UK: Pokémon Presents | #Pokemon25

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    Set your alarms now, Trainers. We’ve got some exciting news to share that you won’t want to miss!

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    1. ShadowYeen XV

      4:20 Can we NOT mention the god-awful failure we like to call Sword and Shield?

      1. Harveya1a

        It’s not a failure

    2. Hello Lol

      By the way are you gonna make any other mobile games tho

    3. Hello Lol

      OMg best pokemon recap I love Pokémon and always keep evolving the campany

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    9. Ruslan Bağıyev

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    10. Serkan Çavdır

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    15. The Last One

      this is the best video of all youtube

    16. Andres Arroyo (Student)

      I legit skipped school for this 0-0

    17. tyquan fleming

      Is this right garcelle

    18. Tposs daily

      They got

    19. Leonardo Blum

      please pack the mega evolution into the diamond pearl remake 🙏

    20. Kaosbeats 0121

      Omg 😱

    21. Chervonne Magaoa

      Ashes Pikachu isn’t just any ordinary Pikachu it’s the Pikachu


      I love Pokeshipping I want more moments of it Pls

    23. Berg max

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    24. Fredo

      Welp everyone gotten what they wanted from Nintendo as this point


      T R A D I N G C A R D

    26. Jeniffer

      Since the beginning of the Pokémon Series, the game was ALWAYS released simultaneously with the new cards, merch and the new Anime series. It won't be different this time. That's why I think that the Early 2022 release is set in stone. Game Freak is not the one making the deadlines, it's probably TPC or Nintendo. The game might be a step into the right direction but it won't be enough to please anyone of you.

    27. yoav shavitzky

      Happy birthday Pokémon

    28. Lithesh R

      I am big poke fan. Mad of pokemon 😍🥰

    29. merikishtar

      Why puzzle league don't get love It's disheartening

    30. Luis Felipe

      12:13 palkia e dialga fusion

    31. One Crunch

      So no mention of Gale of darkness and Colosseum? Big sad.

    32. Jerrymay Gameplayz

      I hope someday they plan on releasing these legendary games for android.. as not all people can afford to buy nintendo switch.. :(

      1. Jerrymay Gameplayz

        @Stunfisk Stunfisk thanks for the tip :)

      2. Stunfisk Stunfisk

        @Jerrymay Gameplayz You can get a second hand Switch pretty reasonable if you know where to look

      3. Jerrymay Gameplayz

        @Stunfisk Stunfisk :( too bad for us who can't afford to buy even switch lite

      4. Stunfisk Stunfisk

        They would never release these games on Android

    33. Devyn Knight

      5:35 is where it actually starts

      1. Devyn Knight

        pretty good 15 minute presents. all the announcements were great.

    34. Vallotastico

      Where is pokemon conquest in the intro?


      The Sinnoh music gives me chills


      I still have my step counter somewhere. It died years ago though

    37. Lem-onWha

      asmr sound 👍

    38. Rohizal Akmal

      You forgot xd and coloseum

    39. POKE DUDE

      PLEASE make a game for Android

      1. Stunfisk Stunfisk

        @POKE DUDE says the one whos only experience with gaming us on mobile

      2. POKE DUDE

        @Stunfisk Stunfisk you are a noob

      3. Stunfisk Stunfisk

        Buy a Switch you stupid mobile gamer

    40. LeOofieOof


    41. Narendra Kumar

      Please i request don't end ash and pikachu journey we need to see ash and pikachu in gen 9 please don't end ash pikachu journey 🙏

    42. Scorbunny Videos

      Nintendo hates having all the pokemon in one game

    43. P Chan

      This is ganna be so much fun cuz the earlyst Pokémon game I played is let’s go games but I was lucky and and got to play heart gold

    44. Bandits161

      Why does oshawatt look so depressed

    45. Suraj Singh

      It was really unexpected.....

