      Scott, are you fishing in orange? If you are make sure you go eat at Luigi’s

    17. Victor Trevino

      I use the Shimmer Shad on a dropshot and it is fire...

    18. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Do you do braid to leaders regardless of what body of water most of the time? Because I watch all of your videos and it seems like a lot of the times when you cast, it looks like all your reels have braid on them. I'm pretty sure you have just fluorocarbon setups also but for the most part do you do braid to leader?

      1. Scott Martin

        Not much either all braid or all flouro

    19. Josh Sheley

      Hugeeeee fan of you sir. I'm from the thousand Islands area Clayton specifically. Now living in Orlando. My question for you is I've designed a few baits as of resent that I can't find anywhere on the market. How do I go about getting people to try my baits and how do I partner and produce them. Thanks for any info or insite you may have. Josh Orlando fl

    20. Don Hanson

      I watched Rob get his largest Large Mouth in his life.

    21. treasury dives

      i got the SUKOSHI BUG'S in my last MTB box and i put them in my plastics container and the next day they were all melted together not sure why...but yet none of my other plastics melted lol

      1. Scott Martin

        It la because they use that super durable stretchy plastic like for a ned rig

    22. Pamela Klemp

      That Bot is really slick. It was cool to see it produce for ya! MTB, bought my first MTB at Bass Pro about two months ago, super fun!

    23. niko lutkauskas

      Maaaaan MTB is like Christmas every month

    24. H & H

      I guess the editor couldn’t find the Lunkers clip or forgot 😂

    25. Shaun Roberts

      You came there and kicked butt...

    26. Shaun Roberts

      Good job Scott. Nice video for sure.

    27. living the outdoors

      He lost the footage so he had to put it blank screen to cover up lol. Jk scott

    28. Kayak Angler

      I wish I live on that lake. It is amazing

    29. Daryll Roberts

      I dont believe i saw you use the Lake fork Lure? Challenge not complete? but yeah these vids are gold dude keep em comin

    30. Preston Mire

      Love your video absolutely amazing you can catch bass on anything true professional angler amazing watching you

    31. Caleb Collier

      Love it Scott will be visiting for sure. Biggeat bass is only a 5 so im lookin to break that and i will do it on the Chobee

      1. Caleb Collier


    32. Cole Arnold

      I was just at the marina for spring break it was awesome I loved my guide

    33. Delta Parker

      Boss asked what are you doing I said watching Scott Martin comes over I turn phone a bit now we both are lol

    34. John Fleming

      Scott, I’ve watched a lot of your videos over the past couple of months and you’re a great bass angler but I have to tell you, you’re an even better entertainer and spokesperson. You’re future is definitely in front of the camera. Really enjoying your work!

    35. Noah Fanucci

      I went to lake okeechobee on Friday and I caught nothing and my dad caught 1 catfish. We were there for 11 hours and caught nothing

    36. Joe King

      23:57 "patent btw, so dont be trying that" 🤣😂🤣

    37. Fishing MW

      I did MTB for a year but I wasn't to impressed with it.

    38. Zach Martin

      I love watching your videos Scott. My PB up here in Illinois 6Lbs. I wish you the best in the Elite series! You got fans with ya the whole time. Plus you got a kick ass last name! Good luck!

    39. The Angry Bass

      Shimmer shads are the deal!

    40. The Angry Bass

      You have to fish braid on ‘monster lake’

    41. Jon DeMars

      Those shimmer shad destroy smallies on St Clair and so does the sukoshi, also the new tournament series has been slacking on the HOW BOUT THAT!!!

    42. BanG

      That might be the best mtb I’ve ever seen.

    43. Caleb Godsey

      Love ya mane!

    44. Jonah AM Klebanov

      I love MTB challenges

    45. ReelJedi

      I caught a 25lber on the clickbait, tried to take a picture and it slapped my phone and went back in the water, took my phone with it

      1. Adam Smith

        And then you woke up. Dreamer.

    46. Ashley Kellum

      This how many wins Scott has 👇

    47. Rick Kaplan

      "Pretty cool huh"? Hahahahaha

    48. Brendon Sheppard

      Those shimmer shads are sweet!!

    49. Kai Thomas

      kinda feel like I'm at a 10,000 fish sales seminar lol

    50. Johnny B

      I’ve got that click bait. It is the bomb during pre spawn!

    51. Curtacus Gaming

      Doesn't anyone know kind of reels Scott runs?

    52. Post Stalone

      I hate when companies over do it with the soft plastic packaging. Just put it in a bag and call it a day

    53. Said Marcos

      How come you use the Garmin and not Humminbird ? Is it better?


      Couldnt see what happend😂😂 black screen.

    55. Jen L

      Awesome video thanks for sharing. Kevin & Jennifer L Ohio

    56. Mark Rickertsen

      Box opening sound effects made me 😂😂! Is the HOLY GRAIL in that box?

    57. Travis Craver

      Who in the boat with ya doing the camera. Mccoy does the editing or does he go also to hold camera.

    58. Thomas McGaha

      I was coming to your resort in April 19‐22, I am disabled and my sister was going to treat me to a trip there, because your and your father are my favorite Pro's and Lake Okeechobee is my number bucket list lake to fish. But thing's happened in her life and she had to give up the trip. I understood why and told her I was proud of her for making an adult decision, while disappointed that I may never be able to see or fish Lake Okeechobee, atleast I know my little sister is making good choices in life. I love watching your videos it brings that Florida sun shine right through my screen, right along with your awesome personality and talent 😎, thank you!

