Trolling Youtubers with a FAKE Fortnite LIVE EVENT!


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    ► Trolling KGuprs with a FAKE Fortnite LIVE EVENT!
    Today I trolled youtubers with a Season 4 Galactus Live Event that I created myself. The big Nexus War that's going on in Fortnite right now, created by me. This Fortnite Trailer was so much work so leave a like if you enjoyed!
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    1. Trimix


      1. Antonio Caballero

        @Mad Max Payne tggggggggggggghhhhhjhhh

      2. Antonio Caballero

        Ftrjfyfg6757 rg

      3. Markeith Nives

        Well i had session 5 early

      4. Sri Naga Nihal Adusumilli

        @Mad Max Payne ¹11

      5. Sri Naga Nihal Adusumilli

        @Mad Max Payne qqqqqqqqq

    2. Spud Munch

      This animation took u 3 weeks?!?! People can do this in half an hour

    3. Queenie habie

      When Galactic is 1M times bigger


      galactus isnt that small


      Más actuado que nose que xd

    6. leslie heckathorn

      When he is talking there is 🐯

    7. Haafiz Shahard

      After NOT seeing the galactus event but seeing other youtubers see it, lets just say that the scale of galactus was not even close to the event galactus. 😂

    8. Xbox Station Games

      Trimix the music pack isn’t yours it’s HJDoogans Video

    9. Super Gamer

      Due that trailer u created is everywhere!!!!

    10. 4Bgamer Z

      I still don't know how epic hasn't hired him yet

    11. Jon Wright

      I pranked my friend

      1. Jon Wright


    12. NachoCheez

      The galactus looked way too cartoony but cool concept

    13. jace

      Hi no

    14. jace

      Hell no

    15. AU3SIE XD

      Yeet 2:40

    16. Worraphob

      O my god

    17. Liss Hercules


    18. meatballboy_21

      Bro honsestly i bet you could make and entire fortnite map amd trick people ur in a game

    19. it not fio

      End it say sasen 4 haha

    20. Volante Recruitment Mitch

      He did quite well 😉

    21. Anna Gonzalez

      I’m in Chapter 2 season five

    22. Anna Gonzalez

      And chapter 2 season 5

    23. Pamela Miller

      it SUCKS

    24. progamergoch 1234

      They are dumm if they think that's real

    25. The Arkham Knight


      1. JOEY!!!!!

        I know you are Like... How do people like you Isnt it strange🤔🤔

    26. krs88110

      Yo he’s probably going to get banned

    27. Evyn Cardwell


    28. Evyn Cardwell


    29. Dayna Garriques

      Needs a little work

    30. ThatYoungRobloxian

      7:43 when my dad is trying to call me because something is happening cool in my game

    31. private private

      Remember when everyone besides me though that galactus was gonna be easily beaten by giant Travis Scott or mecha team leader remember how small they thought he'd be man those are some good memories for me

    32. Evyn Cardwell

      A no Bakas am en da new sedans

    33. Evyn Cardwell

      You fal ba eager

    34. ETHAN Cumpian

      When I saw the fly part I was like really like on god that lit

    35. Arush Singhania

      That was craaaaaazy

    36. Gaming With Dyddyyc

      Hey Please can i have the file

    37. Mr. Artist

      People think this was real????

    38. mackenzie chisholm

      someone put it on tiktok lol

    39. sleepy_stool

      just letting you know those ships with the stark robots were from the x men movies

    40. Luka Miranda

      The thing looks horrible

      1. JOEY!!!!!

        As if you could do better

    41. shaun dy lot of damge

      the first one is tiger he troll

    42. Parrish Jones

      The devourer of worlds not so avengers just took him down 🤸🏃🚶🏋️⛹️

    43. Stampysai The Lava Cat

      that Galacto looks nothing like the event

    44. Alex Boy

      The event over

    45. • _ᴛ ᴇ ᴅ ᴅ y_ •

      2:33 nice among us sabo music

    46. Bibi urbi


    47. Moose Bear

      Dude that's awesome. It takes alot of talent to make a troll trailer. Especially in 3 weeks

    48. XxPekačXx XxXxX

      2:42 Battlebus ?? more like *Y E E T B U S*

    49. Timothy Tam

      Can you try to make the season15 “zero point “??

    50. FiReFoX YT

      Bruh was trash

    51. Astro Swxft


    52. Apuki Torres

      You use the among us noweys

    53. Jace Hernandez


    54. KadenNotFound

      Trailer looks ass

      1. bruh i-

        shit on it

    55. Spiral On pc


    56. Scythe_ShAkZ

      I’m goin to 1 we 1 him€ lol

    57. Clinkerdude 2.0

      Close to the actual event

    58. Mr Amongoof

      Ali-A appreciated the trailer

    59. ItsTurkey Games

      I saw the event in the ACTUAL game

    60. JJ's vlogs and Games

      Ironman's arms are needing some work

    61. oscar

      Is that tiger

    62. Excelsis Deo Kemur

      Among us alarm sound?

    63. MistyIsHere

      It looks fkn dreadful

    64. Adxy

      Hi Trimix

    65. Preston Cloud

      2:13 lol😂 it says Thor has COVID-19

      1. Gregg Feie


    66. Phsyco mantis

      I’m from the future the event was sick

      1. Phsyco mantis


      2. Hellome 105

        Lol it’s already happened

    67. euan 12 mangabat

      I mean live event

    68. euan 12 mangabat

      I mist liveevent

    69. Ghailan


    70. Wildan Syarif

      Galactus is whey more bigger

    71. Gabriel nico Marasigan

      Looks like a among us siren sound

    72. kenai woods

      Wtf is this

    73. gamer_horreur

      4M VUE😱😱😱

    74. Gavin Short

      Hell nah 😂😂

    75. T L

      The recording is recording he’s recording

    76. Vincent Troncoso

      this the trailer is trolling

    77. Vincent Troncoso

      Bro what is the trailer

      1. Vincent Troncoso

        ye sis the trailer the trolling

    78. Commander Brody Rankin

      Bro who here after da event and this looks so trash compared to the real but then you really look at wat he made it is actually pretty cool

    79. The Sekundi

      Their reactions are priceless 😂😂

    80. Roseman Naynay

      Alia-a isn't a bad youtuber he's just doing a good content and not bad content he was just looking fortnite"s twitter leaks

    81. Landventures

      Who else is watching this after the live event happened?

      1. Alinubis


    82. SloopdyDoop

      He’s trolling his viewers, right?

    83. Safari


    84. Safari


    85. Safari

      A B C D 1234

    86. Safari

      D S W E

    87. Safari


    88. OverHaul

      It's AMAZING

    89. Camille Saturday

      Many thanks for uploading! Do you have a minute? I shared a new song of mine on my channel. As a fellow music supporter, I'd love if you'd take a listen. I hope you enjoy :)

    90. coolkidlive2006


    91. sean sander

      this looks like doodoo

    92. KaiserWaffle

      That's no trailer That just summarised your Indian Wolt "Trailer"

    93. KaiserWaffle

      Da fuq? Was that trailer?

    94. Jennifer Grunke


    95. Epic Kerem966

      That trailer tho😂

    96. toXic_Fn


    97. Hassan Hamid

      Who is here after the galactus live event???

    98. Cameron Lafley

      Did you know?????: Galactus is fucking bigger than that.

    99. Zappster

      Bro why did you sound like highski

    100. DAZZA2457

      THOR HAS COVID 19 😱😱😱😱