    46. Suraj Singh

      Pokemon do was one of my favourite Pokemon gamed and its so frustrating as a fan of sinnoh to witness the laziness copy and paste gamefreak and ILCA have made plus who would enjoy a one for one game. I was actually expecting pokemon legends arceus graphics and approach to pokemon dp which would've switched everything around. But nevertheless I'm really excited for pokemon legends arceus thanks for that gamefreak. But honestly I saw so much potential in sinnoh but the direct was 50/50 for me but so amazed about pokemon legends arceus. Well done on that one gamefreak.

    47. Beotsh

      Close, but not quite on Arceus. We want MMO and all regions. But great start!

    48. Xman34

      The Legend of Dawn: Lucas's Awakening The Legend of Dawn: Dragon Breath Of The Wild

    49. PanPan Boba

      the little character designs- i love them, also happy 25 years!!!

    50. ExTraHARD


    51. Joyce Ann Spremulli

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    52. Dean O'Farrell

      WOOOOOOOO! YEAH BABY that's what I've been waiting for, that's what it's all about

    53. Jonathan Wu

      Can we get ruby for switch please

    54. noah sullivan-jessop

      I wish they did the same for the zelda 35th

    55. Rawh Styles

      Well congratulations trainers for 25 years. I myself have been playin since far back as I can remember.

    56. StreetView

      Actually i reaaally love pokemon.. i watch the anime series on my childhood.. just love the first series.. because it relates the real animal.. i play the game too.. i hope nintendo watch this comments.. i think as a fans.. you should remake the game like ark survival.. open world.. try to tame the pokemon.. we know what you want.. to make us healthy but sometimes we just got tired for our work.. and need something to bring us memories.. nintendo.. please.. help us.... Btw.. thank you for nintendo and pokemon teams for your hardwork.. its really our friend since 25y ago.. :) hope you are health.. and bless

    57. Ghalo Jeffery

      Yikes. People will eat up the remakes anyway because it's got Pokemons logo on it. Gamefreak knows they can put out expensive mediocre shit and people will still buy it. I think ScottFalco put it in good words.

    58. Blueberry Pitbull

      We need 5th Generation remakes on the 30th anniversary. Also, Mijumaru is the obvious choice you should be making for your starter.

    59. Lauritz David Jr

      Anyone just want them to do a legit Pokemon MMORPG?...

    60. Vanessa Zuniga

      what up everybody

    61. Add It 7451


    62. Haley Woodbury

      can't wait

    63. SOUL 45

      Pokemon red holds a special place

    64. Matheus P.C.

      isso foi foda..

    65. Chilln Play

      Posts IG link and Twitter links are broken.. Just fyi :D

    66. WÓLF

      5:28 pokémon 25th

    67. That one Cataquack

      I have Pokémon red yellow and pinball as original cartridges still

    68. Lord Elooot

      Almost seems like they were just playing Word Association in the beginning

    69. Seth S.

      So... Dawn and Lucas became ninjas?

    70. Seth S.

      I love Pokemon!!

    71. raptorjesus959

      All good an all, but PLEASE stop inventing new pokemons... There are just TOO many now, keep playing with the evolutions and versions, but no more new ones...

    72. Centin

      Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Let’s Go Edition

      1. Vincent Marshall

        That's what I thought of!

    73. DrizzleMcNasty

      Pokémon Legends looks good but the remake is horrible idk why they didn’t give it the sun and moon treatment or the sword and shield treatment so I’m not buying the remake but Legends will be bought.

    74. Remzor

      Just me who's more excited for Pokémon legends Arceus than the remakes?

    75. Florin Cocilea

      Kinda trash considering sword and shield

    76. Orblinkluv

      How do u get the Gigantimax Pikachu & the coins in Pokémon Café Mix? When are they available until?

    77. Jay'Ce Crenshaw

      All Intro just showed me is I'm in the wrong Country and my Pokémon Experience has been just an Fiction.