    59. Burgerboss1986

      Man Scott I just got to fish out of y’all’s marina in February. Capt Skip took me out for a great day on okeechobee. Def coming back next February, repeat customer for sure.

    60. Fabricio Matos

      Love that hat man, hahah would like to habe one of those with an autograph

    61. Rod Cashman

      Great job explaining. Would really like to fish there. I'm in Punta Gorda so maybe I'll get to try it sometime. Fantastic thank you

    62. John Williams

      He ownes this company ppl! Infomercial

    63. Robert Maughan

      "This late in the season" my lake finally opened up from ice a few days ago😂

      1. Kayak Angler


    64. Patricia Guenzler

      Scott do you think you can show us more of the lure action in the water when doing a mtb that be cool thanks for the video

    65. raymond hill

      Best mtb demonstration there is. Thank you Scott.

    66. Matthew Eastmoor Park DeVries

      9 1/2lbs largemouth lake Okeechobee when I was 15 on a Zara spook I’m 43 now so you know it’s been awhile. I caught an 8lbs in Colorado last summer.

    67. Bassasasser10

      Hey Scott when you told us to check out this video clip on your video it never showed it was blacked out figured I would just let you nobody have a great one love your videos bro

    68. Justin Borders

      I think Scott could catch em with a paper clip and a Cheeto on Okachobee

    69. Scott Vermonter

      Great video Scott! Thank you sir!

    70. Lord DarkHelmet

      My Biggest bass can only be claimed for virtual games because i never got the chance to catch one yet and with all the insane stuff going on now , I doubt I ever will now sadly oh well , Pike and walleye it's lol.

    71. Aaron Davis

      If I want a guided trip on okeechobee who would you recommend?

    72. RESTLESS!

      Never saw the video of you and Robert it was just a black screen! See what you get for being Duhfetous (negative energy) you got proven wrong on the rattle bot?

    73. Real cop

      You and Rob not friends anymore? Lol

    74. josh weaver

      The linkers bit seems to be corrupted Scott just so ya know brotha!

    75. Jose Martinez

      Great video, but Roberto never showed up.

    76. White TDogg

      Great video. Would like to see you fish some of the lakes around here. Chipley, FL

    77. Alfredo Torres

      I blame McCoy for the through back fail 😂😂

    78. Patrick Dubois

      As usual, informative and entertaining ! Keep it up Man!!!

    79. Charles Wilson

      The blank screen when Scott says watch this lol

      1. Charles Wilson

        Haha that’s awesome!

      2. Scott Martin

        Lol..just seeing how many people actually watch our crusty videos..lol

    80. Ascent Mako

      awesome vid man

    81. Mike over cash

      8 pounds 5 oz

    82. Wayne Jones

      They should make a SMC mystery tackle box your a legand sir

    83. Jason McCorkle

      I got that same rattle bot lure in my recent mystery box still waitin to catch my first one with it

    84. Thegoat 123

      That looked like top water heaven

    85. evan snipes

      Rattlebot dance! Thanks for the video Scott

    86. ian macbrooke

      Outlaw Morgan used to do this. You know, fishing straight from a subscription box. You ever run into him?

    87. Pat

      I'd complain Scott, I thought Mystery Tacklebox was sending you the "ELITE" box.

    88. Drew

      i get the base level boxes and i’m from a different state and everything but we both got the same colors and baits minus the shimmer shad 2 months apart

    89. Robert Stephens

      That was nice. When I got mine I used it at once. I caught a fish within ten minutes. I was using a clip rather than a straight tie on a mistake. I saw the clip was a bit open but I threw it once more....it came off.

    90. capnrob97

      Nothing special, 1.5 lb large mouth, only started fishing a few months ago, have about 25-30 bass so far.

    91. Jason Godfrey

      Scott: we had Lunkers TV down here and well here watch what happened... Black screen Scott: See pretty cool 🤣

      1. j richards

        They must have gone night fishing LOL

      2. living the outdoors

        Lol. I was gonna say just a black screen.

      3. josh weaver

        @Scott Martin gotta win a tournament before you can be on Scott’s channel 🤣

      4. Scott Martin

        He got canceled lol

    92. Ryan Dotson

      Don't you love how fisherman talk about baits. Scott talking about the shimmer shad : eyes are beautiful. 😂😂

    93. Valley boy Fishing

      I put that shimmer shad on a drop shot as well

    94. Hunts

      Scott: I only fish braid on this lake Also Scott: ties the jig on fluoro

      1. Hunts

        @John Wolff Ik right😂

      2. Real cop

        @John Wolff I’m still tryin to find out if him and Rob had a falling out

      3. John Wolff

        I dont have an issue with him using fluoro. I just found it funny that he says at the beginning he only throws braid on that lake, but then ties to fluoro.

      4. Real cop

        @Hunts yeah, you right lol

      5. Hunts

        @John Wolff tbh I would agree with that especially since he is fishing more in the open

    95. SouthEast Fishing TV.

      just caught my new pb 6lbs bc of you tips on fishing a worm

    96. SouthEast Fishing TV.

      yo scott wassup

    97. Kid Awesome


    98. Chris H

      Ready for next tourney! Thanks for all you do🙏

    99. Levii Slaven

      Nice looks like a banger

    100. Eli Cruze

      Great vid Scott, I’m ready to see you kill em at Sabine in a couple weeks