    78. Orblinkluv


    79. Orblinkluv

      I got goosebumps during the Diamond x Pearl announcement :)

    80. Pork Guy

      Game Freak: I know this remake is complete shit but hey you're still gonna pay for it so we don't really care if we hand the development to another company:)

      1. Mostafa

        They most likely gave it to a different company so they can work on legends though

    81. Mohammed Shafay Anas

      the art style of remake is very bad I was expecting it to be like sword and shield. pleas do some thing it does not look good. it looks like funko animation. who ever agree that art style need improvement like my comment

    82. drdca

      Swing motion?

    83. Prof.Devraj Singh

      Sinning remakes!!!!

    84. Phillip Lemmon

      Thank you Nintendo and Pokémon company! I love these new games! .... Now where to get a Switch?! LMFAO



    86. All for all

      I remember the first time that I saw pokemon back on 2001 Memories

    87. Kane Lin

      Game Freak never disappoints players in terms of disappointing them

    88. BIGEDDIE61

      OMG! My wife and I are in the video from GoFest at the 6 minute mark!! Very cool!!

    89. Mike Peluso

      But is Cynthia still stupidly hard?

    90. Lacey Williams

      Personally, I'm not really a fan of the artstyle. Places like Floraroma town would have been gorgeous in the sun artstyle. But I'm still excited. Still I hope they're not too faithful. The screens looks too small for the switch and we all know the hm issue needs a fix. Plus, I hope they keep the leveling system from swsh. Grinding is such an issue. Some changes like this would be better.

    91. CrazyRC

      I love that diamond and pearl are finally getting a remake and it looks awesome cant wait thank you

    92. pokeyman3000

      happy pokemon day everyone

    93. itachithedarkcrow

      They should have put the original game on the eshop (to cater to anyone wanting the chibi), and given fans a true full scale REMAKE we’ve dreamt of for years (instead of this remaster that offers no new true modern full scale sinnoh experience). Fans have waited so long to explore sinnoh in an updated, new, FULL SCALE experience, to see their beloved region in a full scale version would allow for an entirely new experience. Riding a luxray through sinnoh, having Pokémon follow you, see the Pokémon in the ocerworld, that would be the full scale remake many fans anticipated. Instead, we’re just getting the same 2006 game with 3D graphics. Yes, Diamond and Pearl were chibi, but that was because the newest technology in 2006 was a Nintendo DS (and this hindered developers from going full scale). We’ve seen technology evolve, and observed how it has enabled Pokémon to go full scale. As technology evolved, we saw the overworld scale gradually grow to taller, full scale 3D models for players to enjoy . For example, gen 5 began increasing the height of character sprites, then gen 6-8 enables us to get to full scale over worlds with full scale normal character models. It’s sinplymore visually appealing (to most people) to have full scale characters and detailed 3D models to look at, whereas this chibi style is less visually interesting and not detailed. It’s just boring to look at, and is a disgrace to fans that waited long for a true remake to enable fans to play through the sinnoh region with modern technology. Gen 4 would have looked amazing in a Let’s GO style (but exclude the let’s go catching mechanic and other changes that made let’s go feel less like a true game). It would’ve been amazing to explore sinnoh in a full scale “Let’s go” type way with riding Pokémon, Pokémon in the overworld, and a true modern experience

    94. kunik61

      2:09 PALKIA CARD!!!!!! 11:00 Events preceeding legendary moments.

    95. Shanice Lopez

      😃So beautiful thank you gamefreak thank you so much I can't wait to buy both of them games and play them with my sisters 😎👍

    96. Berk Can

      remakes are disgusting stupid I HATE THEM arceus seems ok though

    97. TopBadger

      I can't what to be dragged kicking and screaming around another pokemon experience that won't let go of my hand.


      I love pokemon it is a part of my life and espacially kalos region is my favourite🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😃😃👌

    99. Juan BaquerøO

      I like the remake and the new game of arceus

    100. Scorbunny Fan Leah